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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 144

Date:  Sunday January 24th, 1999  12:12 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

(Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch)
The political alliances behind the scenes of WCW have changed in recent months,
and that was reflective of on-air comments early this week. Kevin Nash and
Konnan have been inseparable for more than a year, and their on-air chemistry as
part of the Wolfpac was based on their friendship behind the scenes. Since Nash
has aligned with Hogan, Konnan and Nash have not been getting along. Lex Luger
& Elizabeth have sided with Nash, also, leaving Konnan "without friends in high
places." That said, Hogan is trying to play "good cop" by telling Konnan that
he will make sure he continues to get a push. Hogan says since he gets a
percentage of PPV profits, he wants WCW to do
welland will push wrestlers who

are popular with fans, regardless of political allegiances. If that were truly
the case, Bret Hart would be getting a push.
Hogan's policy over the years has been to hold back anyone who is a threat to
Apparantly Hart is a threat, but Konnan isn't.
(Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch)

Courtesy of
This Sunday Live on Pay Per View
8pm et / 5pm pt
Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mr. McMahon and 28 other Superstars will battle it out
in the Royal Rumble! There's a $100,000 bounty on
Austin's head and a woman
competing! There's no telling what's going down at the Rumble!

*WWF Championship "I Quit" match!
Champion, Mankind vs. Challenger, The Rock

*WWF Intercontinental Championship
Champion, Ken Shamrock vs. Challenger, Badd Ass Billy Gunn

*WWF Women's Championship "Strap Match"
Champion, Sable vs. Challenger, Luna

*WWF European Championship Match
Champion, X-Pac vs. Challenger, Gangrel

*Special Challenge Match
Road Dogg vs. Big Bossman

Raven returned to action at a house show on 1/22, fighting former Flock teammate
Scotty Riggs. Raven received a huge babyface pop from the fans, and scored a
victory after a form of the Diamond Cutter. I'm personally looking forward to
more of these skits with Chastity and The Sandman...
(Reported by jpc_23)

To subscribe to Wade Keller's Pro Wrestling Torch, send $36 for 20 issues to:
The Pro Wrestling Torch
P.O. Box 201844
Minneapolis MN 55420
On January 22nd, Steve Austin participated in a live chat on People Magazine's AOL site. While there was nothing fascinating said,
Austin did pay homage to Ricky Steamboat, once one of the best workers (and class acts) in the business.  The transcript is printed below:

PEOPLE Online Conference with Steve Austin
Question: Will Stonecold win the Rumble?
Stone Cold Steve Austin: Oh, hell yeah!

Question: Hey! Can you tell me what might happen at Royal Rumble?
Steve Austin:: A lot of bull@#$% and a lot of entertainment, a hell of an event!

Question: Steve, I know you spend a lot of time wrestling, but you being one
tough s.o.b., how do you spend your free time?
Steve Austin: Hunting, fishing, riding my 4-wheelers, drinking a few beers. I go
to the gym, just regular stuff like that.

Question: How do you stone cold, plan on winning the Royal Rumble with the 1g On
your head?
Steve Austin: By throwing 29 S.O.B.'s over the top rope!

Question: Steve, you are my favorite wrestler and I was wondering, have you ever
wrestled Sting ? And if so was it fun?

Steve Austin: I wrestled Sting many times in WCW ...there was some good matches
some bad. I always thought Sting was a pretty hard worker.

Question: Do you like your video game WWF Warzone
Steve Austin: Hell, I'm on it...its gonna be good! I like the cover the best!

Question: What are you expecting from McMahon at the Rumble?
Steve Austin: He's full of tricks. This year's Royal Rumble should be more fun
that a barrel of monkeys.

Question: Stone Cold how did u come up with your new image?
Steve Austin: What new image?

Question: Did you enjoy the filming of the Nash Bridges episode?
Steve Austin: Yeah it was excellent. its airing February 26th on CBS. Don
Johnson and Cheech Marin were absolutely first class. I also did a scene with
Yasmine Bleeth. She was extremely nice also. I had a hell of a good time the
whole time I was there and learned a lot. I would definitely like to do more,
but I would also like to get my WWF belt back at the same time. There's a few
more cans of whoop @#$ to open up.

Austin, will you win the title at WrestleMania?
Steve Austin: Damn right! I gotta win the Royal Rumble first and go on to
WrestleMania, and if I'm in that match, I'll win it. But I have to win the Royal
Rumble first, and that's the bottom line.

Question: Where did Stone Cold get his name from?
Steve Austin: The concept was from watching an HBO special on serial killers.
I'm not endorsing a serial killer, that's just how I came up with the concept.

