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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 155

Date:  Thursday February 4th, 1999  8:39 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch have several statements that they wanted to post:
"There is not anyone I dislike in the business more then Shawn (Michaels). But nobody deserves to have that happen to them. Please forward my best.
-Chris Candido"

"Steve, please report this---
There is not one human on the face of the earth who knows shit about wrestling unless they have taken one bump--so for all you assholes who think they know--b/c they watch, give it up, buy a PPV and learn something---Don't ever criticize someone's work because you don't know what these men go through---and if you experienced it, you would probably be paralyzed for the rest of your life--think about it."

1st Hour n/a 5.5
2nd Hour 5.6 4.3
3rd Hour 5.9 4.2
Composite 5.8 4.7
That was not the end of the good ratings news for the WWF either, as they did a
monster number for Half Time Heat as well, doing a huge 6.6 rating for the World
Title change match between Mankind and the Rock (from 7:54 to 8:14 p.m.). The
rest of the Heat show did strongly as well, scoring a 3.4 for the first 54
minutes against the Super Bowl. … The 1/28 Thunder did a strong 4.2, off of
hours of 4.0 and 4.4. The replay did a 1.1 (off of hours of 1.0 and 1.2). Thanks
to the Unk for his help.(Reported by Dave Scherer of

One thing of interest that occurred off-camera was an incident concerning Scott
Steiner. After he rambled on for five minutes, the show went to commercial. As
one of the ring girls rubbed his chest, someone hit him in the side with a beer.
Steiner jumped the guard rail and had to be restrained, but obviously didn't
know who did it. The guy was pointed out, and as he was being escorted out of
the arena Steiner again attempted to jump the guard rail. Three security guards
held him, but he was getting away, and three more had to come over in order to
hold him back. Buff jumped on the mic during this incident, and some of the
crowd was distracted by his insults, but the people in my area seemed convinced
that Steiner would have killed the guy if not for security. I thought it was all
Steiner just trying to get over, but Buff definitely was trying to take
attention away from Steiner, so who knows, it may have been legit.
(Reported by Craig Bauman & Dave Scherer of )

Bill Goldberg was offered a spot on ER. Of course he took the job, right?
Wrong. Apparently ER tapes on Monday, and WCW with their talent roster couldn't
let Goldberg go for one Monday to play a role on the highest rated drama on
network TV. (Reported by Micasa at: )

As mentioned on the 1wrestling site, Baba's funeral services took place on 2/2.
Some odds and ends from that service... Seiji Sakaguchi told All
representatives (Misawa, et. al) that if they ever wanted to work together that
he would allow talent loans to occur. Fujinami seconded Sakaguchi's idea of a
co-promotional deal. Misawa and Taue were crying at the funeral service as
Kobashi held hands in prayer. There was a minor problem with getting Baba's body
in the hearse as it was incredibly big and awkward to place. Baba was not in a
coffin but instead covered by a white towel. Motoko Baba, Baba's (now) widow,
held a couple of photos of Baba when he was in
Hawaii (he was smiling) and
looked at them. There was a part of the service where Motoko Baba and others
burned incense and she broke down crying. It seemed as if Taue and Motoko took
the death the hardest as they were seen consoling each other on a few occasions.
Japan held a 10-count ceremony at their 2/2 Aomori Hirosaki show. Also, on a

few of the electronic Japanese news sites and in a couple of the papers, there
was some talk about Baba's death being recognized all over the Internet and
recognized by WCW on Monday Nitro.
(Reported by Zach Arnold at: )
VISIT my Home Page:
Finally making his NITRO debut, The Sandman arrived in big fashion, he jobbed to
Bam Bam Bigelow. In keeping with its "wholesome family oriented style," WCW gave
us the "new and improved" Sandman. Not the beer swilling, cigarette smoking,
raunchy character we all loved in ECW, but a tamer, Politically Correct version.
He was allowed to carry and use his Cane, but in a measured way. It wasn't even
referred to as a Singapore Cane, which I guess would have made it sound too
"extreme" for the conscience police at Turner World.

After holding him back several months and apparently discarding the first
gimmick the bookers had for him, we got just another jobber. I hope they see the
error of their ways and give up back The Sandman we cheered in his past life.
There may still be hope for him yet considering the WCW's recent turn toward a
more "adult" product.

