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Issue # 136

Date:  Sunday January 17th, 1999  11:43 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW/nWo Souled Out Results
By Steve Appy
Souled Out opened with Ric Flair in the midst of a Presidential press
conference; he proclaimed WCW to be stronger than ever. Flair looked very
statesmanlike, a true leader...

Goldberg was shown on the floor of his dressing room, apparently a victim of an attack. He was clutching his injured left knee, which seemed to promise Scott Hall an advantage in their match.

Chris Benoit defeated Mike Enos via submission
Enos is an underrated worker, one of the better worker's in WCW. Of course,
Benoit may be the best in the world. Enos played the powerhouse and dominated
most of the offense; it made for a good match, but diminished Benoit, since he
had to sell to someone of Enos's echelon. Enos's chest was beat red from
Benoits knife edge chops; after hitting two rolling German suplexs, Benoit
connected with a flying headbutt. Benoit was dazed as well, and Enos made a
comeback with the weakest clothesline in recent memory. Benoit forced Enos into
the Crippler Crossface for the submission victory.

Norman Smiley defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. via submission
Smiley carried an urn that purportedly carried the remains of Pepe. Chavo was
actually focused, and abandoned the lunatic character. The work was solid, but
the crowd zoned out early in the contest. Smiley threw Pepe's sawdust in
Chavo's eyes,
which enabled Smiley to lock Chavo in the Norman Conquest for the submission.

Konnan was interviewed by Mark Madden of, and he said he wanted to learn
who ordered his ouster from The Wolfpac.

Fit Finlay pinned Van Hammer with The Tombstone Piledriver. The crowd was dead
for this match; this would be a bad Nitro match.

Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Wrath
Bigelow is capable of putting together a great match, but he needs an opponent
better than Wrath to do it. Wrath hit his head on the ringpost, which left him
dazed enough to fall victim to The Greetings From Asbury Park.

Lex Luger defeated Konnan via submission
Konnan's ring entrance was the first thing all night that woke the crowd up.
Although seeing these two briefly energized the crowd, once the match started we
were still left with Luger & Konnan in the ring. Elizabeth, with the results of
her latest plastic surgery thrust proudly forward, shot Konnan in the eyes with
the dreaded spray paint. A torture rack and a submission later, and we were put
out of our misery.

Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) pinned Perry Saturn
The referee was Scott Dickinson, Saturn's arch enemy. Jericho was awesome,
showing us his ring work has improved at least as much as his interviews.
Saturn had Jericho pinned in a roll up, and Dickinson reversed the hold and
counted Saturn's shoulders down for the three count. Saturn, a man of his word,
wore the dress that Jericho provided. Is this a sign that Jericho may have
signed a contract extension?

WCW.Com interviewed David Flair, who indicated that he was only wrestling today
to earn the respect of his father. An interview like this is usually a sign
that a heel turn may be in the cards...

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman defeated Rey Mysterio Jr., Juventud
Guerrera Jr. & Psycosis in a Four Corners Match when Kidman pinned Juvi.
This match was incredible, with so many high spots I could never do them justice
here. Kidman's developed far enough that he's not out of place competing with
the (arguably) three best Luchadors in the world. The four of these guys can
compete with the New Japan Light Heavyweights as the best group of wrestlers in
the world.
Cutting to the finish, Rey was flying all over the ringside area with Psycosis,
which enable Kidman to hit the Shooting Star Press on Juvi for the victory.

In a WCW.Com interview, Booker T accused Chris Jericho of receiving a tainted
victory over Saturn earlier in the evening. A challenge was issued for Nitro...

Ric & David Flair (w/Arn Anderson) defeated Curt Hennig & Barry Windham when
David pinned Hennig
Fortuantly, nobody turned on Flair (I'm relieved that those rumors were false).
David was baited by Windham to begin the match, and held his own with both
amateur takedowns and the patented Flair chops. Ric was doubleteamed most of
the match, since he was reluctant to tag in David to be slaughtered. While
David looked great for his first match, it was unfair to him to put him in such
an important spot for his debut. Let him get comfortable at his own pace.
David pinned Hennig after Arn Anderson hit Hennig with a tire iron. At this
point, the entire nWo stormed the ring and destroyed the Horseman. Benoit
attempted to make the save, to no avail. As Flair was handcuffed to the top
rope, David was flogged with Hogan's belt. To add insult to injury, EzE (for
Eric Bischoff) was spraypainted on David's back, as Flair watched in horror. I
suppose this would possibly lead to Flair VS. Hogan, & David Flair VS. Bischoff
at Superbrawl.