Question: Stone Cold...What is your favorite outfit to wear during a match?
Steve Austin: My favorite outfit? I've only got one of 'em. My favorite shirt to
wear right now is the Blood from a Stone shirt. I came up with that one myself.
I'm also happy from the new line of caps from Drew Pearson Headgear...they're
pretty showtime!

Question: Stone Cold - How long do you plan to stay part of the WWF?
Steve Austin: I think I always want to be associated with the WWF in some
capacity. Will I be able to wrestle forever? Of course not. But to me, being a
part of the WWF is something special. And to me, I just like being associated
with it. That's about it.

Question: Mr. Austin, who was the toughest opponent you have ever faced?
Steve Austin: Ricky Steamboat. The guy was just so good. He never got tired. As
far as here in the WWF, it would be a toss up between Undertaker and Mankind.

People Online: Speaking of Mankind...

Question: My name is Wesley Hayes...I didn't like you when you first started In
the WWF...but I recently began to really like you...but, why don't you become
friends with Mankind and Kane? Ya'll would be awesome together...
Steve Austin: I didn't come to the WWF to make friends. If you like me, that's
fine. If you think I'm here to make friends, see ya later. If Mankind keeps the
title, I'd love to wrestle him at WrestleMania. Like he said on RAW, we'd blow
the roof off the place. WrestleMania is the biggest show of the year. Whether
its the Rock or Mankind, it will be a hell of a deal. I guarantee you that.

Question: Yo
Austin, what was it like to give the award in the Billboard Music
Steve Austin: It was great. At the time I was extremely sick with a stomach
virus that I had for about 10 days. But to come out of our world and to go into
that world, it was pretty neat. I always like to do as much crossover stuff as I
can. That's the way you get more and more people to watch the World Wrestling

Question: Do you have any kids?
Steve Austin: Yeah I got two. And a stepdaughter. Sometimes I see them,
sometimes I don't. It all depends on the WWF schedule. This ain't the easiest
job in the world. But I gotta pay my bills like anybody else.

Question: Steve, your charisma and "say anything" attitude make the WWF what it
is today. It is noticeably reflected onto your comrades, where everyone now
wants to kick Vince's behind. Since you are an obvious influence, I would like
to know who influenced you.
Steve Austin: I didn't really have any influences as far as interview style. The
only person that really influences me interview wise would be Brian Pillman. As
far as people I respected in the ring...Harley Race, Jake "The Snake" Roberts,
Dick Murdoch, and Bob Orton, Jr.

Question: How old were you when you became interested in professional wrestling?

Steve Austin: Six or seven.

Question: Does Mr. McMahon really hate your guts, on and off stage?
Steve Austin: I gotta be makin' him a ton of money...he can't hate me that much.
I'm sure he's not happy with the way I do things. That's what makes working for
the WWF so fun.

Question: How does it feel to be the HOTTEST man in wrestling?
Steve Austin: You gotta keep kickin' and scratchin' to stay at the top. its
pretty cool but by the same token its a lot of work. I'm not the kind of person
to get a big head. I take it one day at a time.

Question: Whom would you rather face for the belt, Mankind or the Rock?
Steve Austin: You could flip a coin. I have no preference. I got a lot of
respect for either one.

Question: Do you think you could take Mike Tyson in the ring?
Steve Austin: Why not? I was at the Tyson-Botha fight. I was glad to see Tyson
get back in the ring and get a good win. I met Magic Johnson and Gregory Hines.
They were really cool.

Question: How many stunners do you plan on laying on Vince and Shane?
Steve Austin: Who knows? Keep a runnin' tab.

Question: Do you really bleed?
Steve Austin: When I really get cut. Check out the Blood from a Stone shirt.

Question: hi stone cold, I wanted to ask if you think having Chyna is the Rumble
is good?
Steve Austin: I don't see any problems with. If she's in there when I'm in there
I'll throw her @#$ over the top rope just like a guy.

Question: Stone Cold, did you get good grades in school and did you go to
Steve Austin: I went to college. Never got a degree. Yeah I made good grades.

Question: What do you think about your fans?
Steve Austin: They're the best in the world.

Question: Stone Cold ...Just wondered if you have considered eliminating
yourself to receive the bounty?
Steve Austin: Winning that belt means more than $100,000 to me. That would be
doing things the easy way, I always like doing things the hard way.

Question: Would you ever want to wrestle Dennis Rodman?
Steve Austin: No I wouldn't want to wrestle him. But I would consider dating
him. I might consider shooting baskets with him or something like that. But he's
not in my league.

Question: Where is your favorite place to wrestle in and why?
Steve Austin: its hard to give you a top place. As far as history, probably
Madison Square Garden.