In calling the match, Fat Tony referred to both combatants as "extremists."
Could this be WCW's buzzword for Hardcore? They can use the word all they want,
talk is cheap. They have to deliver. Unless The Sandman is unleashed, he will
end up wallowing in the same quagmire that Bret Hart has since his arrival. WCW
has bottomless pockets when it comes to buying talent, but an empty wallet when
it comes to using them. Look at what they have done to Raven, Chris Jericho and
Chris Benoit. Each one of them is capable of winning every Title there is and
yet they languish as mid-carders. Is this the fate destined for The Sandman?

Good King Eric may be able to spend all of Uncle Ted's money he wants, but
sooner or later TEddie is going to start calling in his markers. If this past
Monday's NITRO is an example of what we can expect, that day may be coming
sooner rather than later.
My thanks to Playboy Bobby Starr & JRamboNWL for sending in the
following report:
FCC Asked To Examine WWF Ad .c The Associated Press
NEW YORK (AP) -- The World Wrestling Federation's raucous Super Bowl
commercial is drawing fire from two TV watchdog groups who say it was indecent
and shouldn't have been shown on a program with broad family appeal. But WWF
officials said most people who saw the ad -- including officials at Fox
Broadcasting Co., which carried the telecast -- found nothing offensive about it
and said they intend to run the commercial elsewhere.

Robert W. Peters, president of the group Morality in Media, called the WWF
commercial ``one of the most vile commercials ever aired on network TV'' even
though he conceded he hadn't seen it.

The American Family Association, another group often critical of sex and
violence on television, told the Federal Communications Commission that the ad
fell within the agency's definition of indecency and should not have run in the
early evening as it did on the Super Bowl broadcast.

The American Family Association, which is based in
Tupelo, Miss., filed a
complaint against the local Fox television affiliate, WLOV in
West Point, Miss.,
and urged others to file similar complaints against their local Fox stations.
The ad in question offered a typical ``day at the office'' at WWF headquarters
Stamford, Conn.

WWF wrestler ``Stone Cold'' Steve Austin says in the ad that the WWFoffers ``a
nonviolent form of entertainment'' just before he slams a folding chair against
a passing executive. Other executives brawled in the lobby and office suites,
and bodies crashed through glass partitions and a window.

The scene Roberts and the American Family Association faulted showed a couple in
an embrace with the woman's legs wrapped around the man's waist as the woman
wrestler Sable walks by saying ``We never use sex to enhance our image.'' ``The
spot was a tongue-in-cheek parody,'' said Jim Byrne, a marketing executive for
the WWF. ``Everything about it was so over-the-top that for anyone to interpret
it literally is interesting.''

He said most people got the joke. ``There will always be people who take
themselves way too seriously who are extremely vocal,'' he said.

Calls to WLOV and to Fox TV network executives for comment were not immediately

The FCC has authority to fine broadcast license holders like TV stations. Norman
Goldstein, chief of the FCC branch that handles such complaints, said the agency
had received 45 complaints about the ad via e-mail through Wednesday morning.

Peters said there probably would have been no complaints about thead had it run
in late-night TV when children are not watching. But he said he was appalled
that it was shown during the Super Bowl, which typically draws the year's
biggest TV audience. ``The vast majority of parents wouldn't have any concern
about having their 2-year-olds watching it,'' he said.

He said the National Football League, which decides its champion in the Super
Bowl game, should also be concerned about the ad.

``If they get away with this, what will the World Wrestling Federation do next
year,'' he said.

Dave Miller, national field director for the American Family Association, said
he's not sure how the FCC will act on the complaint, but noted the agency has
fined stations that have carried Howard Stern's often-controversial radio
programs after his group filed protests.

``Nothing will be done if nothing is said,'' Miller said.
18:22 EST Copyright 1999 The Associated Press.

Submitted by reader: Shala Huff (shorehuf)
The Hell's Angel was Chuck Zido(sp?). He is an actor/bodyguard and has been
proclaimed by Howard Stern as the toughest guy in
Hollywood. He actually was
the leader of the Hell's Angels and he has beaten up Jean-Claude Van Dam and
Micky Rourke, who thinks he's a boxer. He's on "Oz" and lately has been linked
professionally to Pamela Anderson.
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
The feedback has been very interesting the last couple of weeks with opinions on
the WW, particularly in light of the Tammy Sytch post and the Halftime Heat
title change. No matter what side you are on- whether you think the WWF's
1999-style product is best in the game or if you want Vince McMahon to take a
flying leap into an 18-wheeler head first- two things are clear-cut and
apparant. First, pro wrestling is fully back in the mainstream and is as
popular as ever. Think about it; in 1996 WCW could not get half-capacity on
Nitros, continued a Flair-Savage-Elizabeth angle that had been used before in
the WWF (only with Flair having Liz for keeps and being the WCW king), Bret
Hart-Owen Hart was a part of just about every WWF card (or so it seemed), the
WWF had major traditional backlash for having Michaels win the title, Hogan was
in and out of retirement (and getting booed whenever Flair, Anderson and the
Georgia boys strutted out in Charlotte) and Hall and Nash were pushing
themselves out of the WWF with a trip to mid-card matches first. And Flex
Kavana was a USWA tag team champion while "Ringmaster" Steve Austin fought, and
lost regularly, to Savio Vega in WWF prelim bouts.

