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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 137

Date:  Mon Jan 18, 1999  10:20 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Someone called into the WCW Internet Insiders last night, when Scott Hall was
on, and asked him what his problem was with Shane Douglas. Hall said that he
didn't know what the problem was with Shane. (Shane says that when Scott was in
the clique in the WWF, they treated him like dirt). He talked about the house
show in
Florida that he went to with his friend P. J. Walker (Justin Credible)

and how Shane had him forcibly removed. He then said that he heard that Shane
was looking for work in WCW and looked at Nash and said that if he has any
stroke in the company (with the message being very clear there) he would make
sure that Shane did not get work in WCW. At the same time, they had nothing but
good things to say about Taz and the way he morphed his character into what it
is today. If I was Paul Heyman, I would make sure that whatever contract I had
with Taz was rock solid and signed because when the big boys at WCW talk about
someone like that, an offer is usually not far behind.
(Reported by Dave Scherer at: )
JANUARY 18, 1999
VISIT my Home Page:

The program opened with Mr. McMahon honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

After the regular RAW opening, Jerry "The King" Lawler was at the announcers
desk and Michael Cole was in the ring to welcome Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA).

SCSA came to the ring to a thunderous pop. He talked about McMahon "pissing his
pants" when Mankind won the WWF Title, and got another pop. He said Mankind
deserves the title, but he plans on taking it back at Wrestlemania (WM) after he
wins the Royal Rumble (RR) this Sunday. He plans on winnings despite the
$100,000 bounty that McMahon put on him at the RR. He asked for and got "Hell
Yeah's" to him kicking McMahon's @$$ "all night long" and winning the RR. The
crowd ate it up as he said "
Austin 3:16 means he whipped McMahon's @$$." He went
over to the announcers table, climbed on and downed a Steveweiser, as the crowd
tore the roof off the arena.

We saw Road Dogg (RD) backstage putting together an assortment of "toys" for his
Hardcore Title Match v, Gangrel.

The first match was for the Hardcore Championship, pitting RD (C) v. Gangrel.
Doggie came to the ring and did his usual bit, adding "he may not be Buffy, but
he is a Vampire Killer." Prior to the match we saw Doggie getting a Bloodbath
recently. The match started fast and went right to the floor, where Gangrel
spewed his red liquid into Doggie's snout. They went into the crowd and punched
each other out and then spilled back over the guard rail to ringside. Doggie got
a table from under the ring (Is this the normal delivery spot for Acme?) and
bounced Gangrel's head on it. e then opened it, but Gangrel hit him with a low
blow and Power Bombed Doggie thru the table. Doggie came back with a DDT into
the broken table. He went under the ring and got another table and set it up
ringside. When he got back in the ring, Gangrel nailed him with a piece of the
shattered table. They went to the floor again and Gangrel blasted Doggie with a
trash can. RD came back with a chair shot and set him on the table. He then
dropped an elbow off the ring apron, but the table held (Has Acme built an
updated table?) He repeated the move and this time Gangrel went thru it. He then
added a third for good measure. He next Irish Whipped Gangrel into the broken
table, following that with a Suplex into it. Doggie nailed two monster chair
shots to Gangrel's head, spinning his fans and putting him in for a dirt nap. He
pinned Gangrel to win. Road Dogg is proving to be an outstanding Hardcore
Winner - Road Dogg - Retains Hardcore Title

We saw SCSA backstage sucking another Steveweiser.

We saw Ken Shamrock, who was given the night off by Mr. McMahon, lacing up his
boots. Maybe his idea of a night off differs.