Bill Goldberg defeated Scott Hall in a Tazer on a Pole Ladder Match
Hall claimed Goldberg would be unable to wrestle due to the earlier attack,
claiming that when Goldberg realized he had to wrestle Hall, "He got so scared
that he wet his pants and slipped in it". Goldberg walked to the ring limping,
wearing a heavy duty brace on his left knee. Goldberg ended up being busted
open hardway, which forced WCW to avoid any close ups from that point forward.
Goldberg was about to grab the Tazer, but The Disco Inferno pushed him off the
ladder. Hall ended up grabbing the tazer, but Goldberg avoided getting shocked
and kicked it out of the ring. After recovering the weapon, Goldberg shocked
both Disco & Hall to earn the victory. Bam Bam Bigelow jumped Goldberg at this
point, which gave Hall an opening to shock both men as the broadcast ended.
Both Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr. have signed three year contract extensions with
WCW, killing a couple of rumors...
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Apparantly people in WCW got the word out that Diamond Dallas Page had signed
his extension for $900,000 per year to keep heat off them and make the company
appear to have a lower salary structure becuase the real figure is $1.5 Million
per year. (Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Randy Savage probably won't be able to wrestle until March or April, though
expect him to resume TV appearances shortly.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Steve Williams has returned to WWF action. They going to re-introduce him as a
character who has turned his back on America for Japan and will do vignettes
before starting back on TV. (Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling

To subscribe to The Wrestling Observer, the BEST source for wrestling anywhere,
send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell CA 95009-1228

The Unk sent along Thunder ratings for 1/14. The show did a 3.9 rating, off of
hours of 3.5 and 4.2. The replay did a 1.2 off of hours of 1.2 and a 1.1.
(Reported by The Unk & Dave Scherer of )
SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT Report for January 17, 1999.
by: Mark George (attkdonkey)
HEAT opens with McMahon and the Corporation coming ringside and Vince offering
his apology to The Rock for having to face Mankind 2 weeks ago. Vince then
wields his Corporate power by mandating the following: Ken Shamrock gets this
week off to train for the Royal Rumble, Billy Gunn will face Test on RAW and
challenges Chyna to an arm wrestling match later tonight. Meanwhile, Shane
McMahon receives word that HBK has ordered The Rock to face Kane on RAW tomorrow
night, enraging the Corporation.

Tiger Ali Singh defeats Gillberg (Duane Gill) via pinfall.
I can't believe this act. Gill's attempt at a Jackhammer was reversed and Singh
got the easy win.

Mark Henry is interviewed by Michael Cole.
Sexual Chocolate firmly denies that nothing happened between he and Sammy last
week on RAW. Stay tuned......

Scorpio defeats Mark Henry via pinfall.
After a vicious body press, Henry is loses focus when Chyna comes out. Chyna
gives him a 24 hour ultimatum to make his decision. (Sammy or Chyna???) Scorpio
catches the napping sandwich eater from behind and rolls him up for the 3 count.

Jeff Jarrett/Owen Hart defeat Gangrel/Edge via pinfall.
Gotta love the voluptuous Debra!!!! Early control by the Brood is halted when
Road Dog runs out and interferes by beating on Gangrel. Owen then delivers a
kick from the top rope on Edge and Jarrett gets the pin.

Promo for Mankind vs. The Rock @ Royal Rumble.
Great promo. Footage of Mankind doing what he does best and The Rock running
quality SMACK. If Mankind's promise of an incredible match rings true, this
could be one hell of a Royal Rumble.

Godfather defeats Goldust via pinfall.
Is it me, or do the Ho's vary in looks from week to week?? Al Snow shows up
ringside dressed like a Ho (hilarious) and is able to steal Head back. Goldust,
distracted by all this, is rolled up for the pin.

