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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 149

Date:  Saturday January 30th, 1999  10:36 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Keiji Muto (The Great Muta) announced after New Japan's 1/28 show that he wants
to fight Bill Goldberg at the 4/10 Tokyo Dome show. There is no word from WCW
if that match up is possible; if it happens, this will be Goldberg's first
appearance in
Japan. I have a feeling he would get over as a true superstar in

(Reported by Zach Arnold of )
VISIT my Home Page:

The program opened with Taz talking about being the ECW Champion. He said "he
didn't kiss @$$ or suck up" to get where he is; he "is not a role model," but
"is a mean and nasty man." He said he is going to get worse, adding he is the
man to beat. He said he is not big, just a guy who busted his @$$. He called
himself a "shoot." He then went on to rip The Rock, calling him a "Pretty Boy"
and a spoiled rich kid. Taz said he wasn't a second or third generation
wrestler, and that no one else in his family ever wrestled. He challenged The
Rock to face him. He then turned his attention to Hulk Hogan and blasted him. He
asked if anyone believes that Hogan could stay in the ring with him. He said he
works harder than anyone in wrestling. He closed by challenging anyone in the
WWF, WCW, from Ultimate Fighting and any boxer to face him. Got to give him
credit for a large set.

After the regular ECW opening, Joey Styles was at the announcers desk. He said
we would see more from House Party '99 tonight: The ECW Tag Team Title Match
between Rob "Mr. Monday Night / The Whole F'N Show" Van Dam (RVD) and Sabu (C)
v. Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten; and hear more about the Dudley Boyz and Public
Enemy. House Party '99 is available on video by calling 1-800-854-5831. He also
said the next ECW PPV, Living Dangerously, will be held March 21, 1999, in
Asbury Park, NJ, the same place it was last year.

We then saw highlights from last weeks program of Taz' first title defense. He
was schedule to meet Chris Candido, but Shane "The Franchise"
Douglas interfered
prior to the start of the match, and he eventually faced Taz. See my ECW TV
January 22, 1999, for a complete description of the match. It was won by

Styles talked about the Taz / Douglas match. He said that Taz won via pinfall,
something he rarely does, usually winning by submission. He said
Douglas was
moved by the chant of "Please don't go" that the fans went into after the match,
but doesn't know what
Douglas' plans are. He called him ECW's greatest Champion.

The next match was for the ECW Tag Team Title. Balls and Axl came to the ring
carrying chairs. Manager Bill Alfonso accompanied Van Dam and Sabu to the ring.
Van Dam played to the crowd on his way to the ring. Prior to the match, the
crowd chanted the names of all four men. The match was very fast paced, with all
four men involved much of the time. There was action going on all over the ring
and at ringside. Following are highlights: Balls began against Sabu and clubbed
him. Axl came in and hit a Leg Drop on Sabu. RVD came in and nailed Axl. Balls
held RVD up and Axl Dropped a Leg on him from the top turn buckle. Sabu blocked
a pinning attempt and all four men went at it. Sabu was thrown to the floor.
Balls put RVD into a Boston Crab and Axl Dropped a Leg on him as he lay helpless
on the mat. With all four men in the ring, Alfonso came in and hit Balls with a
chair. RVD hit Balls with a VanDaminator. Sabu and RVD double teamed Axl. Axl
came back with Clotheslines to both of them. All four went to the floor. Sabu
went back into the ring and hit a Springboard Moonsault over the top rope. Sabu
sent Balls into the crowd. RVD and Axl got back into the ring and went at it.
RVD went to the top turn buckle for a move, but spotted Balls still in the crowd
and hit a big Somersault Plancha onto him. This got us our first "Oh, my G-d"
from Joey. Axl and Sabu fought in the ring. Then all four were going at it in
the ring. Sabu hit Axl with a pair of chair shots. Balls hit RVD with a
Belly-To-Back Suplex and came close to a pin. He followed with a Slam. RVD came
back with a Leaping Shoulder Block. Sabu set a table up in the ring. Fonzie came
in and put a chair behind Axl's head and RVD hit him with a Van Daminator. Balls
hit RVD with a Superkick, and followed up with a Slam and a Frog Splash. Sabu
saw this and came back with an Arabian Face Buster on Balls, but couldn't get a
pin. Balls was nailed with Rolling Thunder and put on the table. The end is
near. He was put thru the table and buried by Double Flying Leg Drops off
opposite turn buckles. This got us another "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. Balls was put
out of his misery as he was pinned. Styles talked about RVD doing that move
since he has been hurt using it in the past. He called RVD and Sabu the best tag
team in the world and challenged any team to face them. I agree 110% with him.
Winners - Rob Van Dam and Sabu - Retain the Title

Steve Prazak was in the locker room (?) complaining that he can't get anyone to
agree to an interview. Super Crazy came over and spoke in Spanish. Prazak was
lost. He would have been lost if it were English, or any other language. If
anyone finds a clue anywhere, send it to him.

