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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 148

Date:  Wednesday January 27th, 1999  6:47 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Tammy Sytch has posted her thoughts on both The Rock & Sable below:
"I am so sick and tired of everyone praising everything the WWF does---as if Vince would have an original idea. Giving credit where credit is due, Cactus is one of the best, anywhere and at anytime. But to say he and the Rock out did anything ECW has done --falling off balconies, etc.-- they haven't come close.

Do you all forget when, last year, at Living Dangerously, New Jack and Spike Dudley fell 25 feet from a balcony in Asbury Park to a a man laying on a table only 3 feet above the concrete floor?? I watched the Rumble, and Cactus fell from a balcony about 8 feet to a box, and them fell to the floor another 6 feet.

I have worked there before--therefore, I know how tall everything is. Check out a tape of Living Dangerously from last year, and you will see what I mean. And yes, if you don’t already have it, we will charge you for one, but you won't be disappointed. Then, feel free to respond--its not the first time I've read shit from sheet readers.

If I am wrong, go ahead and prove to me why Rocky is so hardcore, but didn't follow Cactus down with a leap of some kind, but instead, climbed down the ladder like the prima donna he has become. Anyone in ECW would have followed with a splash or something---even me.

As far as your Women's title match is concerned, you are right on the money. I agree with the fact that Luna had to lower herself to Sable's inexperienced and uneventful matches. Luna has been around the biz since she was 3, traveling with her father to every town in the country.

She knows more than most men in this biz--but to stick her with Rena Mero in a match and make her job to her, is just an insult to her work.  Sable wouldn't know her ass from her head inside of a ring and it is a pity that Vince is so infatuated with T&A that he would push a has-been stripper as a superior wrestler than the likes of Luna.

As far as I'm concerned, if Vince ever asked me back, which I wouldn't accept unless he paid me an absurd amount of cash, and programmed me against the so-called women' s champ, I would have no choice than to shoot and put her in her place like she and the company should have been done a long time ago.

Wouldn't that be interesting? Believe me when I tell you, I can beat the crap out a lot of men--I've been taught ALOT by a lot of men in this biz--and Sable would be exposed for what she really is--absolutely NOTHING!!!

In the light of this post, I DARE Vince to offer me something to come back and show who the real HARDCORE CHAMP really is---not Sable, not Sunny, but me---Tamara Lynn Sytch.

Now, this is one PPV you would not miss for the world.
tammy sytch"
JANUARY 25TH, 1999

RAW Nitro
1st Hour n/a 5.3
2nd Hour 5.7 4.6
3rd Hour 5.2 5.1
Composite 5.5 5.0
The 1/24 Heat did a 4.8
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

Word is that Scott Norton is saying that he will not be going back to New Japan.
Reportedly, he said that he was not happy with the way he was treated there.
definitely a bad move on Norton's part; in
Japan, people actually care about him.
I can't imagine him catching fire in WCW at this point in the game...
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

For all of you asking, the Blue Blazer from this past Monday night was the
former Sir Mo. Yay. Oh yeah, and yes, Scott Hall was wearing his purple "Razor
Ramon" elbow sleeve this past Monday on Nitro.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

Rock v. Mankind (last man standing)
Steve Austin v. McMahon in a cage
Gunn v. Shamrock v. Val Venis for the IC Title.
Jeff Jarrett and Owen v. Bossman and
Dogg v. Al Snow for the Hardcore Title

X-Pac v. Kane (should be great)
Gillberg v. Christian (Gillberg may lose the title)
Too Much v. Scorpio and Holly. It looks like the Too Much marriage was nixed.
(Reported by Micasa at: )

The WWF taped the 1/31 Heat and the 2/1 RAW over the past two days; at the end
of the newsletter, in a section titled "RAW SPOILER", we have the results.
Remember, if you want to be surprised, skip this section...
GOOD, BAD & the UGLY......
By: Mark George (attkdonkey)
Hello Wrestling Fans,
Time for another installment of the "Good, Bad & the Ugly". Here is my chance
to summarize my opinions on the current state of the wrestling world. My last
installment touched a nerve with a few people. Just remember, I am not trying
to offend anyone, but if I do, then I have 2 words for you, uh........
nevermind. Here we go!!!
THE GOOD..............
1) WWF's Royal Rumble.
An overall quality PPV and worth the money spent. While I wouldn't say it was
one of the greatest pay per views ever, it was by far and away better than
anything WCW can produce. The results were unpredictable and the enthusiasm of
the crowd was excellent. A crowds involvement can make or break an event and
WWF obviously knows that.

