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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 162

Date:  Friday February 12th, 1999  9:19 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Jim Ross greeted the fans in attendance Monday night at the Toronto Skydome;
although he's not ready to return to the mic yet, its comforting to have in
return to the public eye. Rumors have him returning to the microphone at
Wrestlemania; in my opionion, Ross is the both a class act and the best
commentator in the business. (Reported by Al Isaccs at: )

For those of you in the Texas area interested in getting in touch with the new
wrestling school run by Jose Lothario and Shawn Michaels, the address is:
Shawn Michaels' Wrestling Academy
P.O.Box 461348
San Antonio, Tx 78249
Classes will be starting on April 1st.
(Reported by Al Isaccs at: )

The All Japan 5/2 Tokyo Dome show may be turned into a "Baba Memorial Event." 
The Destroyer (Dick Beyer, 67, Buffalo, NY native) announced his intentions to
return to Japan and work for the All Japan promotion (front office?/exhibition
match(es)) in the future.  Beyer may work a match at the 2/13 All Japan Korakuen
Hall show in
Tokyo.  There was an announcement that the Funk Brothers, Abdullah
the Butcher, Stan Hansen, and others from the "old guard" would be brought back
to the promotion to work upcoming shows, including the 5/2 Tokyo Dome show. "The
White Masked Satan" (Beyer) was still saddened by Baba's death, but felt happy
that he would be involved in the picture again in All Japan.  They did a
90-minute live studio show in Chiyoda about Baba with Kawada, Tsuruta, and
Misawa as the main guests, with Motoko Baba doing a taped-interview talking
about the last hours that Baba was
still alive. (Reported by Zach Arnold at: )

Ultimo Dragon went into the hospital on 2/9 for apparently an emergency surgery
meeting (to discuss having a 3rd surgery), as his left arm has zero function at
this moment.  While his arm had little chance of recovering from nerve damage,
there still was some movement available.  Now the situation has gotten
apparently a lot worse and Dragon will probably have more surgery done.  He was
very serious when he talked to his family members and members of the media,
stating that he doubts that he will ever return to the ring again and that he
will retire pretty quickly (officially.)  Most of the newspapers in
Japan are
treating this latest news like Dragon's retirement and did some career
retrospectives of Asai.  There is a TON of examination by the Dragon and his
Toryumon staff, as they are going over his previous WCW contract and trying to
gather up a case to recover $$$$ from the
hospital and the league.
(Reported by Zach Arnold at: )

The 2/11 edition of Thunder did a 3.5 rating (with a 5.4 share).
(Reported by Dave Scherer at )

New Japan ran their 2/12 show at the Gifu Industry Hall, selling out the
building with 4,300 paid. In the finals of the #1 contender tournament to
declare a challenger for Keiji Mutoh's IWGP World Title strap, Kensuke Sasaki
beat Satoshi Kojima at the 16'01 mark with the Northern Lights Bomb. Sasaki
will face Mutoh at the 2/14 Nippon Budokan show for the title.
(Reported by Zach Arnold at: )

Sean Waltman has inked a 3-year extension with the World Wrestling Federation.
(Reported by Al Isaccs at: )

Come join #Wrestling101 in IRC's DALNET! Chats are Saturdays and Mondays
beginning at 7PM EST. Drop by and chat a while. For directions and more
information please visit:
Courtesy of
By Bill Banks
WWF.COM has received word from the fourth floor executive wing of Titan Sports
that Paul Wight, one of the biggest superstars in all sports, has officially
signed with the World Wrestling Federation. On Wednesday afternoon, Jim Ross
accompanied Wight to
New York City to represent the Federation at the annual Toy
Fair convention. Later that night, Wight had dinner at the home of an unnamed
front-office official, and was given a tour of
Titan Tower by Bruce Prichard on
Thursday morning. At this time, it is unclear when Wight will make his
television debut for the Federation.

***Also on Wednesday, it was announced that Charles Scaggs, better known to fans
as Scorpio, has been released from the Federation. We here at WWF.COM wish
Scaggs the best of luck in his future endeavors.
WCW Thunder for
February 11, 1999
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)
OpeningTony Schiavone and the Thunder crew discussed the upcoming Ric Flair/
Hollywood Hogan and Scott Steiner/Diamond Dallas Page matches at SuperBrawl.
The clip of the mysterious blonde from Monday Nitro was replayed.

