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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 140

Date:  Thursday January 21st, 1999  11:20 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

1st Hour- n/a 5.8
2nd Hour- 5.3 4.5
3rd Hour- 5.8 4.3
Composite- 5.6 4.9
(Reported by )
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I am continually amazed by the number of people that are still complaining about
the WWF's use of sexual themes and innuendoes. Hardly a day goes by that I don't
receive at least one E-mail from a young fan saying he has been banned from
watching RAW because of what was shown, or from a parent expressing horror at
what their child saw. This week it revolved around the Mark "Sexual Chocolate"
Henry and his "liason" with Sammy. You may recall that Sammy (to nobody's
surprise) turned out to be a man. We were then led to believe they engaged in
"inappropriate relations" (Thanks to you know who for that reference).

Reacting to the "outrage" expressed about the WWF's policy recently, WWF Owner
(and resident @$$hole) Mr. McMahon pointed out that each of WWF's programs is
rated according to its content and shown at appropriate times. The Saturday
morning program is aimed at young children and doesn't contain any objectionable
material. Sunday Heat is shown in the early evening and is slightly more adult
oriented. RAW is shown after
9 PM, its content aimed at an adult audience and
is no different from other TV programs on between
9 PM - 11 PM EST.

I wont go into the usual defense pointing out thing like the naked behinds shown
on NYPD Blue or some of the things shown on ER. What I will point out is some of
the things on as early as
8 PM, and to which I don't recall any complaints being
made about. Third Rock From The Sun is a perfect example of what I am talking
about. It has a large following among youngsters and airs sometimes at
8 PM.
Recently there was a story arc that spanned several weeks dealing with Sally
losing her virginity to Officer Don. When they finally did "it," they were shown
afterwards with their reactions to "the deed." The program still makes reference
to it. Another example is
Dawson's Creek, whose recent story dealt with who was
"doing it."

You can watch King Of The Hill most any week and find something objectionable
about it. Since it is animated, I am sure it draws a large audience of young
viewers. The point being that it is up to every parent to determine what their
children watch, and that doesn't just mean wrestling. Too many parents allow TV
to become an electronic "baby sitter," and react only when they personally see
something that bothers them. Even worst yet, they hear something from someone
else and allow themselves to become part of a "herd" demanding change based on
another's view.

Good King Eric has been one of the most outspoken people complaining about the
content of WWF's programming. The strain of losing the Monday Night Ratings War
may have overcome his "moral outrage." The Right Reverend Eric has apparently
decided (or at least is now honest enough to admit) that The Ratings are more
important to him then his "moral outrage." We now hear the word "@$$" being used
rather regularly on WCW shows.

This past Monday NITRO went as far as RAW ever has, and maybe even further. We
saw Big Poppa Steroid approach the NITRO Bimbos, and then Kimberly individually.
He was quite clear in what he wanted from her. He pointed out that her husband,
Dirtbag Doophus Page, was away in
Las Vegas and wanted to spend some "quality
time" with her. Finally, we got a lesson in street language from East El Lay's
favorite Taco Vendor, Konnan. He made reference to "tossing your salad" while
bitching about Kevin Nash dumping him. I can guarantee you he wasn't talking
about lettuce and tomatoes. It makes you wonder what parents would think if they
heard him say it.

The gloves are apparently off. It looks like The Right Reverend Eric has either
gone off on his own, or gotten approval from The Man above (Uncle Ted). At least
we shouldn't have to listen to anymore sermons from The Right Reverend.

By Ric Phelps (WrestleRic)
Video clips were shown from Souled Out and Monday Nitro that led to the signing
of the match between Hollywood Hogan and Ric Flair for the world title at
SuperBrawl. The black and white NWO are in the back arguing (Stevie Ray refused
to put on the NWO shirt which infuriated Scott Norton) about having to
constantly wait on the red and black NWO. Vincent then read a letter from the
red and black saying that they would not be in attendance because of weather
problems in
Tampa, Florida. Stevie Ray then said he was tired of being "part of
a B team".

Disco Inferno versus Jerry Flynn
Disco won this contest with the chartbuster.
Winner: Disco Inferno via pinfall (The crowd really got behind him in this one)

--Scott Norton ordered Horace to let the black and white NWO know when his uncle
(Hogan) and the Wolfpack arrived.

--The black and white NWO are arguing in the dressing room amongst themselves
over about having to wait on the Wolpack. Horace (on his walkie talkie) radios
to tell Norton that the Wolfpack have arrived. When Horace went to open the
limousine door, he found out it was not the Wolfpack, but the Horseman, who
brutally attacked Horace. The Nature Boy made his way to the ring to address the
fans in
Indianapolis. Flair said that there WILL be a tag team tournament
despite attacks by the NWO, and that the finals will be at SuperBrawl. Flair
said that Hogan as a wrestler could not carry his jockstrap. Flair said that he
thanks Hogan for what he has done for the sport but he said that at SuperBrawl
it will be established who the REAL world champion is.

