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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 147

Date:  Tuesday January 26th, 1999  7:46 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

As I first reported about 6 weeks ago, Wrath (Bryan Clarke) and WCW are having a difference of opinion over contractual issues. Way I heard it, back in December, Clarke decided NOT to extend his current WCW contract (which is up later this winter or early spring) under the current terms. He wanted a fatter deal to correspond with the fact that he's starting to get over with fans. WCW had just expected him to re-up. So now, Wrath is getting jobbed out on TV and still being paid a pittance.  Wrath decided to no-show Thunder tapings last Thursday, so things aren't exactly looking up, either.

Clarke has competed in the WWF (as Adam Bomb), and left them on good terms, so I'd imagine his options are open, if he is serious about pursuing a better deal.
(Reported by )

On my Royal Rumble rankings last night, I mistakenly gave Gillberg credit for eliminating 1 wrestler. In reality, he was thrown from the ring as soon as he entered.
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Tonight's program was the night after the WWF's latest PPV, The Royal Rumble. It
began with stills from The Royal Rumble Match won by WWF owner, Mr. McMahon.

After the regular RAW opening, with Michael "I Ain't Ever Gonna Replace Good Old
'JR' " Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler at the announcers desk, we saw Shane
McMahon and The Corporation in the ring. He introduced Mr. McMahon as the winner
of The Royal Rumble. Mr. McMahon came to the ring and was hoisted on top of the
shoulders of some of The Corporation.

McMahon said. "I'm going to Wrestlemania (WM). I came I saw, I kicked Stone
Cold's @$$." He then praised The Rock for winning the WWF Title in his "I Quit"
Match v. Mankind. As a reward for coming to ringside during The Rumble, McMahon
gave the $100,000 he won. The crowd chanted "@$$hole," their term of endearment
for McMahon. Saying that The Rock shouldn't be intimated at the prospect of
facing him at WM for the Title, he announced that he had waived all rights to
the Title shot last night after the PPV ended. He said he reserves the right to
name The Rock's opponent, adding that Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) will never
get a Title shot.

At that point SCSA appeared on The TitanTron from
San Antonio, TX (I think I
recall who lives in
San Antonio, time will tell). SCSA said he is going to WM to
face the Champ to a major pop. McMahon said "No way." Enter
San Antonio's
favorite son, Shawn "HBK" Michaels, WWF Commissioner (That's who lives there, I
was right). Seems that SCSA was at HBK's home, where HBK is recovering from his
recent back surgery. HBK said he was coming along well and "as Commissioner, I
am protecting SCSA from McMahon and The Corporation and from himself." He added
that if SCSA was in
Phoenix, "he would open a can of whoop @$$ on McMahon." He
then quoted the WWF Rule Book (just what we need, another lawyer) that states
that if the winner of The Royal Rumble is unable, unwilling, or whatever, to go
to WM, the runner up gets the Title shot. The crowd chanted "
Austin," as McMahon

went into a state of apoplexy.

SCSA then offered McMahon a deal. He said more than regaining the Title, he
wants to kick McMahon's @$$, therefore if McMahon will agree to face him at the
next PPV, Valentine's Day Massacre, he will put the Title shot on the line. He
said he could have thrown McMahon over the top rope anytime he wanted to at The
Rumble. He went on to say he wants the match to be in a Cage, since what McMahon
does best is run, and in a Cage he wont be able to. After huddling with The
Corporation, McMahon agreed to SCSA's terms. SCSA then "guaranteed" he would
beat McMahon's @$$, walk to WM, and "that's the bottom line, because SCSA said

We saw an armored car pulling into the Arena.