2) Marcus "Buff" Bagwell.......
I may be in the minority here, but he is one of my favorites. Despite the fact
he has been unable to wrestle due to injury and that he runs with Hogan, I still
love him. He is great with the mic and has an infectious way with humor. He
carried Scott Steiner's lazy ass and hopefully will pull away from Big Poppa's
ridiculous act.

THE BAD..............
1) WCW's Souled Out.
What a bore!!! A few friends and I split the cost to make it cheaper and yet we
still got raped. Souled Out was a perfect remedy for insomniacs, noticing that
a few of us actually dozed off during the event. The
Four Corners match between
the Cruiserweights was the only saving grace. Part of it is the fault of the
bookers and the rest lies on the wrestlers themselves. Most of WCW's top talent
is lazy and bloated off big guaranteed contracts. Those who aren't, are
relegated to opening matches. (Chris Benoit & Booker T.)

2) Kevin Nash.
This one pains me because Nash is one of my favorites. But ever since Hogan
returned Nash has looked like a bitch. He along with Goldberg were the main
guys when Hogan was away, but now "Big Sexy" is lost in shuffle. Nash has
basically given Hogan his thunder after he worked his way to the title. I don't
care what Hogan has done for wrestling, he is no longer valuable as a main
eventer, holds top talent down and only cares about his interests rather than
the sports. For Nash to basically give the belt to Hogan because of "loyalty"
shows me Nash lack's integrity. Nash turning heel is fine by me, but running
with all the dead weight in nWo is not the way to go.

THE UGLY..............
1) Fans with Ringside Seats.
I need to clarify this. It isn't all fans, it is the fans who verbally threaten
wrestlers to their faces and issue challenges. LOSERS!!!! Just because you pay
for a ringside seat doesn't give you an invitaion to act like an asshole. I
always see some piece of redneck trash threatening wrestlers on Nitro. Like you
ingrates could actually survive in the ring with any of these guys. I
understand that a good heel will get under the fans skin, but there is a limit
to one's actions. Note to Billy Joe Bob Fat Ass: I understand that you are at
a disadvantge because you married your sister and walk on all 4's, but please
spare us all from your ridiculous antics.
VISIT my Home Page:

I have received a bunch of mail from people in response to a recent Article I
wrote about the content of the WWF's programs. They mostly say that the
direction the WWF has gone is "turning people off" in large numbers. The
complaints are mainly directed at what they consider the WWF's excessive use of
sex and profanity, and the effect it has on children. Morality is a very
personal thing and therefore a tough issue to debate. People tend to stake out a
position and stick with it.

I have just come across the December attendance figures for the WWF and WCW.

Estimated average attendance for December 1997 - 6,616
Estimated average attendance for December 1998 - 12,963

The above reflects an increase of 95.9%.

Percentage of WWF House Shows sold out in December 1997 - 35.7%
Percentage of WWF House Shows sold out in December 1998 -100.0%

While this is only one months data, it hardly reflect an erosion of WWF fans.
The 100% sold out figure is especially telling.

Estimated average attendance for December 1997 - 7,649
Estimated average attendance for December 1998 - 10,243

The above reflects an increase of 33.9%.

Percentage of WCW House Shows sold out in December 1997 - 83.3%
Percentage of WCW House Shows sold out in December 1998 - 35.3%

WCW is attracting more fans per show, but selling out a much lower percentage of
shows than the year before. This could prove troublesome in the long run.

