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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 160

Date:  Tuesday February 9th, 1999  10:25 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

As it stands right now, the scheduled main event for Halloween Havoc is Hulk
Hogan v. Bret Hart, which could mean that Bret will turn face before that time.
Reports are that Bischoff feels that he has to justify Hart's salary with a
major push. On the other hand, Nash feels that Bret Hart is not over (how sad is
it that he's right?) and should be used to elevate other wrestlers, and put
Scott Hall over.
(Reported by Micasa at: )

As you all know, RAW was not on
USA tonight, and will be shown instead on
Saturday night (check your local TV listings for the time). Road Dogg was in
attendance at the Toronto Skydome, and conducted an interview. While I have no
further details on his injury, the fact that he was in attendance tonight is a
good sign.
Near the end of today's issue we have the results, courtesy of Jeff Jacobson & If you want to be surprised, be sure to
skip this section.

Perry Saturn suffered a scare last week. He was driving his car when he began to
experience pains in his chest. He thought he was having a heart attack. He
pulled the car over and waited for the pains to subside, which they did. He felt
fine shortly thereafter. He is being kept off of Nitro until he can have further
tests on 2/10 to determine if there is anything more wrong with him than that.
(Reported by Dave Scherer at )
WCW Nitro Report for
February 9th, 1999
By Steve Appy
Nitro opened with clips of Hollywood Hogan & Chuck Zito's stalking of David
Flair. Flair, enraged, searched for Eric Bischoff, with retribution on his mind.
Tony Shiavonie & Arn Anderson announced that Hogan did not actually attack
David, and that he never knew of the danger he was in.

As the Nitro Girls performed, Diamond Dallas Page watched in the background,
prepared to defend Kimberly against Scott Steiner.

Disco Inferno was greeted with a surprise; an injured Arn Anderson, hand
delivered by Scott Hall & Kevin Nash. As Disco prepared to whip Arn with his
belt, Nash muttered "1 down, 3 more to go".

As an unseen man played pool, a gorgeous blonde lured the invisible pool player
away into a limousine, "to go for a little ride". Someone is in for an ass

Rey Mysterio Jr. (w/Konnan) pinned Blitzkrieg in 7:45
Blitzkrieg is considered a future star, with HUGE potential. The great Ultimo
Dragon is said to be especially high on him. While he is still green, his flying
moves are sensational. Considering his inexperience, he also surprised me with
his wrestling psycology. Mysterio scored the pinfall after a Frankensteiner off
the top rope;
Blitzkrieg looks to have a bright future in the Cruiserweight ranks.

Kanyon, entering the Levy's latest mansion, visited a "depressed" Raven. As they
jumped into a Ferrari, Raven announced that his depression is an act, with the
purpose being just to bother his mother.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan appointed Horace the new leader of the nWo Black & White;
he was also told to keep it a secret. Any bets on how long it will take for
Hogan to turn on his nephew? As Horace walked away, Hogan let loose with an evil

WCW President appointed Eric Bischoff the head custodian for the evening; if the
past is any indication, he will somehow turn this to his advantage...

Booker T pinned David "Fit" Finlay in
After a
Harlem Sidekick, Booker scored the pinfall. Part of me loves these
longer matches, but I'm not sure there are the two to put together.

Raven & Kanyon went to a bank, and to Kanyon's amazement, Raven withdrew 10,000
$1 bills. Kanyon wasn't sure what they were for, but Raven (aka as Slappy),
had definite plans for the money.

As Jimmy Hart exited a toilet stall, he taunted Bischoff, ordering him to
replace the toilet paper in stall #1.

Hogan also appointed Bryan Adams as the new leader of the nWo Black & White;
these guys are portrayed as totally clueless...

Gene Okerlund interviewed WCW President Ric Flair. Angry at the nWo due to both
David's stalking and Arn Anderson's attack, Flair promised to defeat Hogan for
the belt at Superbrawl. Flair announced that Hall would not receive a
US Title
match at Superbrawl, and he called US Champion Bret Hart to the ring. Much to
Hart's chagrin, Flair announced that Roddy Piper would receive a US Title shot
tonight. The
Buffalo fans were loved it, and the loudest reaction thus far
tonight was heard.

The unknown blonde was shown in the limousine; her goal seemed to be to seduce
her unseen friend.

A great video was shown hyping the WCW World Tag Team Tournament. Focusing on
the history of the belts, clips were shown of Arn Anderson, The Steiners,
Heat, etc. A realistic nod to history.

Hollywood Hogan appointed Stevie Ray as the leader of the nWo Black & White,
with secrecy once again the order of the day.

