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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 161

Date:  Thursday February 11th, 1999  11:42 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Nitro Ratings
1st Hour- 5.2
2nd Hour- 6.0
3rd Hour- 5.9
Composite- 5.7
(Reported by Al Isaccs at: )

Also, Lex Luger is on the shelf for up to 8 weeks with a torn tendon in his left
arm. He's expected to have surgery either today or at least before the end of
the week. No word on what this does to the SUPERBRAWL match against Konnan and
Rey Mysterio Jr.
(Reported by Al Isaccs at: )

The poltical tension between Kevin Nash and Konnan has subsided somewhat in
recent weeks. Konnan has expressed that he is happy with the way his character
has developed in recent weeks and that he likes that his character isn't part of
a group, such as the Wolfpac, so he is able to prove himself without seeming to
be a sidekick and riding someone else's popularity. Nash & Konnan, who had been
close allies last year, had a falling out at the end of 1998, just as Nash
gained booking power. Nash had formed a "new clique" of sorts behind the scenes
with Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger, and Scott Hall.
(Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch)

To subscribe to The Pro Wrestling Torch, send $36 for 20 issues to:
The Pro Wrestling Torch
P.O. Box 201844
Minneapolis MN 55420

It looks as if Scorpio has been released by the WWF. The word going around the
locker room this past week was that he was let go for "unprofessional conduct".
He was taken off of the house show schedule and his spot in the house show
circuit will be taken by the Blue Meanie.
(Reported by Dave Scherer at: )

There is a lot of talk going around as to the contract status of the Public
Enemy. Of course, they are in ECW right now. Well, in this past week, they have
been offered a deal by the WWF. Word going around is that Terry Taylor has an
idea as to how to use them. WCW heard about this and has reportedly made a sweet
counter-offer to them as well. So, it appears they will sign a very nice deal
with one of the Big Two. How this affects their status in ECW is not known at
press time.
(Reported by Dave Scherer at: )
VISIT my Home Page:

With RAW not being shown on
USA last night due to the annual Westminster Dog
Show, WCW and NITRO had the airways to themselves, with a chance to attract
viewers on a long term basis. Instead of an outstanding program, we were treated
to standard NITRO fare. None of the matches were anything to write home about,
and not much else was particularly impressive. Let's look at some of the

Slick Ric did his usual rant (be careful Ric, you might have another "heart
attack"), and took Scott "I no longer job to Silver King" Hall out of his
Title Match at the next PPV. He then ordered a Title match for The Canadian
Crybaby v. The Ancient Piper on NITRO. I guess being away for several months
making another "B" movie qualified The Ancient Piper for the match. Makes you
wonder if Barry Horriblewitz would qualify for the WCW Championship if he took a
six month hiatus. Did you notice Slick Ric doing what looked like crotch chops?
Watch out Ric, you may get a visit from The Turner Conscience Police.

In the family part of the show, Good King Eric was assigned Latrine Duty by WCW
President Slick Ric ("Head" games?). This gave us an up close and personal view
of Motor Mouth Hart exiting a commode, and "smell-o-vision" as The Barbarian and
Meng took their seats, much to the chagrin of Latrine Boss Eric. We were also
graced by a visit to the Head by Larry Loser. He whined about getting his "1,000
shoes" wet. This waste hasn't spent $1,000 total on all the clothes he has
bought in his entire life. I kept hoping the NWO would run in and stuff him head
first down one of the commodes.

In another family segment, Papa "Scum" Steroid "kidnapped" Kimberly, took off
with her in an automobile, and "threw" her out of it while moving onto the
garage floor, "apparently injuring" her. All while Hubby Dirtbag Doophus Page
stood helplessly by. These two are scheduled to meet at the next PPV, which must
be the proper forum to seek revenge when someone abuses your spouse. This
followed Papa's previous abuses of poor Kim. There has to be a better way to
build up a match. Talk about misuse/abuse of females.

WCW used the "vignette" approach with Raven, as we got a glimpse of his "real"
life. This was actually quite entertaining. One can only hope we get to see more
of this type thing from WCW. Using the same approach with a very fine looking
young thing, however, was a lot less satisfying. We followed this unnamed young
lady through several little ditties, ending up with her entering a room and
ending there. This apparently was meant to be a cliff hangar, but it wasn't
handled very well. If it is part of a continuing angle and done right, it has
great potential.