Mike Enos/Bobby Duncum Jr. versus Meng/Barbarian w/Jimmy Hart
During this match, Jimmy Hart jumped on the ring apron and began talking to The
Barbarian. At that point, the Barbarian jumped in the ring and kicked Meng in
the back of the head. Mike Enos then pulled Duncum on top of Meng for the
pinfall victory.
Winners: Mike Enos/Bobby Duncum Jr. via pinfall (Advance in tag team tournament)

--Throughout the evening, the clips were replayed from Monday Nitro where Raven
became a "happy" person, withdrew thousands of dollars from the bank and then
took Kanyon on a shopping spree.

--A clip was shown of Goldberg telling Bam Bam Bigelow that he was next.

--The clip from Monday Nitro was shown in which Scott Steiner threw Kimberly out
of a moving car.

--The clips were shown of the events leading up to the "mask" match
between Konnan/Rey Mysterio Jr. and Kevin Nash/Lex Luger at Superbrawl
Lash LeRoux versus Super Calo
LeRoux earned the pinfall victory by front slamming Calo from the fireman carry
position. Winner: Lash LeRoux via pinfall

--Throughout the rest of the evening, clips were shown of the mysterious blond
who kept popping up on Monday Nitro.

--In the back, Glacier was speaking with the Cat and Sonny Onoo, telling them
that the Cat needed a better ring entrance. He said that he would be willing to
sell his "snow" and his laser lights. They agreed and purchased the lights and
the snow. He then tried to sell his ring attire. The Cat turned down the offer
for the ring attire, however, Kaz Hayashi, under the direction of Sonny Onoo,
purchased the shoulder pads and the belt for $40,000. (The mask was free, and by
the way, Glacier only wanted $6500 all together for everything, but Onoo was out
to make some money). (The conversation between Onoo and Hayashi was shown in

Fit Finlay/Dave Taylor versus Kiman/Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Finlay was preparing to nail Kidman with a chair when Chavo dropkicked Finlay in
the back of the head which inadvertantly caused the chair to strike Kidman.
Finlay then hit Kidman with the tombstone piledriver which earned this team the
win and eliminated Kidman and Chavo from the tag team tournament.
Winners: Fit Finlay/Dave Taylor via pinfall

--Glacier sold his helmet and his contact lens (the one that gives his eye that
crystal blue look) to the Cat, even though Kaz also wanted to buy that.

Disco Inferno versus Chris Adams
Disco hit paydirt when he nailed
Adams with the chartbuster for the win.
Winner: Disco Inferno via pinfall

--Mean Gene interviewed Kidman. Kidman said that there was a miscommunication
between he and Chavo because they are not a regular tag team and that is why
they were knocked out of the tag team tournament. Gene said that Chavo was
trying to undermine Kidman. Kidman said that Chavo would not do that. Chavo
then walked up and Gene told him that Kidman said that it was Chavo's fault that
they lost the match. Kidman said that it was no big deal and that the ball was
dropped. Chavo then clotheslined Kidman and told him that the ball was
dropped--by Kidman.

--Clips were shown of Rowdy Roddy Piper defeating Bret "Hitman" Hart for the
U.S. title on Monday Nitro.

--Clips were shown from Monday Nitro of Hollywood Hogan telling each member of
the black and white nWo that he wanted them to take leadership of the NWO and
then telling them to keep it a secret.

--Clip was shown from Monday Nitro of "Later" talk show host Rita Sever showing
off her pro wrestling impersonations to Diamond Dallas Page and Jason Hervey.

Van Hammer/Kaz Hayashi versus Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit
Kaz Hayashi (dressed out in his new Glacier Garb) submitted to the Crippler
Crossface, allowing the Horseman to advance in the tag team tournament.
Winner: Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit via submission. (Advance in tag team

Ricks Comments:
--It is a sad day when such a class act as Chris Adams loses to a goof like
the Disco Inferno.
--How many times is Meng going to allow Jimmy Hart and the Barbarian to attack
him?--Who the hell is this gorgeous blonde chick? --Does it bother anyone else
that a wrestling program has to rely on"clips" of events that have happened
earlier in the week?--Make the program better...or take it off of the air!--I
could have lived without seeing the bartering session between Glacier/Sonny
Onoo--the Cat.....although it is better then having to see the Cat attempt to
wrestle.--Malenko and Benoit look damn good together...I see them in the
ONECOUNT--a column by--OSIRIS (burkeandhare@xxxxc...)
POLL RESULTS: A few weeks ago, I asked the readers to send me a list of their
top two favorite wrestlers, and reasons why. Well, the results are in! Reasons
are pretty much the same all the way through: athletic skill; sense of humor;
great mic skills; misunderstood, not given enough credit or chances. The
results are interesting to me--there are a few on the list I didn`t expect, and
there some whose totals surpised me; anyway, here are the raw numbers (I didn`t
have the time or math ability to work out percentages)

