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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 142

Date:  Saturday January 23rd, 1999  6:00 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

There is some internal heat regarding the DDP/Scott Steiner Nitro match on 1/11.  Because Steiner is in for a major push with DDP, it was felt that Steiner needed the first victory to give the feud some credibility. The feeling is that DDP should have put Steiner over strong, but instead he told the announcers to say he was working with walking pneumonia (not the case) and then had a ton of interference from Bagwell and Steiner used a foreign object to defeat him. This is what happens when the bookers are also the on air talent...
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Koji sent along word that at the All Japan show on 1/22 in
Osaka in the match
for the Triple Crown championship, Toshiaki Kawada pinned Mitsuharu Misawa with brainbuster at 24'15" to get the title. The theory was that Vader might challenge him on 3/6 at Budokan Hall. The next morning however, they discovered that Kawada broke his arm in the match, and may now have to forfeit the title.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

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The program began with all the Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray (BBR), D-Von, Big Dick and
Sign Guy, along with their Advisor, Joel Gertner, in the ring. BBR took the mic
and said that Public Enemy (PE) failed to show up and answer their challenge to
a Street Fight, calling them the two best Tag Teams in the world. He told the
crowd that no one ever said they would be there, so they shouldn't blame ECW. He
said they were going home and they left.

Joey Styles was at the announcers position and welcomed the viewers. He said
there was no reason for PE to show up, after all they were making big bucks in
WCW, so why show for a Street Fight with The Dudley Boyz.

Tonight's show was taped last Saturday Night at House Party '99. Styles said the
tape is already available by calling 1-800-854-5831, cost $34.95 + S&H.

Skull Von Krush came to the ring, followed by Judge Jeff Jones, wearing his
Robes. As he did, we saw Stills of Sid at Guilty As Charged (GAC). Jones brought
Sid to ECW. Jones said Skull is in his courtroom. Skull showed proper respect
for the Judge with a loogie. Jones said for doing that, Skull was GAC and
sentenced him to be "executed by The Man." With that, Sid made his way to the
ring for his ECW Arena debut and our first match, or should I say mismatch,
Skull v. Sid. He put a boot to Skull's chest and Skull went down like he was hit
by lightning. Sid kicked him in the ribs and then picked him up and Choke
Slammed him over the top rope to the floor, getting us our first "Oh, my G-d" of
the evening from Joey. Sid went out and dropped Skull over the guard rail twice.
We were witnessing a slow, methodical execution, as the crowd chanted "Sid."
Back in the ring and Sid set Skull up for a Power Bomb as the crowd chanted
"Power Bomb." Sid hit it and Skull bounced off the mat, and heading off to
Land. He pinned Skull. The crowd chanted "one more time," and nice guy that he
is, Sid obliged. The second Power Bomb was even bigger. If the ring wasn't
strong, they might still be digging for Skull's remains. The crowd chanted
Winner - Sid
Loser - Skull Von Krush's body
Winner - Skull Von Krush's Chiropractor

After the regular ECW opening, Joey said we would be Tajiri v. Super Crazy, in a
rematch from GAC and Taz would make his first ECW Championship defense v. Chris

Steve Prazak was at Candido's locker room door. Tammy Lynn Sytch blocked him
from coming in, as she sucked on a banana. She said he didn't want to be
disturbed and offered Prazak a chance to "get up close and personal" with her
instead. Prazak swallowed his bubble gum. She left him pass and he approached
Candido. Candido said he was "all business and there were no more jokes," that
Taz wont find him funny. He threw Prazak out.

