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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 138

Date:  Monday January 18th, 1999  11:10 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Steve McMichael no-showed his scheduled match against Fit Finlay at Souled Out,
and there was no mention on-air of his disappearance. its funny, I didn't even
know this match was scheduled to take place. McMichael missed his flight to the
PPV on Sunday afternoon. He caught a later flight and made it to
Ohio. His next
flight would have gotten him to the PPV after
10 o’clock, which would have

obviously been well after any Mongo match should take place. Given Mongo’s
already rumored tenuous position with the company, it is amazing to me that he
could miss his flight, especially when there was a meeting with almost all of
the wrestlers on Saturday, 1/15. Since McMichael was in attendance at Nitro,
there appears to be no long term repercussions. I would love to see Mongo
disappear from the Horseman scene, with Bret Hart as his replacement. I won't
hold my breath, but we can all hope...
(Reported by Dave Scherer at: )

Thanks to Masanori Horie (Masa) for this information:
(LATE-BREAKING NEWS--The WWF's Japanese representative, Wally Yamaguchi [a.k.a.
Yamaguchi-san] will have a meeting with All Japan's gaijin booking agent, Johnny
Ace, in Tokyo on 1/18/99 to talk about the Tokyo Dome show on 5/2/99.
(Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos at: )
WCW Nitro Report for
January 18th, 1999
By Steve Appy
The 4 Horseman began Nitro in conference, enraged at what was done to David
Flair at Souled Out. The shot switched to the interior of the Wolfpac's
limousine, where the nWo gloated about their behavior the night before. As the
limo entered the arena, the Horseman pounced, which included Ric Flair
shattering a side window with a tire iron.

Gene Okerlund interviewed WCW President Ric Flair in the ring. He announced
that he would face Hogan at Superbrawl; Flair was enraged as never before. With
the intensity that nobody can sell as well as Flair, he proclaimed that he
wanted to be the man "To kill Hulk Hogan Dead!".

Flair called Eric Bischoff to the ring; Bischoff denied involvement in last
night's attack. In retaliation, he ordered Bischoff to wrestle him later
tonight. Bischoff refused, stating his contract did not include wrestling.
Flair offered to allow Bischoff to shave Flair's head, take control of the
company, and leave WCW if Bischoff defeated him tonight.

David Flair interrupted, and demanded to face Bischoff himself tonight; Bischoff
agreed, with all the previous stipulations in place. Flair added one (or two)
more; if David wins, Eric Bischoff get's his hair (and ass) shaven. With this
David's first televised match (besides PPV), this should draw terrific ratings.

Booker T pinned Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) in
A solid, competitive bout, with Booker T getting the victory after a Missle
I guess
Jericho hasn't signed a new contract yet...

Gene Okerlund interviewed JJ Dillon; Dillon announced that referee Scott
Dickinson is suspended for thirty days. Dillon openly pulled for David Flair to
secure a victory tonight. JJ announced that Goldberg, Scott Hall & Bam Bam
Bigelow would meet tonight in a Triangle Match.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Rey Mysterio Jr. Okerlund asked Rey why he refused to
give up the LwO shirt, and Rey responded "that it just didn't feel like the
right time". Rey challenged Lex Luger, displaying no fear of the Wolfpac. His
sudden interest in the LwO makes little sense considering his earlier
reluctance. As incredible as Mysterio is, a Luger/Mysterio match would be a
strange sight.

David Flair pinned Eric Bischoff in 1:13
Bischoff dominated David early with kicks; David responded by hitting Bischoff
with a roll of quarters, knocking him unconscious. The brief action looked bad,
but at least it was short. The Horseman joined David in the ring, and Flair
went on to shave Bischoff's hair (thankfully they stopped there). Bischoff was
not shaved bald, but instead was left with a haircut that was more funny looking
than anything. Upon awakening, Bischoff was suitably horrified. The segment
was missing energy, and fell flat, a surprise. It was revealed that referee
Randy Anderson has slipped David the roll of quarters that led to his victory,
gaining his own revenge in the process.

Chris Jericho harassed JJ Dillon, upset that Perry Saturn wouldn't wear his
dress. The contract for the match apparently stated that he must wear the dress
ANYTIME he is in the arena; Saturn, still a man of his word, reluctantly took
the dress. At least he's not wearing the chain vest...