( A) the following hung in at one vote apiece: Buff Bagwell; Billy Gunn; Kane;
Triple H; Jerry Lynn; Hogan; Lex Luger; Sabu; Taz; Billy Kidman; Goldust; Rey
Mysterio, Jr.; M. Quackenbush(?); Perry Saturn; Chris Benoit; Marc Mero; Lenny
Lane; Bret Hart; La Parka; Andre the Giant;

(B) the following snagged 2 votes each: Steve Blackman; Owen Hart; Jesse James;
Raven; Edge; Ken Shamrock;

(C) three votes were gathered by these: Sting; Ric Flair; The Undertaker;

(D) one tugged in five votes: Steve Austin;

(E) two men cornered six votes each: Rob Van Dam; HBK;

(F) The Rock took 7 votes;

(G) Mick Foley was in 2nd place, with 11 votes and

(H) Chris Jericho landed in 1st place with 12 votes. This was an interesting
survey to do, and I thank the readers very much. Are some of you surprised by
the list? I was; well, I`d like to do the same for tag-teams, now, so send me a
list of your top
two tag-teams (past or present) and let`s see what happens.
e-mail: burkeandhare@xxxxc...
-----------that`s it for now------seeya------ring the bell-------OSIRIS
Submitted by reader: LimpBiz913
Scott Vicks, who wrestled as Sick Boy in WCW, is scheduled to debut on the
March 29th Raw. The WWF might use him to feud with Triple H on who's signature
move is better. Sick Boy will claim he created the move first, and Triple H
copied off of him. If you have seen Sick Boy's "The Cure", you'd notice its
the same thing as "The Pedigree".
Submitted by reader: Brian Bishop (deep_freezee)
There's one thing that I must say. People think that Nitro was a boring, lack
luster show the whole way through. Then, there was a young lady that said that
Billy Kidman vs. Lash Leroux was very good. She does have a point. It was.
But the best match of the night, which was quite unexpected, was Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Blitzkreig. Yeah, I know.....WHO THE (bleep) is Blitzkreig? He was the
messed up looking guy in the ring with Rey Mysterio that nobody ever saw before.
When I first saw him introduced, I thought....OK, ANOTHER JOBBER. But then, as
I watched the match, about 90% percent of the moves that Blitzkreig did had me
saying "HOLY (bleep)ING CRAP!!!" The guy did a FULL TWISTING moonsault off the
top rope (admitedly, he missed, but it was the sweetest looking move of all
time. It showed Pyschosis up so (bleep)ing huge there). He also performed a
full twisting ASAI moonsault (for those who don't know, that's like what Chris
Jericho does with the
Lionsault), AND LANDED ON HIS FEET, AND DIDN'T MISS A BEAT!! If it is true what
they said on Nitro, about Blitzkreig having a DOUBLE FRONT FLIP off the top
Blitzkreig would get a really good push....I CAN GUARANTEE YOU....Yes,
GUARANTEE, that he will become the 5th big superstar in the cruiserweight ranks
(Kidman, Mysterio, Juvy, Psychosis being the others).
Submitted by reader: Manwres
I would like to say that new WCW cruiserweight Blitzkreig is arguably the most
athletic wrestler I have ever seen and believe me, I've seen them all from Great
Sasuke to Jushin Liger to Shawn Michaels. His match with Rey Mysterio Jr. was
one of the best matches I've seen in several months. Matches like the
disappointing rematch between Hulk Hogan and Warrior or Scott Steiner vs Rick
Steiner just plainly sucked. This wrestler Blitzkreig was doing moves like a
corkscrew from the middle rope to the outside on Rey Jr. Also, that move where
he whips Rey into the turnbuckle and then does a backflip off his opponent. He
deserves a push and I would like to see in about a year Blitzkreig the WCW
cruiserweight champion.
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