It appears that both Federations are attracting many more fans then they did the
year before. That is very healthy. It shows that wrestling is "in," and no
matter if you prefer the WWF or WCW, or have no preference, you are not alone.
Let's enjoy watching the sport and take it for what it is...entertainment.
ONE COUNT--a column by OSIRIS (burkeandhare@xxxxc...)
I`m a long-time WCW fan----always have been, always will be------but lately,
I`ve become disappointed at the quality of their TV broadcasts------to me , the
shows have become so predictable: you know that if there is going to be a big
match, singles or tag, that before the end of the contest, there`s going to be a
run-in and the match is over. No real ``blood, sweat, or tears``------there are
occasional, really good televised matches, but lately they seem to be few and
far between. So basically I`m becoming a little tired of Monday Nitro; also
because I see a lot of good top-card and mid-card talent being wasted.

Now, flipping the dial around, I`ve never been a big fan of WWF, but in the
last few weeks, I`ve become pleasantly surprised. Their storylines and angles
have become
amusing, mysterious, almost edge-of-the-seat. The developing angle between,
Michaels, Austin, and McMahon has really added a lot of spice to WWF
telecasts----I`ve been pleasantly surprised myself, and very angry (like a
first-year mark, even though I know it`s planned): for instance, I was very
disappointed when Mankind won and lost the title so quickly (he has always been
one of my favorites-----a top talent in the classic vein). Then the manuever
with Chyna apparently turning her back on DX-----very surprising---these, and a
lot of other entertaining twists and turns, is fast beginning to turn my
attention towards the WWF. In fact, if WCW is not very careful, WWF storylines
are going to leave them so far behind, it will be pathetic. Well, that`s
it.--------till next time-----------see ya!
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
To me the WWF vs. WCW battle right now can be looked at as "a tale of Two
McMichaels." Why? Simple. WCW has decided to make Mongo a TV main eventer
again by throwing him in six mans with the Horsemen. Understood, the
Horsemen-NWO feud seems to be working for the TBS boys- with Flair getting the
pop he has been getting on the live shows and the Flair-Bischoff and Flair-Hogan
battlelines, it means you will- like it or not- see Mongo. While it gives
Benoit- a grappler who readers of this newsletter know full well I would like to
see receive more of a push- a chance to showcase his talent, it means seeing
McMicheal WEAR A
T-SHIRT and try to roam around like he's playing the "46" defense for Buddy Ryan
in 1985. And, truthfully, its not too pretty to watch. From what readers-
and, like it or not, the ratings- seem to say, most sentiment agrees.
Now, what do I mean "two McMicheals"? Go over to the archrival WWF and the
ex-Mongo herself, Debra. Yes, I know- just a couple of years ago she was the
annoying "Queen" of WCW who was warring with Woman over Horseman beauty queen
rights. But Debra has singlehandedly been able to help do something that had
not been done in quite awhile. What? Help McMahon sell Jeff Jarrett and Owen
Hart. I feel this has been a good situation created by McMahon. The Debra
"showings" continue to get big pops-anyone who saw the Rumble and RAW this week
can attest that Debra is inspiring big ovations and signs galore. She has
helped take a wrestler who was failing, between the "NWA" gimmick and the
"Double J" gimmick into the spotlight- which was a tag title victory with Hart
on RAW. In a better day (1984-8) Bill Apter,Stu Saks and the Pro Wrestling
Illustrated boys would be singing the praises of a Jarrett-Hart duo- even those
who would rather see Van Hammer videos than WWF wrestling would admit that the
two are ring veterans, workers with good stamina who can be able to go to hour
time limits to sell the bouts.