Before someone says "Who the hell is Flex Kavana?" we all know that three years
later things have changed; and whether you approve of the WCW and/or WWF product
or not, the bottom line is wrestling is in the public eye and the public mindset
like never before. You've got sold-out arena shows and national TV audiences,
you've got TV Guide covers with Goldberg and Austin, you've got people going on
newsletters and websites saying TV shows are unsuccessful IF THERE IS NOT A 5
SHARE!!!!!!! And the sport is the healthiest I have seen in my lifetime, with a
nice mix of young talent (Kavana-now better known as the Rock Goldberg,
Degeneration X, all WCW cruiserweights), brawlers (Austin, Foley, etc.), and
real daredevils (Van Dam, Sabu, the ECW regulars) and old standbys (Flair,
Hogan, the returning Savage, the Outsiders and Sting to name a few).

The public has made wrestling as much a part of Monday night TV as Fox has
made Ally McBeal a part of their prime time sports telecasts, simple as that.
Oh, the second clear-cut thing? Also pretty simple and pretty relevant to those
following the WWF-WCW war. Sytch has a lot of good reasons to be proud of her
and Candido's relations with "hardcore" style wrestling and ECW, for the bottom
line is that Heyman and the Viking Hall boys have had as big an influence on
today's wrestling product as any one group or promotion today. The reason
people are upset with the use of Raven, Sandman and Benoit with Good King Eric?
The reason some people consider the Rock a "jabroni" because he didn't jump out
of the stands onto Foley at the Royal Rumble? Simple- Heyman put out a product
that made no-holds-barred brawls and goody-two-shoes-gimmicks a thing of the
past. Foley,
Austin, Funk, Benoit,Jericho, and several others have done the
hardcore thing in Viking Hall, and the result has influenced both McMahon and
Good King Eric.

Bischoff's yellow and red Hogan era became the era of the NWO, with a harder
style that showcased ECW imports Public Enemy breaking tables on every Nitro,
Raven doing the no-DQ thing and now Bam Bam Bigelow and Sandman wrestling with
barbed wire. By coincidence, all honed their skills with Heyman's booking.
IAnd the WWF (which even hyped the ECW in their 1997 battles with WCW with Van
Dam, Sandman, Dreamer , Taz and others appearing with Heyman on RAW) can only
look at Foley/Cactus/Mankind for ECW influence. Combine the "Hardcore" title
matches, the hardcore tag team matches that have showcased Road Dogg, Al Snow,
the Brood and others and you certainly are a few light years away from the days
of bulldogs, birds and Red Rooster gimmicks that made WWF haters call it a

In short we are no longer in classic face-heel bouts 100 % of the time, and the
Ultimate Warrior is not going to save the world for thousands of little kids on
Nitro. Led by a style pioneered in a small arena in Philly, we have a pretty
healthy sport in 1999. And its a sport that can rightfully use Sytch's views
as a forum for debate because its not going to be squeezed between an Ultimate
Warrior interview and Bret Hart verses Jim Niedhart- and to me that's a damn
good thing. And again the
ratings war between the WWF and WCW prove that most fans seem to think so too...

Submitted by reader: Sable16911
I wanted to tell you that there was a segment done on the women of the WWF on
Hard Copy on Tuesday. It mainly featured Sable showing clips of Sablebomb after
Sablebomb and mentioning her Playboy appearence. They showed a clip of Terri
Runnels giving a low blow to Val Venis and then running away w/Jackie. They had
a little interview w/ The Rock who said that most of the time if women have
attitude they can make it in the WWF. They interviewed Chyna and she said she
was a one of a kind in this business and that she was a bodyguard. They also
interveiwed Luna who said that she was the first WWF freak and that is what she
is paid for. Also shown was Debra's antics in the ring and a clip of Sable, when
she started off as Triple H's valet.
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