We went back to Styles who said Super Crazy made perfect sense. He then ran a
short highlight of Super Crazy's match with Tajiri last week. See my ECW TV
Report on
January 22, 1999, for complete details. He said they will meet on next
weeks program, which will be from
Detroit. They are 1-1 head to head so far. He
then talked about Public Enemy (PE), questioning why they should show up in ECW,
with WCW and Bischoff paying them so much money. He said he doubts they will
show. Oh ye of little faith.

Joel "I'll have thirds on everything" Gertner was in the ring with Sign Guy
Dudley. He said Bubba Ray (BBR), D-Von and Big Dick had "left the building,"
disgusted that Public Enemy hadn't shown up. He said we would be treated to
"Gertner Vision" in lieu of this. The screen showed his ugly face in all four
corners and Sign Guy walked around the ring with a "Gertner Vision" sign. He
gave a short history lesson of tag team competition in ECW, telling us that in
1995, he sat at ringside and rang the bell. He dissed PE, including saying that
"Johnny Grunge smelled like a 75 year old dead skunk." Styles cut into his
tirade and we went to a commercial.

When we got back, Gertner was still ranting about PE. PE's music came on and
Gertner appeared to be voiding his last 50 biscuits and gravy prematurely. Sign
Guy wasn't too happy either. Styles pointed out that with the rest of The Dudley
Boyz away, Gertner and Sign Guy would be in for grief. However, BBR and D-Von
came out dressed like PE and came to the ring. Big Dick joined them. Joey said
they were "punking out" PE. BBR took the mic and imitated Grunge returning to
ECW. He played with the crowd, and told a sweet young thing in the second row
"Meet you back at the Travelodge." D-Von, playing Flyboy Rocko Rock, said
something about being back, and BBR asked him if he meant his back hurt, saying
it should seeing how is was 90 years old. BBR then went back to being himself
and said that was as close as the crowd would come to seeing PE. He said that
neither The Dudley Boyz nor Paul Heyman were to blame for their failure to show.
He said they were afraid Bischoff would fire them, that Vince (McMahon) might
not hire them, and that was the reason they failed to show, adding they knew
they would get hurt if they showed. He said their biggest fear was that the fans
wouldn't welcome them back. Sign Guy was carrying a "P.E. Sucks Bisch-off" sign.
BBR said "PE is dead." With that, PE stormed into the ring, kicked @$$ and took
names. They hit BBR with a Flapjack and D-Von with a Double Power Bomb. The
Dudley Boyz took off for Dudleyville, leaving PE in control of the ring as the
program ended.
JANUARY 28TH, 1999

By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)
Tony Schiavone announced that the Wolfpack was in the arena. The Thunder crew
announced the importance of the upcoming Ric Flair/Hollywood Hogan match at
SuperBrawl. They also announced once again that the finals of the tag team
tournament will be at SuperBrawl. (This was against the wishes of Eric Bischoff,
who feels that the tag team division is not important because the tag team belts
have no importance to the NWO.) Schiavone then announced that the main event
would pit Kevin Nash and Scott Hall against former Wolfpack member Konnan and
Rey Mysterio Jr.

Hugh Morrus w/Jimmy Hart versus Psicosis
Morrus defeated Psicosis with the "No Laughing Matter".
Winner: Hugh Morrus via pinfall

--Clips were shown from last weeks Thunder where the black and white NWO spent
most of the program arguing amongst one another with Vincent trying to play

Silver King versus Chris Jericho
After a long match
Jericho reversed an attempted top maneuver by Silver King
into the Lion Tamer for the win.
Winner: Chris Jericho via submission

--The events over the last several weeks that led to Ric Flair becoming the new
president of WCW and the match between Flair and Hollywood Hogan was shown.

Fit Finlay versus Super Calo
Calo put up a good fight but was put down by the tombstone piledriver.
Winner: Fit Finlay via pinfall

Mike Enos/Bobby Duncum Jr. versus Kevin Nash/Scott Hall
This match was originally supposed to be another first round tag team tournament
match between Enos/Duncum against Van Hammer and Wrath. However, the cameras
went backstage to see the Disco Inferno standing over a fallen Van
Hammer and telling Wrath to "get back here, you chicken." Hall and Nash easily
defeated their WCW opponents after Nash jacknife powerbombed Duncum for the
victory and their attempt to prove that they are the best tag team in the world.
Winners: The Outsiders via pinfall

--The carnage from Monday Nitro was shown including the NWO attacking Curt
Hennig in the airport parking lot, WCW wrestlers surrounding the ring during a
tag team tournament match and the all out brawl that ensued between the NWO and
the roster of WCW.