Konnan repeated his wish to destroy the nWo; he credited Nash & Luger with once
being true friends. Their past friendship made the betrayal that much more
bitter. K-Dawg promised revenge against the entire new Wolfpac.

Bobby Duncam Jr. & Mike Enos fought Meng & The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart) to a No
Contest in
A strict brawl, with little in the way of actual wrestling holds. This appeared
to be a World Tag Team Title match, though it wasn't clearly billed as one. The
nWo's limousine returned to the building, and Bischoff showed Hogan his new
haircut. While the Wolfpac thought it was more funny than anything else, they
still stormed the ring and destroyed all four wrestlers. Hogan accepted the
World Title match against Flair at Superbrawl, and promised "To Put A Silver
Stake Through Flair's Heart".

The Disco Inferno pinned Wrath in 5:30
Disco wore a Wolfpack shirt to the ring; its nice to see the charismatic Disco
finally getting a push. Scott Hall, cattle prod in hand, distracted Wrath,
giving Disco the opportunity to apply the Chartbuster on Wrath for the victory.

Scott Steiner interrupted The Nitro Girls, and offered himself to Kimberly. She
was disgusted, and led the Nitro Girls off the set. I assume Steiner will
continue to harass Kimberly, perhaps leading to a DDP/Steiner match at

WCW Television Champion Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) defeated Perry Saturn via
submission in 6:03
Steiner hinted that Saturn was a homosexual, which enraged the former Eliminator
and started off the brawl. Saturn was wearing his dress, and his humiliation
seemed to inspire him. Saturn dominated the offense; after Buff blocked a DVD,
Steiner made a comeback and locked on the Steiner Recliner for the victory.

Kevin Nash, Lex Luger and the enhanced Elizabeth entered the ring for a live
interview. Nash took credit for Konnan's recent career advancement, and accused
K-Dawg of having no heart. Luger patronized Rey Mysterio Jr., and threatened to
remove his mask if they meet in the ring.

Scott Steiner invaded the Nitro Girl's dressing room, muttering how they all
wanted his body. Security finally forced Roid-Man out...

Psychosis pinned Juventud Guerrera Jr. in

its great seeing Psychosis get that long deserved push. This match was hurt
since both men are tweeners; Juvi may be better off returning to his babyface
roots. Psychosis scored the victory after a Guillotine Leg Drop. Juvi seems to
be the current odd man out of the Cruiserweight mix, with two straight defeats.

Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Lex Luger via disqualification in 5:52
Luger offered Mysterio a chance at survival if he removed his mask and the LwO
before Rey even had a chance to respond, Luger blindsided the talented Luchador.
Mysterio made a comeback, responding with offense that put the lazy Luger to
shame. Pure strength (and booking influence) prevailed, and Luger once again
took the offense. Nash interfered to cause the DQ, and the two giants attempted
to remove Mysterio's mask. Seconds before the removal of the mask, Konnan made
the save with a chair. At least Mysterio didn't do the job to the untalented

Scott Steiner cornered Kimberly, and propositioned Kimberly for sex. Steiner
may be the crudest character in the business.

Goldberg, Scott Hall (w/Disco Inferno), & Bam Bam Bigelow fought to a No Contest
in 2:40
Goldberg sported a deep cut on his forehead from Souled Out; Disco stood at
ringside with the ever present cattle prod. Both Goldberg & Bigelow wanted to
destroy Hall more than they disliked each other; Goldberg managed to spear both
men simultaneously. As Goldberg prepared to Jackhammer Hall, the nWo filled the
ring and brawled with both Goldberg & Bigelow. Before they were destroyed, the
Horseman made the save and ran the nWo to the back. Nitro ended with the nWo
limousine fleeing in terror...
Visit SamJerry's Home Page

1. The Capital would be at Big Red's Drive Thru Mortuary And Family Amusement
Tombstone, AZ.

2. Kane's autobiography, "Family, You Can't Live With Them, You Can't Burn
or "If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Try Try Try Again," would be the
text for all Morticians and wrestlers searching for a gimmick that works.

3. Hunting older brothers would be legal, but only at government approved
Stuffing and Mounting them is considered poor sportsmanship.

