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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 134

Date:  Saturday January 16th, 1999  11:10 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Some of you may have heard it on television when Tony Schiavone --a Ted Turner announcer, really said some disparaging remarks, some very uncomplimentary remarks about Mick Foley. My sources tell me that Mankind gave Mr. Schiavone a telephone call, and boy was there some backpedaling on that one. Schiavone took no responsibility, said it wasn't it his idea, said he was made to do it by his boss, who is Eric Bischoff. And Schiavone went on to explain his thoughts on Eric Bischoff to Mick Foley, and you can imagine what those were. (Reported by Micasa at: )

A few of you emailed me and pointed out that it would make a lot of sense for
Arn Anderson to turn on Ric Flair since he was the one who pushed for Flair to
let his son wrestle. That would be pretty intriguing. This is just speculation,
and none of us know exactly what will happen. I would hate to see it happen,
though. Let Mongo turn, but don't affiliate Arn with Bischoff...
(Reported by Dave Scherer at )

Brian Hildebrand, WCW's supreme referee, is still out of action. If any of you
would like to send him a get well card, feel free to contact him at:
Brian Hildebrand
1351 Gentry Road
Talbott, TN. 37877-9051
Brian is one of the true class acts in an often cynical business, and I hope he
returns to the ring shortly.
(Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos of )
Below we are proud to present the
Winnipeg Sun column written by The Jackyl (Don
Callis). Our continues thanks to Don for allowing us to reprint his column...
Sat. Jan. 15, 1998
With all of my editorializing the past couple of weeks, I have omitted my
"Between the Ropes" segment with all those nasty little tidbits of wrestling
info, so this week we'll get caught up, and, as well, you will get the results
from my first annual "Jackyl Year End Awards", the most prestigious awards in
the wrestling business.

First off, however, I should say that over the last week I have been deluged
with calls from the media regarding my column from last week. Everyone from CBC
radio to Inside Edition wanted to know my views on the
Winnipeg teachers who
were trying to get TSN to air pro wrestling programs at a later time. For those
of you who missed last week's column, let me be CRYSTAL CLEAR…..don't blame pro
wrestling for the cocky, disrespectful nature of those little crumb- gatherers
running around the schoolyards, and don't look to TSN to move programming to a
later hour. Technology today has made time irrelevant anyway, and kids (who
are usually the only ones in the household who know how to operate the VCR….Mine
still flashes
12:00) will simply set the timer on the VCR or get the show they
want in some equally diabolical fashion.

I beg you, accept responsibility for what your kids watch. I have heard the
argument about parents not always being around, and if that's the case, then
block out all the channels or keep the TV locked up, or better yet, just bury it
in the yard and get your brat a library card. its not just evening TV that we
should be concerned with, as there is mind-numbing drivel on during the day
where you can actually hear yourself get dumber as you watch. Realistically I
could probably find something on at any hour of the day that some parent would
have a problem with, so quit using the TV as a babysitter and spend some quality
time with your children, Lord knows they could use it.

Between the ropes:
Just imagine if the seat of power for a state government was located on Space
Mountain…well, fantasy is set to become reality as legendary demi-god of
wrestling Ric Flair has decided to run for Governor of North Carolina. If you
think a repeat of Jesse Ventura's success is unlikely, then you should know that
Flair is one of the the most popular people in
North Carolina and was actually
used by President George Bush to help campaign. Good Luck Ric!….ECW has a new
World Champion, as Taz defeated Shane Douglas at this past weekend's ECW pay per
view. Excellent show, although I will miss
Douglas as champ….Best match I've
seen in a while had to be the Hardcore title match between Road Dog and Al Snow.
For the record these are two of the coolest guys in the dressing room. Road
Dog is awesome as champ and Al is an untapped resource….There has been much
speculation about my "mysterious disappearance" from WWF TV. In truth, there's
nothing mysterious about it, but, as they say, truth is sometimes stranger than
fiction, but I guess I'm being a bit extreme….

Jackyl Year-End Awards:
NB: The balloting process was simple, my vote was the only one that counted.
Sorry for the "elitist attitude" but they are the Jackyl Awards…

Most Valuable Player: Vince McMahon. Vince reversed the tide in the ratings war
and regularly punks out WCW in the Neilsens. A creative genius.

Wrestler of the Year: Mick Foley. Was in literally every ppv main event,
because with his obsessive, dedicated style, he makes everyone look great.

Most "over" wrestler: No contest.
Austin 3.16 says "no one has ever been more

over". An incredible phenomenon and a fantastic wrestler.

Best big man: Undertaker. Athletic and execution of every move is flawless.

Best interview: (I'd vote for myself, but I hardly talked this year)."The
Franchise" Shane Douglas, one of the best ever.

Best Heel: Vince McMahon. That was an easy one.

Golden Pencil award: (given to wrestler who influences things from the back)
Kevin Nash. Revolutionary thinker.

Best Wrestling Column: You have to ask??