The first match pitted Goldust, who brought Head to the ring with him, v. Bad
@$$, who was accompanied by Triple H and Chyna. Triple H took the mic and said he wasn't
going to do his usual bit. He said he was there to tell The Rock that he doubts
he made Mankind say "I Quit." He said that The Rock can't make him say it either
and challenged Him to put the Title up tonight in an "I Quit Match," adding "No
Guts, No Glory." Triple H and Chyna left and Goldust jumped Bad @$$ right away. He
quickly set Bad @$$ up for Shattered Dreams, but the referee got in front of Bad
@$$ and prevented the Field Goal Attempt. Goldust's music came on and Blue Dust
(None other than The Blue Meanie himself) came to ringside and distracted
Goldust by making off with Head. Bad @$$ took advantage and hit him with a Pile
Driver and won the match. Goldust was more concerned about getting Head than
Winner - Bad @$$
Loser - Goldust lost the match and no more Head

We saw Mankind arriving in the Arena.

Stills of The Rock / Mankind match from the Royal Rumble were shown.

The Oddities (Giant Silva, Golga, Kurggan and George "The Animal" Steele) were
in the ring, when The Rock came own and chased their candy @$$es out.The crowd
began a chant of "Rocky Sucks." He accepted Triple H's challenge, saying the only
reason Triple H beat him was because Chyna hit him in The People's Jewels. He said he
would beat Triple H's candy @$$.

We switched to the garage and saw Mankind beat up the armored car guards and
make off with The Rock's $100,000. He came out on the ramp, with a bandaged
head, and asked the crowd to applaud The Rock because he has Mankind's belt and
him because he has The Rock's money. He got the a pop for having the money,
which he began throwing to the crowd. The Rock started after him, but Mankind
warned to stay where he was or he would throw all the money to the crowd.
Mankind said he doesn't remember saying "I Quit" last night and with the help of
the WWF Production Team had come up with the tape from this past Sunday's Heat.
He ran the tape of him telling Shane that The Rock would never make him say "I
Quit." This was what was played on the PA System last night while he was
unconscious. He said that The Rock is not the Champ because he never said "I

He then challenged The Rock to a match this Sunday during Half-time Heat, during
half-time at The Super Bowl, in an empty Arena. He said one of them will be the
Champ and the other will get his @$$ kicked. He said he would return the
remaining money, but Mr. Socko, who made an appearance, was going on a spending
spree. The Rock accepted as Mankind continued playing Santa Claus.

Midian came to the announcers desk (he must have a thing for Cole o Lawler) and
said "Evil's coming tonight."

The Oddities were back in the ring for a match between The Animal and Droz. The
Animal snacked on Droz' arm and then jammed him in the throat with his trusty
foreign object. He has had it for the last 50 years, about half the time he has
been a wrestler. Still hungry, The Animal began munching on his favorite food, a
turn buckle. While he was enjoying his meal, Droz nailed him and scored a quick
win. Droz kept pounding him (Isn't beat the elderly against the law?). He
refused to be pulled off by a couple of referees and The Oddities had to make
the save.
Winner - Droz
Loser - Elderly Rights

We saw The Stooges, Jerry Briscoe and Pat Patterson trying o convince The Big
Bossman (BM) and Nutso Shamrock to drink Saltpeter, so they could fend off
Debra's charms in their upcoming match.

Kevin Kelly talked with Debra about impact on BM and Nutso. Mark "Sexual
Chocolate" Henry came over hit on her. The man just never learns.

The next match was for the WWF Tag Team Championship, pitting BM and Nutso (C)
v. Owen Hart and Double J, who had sweet Debra with them. Prior to the match, we
saw clips from the past three weeks involving Debra and how she helped her team.
She came into the ring before the match started and plied her wiles on BM. The
Saltpeter was holding. During the match, she blew kisses at Nutso and he ignored
her. Score another one for medicine. Not to be denied, she got up on the apron
and removed her jacket. Her more than ample bosom strained at her bra (Maybe I
should be writing for Val Venis). With everyone in the Arena distracted,
including the clueless referee, a Black Blue Blazer hit the ring and Nutso with
a Guitar. Owen covered him. Game, Set, Match. Kelly met the new Champs on the
ramp, giving Owen another chance to say he wasn't The Blazer.
Winners - Owen Hart and Double J - New Tag Team Champions
Winners - Every man in attendance and at home