But in wrestling world 1999, most people could care less-particularly about
Jarrett. And that is why McMahon deserves credit- whether you like him or not,
whether you think his product is too sleazy, whether you hate the fact that he
set it up to win the Rumble (even though the very next night he set up TWO
pay-per-views by allowing a February bout with Austin for the shot and then the
Wrestlemania bout with Austin-Rock) he again has been able to do two things:
sell a Jarrett-Hart tag team and make Debra a big sex symbol and fan favorite
that gets pop that has been rivaling even Sable as of late, quickly making the
"Queen-I'm not one to gossip" routines of old Nitros an embarrasment of the
To subscribe to ```O.w.N.```Online WRESTLING Newsletter, the best weekly
newsletter, e-mail AxCiD

Faouzi Daghistani (fdaghistani), our friend from
Australia, is
looking for copies of "Bret Hart: Wrestling with Shadows" , "Wrestling Secrets
Revealed" and "Andre the Giant" biographies. Be sure to drop him an e-mail if
you can sell him those tapes, and provide him all the details...

Check out <A
"The Stomping Grounds" has reopened! The CCW Training facility has reopened.
Call Bill Weaver at 407-757-9758 for addl info.
RAW SPOILER (If you want to be surprised, SKIP THIS SECTION)
Reported by both and
Steve Blackman over Tiger Ali Singh
J.O.B. Squad defeated by Owen/JJ
((((Before we entered the arena, they taped Sunday's Mankind-Rock match---see
bottom 4 result))))
El merenguero and partner defeated by Negro casa y Miguel Perez

- Xpac rides in on a steel cage as Shane is in the ring. Xpac attacks Shane
until the Corporation runs in.

- Billy Gunn vs. Val Venis - Shamrock, who is doing commentary runs in to hit
with a chair-Gunn chases after Shamrock.

- The Big Bossman over D-lo Brown when PMS distracts the ref (to prevent D-lo
from winning), giving Bossman the win.

- Undertaker has another gimmick ceremony-Mabel is with them.

- 6man tag- Mabel and (Dennis Knight)(yeah-2) vs. Brood--Acolytes run in and
hang Gangrel.

- Droz vs.
Kurgan -Droz takes it

- Road Dog and Al Snow vs. Acolytes--they take it outside, and on the way in-a
fan spills beer on Bradshaw-and Bradshaw just turned around gand ave him a nice
solid punch---that was the best punch I've ever seen a wrestler throw. Acolytes
run in AGAIN messing up the match-this time w/ 3 masked men--you guessed
it-Brood--the Undertaker's Gang all poed on the runway.

- The new WWF champion is introduced-----Mankind!! He won earlier in the
night(Well-Sunday)---and had him talking to the Rock on the walkway. This was my
favorite, because they were goin back and forth--and Rock had lost his voice.
His voice kept cracking and he would laugh--he would keep this up and make a
comment bout going through puberty--I think they'll cut alot of it off. Mankind
says he wont give the title shot 2 Rock, but then decides they'll do it in a
last man standing match Feb.14th.

- Triple H vs. Kane in a silver steel cage. pretty good match, Xpac runs out to
prevent Kane from goin over, Chyna helps keep Triple H from goin over and he knocks
her down. Triple H takes it.
Reported by both and

In another surprise, WWF.COM itself revealed the outcome of the Halftime Heat:
(Reported by
By Lucas
We got your Must See TV right here! This Sunday when the Super Bowl reaches
halftime, tune in to the USA NETWORK for the EMPTY ARENA CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH
between Mankind and The Rock during HALFTIME HEAT!

You'll see Mankind defeat The Rock in one of the most spectacular matches in the
history of the World Wrestling Federation and become the Champion for the second
time in his unbelievable career.

One week earlier the two hooked up at the Royal Rumble in an instant classic,
the "I Quit" match. What you'll see this Sunday during HALFTIME HEAT, surpasses
even that incomparable performance.

Word is that Mankind and The Rock used the ENTIRE facility to attempt and settle
their differences. Words can not describe what you will see this Sunday when you
tune in to the USA NETWORK during halftime of the Super Bowl for the most
electrifying, incredible and historic twenty minutes in the history of the World
Wrestling Federation when you see HALFTIME HEAT!!!
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Osiris
Tom Kirkbride
Darren Kramer

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