The next match was Bad @$$ (BA) v. Test. BA came to the ring and did his "Suck
It" bit to a big pop. Prior to the match we saw a clip from last week of BA
mooning Shamrock's sister, Shamrock attacking him for it, and being goaded into
an Intercontinental Title Match at RR. The match was very high impact between
two of the WWF's better conditioned athletes. Shamrock charged in and attacked
BA. He leaped off the apron, smashing BA's face into the announcers table. He
then applied his Ankle Submission Hold on the ring steps. He held in about 45
seconds, until several referees pulled him off. He then threw some of them
around for their efforts. He finally left with BA writhing in pain on the floor.
Shamrock has mastered the art of nasty. He sells it like its real and with him,
who knows?
Winner - None, match thrown out

We saw a teaser about the WWF's Super Bowl commercial.

After a commercial, we saw Doggie and a medical person working on Bad @$$.

Kevin Kelly talked with Owen Hart, Double J and Debra backstage about them being
the No. 1 contenders for the Tag Team Title. As they spoke, The Big Bossman (BM)
and crazy Shamrock attacked them. Looks like his idea of a night off is
destroying the world. It took a bunch of officials to pull them apart.

We saw the next video of Shane training dear old dad for the RR. He took a bunch
of Jobbers apart, including Stunning one and taunting him ala SCSA.

After a commercial, we saw BM and Mankind fighting backstage. They were getting
into the mood for their Hardcore Rules Match.

Next up was a Grudge Match between Dan "The Beast"
Severn and Steve Blackman.
Prior to the match we saw a clip of
Severn, who was the referee, attacking
Blackman during his Lion's Cage Match last week v. Owen Hart. While this match
was in progress, Mankind and BM were still going at it backstage.
Severn hit a

low blow and applied The Dragon Sleeper and refused to release it.
Winner - Steve Blackman via DQ

Another shot of SCSA backstage.

The lead in to the Hardcore Rules Match between Mankind and BM was still raging
backstage among a pile of equipment.

After a commercial, we were told Mankind and BM had been separated.

We saw a short clip setting up the "I Quit" WWF Title Match at RR between
Mankind (C) and The Rock.

Mankind and BM came out on the ramp fighting. Mankind bounced BM down the ramp
to ringside. They got in the ring officially starting the match, as the bell
rang. Mankind dropped a leg on BM and pounded him. They went to the floor and BM
had his head introduced to a chair. He came back with a Side Slam, and Mankind
hit the chair face first. BM then pounded Mankind's head on the ring steps. Back
in the ring and the crowd chanted "Bossman sucks." Mankind fought back and hit a
Double Arm DDT, pulled out Mr. Socko and stuffed him down BM's throat. The Rock
came in and nailed Mankind with a chair shot to the head. The Rock went to the
announcers desk and did a play-by-play on how wonderful he is. He went back into
the ring and hit Mankind with Rock Bottom on the chair and left.
Match was a No Decision

We saw Mark Henry following Chyna around backstage pleading with her not to say
what she to tonight.

More SCSA backstage.

McMahon was in his office talking to The Rock and Kane. He explained to The Rock
that everything would be OK and asked Kane if he understood what he had to do.
The Rock dissed Kane and McMahon assured him Kane would cooperate, as he
understands failure to do so would get him sent back to the asylum.

As Chyna headed to the ring, we saw a clip of Henry getting hit with a low blow,
being led back to the locker room and comforted by Chyna and Sammy on Heat last
night. Henry's mother was shown sitting ringside. Chyna said she had given Henry
24 hours to come clean. He came to the ring and admitted that nothing happened
between him and Chyna during their date. She said "You wanted to screw me, and
now I'm going to screw you." With that she had a clip run that picked up last
night after she left Henry alone with Sammy. Henry and Sammy got it on pretty
heavy until he discovered that Sammy was no lady. When he discovered she was
really a he, Henry threw up. Chyna then said that if they were the last man and
woman on earth, she still wouldn't do anything with him and left. Henry's mom
called him over and "scolded" him.

We saw the Stooges, Pat Patterson (PP) and Jerry Briscoe (JB) discussing how
they would approach their Handicap Match v. Chyna.

