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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 152

Date:  Sunday January 31st, 1999  8:53 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Like most of you, I eagerly anticipated watching Mankind vs. The Rock during halftime. All prepared, I received a rude surprise when the conclusion of a Jean Claude Van Dam movie was shown instead. Reality dawned on me and I realized the problem.

Since I live on the West Coast it meant that Halftime Heat would be shown around
7:50 Pacific Standard Time, towards the conclusion of Heat, three hours later than those of you on the East Coast watched the match. While its not actually a big deal, since we did eventually get to see the match, I was surprised the USA was unable to stagger the signal so that it was shown during halftime throughout the entire United States. If MTV could do it for 'Celebrity Death Match' would it have been impossible for USA to do the same?

In the Nash & Luger vs. Konnan & Mysterio Jr. match at Superbrawl, if it winds
up as a tag (it could be a singles match with Mysterio vs. Luger), it'll be
Luger's hair possibly up against Mysterio's mask definitely. Unlike in 1997 when
Bischoff wanted Mysterio Jr. to unmask and it became a huge issue, it is no
longer a huge issue as Mysterio trusts that Nash, who is in complete control of
just about every angle with the exception of Hogan's and probably Savage's, will
take care of Mysterio. They are legit friends, and Nash has always been a big
booster of Rey's.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

WCW will be unveiling a Hispanic version of their product; Konnan is the head
booker, and the first taping took place this past Wednesday in
The following notes are from the WCW Latino tapings that took place last
Wednesday night:
"I live in Waco and last night I had the opportunity to go to the event and I
must say even though I dont like WCW very much it was a very good show. It
lasted about 4 hours with them taping three shows. The big faces of the night
were Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr., Silver King, and several others. It was very
interesting, and I think WCW is very serious about the program because they had
many very beautiful Hispanic women playing a sort of Nitro Girls thing. They
also had a group of wrestlers who were the rivals to the Luchadors: it was Chris
Jericho, Norman Smiley, Johnny Swinger, Lenny Layne, Kaz Hayashi, and Fit
Finley. They acted like a clique. Of course, the best part of the show was how
Jericho worked the mic and to watch him wrestle is almost worth the price of

Thanks to Josh Ritter for sending in the news.
(Reported by Michael Patrick of The Big 3 Newsboard, found at:

Ralphus, Chris Jericho's renowned bodyguard, is actually one of the guys who
drives the ring from city to city and gets $200 extra for appearing on
television tapings.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Jim Fullington (The Sandman) is lifting weights apparently for the first time in
his life to prepare for his in-ring debut for WCW. Will we finally see him in
the ring this Monday Night? (Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling

David Flair is now interested in becoming a wrestler and may start training this
summer. He was never an amateur wrestler as they are making him out to be on
television, unlike his father & brother.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

To subscribe to The Wrestling Observer, the BEST source regarding professional
wrestling found anywhere, send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell CA 95009-1228
SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT Report for January 31, 1999.
Tuscon, Arizona.
By: Mark George (attkdonkey)
~~Sunday Night HEAT opens with a brief promo pushing the third title match
between Mankind & The Rock for tonight's Super Bowl Halftime. Michael Cole is
shown in the empty arena for tonight's match and mentions that Vince McMahon
will be the announcer.

Shane McMahon and the Corporation (Test, Bossman & Kane) come ringside minus
Vince. Shane then introduces the newest member of the Corporation, Chyna, who
comes ringside with the Stooges (Briscoe & Patterson). Chyna grabs the mic and
takes shots at DX, basically mentioning that the "Almighty Dollar" brought her
to the Corporation. DX, led by Triple H, then comes out and take their verbal jabs
at Chyna and the Corporation. Shane announces Triple H will meet Kane in a Cage
Match tomorrow night on RAW.

~~Mankind is shown arriving to the arena. The fans outside greet him with total

Big Bossman defeats Jeff Jarrett via pinfall.
As usual, the lovely Debra used her "assets" the to fullest, but Bossman kept
his composure and delivered a Sidewalk Slam for the win.

~~The Rock arrives at the arena with Vince. The hype for tonight's match is

Ken Shamrock defeats Owen Hart via pinfall.
Before the match, the angle between Shamrock & Val Venis is pushed. A brief
clip is shown of classic Val Venis engaging in sexual conduct with Shamrock's
sister. His little bits are hysterical. Shamrock dominates the match and
claims victory after a failed attempt at interference by the Blue Blazer.

~~A replay of last Monday Night's match on RAW between Triple H & The Rock is shown.
A basic rehash of how Chyna turned Corporate. Essentially a time filler for

HALFTIME HEAT...................
~~Opens with the Super Bowl commercial of the WWF.
Austin, Rock, Sable, Kane
Mankind & Vince all appeared. The commercial's premise is essentially a parody
on everything WWF isn't. I thought it was a great commercial and hilarious as

Mankind defeats The Rock via pinfall
What a bizzare setting!!! Vince McMahon takes over the announcing duties and
the match gets underway. A quick note for those who caught it. Mankind's
leather mask was padded inside for protection. Understandable after the beating
he took at the Royal Rumble. Early control by Mankind is nullified when Rock
takes the match outside the ring and mayhem insues. The empty arena allows us
to here the verbal exchanges between the two wrestlers. Hilarious, especially
on the Rocks part. Some of the more intense action takes place in a kitchen,
where Rock tosses "Socko" into an oven and attempts to burn Mankind. Words
could never do this match justice. When it is all said and done, no part of the
arena is left unturned. Kitchens, offices, hallways, you name it!!!
Ultimately, Mankind uses a forklift to lower a pallet full of beer kegs onto
Rock and the referee gives the 3 count. Mankind reclaims the WWF World Title.

