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Issue # 157

Date:  Friday February 5th, 1999  6:31 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Dave Shelto sent along word that the 2/5 edition of the Hartford Courant ran a
story that former WWF champion Bob Backlund announced that he is running for the
first Congressional District seat now held by first-term Democratic Congressman
John B. Larson in the fall of 2000. He is running as on the Republican ticket.
Backlund put over that Jesse Ventura's win of the
Minnesota governor's race will

help, since it gave former wrestlers notoriety and legitimacy, but also said
that he has had an interest in politics for some time. The article had a quote
from WWF CEO Linda McMahon that said, "I can certainly tell you I think Bob is
as qualified as many of the people I've seen running for office, and more
qualified than some of them sitting in Congress today. I've always found him to
be an honorable, straightforward man, and that will serve him well." In an
interesting tidbit in the article was an assertion by CNN political analyst Bill
Schneider, who said that wrestlers communicate their message well because of all
of the interviews they have done on TV. The paper cited that the office Backlund
is running for is a long time democratic strong hold, so he will have his hands
full. (Reported by Dave Scherer of )

Look for WCW to continue referring to Sandman as just "The King of Extreme" until
they can come up with another name. "Sandman" is owned by ECW.
(Reported by Al Issacs of: )

Sting's return to television action may not come until after SUPERBRAWL. In
fact, early to mid-March is what's being talked about. Still, you can catch him
at the house shows in some solid battles against Bret Hart.
(Reported by Al Issacs of: )
VISIT my Home Page:
My recent Article about The Snoozeman's (nee The Sandman) debut last week on
NITRO raised the hackles on a few wishful thinkers. It seems they disagree with
me and think that WCW is going to unleash The Sandman and allow him to become
"extreme." Let me point out a few others who came from the "extreme" environs of
ECW: Raven, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Jr., Konnan, Public
Enemy and Bam Bam Bigelow. How many of them have we seen go "extreme?" By my
count, that adds up to..Zero!

One writer pointed out that The Snoozeman came to the ring "armed" with barb
wire and that should be construed to mean WCW is going to allow him to do his
thing. Bringing barb wire to the ring means nothing if its not used. You can
bring a Cruise Missile with you, but it means zilch if it isn't launched. When
was the last time you saw blood on any WCW program? If there is the slightest
hint of blood, the cameramen become apoplectic. They worry that if they allow it
to be seen, their next assignment will be waiting on the unemployment line.

Another thing that should be pointed out is that when Fullington was introduced,
the arena was silent. It didn't look like the crowd knew who he was. Hardly the
environment to get "extreme." Blame this on Good King Eric and his merry band on
non-bookers. Wouldn't it have made more sense to debut him in an area where he
is known? ECW is based in
Philadelphia. Most of their House Shows are in
Pennsylvania and New York. They have been to Florida and a few other places,
mainly in the east. With ECW's lack of national TV exposure, there are many
places in the country that have never seen him or ECW. It looked like
Minneapolis was one of them.

I am at the top of the list of those who want to see The Sandman (or whatever
name they give him) perform as he has in the past, but I am not holding my
breath. If you are one of those that think he will be allowed to "cross the
line," my suggestion to you is "Keep dreaming."
WCW Thunder Report for
February 4th, 1999

By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)
Clips were shown from Monday Nitro of Hollywood Hogan and his friend Chuck
Sito following David Flair. Cameras were then dispatched to the back where Arn
Anderson was speaking to Ric Flair on the phone who told "AA" that David Flair
was okay.
Anderson said that there was something wrong with that. The Black and
White NWO were in the back discussing how bad the business would become if Vince
(Not Vincent) was to become the heavyweight champion and how they do not like
how he has put himself in control of the Black and White.

Scotty Riggs versus Chris Jericho w/Ralphus
Jericho sent Ralphus to the back before this match got underway. The match
itself was great and saw
Jericho capitalizing upon a missed top rope dropkick by
Riggs and winning with the Lion Tamer.
Winner: Chris Jericho via submission

--The NWO commercial "starring" Lex Luger and Elizabeth was aired in which Luger
said that his greatest moment in the ring was turning on Goldberg and that he is
elated to be a part of the greatest organization in wrestling, the nWo.

--Clips were shown of how the mask versus Liz's hair match between Luger and
Kevin Nash against Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr. came about.

Disorderly Conduct versus Konnan/Rey Mysterio Jr.
Disorderly Conduct attempted to use their power to win this matchup, but were
unsuccessful as Mysterio pinned Mean Mike after a flying headscissors while
Konnnan had the other in the Tequila Sunrise.
Winners: Konnan/Rey Mysterio Jr. via pinfall

--The Black and White nWo begin arguing with Vince (who was in his own
limousine) about being three hours late. Stevie Ray again, was the loudest.
Vince then told Ray that if he did not like it, that he could get out.

Norman Smiley versus The Disciple
The dancing Englismen continued his winning ways by forcing the more experienced
Disciple to submit to the "Norman Conquest". (ChickenWing)
Winner: Norman Smiley via submission

--Bryan Adams and Horace (in the dressing room) agreed that no matter what
problems Stevie Ray and Vince have that they are going to stick together and win
the tag team title tournament. A very angry Disco Inferno then walked into the
dressing room wanting to know where Vince was.

Meng/Barbarian w/Jimmy Hart versus Horace/ Brian Adams
The NWO sealed another victory when Vince ran down to ringside and nailed the
Barbarian with the slapjack just as the Barbarian was about to deliver a top
rope maneuver to Horace. Horace then hit an elbow drop from the top for the win.
Winner: Horace/Brian Adams via pinfall (Advance in tag team tournament)

--Clips were shown of how Scott Hall gained a US title shot against Bret Hart at
SuperBrawl by defeating Chris Benoit this past Monday on Nitro. Also shown from
Nitro was an intense Goldberg telling Bam Bam Bigelow that he "Was Next".