Question: If you had the opportunity to fight anyone in the wrestling business
who would it be and why?
Steve Austin: Myself but I'd like to find out exactly how good I am.

People Online: That's all we've got time for tonight, I'm afraid. But if you
have any closing comments...

Steve Austin: Be sure and check out the Royal Rumble this Sunday. And of course
keep watching WWF. Also watch for Nash Bridges on February 26. Check out

People Online: Thank you so much, Stone Cold Steve Austin, for joining us
tonight. its been a pleasure talking to you. Good luck on Sunday!
Steve Austin: You got it. Take care, everyone.
Shotgun Saturday Night Report, by VBbys8
January 23, 1999
Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match
D.O.A vs Kurrgan & Golga vs Too Much-
George Steele accompanied The Oddities to the ring for the match. Golga and
Kurrgan took turns pounding on Scott Taylor. When Christopher finally gained the
advantage him and Taylor did a double baseball slide nailing The Animal. The
Animal then got a chair and when Kurrgan threw Christopher off the ropes The
Animal nailed him, setting Christopher up for a side slam from Kurrgan and the
pin. Then D.O.A got into the match and after clotheslining Kurrgan out to the
floor, they hit a double flapjack on Golgan to win the match.

The Godfather defeated Steve Germany (I think that's what they said his name
was) with the Pimp Drop

Gangrel defeated Goldust via DQ after Goldust hit Gangrel with the Shattered
Dreams. Afterwards, Al Snow ran in and chased Goldust to the dressing room.
"Welcome to the Jungle"
An Editorial written by: Ryan Oaks (JO13squad)
Hello everyone, and my my my... It sure has been a while!!! Well, Welcome
back to "The Jungle"

Well, I know a lot of you are wondering why I haven't written any articles as of
late, and I have three letters for ya... A... O... L...

That's right, just after Thanksgiving, I got AOL. Well, it has really been an
interesting experience being back on AOL. I was able to once again pick up
where I left off with increasing my wrestling video library. Well, hopefully
you will all get this by Jan. 24th the day of the Royal Rumble, because today is
the 23rd and I am going to be at The 1999 Royal Rumble!!! Well Let's get right
into it here...

First of all, the Wrestler of the week, year, and century... none other than The
Hardcore Hero himself... Mick Foley!!! Watching him win the title a few weeks
back was a dream come true for me. Mick Foley, my favorite wrestler, is now
among the elite in wrestling history as he has captured the most prized
posession in the business!! I nearly fainted when I saw him win, because my
friends, who read the Raw Spoiler, had told me not to read the results because I
would want to be surprised. They did that because they knew that I was the
biggest Mick Foley/ Cactus Jack fan!! I just wish that they would still sell
the Cactus Jack shirts because I have always wanted one, and I was hoping that
they would sell them at the Royal Rumble, but I highly doubt it. Congratulations
Mick, you've finally done it!!!

On a related subject, I for one, cannot wait for The Royal Rumble, because Mick
is supposed to top his performance at King Of The Ring!!! Well, anyone who saw
that knows that it will take a lot to top that. I am going to show up at the
Rumble early tomorrow to see if I can catch any of the wrestlers when they come
in drive in. If this does happen, I am going to try to fulfill a longtime dream
of mine and that is to meet The Hardcore Hero, and hopefully talk to my source
in the WWF and try to see if they have any Cactus Jack shirts left from when he
participated as Cactus. I probably won't get that opportunity, but there is
always hope.

Next I wan't to talk about this whole Undertaker business. I see a very good
angle here that is going to waste. This angle could be turned into something
alot more interesting, and possibly bring the angle into the World Title
picture. However, if they keep going the same direction with this angle, it is
going to flop. I am a longtime Taker fan, and I personally would like to see
this angle go farther than just coming out and talking, or squirting blood out
of a knife. I would like for this to turn into more of an in-ring approach, and
have The Undertaker and the Acolytes come out to the ring and just beat the sh*t
out of people for no particular reason, just for the fun of beating the sh*t out
of someone. The Undertaker needs to come out and start kicking some major @$$
and then get back into the Title picture, and expanding his "Ministry of
Darkness." Now that would kick @$$, and I for one, would be one happy wrestling
fan. We all know that The Undertaker has always kicked @$$, and I am really
glad to see him step back into a more of a "demonic" role, like the older
Undertaker. He just needs to get back into being somewhat of an unbeatable.
Back to where he sits up after a high impact move. That would turn this whole
picture around, and he would once again reign as champion. I hope that when he
does regain the title, that he gets it for a reasonable amount of time, though!
Thank you,
Ryan Oaks
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