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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 153

Date:  Tuesday February 2nd, 1999  12:31 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Masanori Horie (masa-h)
Giant Baba, the founder and mainstay of All Japan Pro Wrestling, passed away due
to liver trouble at
4:04 pm on Sunday, January 31, 1999 in Tokyo. Although his
illness was known, word was that his condition was not life threatening. Baba
is surely one of the top three Japanese wrestling stars ever, and his passing is
truly a shock. The address for any fans to send condolences is:
Mrs. Motoko Baba
c/o Zen - nippon Puroresu
(All Japan Pro - Wrestling)
7 - 3 - 12 Roppongi, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 106 - 0032

Fax : 03 - 3403 - 0394
E-mail : all-japan

For further information on this shocking story, please check out Masanori's web
FEBRUARY 1, 1999
VISIT my Home Page:

The program began with highlights of the WWF Title Match held on Half-time Heat,
during the Super Bowl, won by Mankind over The Rock.

After the regular RAW opening, we saw Shane McMahon and The Corporation, Big
Bossman (BM), Ken "Nutso" Shamrock and Test, backstage. Shane said Mr. McMahon
was in
Victoria, Texas to confront Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) and he was in
charge. He questioned why they allowed Kane to come to the arena by himself and
headed to the ring. The bumped into PMS, Terri Runnels and Jacqueline. BM called
Terri a "witch" and told her to get out of his way.

Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler were at the announcers desk, as Shane
and friends came to the ring. Shane was booed as he tried to talk and the crowd
chanted his fathers name, "@$$hole," at him. It must be a family thing. He told
The Corporation that he didn't need them and sent them back to the locker room.
A steel cage was suspended over the ring for tonight's Main Event, pitting Triple H
v. Kane. Shane said Mr. McMahon was in
Texas to confront SCSA and provoke him
into hitting him, thereby breaking his contract and getting himself fired. He
said His father would beat SCSA when they meet at St. Valentine's Day Massacre
(SVDM) in two weeks.

Shane didn't notice, but X-Pac was sitting atop the cage, as it came down over
the ring. We got a shot of DX fighting with The Corporation backstage. Shane
said he wasn't afraid of X-Pac and they got into it. Chyna came into the cage
and hit X-Pac with a low blow from behind. She held X-Pac while Shane beat on
him and then stomped him. She hugged Shane and helped him back to the locker

We heard various people talking about the WWF Super Bowl commercial and then saw

Mr. McMahon and The Stooges, Jerry Briscoe and Pat Patterson, were seen in
Texas. The Stooges were wearing "western clothes," and McMahon told them how
stupid they looked. He was right. He said he knows how to handle people there as
they left to look for SCSA. They went to a bar and insulted the way the
bartender spoke and were thrown out. Note to McMahon: When in
Rome, etc.

Nutso joined the announcers. We saw a clip shown last week of Val Venis' latest
video, costarring Nutso's sister. The first match was Bad @$$ v. Val Venis. Bad
@$$ did his "Suck It" bit and exchanged words with Nutso. Venis did his "Hello,
Ladies" bit. Both got pops. Nutso was upset at his sisters involvement with
Venis Cole and Lawler threw gasoline on the fire. Venis extended his hand to Bad
@$$, was rejected and mooned by Bad @$$ for his efforts. The match was high
impact. Nutso said he promised his sister that he wouldn't lay a hand on Venis
as Lawler kept egging him on. The crowd helped by chanting "Shamrock" sucks.
Nutso finally warned Lawler that if he didn't stop, he would be sorry. Nutso
finally had enough and went into the ring with a chair and nailed Venis from
behind and left. Venis thought that Bad @$$ had hit him, so he took the chair
and blasted him with it.
Match thrown out

We saw Mankind backstage with Max Mini and his manager (?). Mankind "bought" Max
with some of the money belonging to The Rock that he took last week.

The Rock was seen talking to McMahon on the phone. He was upset that Mankind was
spending his money. McMahon told him not to worry. The Rock said he would handle
it himself.

