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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 163

Date:  Saturday February 13th, 1999  7:41 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

There is a lot of internal heat regarding Sable these days. Both Sable & Marc
Mero asked for their release from their newly-signed contracts but were turned
down, as the WWF feels its going to gain a ton of exposure (no pun intended)
from Sable's Playboy cover, which comes out in early March. Sable & Mero have
both made it clear that Sable didn't come to the WWF to be a wrestler and has
never been trained to be a wrestler. Apparently she received a ton of money
from Playboy, which gives her some independence she didn't have before. I'd say
its a very good bet that Luna will be winning the title from Sable, although if
it happens before Playboy has its run, you should come to the conclusion that
relations are in an even worse state.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

SamJerry , the author of some of the best RAW & ECW reports that you
see online, has lost his mailing list. AOL, in all their technical wisdom,
manged to erase Jerry's mailing list. If you rely on Jerry for your
newsletter/web site, please contact him directly and provide him with your
e-mail address. If you are a newsletter editor that needs a new reporter for
either show, nobody comes more highly recommended. Jerry is the best...

Mark Henry's new valet, who will be appearing on RAW Saturday night, is named
Ivory (you know, Ebony & Ivory). Her real name is Lisa Moretti, and she
formerly wrestled as GLOW wrestler Tina Ferrari more than ten years ago.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Mysterio'S MASK
As of press time, nothing is confirmed regarding the proposed Rey Mysterio Jr.
vs. Psychosis mask vs. mask match for
Tijuana. The working plan is to do the
match on either 2/18 or 2/20 outdoors at the Tijuana Bullring, but WCW would
have to approve of it. It would be very difficult to pull it off after 2/21,
because it would be covered in the Mexican press that Mysterio Jr. had lost his
match at Superbrawl (unless WCW changes the current plan) and the match would be
viewed as something of a fraud. Of course, WCW has no such concerns.
Apparently the way the angle is supposed to work is that Mysterio Jr. loses his
mask, and Nash brings him into the nWo as his little buddy. His nWo turn may
not occur right away as there at one point was supposed to be a singles match
with the unmasked Rey pinning Nash, despite the huge size difference.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Pepper Gomez, a former bodybuilding champion who was a huge star in
Texas in the
late 50's and in
San Francisco in the 60's is said to be in rough shape due to
cancer. The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet pass on our positive thoughts
for this legend... (Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

It has been rumored that Wrestlemania will wind up being some sort of three-way
deal with Austin, The Rock and Mankind for the title. The way it appears to be
situated at this point, which of course can change, is probably for an Austin
vs. Mankind singles match with the winner going on to face The Rock. With The
Undertaker being turned back face, it'll be Taker vs. The Big Boss Man most
likely and probably a three-way match for the IC Title with Shamrock, Billy Gunn
and Val Venis. (Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

To subscribe to The Wrestling Observer, definitely the BEST source for wrestling
news anywhere, send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell CA 95009-1228

Come join #Wrestling101 in IRC's DALNET! Chats are Saturdays and Mondays
beginning at 7PM EST. Drop by and chat a while. For directions and more
information please visit:

A reader was considerate enough to send in a little background on Blitzkreig,
WCW's sensational new Cruiserweight:
"While Mike Tenay actually talked about most of the Blitzkreig info here it is
again- he's a pretty young guy from the SoCal area. He has a tremendous
gymnastics/ acrobat backround and has wrestled in indies all over CA. He is part
of Ron Rivera/American Wildchild's SoCal lucha group that has a web page that
can be found through or Check it out. He will
amaze the hell out of you and I'm glad to see him getting a break."
VISIT my Home Page:
The program opened with clips of Sid destroying The One Man Gang, Rod Price and
injured Skull Von Krush, with Choke Slams and Power Bombs. Von Krush begged for
mercy and Sid was happy to give it to him. Believe that and I have several very
"damp" acres in the middle of the Florida Everglades to sell you.

After the regular ECW opening, Joey Styles was at the announcers position and
hyped the next ECW PPV, Living Dangerously,
March 21, 1999, from Asbury Park,
NJ. He said Taz (C) is pushing to meet Sabu for the ECW Title at the PPV.