Chyna defeats Vince McMahon. ( Arm Wrestling Contest)
Shane attempts to keep Vince from facing Chyna by having Luna come out instead.
It is quickly thwarted when Sable runs out and attacks Luna. A pissed off Shane
vows consequences against Sable. Where is this going?? Chyna claims victory
after the Stooges dimwitted actions cost Vince when Patterson is accidentally
shoved into McMahon by Briscoe. You can bet their will be more punishment
issued to The Stooges. Poor fools. Chyna then challenges Briscoe and Patterson
on RAW tomorrow night.
Shotgun Saturday Night Report for 1/16/1999
By VBbys8
Bob Holly & Scorpio vs Gangrel & Edge
After distraction from Christian, Edge got Holly up in the front face powerbomb
from above his head for the victory.

Test vs Matt Hardy
Test has an impressive arsenal of moves and he used a lot of them on Hardy
before pinning him with the Meltdown.

Val Venis defeated Tiger Ali Singh after The Money Shot
Submitted by reader: nimble
Nitro after "Souled Out"-
Main Event:Hollywood vs DDP No Holds Barred for the gold. NWO is in Hogan's
corner, Horsemen are in DDP's corner. Near the end of the match the Horsemen and
NWO start brawling on the outside when all of a sudden Goldberg's music begins
and he hits the ring and nails Hogan with a steel chair causing Hogan to lose
the World title to DDP.

Next Nitro-
It is determined that Bischoff has been released from the company and Flair will
now be president permantly. Flair also annouces that Kevin Nash will face a
mystery opponent to determine the #1 contender at Superbrawl. Nash is in the
ring and Sting comes down from the rafters and attacks Nash with a ball bat. The
match goes on until Goldberg comes to the ring and nails Sting with the bat
letting Nash win the shot at DDP.

Next Nitro-
Goldberg starts the show and tells us that he should have been the mystery
opponent. Sting points at Goldberg from the rafters. Goldberg tells Sting "Your
Next". Later in the show Goldberg goes up to the rafters and spears Sting, and
thus a hugh brawl breaks out between the two in the rafters. It is announced
that they will meet at Superbrawl as well.

Ric Flair kicks Mongo out of the Horsemen because he sucks and they begin a
search for another member.

Sting and Goldberg beat up each other and the ref's and it is determined a no
contest. They will meet at next PPV in a steel cage.
DDP defeats Nash after Hogan inadvertantly nails Nash.

Nash tells Hogan he's finished as leader of the NWO. They decide to have a match
to see who is the leader. During match Macho Man comes down and a dazed ref
counts Savage to a victory over Hogan. Hogan leaves and is never seen again.

Next PPV-
Savage faces DDP for the gold. DDP gets the win after Steiner inadvertantly
nails Savage with a chair.
Goldberg defeats Sting when an evil monster rips a side of the cage off and
destroys Sting.

Steiner has a falling out with the new NWO leader Savage and thus is dismissed
for the NWO.

Flair battles Savage and Steiner comes out. He nails Savage and joins the
Horsemen. Goldberg says "Its Time" for him to get his gold back and challenges
DDP for the next PPV.

Flair annouces tonight it will be Goldberg vs Big Pappa Pump to see who gets the
shot at the gold. Sting comes down during the match and knocks out Goldberg. The
monster man comes and a war between Sting and him ensues. Steiner gets the pin.

Next PPV-
DDP vs Steiner for the gold. Many officials are around the ring including the
president Ric Flair. As the match is nearing a finish the ref is knocked down.
Steiner hooks the Steiner Recliner and the ref pops up and calls for the bell.
Flair is seen yelling at the time keeper "Ring the F***ing bell". The match ends
and DDP looks disgusted. Steiner is given the belt by Flair. Bret Hart then
comes charging out of the back and nails Flair and Stener yelling "This isn't
happening again."
Submitted by reader: SKiTTLZ678
ECW--Making a stand with me.
Lord have mercy! Finally, I get to see ECW every other week on MSG!! The first
ever time I saw ECW was two weeks ago, and I loved it. I think this is the
Monday night show, but I see it on Saturday night. I watched the show after
Guilty as Charged, I loved the highlights of Guilty as Charged in the World
Title Match. Boy howdy, is Sabu nuts! If I sound corny to any of you, well, it
is the first time I know what's going on in ECW. I think that Extreme
Championship Wrestling has brought a new life into me, and turned over a new
leaf with my wrestling knowledge. If I could see ECW all the time, I'd surely be
accustomed to all of the violence, mayhem, and horror that is ECW. And I had the
chance to witness a highlight of when the Franchise broke Sabu's neck. OHH! It
made the hair on my neck stand upright.
Check out The Ultimate Wrestling Site, found at:

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