You can reach out and touch me at jackal
VISIT my Home Page:

1. The Capital would be located Up The Creek, as that's where the Country would
be and without a paddle.

2. The Jobber's Handbook, "Winning Ain't Everything, Just Ask Us," or "Learning
To Count To Three In One Easy Lesson," authored by Barry Horrowitz, with help
from The Armstrong Brothers, would be handed out to all participants of NITRO's
first hour, Thunder and WCW Saturday Night. Luchadores would have copies
translated into their native tongue and be required reading before crossing the

3. Appointees: Noman Smiley, Secretary of State; Dwayne Gill, Secretary of
Defense; Fat Tony, Press Secretary; Dangerous Danny Doring, Ambassador to the
Pennsylvania Amish; and Larry Loser, Ambassador to Larry Land.

4. The top selling toys would be Loser Ken, Canvas Back Ken, Dateless Ken, Forty
And Still Living At Home Ken and Unattainable Barbi, Do Nothing Figures. All
would available at off ramps of highways, by salesmen who "Will Sell For Food."
They would also be available on the Internet at www.NothingHappening.Com,
at Losers "R" Us, or by calling 1-800-JOBBERS.

5. The Jobbers would solve the Iraqi problem by going there and joining the
Iraqi Army. This would embarrass the Iraqi Army and shame Saddam so badly that
he would move to East El Lay and open a string of Taco Stands.

6. The National Symbol would be a White Flag waving in the breeze.

7. The military would be no longer required as we would be the laughing stock of
the entire world. Care would need to exercised that we are not invaded by Lower

8. The National Anthem would be "I Fought The Law And The Law Won.... Same As
Everyone Else."

9. The dollar bill would be replaced by Shiny Rocks and Old Baseball Cards,
since these were the last things of value any Jobber ever owned.

10. Anyone who has ever held a Title would be shipped to an Arab country of
their choice so that can live with other people who have never won anything and
gain an appreciation of Jobber lifestyle.
Submitted by reader: Wearp94
I just read issue #131 and thought I should throw my two cents in on something.
I am referring to the open that you printed from Vince Russo, which was taken
from In it Mr. Russo is critical of WCW for having Scott Hall win
matches by using a cattle Prod. "You've got guys winning matches using a CATTLE
CATTLE PROD!!!". While I admit that this is a stupid concept, I must point out
that it was the WWF that was the first to use it. Does anyone remember The
Anyway, that's all. just thought I'd chime in. I do watch and enjoy both Raw
and Nitro.
Submitted by reader: phuckyou69@xxxxs...
You know WCW, I've been watching WCW/NWA since the early 70s. And hearing Ric
Flair talk about tradition last Monday Nitro & on Thunder last Thursday, really
makes me sick. Check that, seeing Ric Flair become a face makes me sick. This
guy was 1 of the best heels ever in the wrestling buisness, be it alone or with
the original 4 Horsemen. This guy was a cool heel before heels were cool. This
group, the 4 Horsemen,were cool before groups were cool. What these guys did was
awesome. And to see what he & the 4 Horsemen have evolved into really makes me
sick. Eric Bishoff you single handedly ruined this company. You've made Sting
boring, you took a football player and tried to make him a wrestler, and you
took the most elite wrestling groups and made it into a piece of s**t. Shame on
you, Eric, use your imagination.
Submitted by reader: JAmner6778
The Royal Rumble
Val Venis .vs. Test
Test got the pinfall victory on Val after a very hard fought match-up, Boss Man
accompanied Test and The Godfather was with Venis.

The J.O.B. Squad, Bob Holly & Scorpio .vs. The Acolytes, Faarooq & Bradshaw
The Acolytes won the match after viciously destroying Holly & Scorpio, Bradshaw
pinned Holly.

Al Snow .vs. Goldust
Al Snow pinned Goldust and got back his head, the match was fought outside the
ring and in the crowd, Snow hit an excellent moonsault into the crowd off a
chair in the ring and off the top rope just prior to the pin.

Sable .vs. Luna Women's Title Match
Sable won the match via disqualification retaining her title after a mystery
blonde hit the ring and attacked her.

Road Dogg Jesse Jammes .vs. Gangrel Hardcore Title Match
DX member Road Dogg pinned Brood leader Gangrel to retain his title in this
falls count anywhere encounter, it ended up in the parking lot, after several
tables were broken in and around the ring.

Ken Shamrock .vs. Bad Ass Billy Gunn Intercontinental Title Match
Boss Man accompanied Shamrock and Road Dogg was with Bad Ass, Shamrock was very
cocky before the match and said that they would defend the tag-titles the
following night in a steel cage match, Boss Man didn't look happy about this.
The I/C Champ got the pinfall on Gunn after much outside interferance during the
match on both parts, it was a clean pinfall in the end though.