Jerry Flynn versus Bam Bam Bigelow
Bigelow hit pay dirt after hitting Flynn with his "Greetings From AsburyPark".
Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow via pinfall

--In the back members of nWo Black and White were seen pulling Stevie Ray off of
Vince in the bathroom. Once Ray was restrained, Disco Inferno attacked Vince,
who also had to be restrained by the Black and White.

--Clips were shown of how Kimberly was hurt at the hands of Scott Steiner on
Nitro, Diamond Dallas Page storming the Wolfpack locker room, and putting the
Diamond Cutter on Disco " I will be the messenger" Inferno.

Diamond Dallas Page versus Glacier
Page destroyed Glacier before finishing him off with a Diamond Cutter.
Winner: Diamond Dallas Page via pinfall

Curt Hennig/Barry Windham versus Mike Enos/Bobby Duncum Jr.
The new alliance of
Windham and Hennig advanced in the tag team tournament
after Hennig pinned Enos following a clothesline from
Windham to the back of
Enos' head. Winners: Curt Hennig/Barry Windham via pinfall (Advance in tag team

Ricks Comments: I found it humorous how the crowd chanted "Beefcake, Beefcake
while the "Disciple" was wrestling Smiley........It was great to see Riggs back,
in my opinion, one of the greatest young talents in the sport.......He doesn't
get alot of attention, but does anyone else think that Jerry Flynn has some
talent there?.....I have been thinking...what would be worse....Rey Mysterio
without his mask (according to Bobby Heenan) or a bald Miss Elizabeth?
The following letter is from a reader who worked backstage at the 2/4 Thunder.
OK, the scoop I got from backstage eavesdropping, lol, was that
Jericho is

going to the WWF in the Spring, he is not happy contractually with WCW. I met
Mongo again and he was a complete ass to his fans. DDP was suppose to be called
to meet a woman backstage in my area because she was dying of cancer but no one
ever told him about it. I went back to the dressing rooms and happened to find
him. He was a little skeptical but came out anyways and wow...what a teary
sight it made. He shook hands with her and her hubby, gave her a few hugs and
signed an autograph for her. The thing is that he had already left and had to
come back so it was a fluke that I even saw him in the first place. He is a
true superstar, that is for sure. He even called me an angel for getting

I met up with Horace and he is another unlikely candidate for a good superstar
be.... he refused to take pictures with fans that would include any of the beer
bottles in the picture....WOW I never expected that.....The younger and newer
members of WCW were the only ones who seemed to care about the impression made
to the fans with the exception of DDP.....Juvi was there and he is a sweetie and
a half!!!! Real great funny guy, and very faithful to his wife. LOL, who would
have thought.....
Submitted by reader: Foleyfan
IN DEFENSE OF ... [gasp] ... WHO?!?! Let me explain.
Let's find some positives about Bill Goldberg. Athletic body. Charismatic. Not
a bad interview. Intimidating. Looks like Steve Austin (okay, not such a good

Most people stop here, but I think the main reason why people hate Goldberg is
for exactly that reason. They stop looking for good things, and they focus on
the bad. What's the bad? Plain and simply one reason: He gets pushed. And
granted, you're right. But lemme ask you one question. Although Goldberg is
180-1 (or whatever), is
that HIS fault? I have a hard time believing that Goldberg wanted to start his
career undefeated in his first 165 bouts. I think any man with a brain would
realize what kind of fan reaction that would receive ... hyped at first, but
then resentment. This same resentment was seen for the Rock when he was given
the Intercontinental title so early into his WWF career. And guess what? I
didn't like the Rock then much either. Anyone notice the Rock recently?

Which makes my point. Goldberg isn't a bad wrestler, no matter how many people
say he only knows two moves. Watch Goldberg/Page a few months ago if you need
prove it. He worked the socks off Kevin Nash at Starrcade (again, watch the
tape). He's capable, young, athletic, and LEARNING. Give him a chance. Give
Goldberg some room to grow. The man is already a superstar, but he knows he has
yet to "earn" that title. its not his fault he was pushed to the stars. But
God knows he has the talent.
Submitted by reader: Justagoyle
<< For the post-Nitro dark match a tag team Lucha Libra match, I forgot there
names, sorry, very fast paced action, by far the best match of the night, there
was more wrestling in the 7 minutes than all of Nitro!>>
Just for the record.... this match was Felino (the brother of WWF's Super Astros
Lucha Negro Casas) and Mosco de la Merced (the original) vs Blitzkreig (from
Southern Cal's Revolution Pro) and Superboy. All four of these workers are
being used on WCW Lucha Festiva set to premier on Telemundo on the 24th of Feb.
All were at the Festiva tapings in
Texas the Wednesday prior and were invited
to Nitro as a result of their performance.
Submitted by reader: bhearlihy
I'd just like to give the definition of the word crucify to all those refering
to the recent Stone Cold/Undertaker thing as a crucifixion.
cru-ci-fy (krs fi) vt. -fied, -fy|ing [[ME crucifien < OFr crucifier< VL
*crucificare < LL(Ec) crucifigere < L crux , CROSS + figere : seeFIX]] 1 to put
to death by nailing or binding to a cross and leaving to die of exposure
Excerpted from The Complete Reference Collection
Copyright©1994,1995,1996,1997 The Learning Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Nobody died and there wasn't a cross so its not a crucifixion.Lets get it right
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