--The black and white are in the back picking Horace up off of the ground as
Vincent (who tried to play peacemaker up to this point) is yelling for someone
to get Horace a shirt, telling him that he needed to represent the NWO. This
angered Norton who pushed Vincent. Brian Adams and Stevie Ray were also telling
Vincent to keep his mouth shut.

Perry Saturn versus Al Greene
Saturn, still wearing a dress, defeated Greene with the Death Valley Driver.
Winner: Perry Saturn via pinfall

--Clips were shown of the visits to the childhood home of Raven. Emphasis was
put on Raven staring at pictures of Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Glacier versus Kenny Kaos
In an upset victory, Kaos pinned Glacier after a springboard clothesline from
the top rope.
Winner: Kenny Kaos via pinfall

--The black and white NWO agree to go attack the Horseman to get even for the
attack on Horace. After the black and white leave the room, Vincent peels off
his black and white NWO shirt to display a Wolfpack shirt.

--The black and white enter the ring with Vincent lagging behind. Vincent enters
(without their permission) Horace Hogan and Brian Adams into the tag team title
tournament. Vincent then (without their permission) challenges the Horseman to a
6-man tag with the Horseman to face himself, Scott Norton, and Stevie Ray.

Norman Smiley versus Booker T
After a long matchup, Norman Smiley bailed out of the ring when Booker T was
mounting the top rope for his missile dropkick. Winner: Booker T via countout

--Clips are shown from Monday Nitro of Scott Steiner following Kimberly around
the arena offering her the chance to be "with a real man".

Brian Adams/Horace w/Vincent versus Kidman/Chavo Guerrero Jr.
This tag team tournament title match ended when
Adams pinned Kidman after

Vincent nailed the Cruiserweight champion in the back of the head with the
slapjack. Winner: Brian Adams/Horace via pinfall

--The black and white are in the back arguing again. Stevie Ray did not like
Vincent using his slapjack and none of the NWO liked Vincent wearing the
Wolfpack T-shirt.

La Parka versus Rey Mysterio Jr.
Rey defeated his much larger opponent after a bulldog.
Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr. via pinfall

--Mean Gene interviewed Diamond Dallas Page. DDP said being married to a
beautiful woman such as Kimberly comes with "low life" men trying to put the
moves on his wife. Page said that the next time that Scott Steiner gets anywhere
near Kimberly, that it "will be on".

--Vincent is walking out of the back and noticed that there was a camera in the
lockerroom. The ones recording the whole situation with the black and white was
the Wolfpack who were watching their arguing all night from a monitor in a
limousine. Hogan did not appear happy and said "Well, we know what time it is,
dont we?"

Scott Norton/Stevie Ray w/Vincent versus Ric Flair/Chris Benoit/SteveMcMichael
As the other Horseman were battling the NWO on the floor, the Nature Boy forced
Vincent to submit to the figure four leglock for the win. After the bell,
Benoit put Vincent in the crippler crossface as Norton and Ray walked away,
leaving Vincent in the ring.
Winners: The Horseman via pinfall
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
Well, I watched the first hour of Nitro on Monday. I can say that the show
batted an even .500 with me. The good: another great Flair interview, where the
man continues to look like his eyes will pop out of his head any time he
mentions Bischoff and the NWO. Considering what happened with him and Bischoff
in the real-life legal battles of 1998, personally I wouldn't expect anything
less from Flair, but the interviews continue to be solid and well- received by
the live audiences.

Also good for Nitro- the Booker T-Jericho match. It was nice to see good young
talent give a good 10 minute bout with no dumb interfrence, no Norman Smiley and
some decent announcing. Booker T to me is the most improved wrestler of the last
two years in WCW- he has come a long way from being a tag team specialist to the
one of the best workers in the world. To me he and the WCW deserve credit for
that....but they don't deserve credit for the BAD that evened out the hour for
me. First off....look, I know that they haven't wrestled a pay-per-view main
event in a while, and I know that Souled Out set this up, but it is going to be
hard for me to get excited or want to spend $30 to see another Hogan-Flair bout.
And to me, the David Flair-Bischoff bout was as bad a production as anything I
have ever seen. While that meant no two hours of hyping it for the end of the
show, the bottom line is that it looked stale and showed that it is very risky
to have a 19 year old who had just began his career THE NIGHT BEFORE be thrown
in to the ring- but Bischoff again showed that his wrestling "skills" make Hogan
look like Lou Thesz. In short- it looks like I know what course WCW is going
the next few months, and I don't think my money will go with it unless there are
some drastic changes.......
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Osiris
Tom Kirkbride
Darren Kramer

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