Bam Bam Bigelow versus Kaz Hayashi
After toying with his opponent for several minutes, Bigelow finally sent Hayashi
to Asbury Park with the jumping tombstone piledriver.
Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow

Scott Hall/Kevin Nash w/Disco Inferno versus Konnan/Rey Mysterio Jr.
Konnan and Mysterio started quickly, sending the Outsiders to the floor. Hall
and Nash then sent Disco Inferno in the ring to try to slow the pace down.
(Konnan quickly sent him packing). The next several minutes saw Hall and Nash
dominate Mysterio with power moves and quick tags. However, Mysterio would not
quit fighting. Once Mysterio finally tagged Konnan, K-Dogg was on fire, beating
on both members of the Wolfpack. As Konnan was putting the Tequila Sunrise on
Nash, the other members of the NWO, including Hollywood Hogan, came to the ring.
They held Konnan and forced him to watch as Hogan whipped Rey Mysterio with his
belt and the NWO spray painting his back with the letters NWO.
Winners: Konnan/Rey Mysterio Jr. via disqualification
Submitted by reader: Weelz14
On the next RAW, the Corporation comes out without Big Boss Man. They say
they can't find him anywhere, and accuse Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart of doing
something to him. Later we see a darkened camera shot of the Acolytes with the
BBM in bondage, beating him with his own nightstick. They unshackle him and
take him into that room; screaming can be heard.

Sunday Night Heat, we see the dressing room of the Corporation, and the Boss
has escaped. He does not look well, and the Corporation is trying to comfort
him. Vince is yelling "What the hell is the matter with you? Snap out of it,
dammit!" Ken Shamrock is scheduled for a match later that evening. When
Shamrock goes out for the match, BBM accompanies him to the ring, walking very
slowly. Shamrock quickly destroys Gillberg. At the end of the match, the
lights go out. One gong is heard, then its over. The lights come back on,
Shamrock is still in the ring, but the Boss Man is laying at ringside. His eyes
are wild, he is writhing in pain while almost in a fetal position. EMT crews
and referees hit the ring and take him out.

The following RAW, Vince and the Rest of the Corporation come out, including
BBM. He looks back to his old self again. Vince states that it was a bout with
food poisoning that had BBM a little under the weather. Then Paul Bearer is
seen at the top of the ramp. He holds up a small wooden Undertaker cross, and
beckons for BBM. The lights go out, one gong is heard again. The purple light
of the Ministry comes on, we can see Boss Man's shirt is ripped open,
revealing the carving in his chest. The Corporation is laid out, Vince too.
Chanting is heard and Druids come out and pick up Kane carry him to the top of
the ramp. The Boss Man has those wild eyes, Paul Bearer has a wide grin on
his face.

On the opening of Heat, Cole says that neither BBM or Kane have been seen all
week. A camera shot is shown of the Ministry in a meeting, like the one shown
before. The Undertaker says, "Tonight will be an epiphany. The world will see
the depths of hell rise up, and reign supreme." Later the chanting is heard,
the Ministry comes out, with its new member, BBM, now known as Kapia.
Undertaker appears in the throne. He says "We have lived in darkness for so
long. It is time that we welcome one of our own. He has lived this way at my
hand. He has always been a chosen one, having the blood that is purely evil.
Join me my brother, and reign over the dominion." With that, a big explosion
occurs and Kane descends upon another
throne, wearing all black instead of red. On his chest appears a big Undertaker
cross. The Ministry bows before him..........
Submitted by reader: David D. Nash (nashdavid)
I have wrote numerous responses for various newsletters like H.O.W, about Vince
McMahon not having any single original ideas. When Tammy Lynn Sytch wrote that
statement that was in your past issue she hit the head right on the nail!!!.
WWF is nothing compared to what ECW offers in hardcore, excitement and ORIGINAL
ideas. I wrote a letter in the h.o.w about Vince obviously came up with the
hardcore title simply from ECW. And it is a shame how Vince lowers Luna to
Sable's inexperience like Tammy stated. And I think it takes BALLS to fall of a
25+ foot balcony onto a
table like the Dudley Boyz just to make the fans in the arena feel like that it
was really worth going. (Not to mention for much less pay!!!)

It is a real shame that The Rock says that they have done far more "hardcore"
action then ECW. I have also noticed that when they advertise Mankind's home
video they show clips of Mankind and Terry Funk in a barbwire/light bulb match.
They try to portray it as there own fed (Either it was ECW of FMW). I hope ECW
becomes a world wide known federation and it comes up to the top with WCW and
WWF. I can't wait till that day comes!!!
P:S Send me hate mail, I don't care but alot of people know I am right!!!!
Submitted by reader: GH07036
Just to let you know in case anyone doesnt know, I think Showtime is jumping on
the WCW wrestling bandwagon. In case anyone hasn't noticed, Showtime has been
playing 2 of Buff Bagwell's movies. The first one is called "Lethal Ladies" and
I can't remember the other one he was in. They played the two back to back one
night when I was home watching TV for once. They are on late at night because
they are some B rated movies with a pornographic side to it and no plot at all.
Buff the movie star definitely is Buff the wrestling character as well. He is so
funny it is unbelievable. Well I just thought I would let everyone know.
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