Mankind .vs. Rocky Maivia World Title Match, No Count-Out, No DQ.
Mankind came out as his Cactus Jack alter ego and as promised the match ended up
a bloodbath and both combatants put on brilliant displays. They battled in and
around the ring and ended up in the crowd also. Kane interfered apparently
looking to assist The Rock, Maivia wouldn't allow it and twice nailed the Big
Red Machine with a chair. The Rock put Foley through a table in the ring with a
Rock Bottom but Foley retaliated with a double arm DDT through another table.
Maivia used barbed wire and thumb tacks in the ring, but Foley eventually got
the pin from a DDT off the top rope onto a pile of chairs. Mick Foley remained
the WWF Champion. After the match Vince McMahon came to ringside and slapped
Maivia as he was being loaded onto a stretcher to be taken to hospital.

The Royal Rumble
Steve Austin and Vince McMahon are the first two to enter the ring, Austin
throws McMahon all over the ring until entrant number 3 The Big Boss Man
arrives, a double teaming ensues until D-Lo Brown enters. D-Lo goes after the
Boss Man allowing Austin to get at McMahon. Droz is the next to enter, he
attacks D-Lo allowing Boss Man to save McMahon. The Blue Meanie and Headbanger
Mosh are the following two to arrive, The Blue Meanie is eliminated by D-Lo who
is promptly double teamed by Mosh and Droz. Kevin Quinn is the 7th competitor to
enter and is followed by Headbanger Thrasher, the Headbangers double-team D-Lo
Brown on the outside of the ring, inside the ring Austin gets a second wind and
eliminates Droz and Kevin Quinn. Mark Henry enters the battle royal and assists
his tag partner D-Lo Brown against the Headbangers outside the ring. The Boss
Man apparently saves McMahon from being eliminated only for Austin to eliminate
both The Big Boss Man and Vince McMahon at the same time. Austin takes a
breather in the ring on his own, waiting for entrant number eleven, who turns
out to be Tiger Ali Singh who very nervously enters the ring, Austin puts a huge
beating on him as all 6 remaining wrestlers battle in the ring. D-Lo and Henry
combine to eliminate Mosh and Austin stuns and eliminates Thrasher. Kane is the
next to enter, he quickly eliminates Tiger Ali Singh and Mark Henry with a choke
slam. D-Lo rests outside the ring until number 13 X-Pac enters the fold, the two
battle in the ring while Kane and Austin battle outside. Brian Christopher
enters next and turns the in-ring action into triple-threat style. Median is the
next to join in followed by Skull of DOA. Median is viciously eliminated by Kane
using an awesome chair shot, Animal enters at number 16 and the Legion of Doom
member renews his rivalry with Skull before Droz appears from the crowd and
pulls Animal over the top rope. Owen Hart enters the ring, going straight for
Austin, Kane eliminates Skull and Brian Christopher. Kane hits an excellent
double choke slam on D-Lo and X-Pac before Austin hits him with a stunner.
Austin gets a chair in the ring and lays into Kane with it getting a blow to
Owen's head in for good measure. Jeff Jarrett enters next and he and a groggy
Owen double-team Austin. Phil Lafon and 8-Ball are the 19th and 20th entrants,
8-Ball is immediately stunned and eliminated, Jarrett, Hart and Lafon triple
team X-Pac but the next entrant is Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who hits the ring and
quickly eliminates Jarrett making it 2-on-2. Dan Severn enters the ring and
quickly gets jumped on by Hart. X-Pac eliminates Phil Lafon, The Godfather
enters the melee followed by The Undertaker. The Undertaker eliminates X-Pac and
D-Lo sneakily eliminates Dan Severn. Kane eliminates The Godfather and Edge and
Steve Blackman are next to enter. Austin stuns and eliminates D-Lo Brown who was
the second longest lasting wrestler in the ring. Christian is the penultimate
entrant to the rumble. The two Brood members double-team Steve Blackman and
eliminate him before Kane eliminates Edge and The Undertaker eliminates
Christian. Chyna enters the ring as the final participant, something that Triple H is
not happy about, thinking she wasn't going to enter. The final 6 combatants left
in the ring are Steve Austin, Kane, The Undertaker, Owen Hart, Hunter Hearst
Helmsley and Chyna, Triple H tries in vain to protect Chyna as she is quickly
eliminated by Kane. Owen and Triple H eliminate each other when Helmsley's flying
cross bodyblock takes both stars over the top rope. Kane and The Undertaker
double-team Austin until Kane and Austin use a double clothesline to eliminate
The Undertaker who lands on his feet. Nobody can trust a rattlesnake though and
Austin quickly stuns Kane before the Corporation dive into the ring, Vince
McMahon, Shane McMahon, Test, The Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock, Pat Patterson and
Gerald Brisco. Austin hits each one with a stunner before throwing them out of
the ring over the top rope until it was left with just him and Kane again whom
Austin stunned onto a chair before eliminating, blowing the roof of the arena.
Steve Austin became only the second man to last from number 1 in the 2 minute
entrance format after Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels victory was when it was only a 1
minute gap between participants if memory serves me correct. He now goes on to
face whomever the champ is at Wrestlemania XV.
Any comments are welcome to Jamner6778
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