Kevin Kelly was out on the ramp and introduced Debra. They talked about her
being a big part of Double J and Owen Hart winning the Tag Team Title. She said
she has a great body. She sure shows enough of it. Mark Henry came out and gave
her a rose. They exchanged sexual innuendoes as he hit on her. Double J and Owen
attacked him as she stood by laughing. The poor jerk never learns.

Mankind was telling Kurggan about making money in the market. Talk about trying
to teach a brick. He said he didn't have any money. Mankind gave him some.

We saw a clip of Terri Runnels fall from the apron several weeks ago, and
"losing" her baby.

PMS and D'Lo Brown were in the ring. Terri told him he "needs to teach a pig a
lesson." D'Lo objected, saying he had done enough for her already. Jacqueline
told him they weren't done with him yet. Terri called out BM, saying he called
her a "bitch" earlier, and that D'Lo "would make him his bitch."

The next match was BM v. D'Lo. There were several high impact moves by both men.
D'Lo nailed BM coming off the top turn buckle and had him pinned, however, PMS
got on the apron and distracted the referee. D'Lo went over to get the referee,
but was nailed from behind by BM and hit with a Side Slam and pinned. BM then
beat D'Lo with his Night Stick. Henry made the save.
Winner - The Big Bossman

Back in
Texas, our heroes were in a bar. The Stooges tried to hit on a couple of
girls shooting pool. One of them nailed Briscoe with a low blow. McMahon came
over and said he had found SCSA.

The Blue Meanie came out to perform a dance routine at the top the ramp for some
producer. Goldust attacked him, dragged him to the ring and kicked a 45 yarder,
Shattered Dreams at its best. He left the Meanie in pain.

D'Lo was being treated by a doctor as Henry looked on. The doctor told them that
Terri was never pregnant. D'Lo was slightly exercised.

The Oddities, Kurggan, Golga, and Giant Silva, were in the ring, waiting for
Droz. He came down and his match v. Kurggan began. Kurggan dominated early, but
Droz took command and hit a Flying Clothesline off the top turn buckle and
pinned Kurggan. He continued beating on him afterwards, until The Oddities made
the save.
Winner - Droz

Back to
Texas once again. This time they were in a restaurant. The Stooges were
stuffing their faces. McMahon questioned the edibility of the "fixins." Briscoe
called a waitress over and gave her a ration of crap. She gave him a plate full
on his head.

The Undertaker came out and sat on his Throne, with Paul Bearer at his side. The
next match was a six man tag team match, pitting The Ministry Of Darkness, The
'Taker, Mideon and Visera (sic) v. The Brood, Gangrel, Edge and Christian.
Gangrel came up thru the fire and did his goblet thing. The 'Taker stood on his
throne, so it was a 2-on-3. The Acolytes, Bradshaw and Farooq, stormed in to
make it 4-on-3. The Ministry tore The Brood apart. The 'Taker and Fat Boy came
to the ring. Several officials tried to help The brood, but The Brood threw them
out. The Ministry continued beating on The Brood. The Acolytes put a White Noose
around Gangrel's neck. The 'Taker came over, whispered to him and then shoved
him off the apron, hanging him.
Winners - The Brood - by DQ
Losers- The Brood

Debra was backstage when Mankind came over. He gave her a sweater, so she
"wouldn't catch a chest cold." If she did, it would be a size 38 DD cold.

We again saw clips of the Half-time heat Title match.

Mankind came to the ring and got a major pop. The crowd chanted "Foley" and he
thanked them. He said he didn't look or feel good after the match, but was the
Champ again. The Rock came out on the ramp. The crowd chanted "Rocky Sucks." He
said he beat Mankind in the "I Quit" match, making say it three times, and that
Mankind only won the Half-time Heat Match because of the Forklift. He said he
wants his $97,000 back. Mankind told him it only $72,000 was left and he had
changed his mind and wasn't returning it. Instead he offered The Rock a "Last
Man Standing Match" at SVDM. The Rock accepted and did his usual speech.

The Super Bowl commercial was run again.