The Main Event was a tag team match, billed as The Four Horse's @$$es v. The
Wolfpac, with Slick Ric and Mongo meeting Hall and The Alpha Male. Talk about an
oxymoron, using the words Main Event and Mongo in the same sentence. This had to
be Slick Ric's way of enhancing Mongo's stature. Give it up Ric, he is beyond
redemption. You can't make a silk purse out of a pig's @$$. Despite the new
bookers, the match ended in typical WCW/NWO/NITRO fashion..a run in. We had The
Disco Abyss, who came to the ring worshipping his Wolfpac superiors, in first,
followed by Bam Bam, and then by SuperDuperMan. The Alpha Male looked like he
was crotch chopping also. Is this contagious? Were The Turner Conscience Police
asleep at the switch? Now that we are on the verge of the Millennium, has Uncle
Ted proudly stumbled into the 20th Century?

With the chance to hit a home run, WCW/NITRO hit an infield single. Having
Monday all to themselves, this was a chance to impress viewers. Sadly, it didn't
work out that way. What will Uncle Ted say if the other Dog Show beats NITRO in
the ratings? Will GKE be assigned Latrine Duty permanently? These questions and
others..oops, wrong show.
ONECOUNT--part 2 of a column of wrestling terminology by--OSIRIS
1) Fued---long-standing disagreement between wrestlers;
2) Gimmick----a wrestler`s persona, trademarks, in the ring;
3) Hardhit---an unexpected, possibly serious, ring injury;
4) house show---untelevised wrestling cards;
5) Jobbers---- those who wrestle the stars, specifically to lose, and help put
them over;
6) No-Namers---unknown jobbers;
7) Kill---to lose your reputation or be stuck with a bad gimmick;
8) Pop---the reaction a wrestler gets when he enters the arena;
9) Push--when the company is building a man`s ring reputation;
10) Run-in---when someone comes in to save you, or change the outcome of a
11) Screw-job---an unexpected, perhaps unintended, ending;
12) Stable----a group of wrestlers, like the Horsemen, nWo, or DX;
13) Shoot----sometimes a straight fight, an unintended ending;
14) Sell----how well you put over your gimmick, or make your wrestling moves
seem so legitimate;
15) Workrate--how much activity, how many moves a wrestler sells in the ring

Well, that`s it. I`m sure there are many more, but I sincerely hope you`ve
enjoyed these----see you next time!----
ring the bell----osiris-----
Submitted by reader: JDSVideo
The mystery blonde from Nitro is TorrieWilson. Her website is:
Submitted by reader: DXDGNR8CHK
I just finished reading #156, as usual, I got a lot of info from it, but
something bothered me. It seems as if everyone who wrote in discussing this
past Nitro said it was very boring all the way through. I have to admit, it
was. But, lo and behold, there was one amazing match, Kidman VS Lash Leroux.
Lash may not be as high profile as Billy Kidman, but they both gave alot of
effort. For me, that really picked up the pace of Nitro. In my opinion, it
seems as if Mike Monson and RavenKult2 forgot to give credit to these amazing
young talents. I'm young (under 15, to be exact) and I am female. I do not
want credit given to these guys because they're cute or have nice butts, they,
no, all, cruiserweights deserve a lot more credit than they receive. I hear alot
of people saying because they don't get top billing, they don't need much
recognition. So very untrue. Kidman is so hard working, and Lash was trying
hard to show he deserved this title (?) shot. Rey is unbreakable, Chavo makes
you feel bad for ever saying how much a paper cut hurt, and Psychosis just is
plain crazy. These young men are the future of WCW, and they do need more fan
support, for if my ears served me right, I heard the fans chanting something
like "Greenbay sucks." I think they should have been more behind Lash and
Kidman. The cruiserwieghts are gaining more fans as we progress, but this past
Monday, it seemed like Minneapolis had no idea who these two guys were. If you
think I was off on a rant, I'm sorry, but I had purpose to this little tirade.
Please give the cruiserwieghts the credit they deserve, they really need it.
Submitted by reader: TheBird32
What does Gangrel really drink? Well, its a think red substance, but NOT
NyQuill. It definitely tasted like cherry, but I think it might just be cherry
syrup (like the type they use in Cherry ICE drinks).