The next match was Tajiri (T) v. Super (Insane Luchadore) Crazy (SC). The match
was full of high flying, fast paced action. The match immediately went to the
floor, and T hit a Somersault Senton over the top rope, landing on his feet. He
hit a big Kick to the side of SC's head, and got an "Oh, my G-d" from our boy. T
applied The Tarantula on the ropes. T next hit a Tilt-A-Whirl Back Breaker, a
Backwards Splash, but missed a Moonsault. T took a Missile Drop Kick off the top
rope from SC that knocked him to the floor. SC went out after him and threw him
into the crowd, then nailed him with a Moonsault off the top rope. SC rolled T
back into the ring and crotched him on the top rope, giving him the possibility
of a second career as a soprano at the Tokyo Opera. While T was sitting and
thinking of what to sing, SC hit him with a Spin Kick between the shoulder
blades. The crowd chanted "Crazy." SC then hit a Forward Slam and Spinning
Splash off the top rope, but couldn't get the pin. He planted T, but missed a
Corkscrew Splash. T came back with another Kick to the side of SC's head,
getting us another "Oh, my G-d." Seems like Joey is fascinated by that
particular Kick. Another Kick followed, but Joey was silent this time. T hit SC
with a Drop Kick to the face as SC was on his knees, went for a pin but couldn't
get it. T then hit a German Suplex, but again SC kicked out. T went for a Dragon
Suflex, but SC blocked it with a back kick to his privates (at this rate, he
will definitely be a soprano). SC went for one of his own, but T flipped over
his back and avoided it. SC hit a Moonsault Press and applied an Inverted
Surfboard and rolled with it. He partially released it and applied a Rear
Chancery, with T's legs still locked in from the Surfboard. T escaped and went
to the floor, SC missed a leap off the apron and hit the guard rail face first.
T threw SC into the crowd and hit an Asahi (sic) Moonsault onto him. The crowd
chanted "ECW." SC came back with a Corkscrew Piscado off the apron. Back in the
ring and T hit a Huricanrana. SC went for a Power Bomb, however, T reversed it
and nailed a DDT. T then hit a Spinning Heel Kick from the top turn buckle, went
for a pin, but SC kicked out. A Suflex by T and another close pin. SC swatted
attempted Drop Kick away, and followed with a Power Bomb and a Spinning Inverted
DDT, gaining the pin and victory. It was a great match that the crowd was
completely into. They are now 1-1, head-to-head.
Winner - Super Crazy

Prazak tried to interview Lance Storm, who had Tammy Lynn Bytch (TLB) at his
side. He apologized for putting him down in the past. Storm grabbed the mic and
said this was going to be his year. He bad mouthed Chris Candido, and put Prazak
down. TLB gave us a little T&A show, opened her mouth and proved that all bimbos
aren't blonde.

Joey said ECW is coming to
Michigan, and then to North Carolina and New England.

We cut to Bill Alfonso and Rob Van Dam. Van Dam did a take off of Alfonso
praising Sabu.

The next match was for the ECW Championship, with Taz making his first Title
defense v. Chris Candido. Candido came out accompanied by TLS. Francine came out
and got up on the apron and into Candido's face. As Candido was arguing with
her, Shane "The Franchise"
Douglas came into the ring and nailed Candido from
behind with a chair shot to the back. He then nit him with The Pittsburgh Plunge
onto the chair. TLS got up on the apron screaming at Shane. Shane let loose with
a loogie (a lot of that going around tonight) at her. She got into the ring and
slapped him across the face. Standing by her man, Francine raced in and went at
it with TLS. A short (damn) cat fight was broken up as Shane pulled Francine
away and chased her back to the locker room. She was not a happy lady about it.
Candido was helped back to the locker room. Shane took the mic and asked Taz to
give him a rematch, saying he made ECW and the Title what they are today, that
he is not a "dog and pony show" and "didn't need the belt like Raven." Taz
quickly agreed and the match got underway. After a few minutes of feeling each
other out, things picked up. Taz applied an Arm Bar and hit a T-Bone TazPlex.
Shane went to the floor to stop Taz' momentum, but Taz went out after him and
pounded him. Shane reversed an Irish Whip and sent Taz over the guard rail, into
the crowd. Shane went to the top turn buckle and came down on the back of Taz'
neck with the cast he wears on his right hand (a high flyer he's not). He hit
him with the cast a few more times and then brought him back to ringside. Taz
blocked an attempted Suplex and hit one of his own, putting Shane thru a table
at ringside. The crowd was split between the two men. Taz threw Shane into the
crowd and they fought up to the top of the bleachers. Taz slammed Shane's head
into the bleacher seats, then threw him off the bleachers (about 6 feet) and
thru another table (I told you to buy Stock in the Acme Table and Chair Co). He
then hit a Belly-To-Belly TazPlex onto the broken table. Both men were hurting.
They went up onto an equipment platform, where Shane dropped Tax onto a Speaker.
The wrestlers were all out of the locker room watching the match from the
announcers position.
Douglas climbed up onto the stage where they were gathered
and leaped onto Taz. He then threw Taz off the platform, destroying the tables
used to sell tapes.