McMahon and The Stooges were in what appeared to be a pawn shop. He told them
that SCSA was behind a door he pointed to. He told them to jump SCSA if he came
out and said he was going to get the car. Brown stains appeared on The Stooges

After a commercial, McMahon gave further instructions to The Stooges and went
thru the door. He saw a man sitting there with his back to him. Thinking it was
SCSA, he mouthed off. It was a SCSA lookalike. McMahon begged off and was told
SCSA was at Archie Blue's.

The next match was a Hardcore Tag Team Match, pitting Road Dog and Al Snow, who
was accompanied by Head, v. The Acolytes. Doggie did his intro bit before the
match. We saw a clip of The Acolytes attacking Doggie and Head last week on RAW
during an interview. The match was fought in the ring, at ringside, in the
crowd, in the concourse of the arena and outside the arena. A solid wooden
table, the ring steps, chairs, tables, beer, metal railing and garbage cans were
used. A fan threw a beer on Bradshaw and got decked for it. Snow had Farooq on a
table outside and was set to leap off a piece of equipment on him, but Visera
appeared, caught him and slammed him thru another table and left him there.
Farooq joined Bradshaw in the ring and the hit Doggie with a big slam, put him
thru the table, and pinned him among the pieces. The Druids came to the ring and
attacked Doggie. The 'Taker and Fat Boy came out. he 'Taker raised his arms and
The Acolytes and Mideon, who had joined them in the ring, lifted the hoods off
of The Druids. It was The Brood!
Winners - The Acolytes

After a commercial, we saw a "Family Portrait" of the Ministry, including The

Doggie went looking for Snow. He found him still outside and accused him of
abandoning him to The Ministry. They argued and Doggie hit Snow with a chair. He
accused Snow of doing it because he wants the Hardcore Title.

McMahon found SCSA drinking at a bar and tried to goad him into hitting him.
SCSA kept his cool and told McMahon he was waiting until their cage match at
SVDM. He invited the others in the bar to show McMahon and The Stooges a "good
time," and left. McMahon and The Stooges were last seen hoping to get out of
Texas alive

The next match was the Main Event, a steel cage match between Triple H and Kane. Triple H
did his usual "Are You Ready" bit to a big pop. Triple H started fast, but Kane took
control using his power. There were the usual close calls at escaping the cage
thru the door and over the top. Kane hit a Choke Slam and went for the door, but
X-Pac rushed down and slammed the door on him hard twice. Kane climbed the cage,
but X-Pac met him at the top and kept him from getting out. At the same time,
Triple H was trying to get over on the opposite side. Chyna came in and tried to stop
him, but he shoved her off and went over the top and to the floor to win. As he
was leaving, Chyna told him, "in two weeks, Happy Valentine's Day," as the
program ended.
Winner - Triple H
Submitted by reader: TaDow48334
In regards to the Mailbag about Funk/Foley Death Matches. The reader whose
opinions were voiced in the Jan. 31 issue of this Newsletter were a disgrace
every fan or anything in the free world. First off, they go on not to talk about
the disputed facts, but the fact that they do not like Insane Clown Posse. I, as
a fan of both wrestling and ICP know that this Stranglemania tape is one of the
funniest tapes on the market. I know Dozens of non-ICP liking wrestling fans who
love it. They are avid wrestling fans, and have been for many years. The point
of the tape is not to appease the "smart marks" by displaying a knowledge of the
difference between a Juvi Driver and a Michinuku Driver -- they are having fun.

At one point, they poke fun at a missed spot - Foley had someone up in a suplex
near the ropes, and his partner was supposed to pull his leg, while the
announcers were saying "Pull my leg. Pull my leg", and Mick was obviously
waiting for it to happen. If you want a lesson on boring technical garbage, rent
Mike Tenay to do your kid's birthday party. If you want fun, bloody matches, and
Insane Clown Posse,
buy Stranglemania. Mick Foley confronted ICP about use of the tape backstage
at a RAW taping, and he loved it. If he doesn't hold anything against them, why
should these marks care if they use names like "Drunk" Terry Flunk or the
Mushroom Boys -- another fact the last reader was not correct about. its
entertainment! You're personal feelings about something or someone should not
cloud your judgment on everything else.
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