Several of the Luchadors, including Ciclope, Hector Garza, & Super Calo harassed
Eric Bishoff in the bathroom. As he demanded tips, the Luchadors handed the Good
King Eric (thanks Jerry!) garbage instead.

Curt Hennig & Barry Windham defeated Horace Hogan & Bryan Adams in
This was a WCW World Tag Team tournament match; Hennig was seeking revenge on
his former nWo brothers. As both Stevie Ray & Vincent prepared to help their nWo
teammates, Stevie Ray accidentally hit
Adams with the Slapjack, giving Hennig
the chance to pin his former ally.

The mystery blonde lured her unseen friend into an elevator; whoever he is, I
doubt he will get what he expects.

Hollywood Hogan appointed Vincent the new leader of the nWo Black & White, as a
look of disgust covered his face.

Bam Bam Bigelow, mocking Goldberg before their Superbrawl match, called
attention to Goldberg's recent campaign for animal rights. He promised that he
would put a leash on Goldberg's "old lady"; a crazed Goldberg stormed the ring
and brawled with Bigelow. Great heat, and super energy. This may have been the
first glance WCW has given us of Bigelow's personality.

Diamond Dallas Page pinned Kenny Kaos in
5:45 w/The Diamond Cutter

Raven took Kanyon to a Versace store, and bought him all kinds of new, stylish
clothes. As they arrived home, it was hinted that they enjoyed all kinds of
adventures during the evening (I assume a strip club was one of them). Mrs. Levy
told Raven that WCW wanted him to come back to work, and Raven once again looked
ready to wreck havok.

Vince pinned Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Onoo) in
After Miller did his usual routine, the nWo Black & White tricked Vince into
accepting the challenge. Miller dominated the offense, and seemed poised for
victory. As Sonny Onno interfered, Miller crotched himself on the top rope,
which led to Vince gaining a roll up victory.

As Kimberly & DDP prepared to enter their rental car, Scott Steiner harassed
Kimberly. After a Steiner/DDP brawl, Steiner stole both the car & Kimberly. As
he circled around at a high speed, "Kimberly" flew out of the side door, where
she was left injured on the pavement. "Bleeding" from her mouth, the paramedics
restrained Kimberly and brought her to the hospital.

Just to clarify things; the woman who flew out of the door was a stuntwoman, and
was not Kimberly. In reality, Kimberly is fine; most of you realize this, but
just in case, there is nothing to worry about.

Clips of Bret Hart on Mad TV was shown, including a Jesse Ventura skit.

Larry Zybyszco taunted poor Bischoff, and threatened to tell Flair about his
poor performance. Muttering to himself, Bischoff poured bleach all over the
bathroom tile.

Roddy Piper pinned Bret Hart in to win the
United States Championship
A rematch from their great match at Wrestlemania 8, which Hart won. Piper didn't
do much, but Hart carried it to a decent match. Hart faked a groin injury, and
the match was briefly stopped as the trainer checked on his condition. Hart
ended up attacking MAD TV's Will Sasso, and Sasso was left in the ringside area.
As Hart grappled with the referee, Sasso pushed the referee into the ring,
enabling Piper to roll Hart up for victory.

The unknown blonde lured our unseen friend to her hotel room; neither person's
identity was revealed tonight. Could it have been David Flair?

Ric Flair & Steve McMichael defeated Scott Hall & Kevin Nash (w/The Disco
Inferno) via disqualification in

Mongo, so out of place with these three charismatic superstars, spent most of
the match on the apron. Having Flair in there made for much better action, and
he sold for the Outsiders the majority of the bout. Bischoff eventually left the
bathroom, and handed Hogan a bucket full of bleach. It ended up in McMichael's
eye, and Flair was forced to fend off the nWo single handily. Eventually,
Goldberg made the save, which brought out Bigelow. Nitro ended with Goldberg &
Flair victorious, and the nWo in retreat.
Submitted by reader: Submitted by reader: KatViolet9@xxxxc...
I was at the MSG show last night and I saw Road Dogg get injured. It was a VERY
scary thing. He was trying to whip himself off the ropes and somehow fell
through and got caught by his feet and hung upside down as his head smacked into
the ring apron HARD, then he slid down to the floor. Farooq picked him up and
put him back in the ring quickly and then he was covered by Bradshaw and somehow
Road Dogg put his foot on the ropes and tried to continue (I give him tons of
credit for that alone).