Shane and The Stooges came to the ring. He said Kane has been screwing up and
last night he came to The Corporate Suite and apologized. He called Kane to the
ring and asked him to repeat his apology. Kane did so thru the device he uses t
speak. Shane had him do it again, saying once wasn't enough. Kane complied.
Still not satisfied, Shane told him do it on one knee. Kane complied and still
Shane wasn't satisfied. He told him to do it on both knees. A chip off the old
X-Pac came to the ring and told Kane he didn't have to take that crap anymore
and invited him to join DX. The crowd loved it. X-Pac threatened to kick Shane's
@$$, but apparently Kane is a Corporate kind of monster, as he Choke Slammed
X-Pac and the threw him in a corner, allowing Shane to pull a Bronco Buster on

When we got back from a commercial, we saw what happened while we gone. The rest
of DX made the save on X-Pac and beat the crap out of The Stooges.

Next we saw Paul Bearer talking to The Ministry Of Darkness, The Acolytes
(Bradshaw and Farooq), Midian and Mable.

We then saw a clip of D'Lo Brown and PMS, Terri Runnels and Jacqueline taken
earlier in the day as they were out shopping. Terri was holding D'Lo to his
promise to do anything she asks. She sent him into a store to purchase sanitary
napkins. The store clerk recognized him and called other employees over. The
ultimate embarrassment for a man, buying sanitary napkins

Val Venis came to the ring and did his "Hello, Ladies" bit to a bit pop. It
looks like he has many ladies who want to be his costar. He introduced his
latest video, "Saving Ryan's Private," and showed a piece of it. His costar is
Nutso's sister! This will definitely be a calming influence on Nutso, like
gasoline on a fire.

The next match was Val Venis v. Test. Shortly after the mach began, Val was
thrown to the floor. Nutso charged down and nailed him with a chair shot. He
rolled him into the ring and Test pinned him. Nutso came in and pounded the crap
out of him after the pin. Bad @$$ rushed in and made the save. Test and Nutso
left. Val argued with Bad @$$, thinking he hit him with the chair. When Bad @$$
turned to leave, Val cut him down and pounded him. Several referees pulled him
off. Can our boy Val be going bad?
Winner - Test

The next match was a first, a Hardcore Tag Team Match. It pitted Al Snow and
Road Dogg v. Brood Members Gangrel and Edge. Prior to the match, we saw the
Bloodbath that Snow and Doggie each suffered recently. Snow and Doggie came out
first and attacked Gangrel and Edge as they came out of the curtain. The match
went quickly backstage and metal trays came into play. Snow and Doggie were
slammed into a wall and a Dumpster was shoved into them. Snow used a metal Pole
on Gangrel and had it reversed and used o him. Edge nailed Doggie with a garbage
can. Snow was put on a gurney and dumped off onto Doggie. Gangrel was hit with a
tray of Silverware. There were chair shots galore. Gangrel threw the food off
the table it was on. This got The king upset as he figured he would now have to
spring for a buck and buy his own dinner. Gangel put Doggie on the table,
climbed a wall and dropped on him, putting him thru it. Another Acme table bites
the dust. The fought into the ladies restroom. We heard screams and three of The
Godfather's Ho's came running out. Doggie had a toilet seat around his neck. The
four of them fought up onto a pile of equipment. Blue Dust leaned over a ledge
above them and handed Snow Head. Snow nailed Gangrel with Head. All four of them
came tumbling down (Sounds a lot like Jack and Jill). They landed with Doggie's
arm over Gangrel. The referee counted the pin. After the match, Snow and Doggie
returned to the ring and got a major pop.
Winners - Al Snow and Road Dogg
Winners - The fans

We saw The Undertaker taking to The Ministry Of Darkness. He said "Tonight it
all begins."