At the 2/6 Madison Square Garden Show, Dan Severn wrestled against Ken Shamrock
and Steve Blackman. Well, Severn actually tapped out to the ankle lock
submission, upping his career loss total to 2. On the way out, we yelled to
Severn, "What's going on with your contract?" He looked back at us, and
shrugged his shoulders, and said I don't know.
Submitted by reader: Boyz2Pepsi
Interesting Points on the 2/8 NITRO
From a True Buffalonian.(i.e. eat only wings, Drink only Pepsi, see only snow)
10 biggest pops
10 Brain making fun of Penzer during commercials
9 Konnan (ugh!)
8 Vincent after beating the Cat
7 Hogan
6 Outsiders
5 Piper
3 Goldberg
2 Flair
1 NITRO Girls
(actually the BIGGEST pop came when an all out brawl broke out during the
Piper-Hart match, spanning three sections, 3 rows, and requiring at least 30
security guards)

And the opposite, the five worst reactions:
5 NWO tag team
4 Mongo
3 Bret Hart
2 The Cat
1 Fit Finlay
There was a HUGE chant of Finlay SUCKS 3 times in his match, and each time WCW
played cheering over the speaker. Fans were accually escorted out for yelling
FINLAY SUCKS too loud. Bret Hart and Vincent both need to be reminded that its
not like we can't see you go from the metal stage to the tunnel. If your going
to fake an injury, keep doing it until youre completely out of sight. If you
look at the announcers desk at all while you are there, you see the announcers
are standing up the ENTIRE time. Brain got quite a kick out of the Nitro Girls.
Before the show, when the Nitro Girls were welcoming us and introducing
themselves, a small electrical fire started under the ring. I knew the Nitro
Girls were hot, but WOW.

Best Sign: "My wife left me for Ralphus". I Feel So bad for that guy. I dont
think anyone else there knew that was the guy from MAD TV. If you want the guy
in front of you to put his sign down so you can see, tell security and ask to
remain anonymous. It works. Sting masks were being sold at the program booths.
They weren't black and cheap. Hint?
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
With all of the things that have been noted in the WWF-WCW ratings war the last
couple of years concerning what differs both federations (live shows, junior
heavyweight division, tag division, match quality,etc.), Monday's Nitro saw
something that both federations actually have in common: the selling of "Rowdy"
Roddy Piper. Yes, Piper's showing in his U.S. title victory over Bret Hart was
not the best of performances, but it illustrated this common fact: like him or
not, he has consistently been able to get major pop from the live arena crowds,
and it was no exception Monday night. When Flair announced the match to the
Buffalo crowd, it was undoubtedly the biggest ovation of the night. And Piper
got a very good response when his hand was raised at the end, too. While it
again was not the best showing that readers of this newsletter have seen, it
again brought up some common things that Piper has had in both major
federations: One, Piper's marketing by both
McMahon and Bischoff has been done very well. Instead of playing the retirement
angle to the hilt (in the 1990's that is- most of us remember his
with Adonis in 1987) Piper has alternated the ring appearances with the TV and
movie appearances farely well.

The WWF had him guest referee in consecutive Wrestlemania's, do one (and if
remembered Piper stressed ONE) pay per view bout with Jerry Lawler in 1994, and
came back for a stint in 1996 as WWF President to defeat Goldust at a nicely
done "backlot brawl" match. Each time it was done by McMahon with good crowd
responses and reaction, again giving the WWF a consistent link to the glory days
of the mid-80's....before he went to WCW in 1996, that is. And save a
forgettable bout with Hogan at Halloween Havoc 1997 (which was more to hype the
angle with Sting
and Savage's interference) he has again received great reaction in the WCW
appearances- again coming in and out to add a new wrinkle here and there to a
federation that has taken more than its fair share of criticism as of late.

The second thing? Again, good crowd reaction and the fact that when most
mainstreamers think of wrestling, they will tend to associate Piper based on the
Hogan feud and his apperances all over the place (Georgia/TBS, Carolinas,
Portland, Canada, WWF and today the WCW). While one's guess is as good as mine
how long Good King Eric will write Piper in the title picture, I will say this
to him and WCW fans: better to see Piper used to give the high paid Hart a
vehicle for use and to wrestle on Nitros than to see a Vince-Ernest Miller
Be sure to check out The Wrestling Merchandise Trade Center

Check out The official website for Ghetto
Championship Wrestling. We are based out of Long Island, NY and have been around
for over two years. We are what you would consider a backyard federation, or
underground federation. We have storylines and all that within our fed. We are
also working on getting a regulation ring set up sometime in the future. We
like to call
ourselves "the revolutionary force in underground sports entertainment".
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