4. The top Christmas toys would be Patracide Ken And His Reusable Flaming
Crematorium. It would be available from all Smoky The Bear Fire
It would also be available by calling 1-800-FIREBUG.

5. If Saddam got out of line, Kane would send Paul Bearer and Joel Gertner to
for Sunday Brunch after depriving them of food for a week, thereby setting
agriculture system back to the stone age.

6. The National Symbol would be a
Tombstone, with a Lightening Bolt thru it.

7. The military would consist of The Living Dead, Tormented Souls, Brothers Of
Damned and Rejected Mindless Offspring. All will wear Masks and body
red uniforms with black trim, and have semi-supernatural powers. Enlisted
would wear Straight Jackets on formal occasions.

8. The Country's new motto would be, "Burn Baby Burn."

9. A picture of Kane Choke Slamming Paul Bearer will appear on side of the
bill, and a picture of a Funeral Parlor on the other. The phrase, "Et Pile
Tombstoneius" will be printed beneath the Funeral Parlor, and "In The Lord
Darkness We Trust," beneath Kane

10. A search of The Underworld will be made for The Undertaker and when found,
will be shackled to a wall in The Fires Of Hell, and damned for all
Submitted by reader: Archemides
For all of you out there who like ECW and really like Sabu, like I do, I bet you
hope as much as I do that something like the following comes true...
*ECW Weekly Broadcast: Weekend after Guilty As Charged
Taz comes out with his new title in a rage and calls out Sabu. He says that he
wants to fight Sabu for Taz's World Title and the FTW Championship Belt at
Living Dangerously. Sabu walks out unacommpanied to the top of the entrance
ramp and nods his head yes, and then is shown leaving the building.

*One Month Later; ECW Weekly Broadcast
Taz comes out to fight Chris Candido for the World Title. The fight progresses
with Taz destroying Chris Candido, like every opponent he's faced since he won
his title (he's been undefeated since that time). As Taz goes for the pin after
a well timed Taz Plex, Sabu runs into the ring (making his first entrance into
an ECW event since he accepted Taz's challenge a month earlier), and hits no
other move than the same one that broke his neck, the Dragon Suplex. Fonzie
grabs the mike and begins to yell about that being receipt number one. The
match is a no contest.

*One week later: ECW Arena Show: TV Taping
Taz fights Lance Storm, who he dismantles and as he goes for the pin, Sabu runs
in again and hits another suplex, which obviously is not his style, but its
also obvious that he's giving Taz a taste of his own medicine. He runs out of
the ring as Fonzie yells about receipt number two. Another no contest decision.

*One week later: One week before Living Dangerously
As the tension is mounting, one week before the big night, just to make things
more exciting, Taz is set to face none other than the TV Champ and Sabu's fellow
Tag Team Champ, Rob Van Dam. RVD fights a good match but the tide turns as Taz
gets him in the Tazmission. All of a sudden the lights go out and much to the
same entrance as at Guilty as Charged, Sabu runs in and totally dismantles Taz
but this time, he goes after RVD as well. Both Taz and RVD go down and Sabu
covers his former friend with Taz for Taz to get the pin and the win.

*Living Dangerously
Sabu is scheduled to fight Taz for the World Title. The PPVprogresses very well
until the last fight when Taz and Sabu both come out to tremendous pops. As the
bell rings Sabu begins to get destroyed by Taz. The match progresses as Sabu's
chances begin to really look weak. Just when it seems that things can't get any
worse, "Walk" comes on and RVD and Fonzie come out. RVD hits a Van Daminator and
Taz goes for the pin. Sabu somehow manages to kick out of it. Sabu slides out
of the ring and grabs none other than his weapon of choice, a Spike from
underneath the ring. He gets up and rearanges Taz's face into a bloody mess.
He then goes afer Fonzie who barely manages to escape the carnage in the ring.
Sabu does manage to get RVD who he takes out. After messing up RVD, Sabu slides
into the ring, hits an Arabian face slam, AND WINS THE WORLD TITLE!

*This leads to future fueds between Taz/RVD Sabu/RVD and culminating in what I
would love to see the most of all a Taz/RVD/Sabu triple threat match.
Disputably the three greatest wrestlers in the U.S. and probably in the top ten
of the world, going head to head in what I would guess to be a rather bloody
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