Although the match was entertaining, it was improperly advertised. WWF billed
it as "Halftime HEAT", yet it wasn't shown until the end of HEAT on the West
Coast, a good hour after the Super Bowl was over. It seems like fault lies
within the USA Network since the event was taped days prior. Great idea, poorly
Submitted by reader: ProbieMike
I've always thought of myself as a pretty educated fan. I never really gave
myself any tag as a "Smart" or a "Mark". In fact I'm pretty sure these two
terms are grossly overused by the majority of wrestling "observers". I'm not
sure of Dogg16's credentials.. But if they don't go beyond talking to wrestlers
or hanging out with them after or during a show, then he has no room to talk.
I'm not sure if it was the point he was attempting to get across or not but this
seemingly "Holier than Thou" attitude is ridiculous.

Fact of the matter is this is wrestling. This isn't something thats affecting a
large portion of the world in any drastic matter. When someone finds the need
to "show off" their wrestling know-how I can't help but to laugh. its like
someone coming out and saying "I know more about Star Trek than you.. YOU
MARK!!!" Personally, I wouldn't be all that offended if someone criticized me
for my lack of Star Trek knowledge... Fact of the matter is I've never even seen
it, and the fact people out there know more about it than me doesn't give me any
sleepless nights. It goes the same way with wrestling. I've been lucky enough
to have friends "around" the business. Getting in the business wasn't anything
I ever strived for, and I never hung around hotels hoping to go and get some
stories out of wrestlers after they drink themselves into a coma at the hotel

The friends I have around the business I simply ask for tapes or when I can get
tickets. Like I said I'm a fan. I'm not to be labeled a "mark" or a "smart",
because I'm neither. But if you were going to label me as one of those two, I'd
much rather be a mark. Why? Easy, marks are the people that enjoy wrestling
for what its supposed to be..entertaining. Sometimes they fall for angles and
what not, so what? It adds an air of realism. And sometimes people are quick
to label some loud, obnoxious, annoying person as a "mark", thats not a mark.
And I find it hard to believe that someones lack of wrestling knowledge in
anyway encourages them to type "I WANT TO HAV SECKS WITH SABEL" in a chat room.
They're doing that because, well, because they're kids. And kids will be kids.

On the other hand you have the smarts. The people who think because they know
more about wrestling than the average fan gives them some amazing unique power
that enables them to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or chew nails and
spit bullets. If you know more about wrestling, fine, you know more about
wrestling. When it gets you somewhere in life, puts food on your table and
feeds your kids, brag until your hearts content. But until the time comes when
your wrestling knowledge or the fact you know a wrestler benefits mankind, then
you are what you are, a person who knows more about wrestling than most people.
I know people who make a few bucks promoting shows in the region, they don't
get all that much, and have to work jobs on the side.

So in closing, if you consider yourself a "smart" have an
ego problem. And its unwarrented, you've done nothing except watch more
wrestling than others. And if this is something you want to brag about thats
fine too, but if thats what a smart is, I don't want to be one.
Submitted by reader: VanDamIn8
Regarding the Funk/Foley match on the ICP/Stranglemania tape:
In response to the article from the "Reader's Mailbag" titled "Funk/Foley
clips", that person is all wrong. Those clips were taken from the 8/20/95 IWA
Japan King of Death Matches Tournament. ICP (the worst group ever) took that
match and used it on their tape, it is a disgrace, you should hear them do
commentary. They know exactly zero about wrestling. There are great matches on
that tape, but ICP can't call the action, here's a few examples: 1) They call
Cactus Jack "Cactus Sack". Terry Funk, somethin like "The Old Drunkern Geezer".
Nakamaki "Lammanabbanewbie". The Headhunters "Ponderosa" & "Tomato Boy". its
a disgrace to wrestling. And, I think that tape should be off the market. And,
for whoever wrote that thing saying the clips came from ICP: Stranglemania, not
knocking on you at all in this article, in no way trying to insult you or
anything else mean or nasty.
Submitted by reader: LUPIS237
I'm writing this in response to what Tamara Johnson had to say as a result from
Tammy Lynn Sytch's remarks about the Royal Rumble "I Quit"match, and Sable.
Vince does not need a new brain. Vince told everyone long ago that he wasn't
going to play by the rules anymore. Anything would go in theWWF and it has. If
you, or anyone else is offended by anything the WWF does, or the fact that its
based more on sex than on wrestling, just turn to TNT and watch Nitro. If you
are a life long fan of the WWF and are displeased with the way they became more
adult oriented, watch WCW. You probably would be pleased to see all the
Vince-made stars there in boring and un-entertaining angles. Vince was the"good
boy" in wrestling for many years. Nitro began to take over the biz, so Vince
turned up the notch. True, I myself don't agree with everything the WWF does,
but just because I don't like it doesn't mean I feel the WWF should stop doing

The majority of wrestling fans prefer to see the more "adult WWF." Proof of
this is in the ratings. Look at the quarterly hour ratings from a few weeks ago.
RAW hit a 6.1 (or 6.2, not sure off hand) during the segment in which "Sammy"
gave Mark Henry "Oral Pleasure" and then having Henry find the truth about
Sammy. This obviously has nothing to do with wrestling, but it was damn sure

In conclusion, stop whining about what the WWF is doing with their women and
their angles involving them. If you don't want a more entertaining, funnier,
wrestling show, don't watch RAW. Watch Nitro. That's all. Use your freedom of
choice and watch what you want to watch. And stop stepping on the WWF's freedom
of speech.
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