The next match pitted Al Snow v. Goldust, for the rights to Head. Goldie has
Head now. Prior to the match we saw a chip from last night's Heat of Snow
dressed as one of The Godfather's Ho's attempting to retake Head and failing.
During the match, Cole said Bad @$$ was OK, he had suffered an ankle sprain but
will be at RR. Snow won the match with a Roll Up and regained possession of
Head. However, Goldie blasted him, set him up for Shattered Dreams and delivered
a 40 Yard Field Goal (Ouch). He then gave Snow some Head and left with her/it.
Winner - Al Snow
Loser - Al Snow

More SCSA backstage.

We cut to The Stooges again. PP said McMahon told him he should pin Chyna. JB
said McMahon ha told him he should pin Chyna. The best thing these two fools
could do would be skip town before she tears them both new rectal openings.

Midian, nee Dennis Knight, came to the announcers table to tell them "He" is
coming. He went to the top of the ramp where the Undertaker's Throne was set up.
Paul Bearer and The Acolytes, Bradshaw and Farooq, flanked The Throne, Midian
sat off to one side and The Taker assumed The Throne. He talked about Midian's
initiation in The Ministry Of Darkness last week, saying Dennis Knight is no
more. He said the sacrifices are not over and the next one will be at RR on
January 24. He added that "the lambs will be led to the slaughter," and
basically that Resistance Is Futile (wonder if he knows The Borg)? and to
"accept The Lord Of Darkness as you savior." His symbol burst into flame.

The next match was the Handicap Match, pitting Chyna v. Patterson and Briscoe.
The real question is, who has the handicap? Prior to the match, we saw a clip of
Chyna throwing McMahon over the top rope last week to win The Corporate Rumble
and win No. 30 at RR. We also saw the Arm Wrestling Match from Heat last night,
where The Stooges bumped into McMahon, helping Chyna win, and their challenging
Chyna to this match. The Stooges argued all the way to the ring (they are like
an old married couple) about who would start. Eventually JB started and PP
laughed at his feeble attempt. He came in and wagged his pudgy finger in Chyna
face and she twisted in until he cried like a baby. When she released him, he
put her in an Airplane Spin. It was very effective, as he got dizzy and went to
the floor. JB came and took a pounding from Chyna. She then handled both of them
in the ring at once. Bright light that he is, PP tried a low blow on her.
Needless to say, it wasn't very effective. Note to PP: Low blows only work on
men, women are plumbed different. She showed him how its done and he jumped in
pain. She then grabbed the two of them by their privates and they danced in
agony. The crowd was in hysterics. She released them and as they argued among
themselves, took a seat on the top turn buckle and watched. PP threw her off and
down to the floor. Sable headed for the ring but was attacked by Luna. The
Stooges got Chyna back in the ring, where PP dropped an elbow on her. Each took
turns attempting to pin her, but the other one pulled him off. She got up and
gave them a Noggin Knocker. JB pulled powder out and threw it in her face. Note
to JB: its not nice to fool Mother Nature, but downright stupid to screw with
Chyna. They took turns pulling her top down (the show was taped, so the view was
electronically covered up). This really pissed her off and they regretted it.
She nailed each of them with nicely executed DDT's. She piled JB on top of PP
and sat on the pile. The referee counted and The Stooges were done. The match
was a classic. Funny!!
Winner - Chyna
Winner - Fans close enough for a view, if Chyna's their type that is

Still more of SCSA lurking backstage.

We saw McMahon assuring The Rock that Kane understood what he had to do.