We went to a commercial, and when we returned, they were fighting outside the
Arena in the street. Shane threw Taz into a corrugated metal garage door, then
face first into a gate. They went back into the Arena and
Douglas hammered Taz
with the cast between the eyes, as they headed towards the ring. Shane put Taz
into the ring and brought a table in with him. Shane hit a Vertical Suplex and
an Inverted Rolling Neck Snap. Taz came back with two big Clotheslines. He hit a
kick to the midsection and went for The TazMission, but Shane blocked it and hit
a Belly-To-Back Suplex, went for a pin, but Taz kicked out. He hit a Vertical
Suplex and Taz kicked out of another pin. Taz hit a series of punches and
applied The TazMission. Shane was able to get out by hitting Taz with the cast.
Taz again applied The TazMission and turned it into a TazMissionPlex, putting
Shane thru the table that was leaning against the turn buckle at a 45 degree
angle. This got another "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. Taz pinned Shane on the broken
table. The crowd cheered both men. Taz acknowledged Shane, they saluted each
other and Taz left. The crowd cheered Shane and he saluted them. They chanted
"Shane," and he acknowledged them. As he left the ring, the crowd broke into a
chant of "Please don't go." There has been a rumor that
Douglas may retire and

this was the ECW Arena's way of asking him not to.

Joey talked about next weeks program, again mentioning Public Enemy The show
ended on that note. A GREAT hour of action. ECW can be proud.
Submitted by reader: Relyt316
Okay I'm a huge Shawn Michaels fan, and although I've heard all these rumors of
HBK never gracing us with his wrestling ability again, I have to keep good
faith. So if I could have one thing happen in 1999, I would want it to go as
the following.

Monday Jan. 18th. Raw
An interview with HBK is conducted via satellite, in his
San Antonio home.
Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler ask him the usual, and then the question of, do
you ever expect to wrestle again comes up...HBK answers, "its been great, but
when its time to go, you have to go." Tears role down his check. "Don't expect
this to be the last time you'll see the show-stoppa, I'll continue to be Mr.
Comiss," HBK adds.

A tribute to Shawn Michaels is done on Telling his story, where he came
from and what he achieved.

-- Sunday Jan. 24th...
Following Sunday Morning Superstars, an hour long tribute for HBK is done on
USA. At the end of the show, Vince (who has done all the commentary for the
tribute) says to keep HBK in your prayers, as he goes under for another

--Sunday Night, Jan. 24th. Royal Rumble...
The Royal Rumble is going like most Rumbles, the stars throw out the jobbers,
guys hang on the rope for a couple of minutes at a time, the usual. its down
to 4 contestants: StoneCold, Vince, Test, and Triple H and the final entry Chyna.
Vince has stayed in by telling opponents that if they touch him they are fired,
and the ones that do touch Vince, Test takes care of them. The only fighting
Vince has done is the first
minute with
Austin. Test and Kane hook it up, Vince is watching from his chair

that the Stooges brought in for him to sit on. Kane then chokeslams Test out of
the ring, and Vince is alone with Triple H, Kane, and Stone Cold. Vince looks at the
three and then jumps over the rope and high tails it down the aisle.

Knowing that he will get a title shot anyway at Valentine's Day Massacre, Stone
Cold eliminates himself so he will get the $100,000. Then the DX music hits,
Chyna is nowhere to be seen. The music goes off, no sign of Chyna. Then Kane
choke slams Triple H out of the ring, Kanes music hits, everyone thinks Kane is the
winner. Kanes music abruptly stops, and the Sexy Boy theme hits. Shawn
Michaels runs down.....HBK immediately does sweet chin music on Kane, which
sends him over the top rope. HBK is going to Wrestlemania.

Note: It is later found out that the only people who knew about HBK's plan was
Chyna, HBK and HBK's doctor. Vince really did think that HBK was hurt.

Wrestlemania goes on to be the rematch from WM14, Stone Cold vs the challenger
HBK. Stone Cold won the title at Valentine's Day Massacre against The Rock.
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