Kelly talked with Snow and Doggie. Snow asked Doggie to make it 2-Out-Of-3 for
the Hardcore Championship. Doggie won their first meeting. Doggie agreed and
they were jumped by The Ministry and had their @$$es kicked.

We saw The Undertaker on his Throne. He said "This will be a holy war of

The next match was the Main Event, an "I Quit" Match for the WWF Championship,
pitting Triple H, accompanied by Chyna v. The Rock (C). Soon after the start of the
match, The Rock was thrown to the floor and headed up the ramp. Triple H stopped him
and they fought on the ramp. The crowd chanted "Rocky Sucks." Triple H hit The Rock
with the mic used to get the "I Quit" when he refused to say it and pounded his
head on the ramp. Back at ringside, The Rock took Cole's headset and told Triple H to
say "I Quit." Triple H dove onto him and they fought behind the announcers desk. The
Rock was thrown into the crowd and they fought there. Triple H strangled The Rock
with an electrical cable. They kept asking each other to quit and neither would.
Triple H threw The Rock into the ring steps hard. Triple H brought the Time Keepers Bell
into the ring, but The Rock blocked him from using it by hitting a DDT. He put
the Bell over Triple H's face and dropped The Corporate Elbow onto it. Asked to quit,
Triple H replied "Suck It." He came back with a Pedigree and threw The Rock to the
floor. There he hit another Pedigree on the cement. Not satisfied, Triple H put The
Rock on the announcers table and set him up for a third Pedigree. The
Corporation stormed into the ring. Kane grabbed Chyna. The Big Bossman took the
mic and told Triple H to release The Rock and if he didn't say "I Quit," Kane would
break Chyna's neck. Kane had Chyna up for a Choke Slam. Triple H said "I Quit" and
Kane released her. It appears that chivalry isn't dead. All of The Corporation
left except Kane, who was on the apron Triple H dared Kane to come into the ring and
face him. Chyna was behind Triple H and hit him with a low blow! The Corporation
returned and dismantled Triple H. Shane and Mr. McMahon each embraced The
Corporation's newest member, Chyna. Un-F'N-believable!
Winner - The Rock - Retains the WWF Championship

Another solid program ended on that note
Submitted by reader: ChicagoM0B
To me, the idea of Vince winning is pathetic. Vince's cronies have publically
mocked Bishoff for trying to put himself over, instead of his wrestlers, and to
quote Vince Russo "that's why WWF is now beating WCW." Well, this goes WAY
beyond that. At least Bishoff never put himself in MAIN EVENT of one of his
shows (I mean RR not WM, cause if he does that, it would be THE stupidest thing
he's ever done) and put himself over. Yes, I know its an angle, but still.
Because of pathetic shit like this and angles like Teri Runnel's "miscarriage,"
WWF went from being the better Monday Night show, to being unwatchable.
Submitted by reader: JGLMac
While you may have found the Royal Rumble to be a "good show", I found the show
to be the worst the WWF has put on in a long time. The WWF was putting on top
show after top show, but also was pushing the envelope too far in each show. I
was at the Raw when Mankind won the title, which was great. But a miscarriage?
Not only was that distasteful, but it also proved that the WWF can create angles
that go nowhere, just as Internet fans claim WCW does.

The blood-bath last night between Mankind and The Rock proved to be
entertaining, until it was too much. I enjoyed the match until he was
handcuffed. At that point, Mankind didn't prove he was great or hardcore --
to me he proved he was stupid.

The Royal Rumble was the worst one ever. Stone Cold and McMahon can sit out
for 30 minutes and not be eliminated? That takes away from the Rumble, which
usually showcases a wrestler's perseverance. Now, I know that the "it sells, it draws ratings" argument will surface, but the bottom line is this entertainment is becoming much worse than any decent show on television.

So, while you were excited over this show that was "so much better than Souled
Out", it also makes me wonder why people seem to enjoy the sex in wrestling instead of the wrestling in wrestling.

-Jeff Norwood
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