The next match was the Main Event, pitting The Rock v. Kane. the Rock came to
the ring accompanied by The Corporation, sans The Stooges. Prior to the match,
we saw the attack on Shawn Michaels two weeks ago, where he was beaten and
thrown thru a car windshield by The Corporation, and his call to Heat last night
ordering this match. McMahon took the mic and said nothing was going to happen.
He told The Rock all he had to do was touch Kane on the chest with one finger
and he would lay down (Hmmm, that has a familiar ring to it). He warned Kane
that he better follow orders or it was back to the funny farm. Kane listened to
him and gave him the Italian Two Armed Salute. The crowd loved it. The
Corporation began beating on Kane. After a while, The Rock told them to leave
the ring and he would handle Kane alone. He pounded Kane, hit him with a DDT and
sent him to the floor. The Rock bounced his head on the announcers table and
took the mic again. Kane got up and grabbed him mid-sentence, but The Rock low
blowed him. After pounding Kane ringside, he threw him into the ring. There he
blasted him and hit another shot to the privates. Next up, The Corporate Eyebrow
and The Corporate Elbow. Kane got up and nailed The Rock with a Choke Slam. Test
came in and got one also. The rest of The Corporation came in and overwhelmed
Kane, beating him down. Mankind rushed in and cleaned house with a chair. The
Rock went up the ram and yelled back at Mankind. SCSA came out and stood at the
top of the ramp. The Rock turned around and saw him and as they stared at each
other, Mankind came up from behind and nailed The Rock with a chair shot to the
head. The program ended on that note.

Another excellent program.

Just a short note. I Download most of my Mail using Automatic AOL, which does it
on a preset schedule, with me not being at my computer. While this is happening,
many people have been trying to reach me via Instant Message (IM). I want you to
know that I am not ignoring you, I am not at the computer. If someone IM's me
while I am on line, I always respond.
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
It was great to see the comments of Vince Russo on the newsletter from WWF.COM.
He made the basic point that many wrestling fans have echoed the
last several months: yes, WCW had been on top. Yes, the NWO gimmick took the
country by storm. Yes, In 1996-7 Bischoff did a credible job with Nitro's. But
the ego set in- as a lifelong WWF fan the bottom line for Eric Bischoff- and
others who faithfully read this newsletter each week- is that the only reason I
ever watched the shows in the first place was the NWO factor. But I slowly
found something- as the months went by, RAW to me was more entertaining, had
better matches, and followed through with what they advertised. The WWF put
together some great pay-per-views (remember Undertaker-Foley at King of the
Ring) and shows that had matches with constant action. Even Road Dog Armstrong
(at one time little more than the man William Shatner beat the #$% out of on a
1994 Raw when he was the go-fer for Jeff Jarrett) has impressed me with his
interviews and his hardcore matches-the last few weeks have seen great bouts
with Foley, Bossman and Snow that I never thought he could handle as recently as
mid-1997. But Bischoff made two
cardinal mistakes: 1) as Russo said, he insulted the man who made the sport what
it is today-McMahon- and said he had no business being in it. Sons of the WCW,
please remember this is the same man who helped run the AWA, a promotion that
the Bill Apters and Pro Wrestling Illustrated writers considered an icon in
itself and a promotion that ran for nearly 30 years, into obscurity and then
extinction. Consistent was not a word in the man's resume. 2) as Russo also
said, he became pushing himself as much as the talent. It is hard for me to
handle the fact that the "top" promotion is the one with Jay Leno in tag team
events or with a hard pressing of a Warrior comeback for the millionth time
(remember he was not in the WWF very long in 1996 before he rolled back out and
the WWF, which ended the frenzy just as quick as it could when Warrior again had
troubles making shows ). While I may not
speak for everyone who reads the newsletter, the Monday night ratings look like
I am speaking for the majority. And watching the first hour of Nitro this
Monday, I saw what Russo talked in detail about- whether its running the NWO,
trying to bait Flair, sulking at the announcer's booth or putting the damn ring
up, Bischoff is as much a part of any storyline on his shows than any of the
talent. And he woke up a sleeping giant in the process-for those who argue that
McMahon does the same thing with the Corporation, well, it looks like the
ratings are showing him out- Bischoffing Bischoff and showing why he made
wrestling as successful in the mainstream as he as over the years.

Bottom line: even with Austin injured for a few weeks, the WWF was winning the
ratings war. And that means that Bischoff has an uphill battle in 1999- whether
he would like to admit it or not.
Check out The Ultimate Wrestling Site, found at:

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