After that he never got up, he tried to but ended up motionless in the ring
until the end of the match. He was pinned by the Undertaker. The Undertaker
proceeded to chokeslam Billy Gunn and X-Pac and passed by Road Dogg. It took a
good 15 minutes before they got him out of the ring. It was very scary stuff, he
layed there with Billy and X-Pac over him while they brought in a strecher and
after some
manuvering, got him out of the arena. Later, Triple H came out for a match with Kane
and he did his "are you read?" speech..and said "for the thousands in attendance
..blah blah blah...and for Road Doggie Dogg, we're with ya brother...".

I'm not sure how Road Dogg even fell. It COULD HAVE BEEN because Farooq was
leaning his foot on the middle rope while waiting to get tagged in, it COULD
HAVE BEEN that the ropes were loose. I'm not sure. It was a very odd accident
though, a simple whip off the ropes turned bad. My thoughts are definitely with
Submitted by reader: Italia003
Hey, for all of you who watched ECW on Saturday saw Sid return to televised
wrestling for the first time in over a year, right???? Besides wrestling on
Power Pro Wrestling, he has also wrestled for a little known wrestling promotion
based entirely in
Pittsburgh called United States Championship Wrestling. Yes,
USCW...who the heck is that, you may ask? Well, this promotion is for the most
part only aired in
Pittsburgh. As small as they are, they have acquired some
pretty big and familiar names to their roster including Pitbull#1 and #2, Psycho
Sid, Dan Rage, and a few talented local wrestlers. Kind of funny... just a year
or two ago Sid was the WWF Champion of the World and now he was wrestling for a
little known local wrestling
promotion in the Burgh last week.
P.S. For those of you who don't know yet,
Pittsburgh is quickly becoming a

wrestling town. Not only do we have The "Franchise" Shane Douglas (please don't
go, Shane) but we have Kurt Angle, a WWF star in training.
RAW SPOILER (If you wish to be surprised, skip this section)
(Reported by Jeff Jacobson of:
RAW was live in
Canada, on TSN, tonight, and will be shown in the United States
Saturday Night.
WWF Raw is War - 2/8
Live from
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
• "Stone Cold" Steve Austin opened the show to a loud ovation, and 43,000
screaming loudly. He basically stated that he will defeat Mankind tonight, and
has a lot of respect for him. Following that, he guaranteed he will win the cage
match this Sunday, and that blood will be shed. He was interrupted by Mankind,
who said he will win, and he wanted to please
Canada. A debate of sorts went on,
when the "No Chance In Hell" theme started.

D-Lo Brown defeated Jeff Jarrett with the Sky-High

• Earlier today, Val Venis and Ryan Shamrock were shown "doing it" in an open
window in the SkyDome Hotel.

• Val Venis with Ryan Shamrock came out for an interview, and Val basically
stated they were very happy, when suddenly Ken Shamrock hit the ring, and was
pounding on Val. Ryan was screaming, and Ken absolutely snapped, setting up the
huge IC title bout this Sunday at Valentines Day Massacre.

• Gillberg defeated Goldust with a rollup after the Blue Meanie interfered

Mankind vs. Steve Austin
• Mankind and Steve Austin both came out to big ovations, as Vince said this
match will be at this time, so they can have an hour to beat each other up.
McMahon said this match was anything goes, but
Austin took the microphone from

Austin stated that Mankind and Austin won't let this plan unfold, and that
they aren't going to get their ass kicked, Vince is. But, Mankind wasn't going
to do it, as
Austin said, with Vince staring at Austin. He wasn't going to do
it, said
Austin, as Mankind got Socko ready, "He Is" pointing to Socko, as
Mankind stuck it in Vince's throat. The corporation ran down only to be held
back by Austin and Foley.

• The Godfather defeated Viscera via DQ

•X-Pac defeated Kane by disqualification

• The Rock defeated Steve Blackman with the corporate elbow

The Corporate Gauntlet
• Mr. McMahon wins the corporate gauntlet by pinning "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
- This was a very well done contest, with Austin hitting a stunner on Shamrock,
Test, Chyna, and Kane, eliminating them all, but was extremely worn out and
tired. The Big Boss Man came in after
Austin stunned Chyna, and for a few
minutes disected
Austin with shots to the neck with the nightstick, causing
Austin to be unconcious. McMahon stepped in, and pinned Austin, to the distain
of the
Toronto crowd who was chanting, "You Screwed Bret". McMahon chugged a few

beers in front of the helpless Austin, who was tied up, mocking him for this
Sunday's cage match.
Jeff Jacobson
Join the International Xtreme Wrestling Federation, It has over twenty members,
five titles, has a newsletter every week, and a lot, lot more. Email me at
IXWF for more information.
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