The first match was for the ECW TV Championship, pitting Rob "Mr. Monday Night /
The Whole F'N Show" Van Dam (C) (RVD) v. Ulf Hermann. Van Dam's Manager, Bill
Alfonso, accompanied him to the ring. The crowd popped big for RVD, who played
to them as usual. The match was shown highlight style. We saw an exchange of
chain moves on the mat, followed by Hermann applying an Arm Wringer. RVD hit a
Leaping Spin Kick and followed with a series of punches. Hermann hit a pair of
Clotheslines and a Power Bomb. RVD threw Hermann to the floor and hit him with a
Plancha. RVD hit a Kick to Hermann's head while he was straddling the guard
rail, knocking him into the crowd. RVD then leaped off the guard rail onto
Hermann and we got our first "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. RVD then hit Hermann with a
version of The Van Daminator among the fans. Back in the ring and RVD hit a
Tumbling Senton Splash, followed by a Frog Splash and The Fat Lady went to work.
The match was typical Van Dam. Hermann has less of a chance then Von Krush did
of getting mercy from Sid.
Winner - Rob Van Dam - Retains ECW TV Title

Joey ran a clip from House Party '99. Tommy Dreamer was in the ring, as was
Justin Credible, along with his AWO (@$$hole World Order), Manager Jason, Gender
Challenged Nicole Bass and The Mystery Afro American Woman (one of these days
Joey will give us her name), awaiting the start of their match. Lance Storm,
accompanied by Tammy Lynn Bytch (TLB) came to the ring. Storm said despite what
people were saying about the Dreamer / Credible match being the best one at
Guilty As Charged, he carried Van dam in their match, and it was the best on the
card. He then challenged either Dreamer or Credible to face him, instead of each
other. Dreamer took the mic and ragged on everyone in the ring. Each of
Credible's entourage had to be restrained. He then turned his attention to TLB
and called her, "Flat as a board, and easy to screw." Neither TLB nor Storm were
amused. Editors Note: This was prior to TLB's "plastic enhancement."

We next saw a highlight clip showcasing Storm and TLB.

Dudley was in the locker room and talked about being small and how that
affects him as a wrestler.

A clip was run highlighting what has been going on between The Dudley Boyz and
Public Enemy. Steve Prazak was in the locker room area, in
Columbia, SC, in a
piece shot during ECW's recent invasion of The Carolinas. He spoke with Joel
"Pass me everything on the table" Gertner, Advisor to The Dudley Boys. He asked
him who was paying them to take out Public Enemy and New Jack. Gertner was his
usual entertaining self and gave a complete explanation...Gertner style. He said
the person behind it was "The Mysterious Benefactor."

Styles said two days later in
Raleigh, NC, New Jack went after payback, as we
picked up a match in progress between Little Spike Dudley (LSD) and Big Dick
Dudley. LSD hit The Acid Drop to win the match. Bubba Ray (BBR) and D-Von Dudley
hit the ring and nailed LSD with a 3-D (Dudley Death Drop). New Jack came to the
ring with his garbage can full of toys. He smashed a Picture Frame (?) over the
head of BBR and took out a Golf Club. After nailing BBR in the back with it, he
put what looked like a piece of plastic grating over BBR's privates and
delivered a shot with the Golf Club. This was good enough to get another "Oh, my
G-d" from Joey. Gertner was in the ring also and New Jack made him pay. He
crowned hit with a Skate Board and then set him up on a table in the middle of
the ring. New Jack left the ring and went up into the balcony of the arena. He
leaped off the balcony onto Gertner, putting him thru the table and half way to
China. Styles screamed, "Gertner's dead, Gertner's dead." However, BBR and D-Von
weren't, as New jack soon found out. They returned to the ring and nailed him
with a 3-D.
Winners - LSD, New Jack, and Stockholders in The Acme Table & Chair
Losers - BBR's "Privates," Gertner and New Jack

The next match pitted Little Guido of The Full Blooded Italians (FBI) v. Antifaz
Del Norte (ADN). Little Guido was accompanied by the rest of The FBI, Tracey
Smothers, Big Sal E. Graziano and the Big Don, Tommy Rich. The closest any of
these four losers ever got to
Italy was spilling a bowl of pasta on themselves.
The crowd was all over Rich as the match got underway. Guido started with a take
down and rode ADN. ADN came back with a Drop Toe Hold. Guido responded with a
Leg Take Down and held onto the leg. ADN reversed it and Guido went for the
ropes to break it. They exchanged punches and chops Guido hit a Scoop and Slam.
ADN came up with a series of aerial moves, including a Somersault Plancha onto
Smothers at ringside. ADN hit a Hurricanrana and followed with a Flying Head
Scissors. Guido came back with a Tiger Bomb and an Elbow Drop, went for a pin,
but couldn't get it. He then nailed a Hangman's Neck Breaker. ADN answered with
a Leap off the top turn buckle onto Guido and was all over him Smothers and Rich
came into the ring (big surprise) and stopped ADN from pinning Guido. Smothers
mauled ADN. Guido hit him with a Leg Drop. Nova stormed into to help ADN and
cleaned house. He hit Smothers with a Super Kick and Guido with a combination
Neck/Jaw Breaker. Big Sal E. Hauled his lard @$$ into the ring and was blasted
with a DDT by Nova. It looked like the match was turning into a tag team event
with Nova joining forces with ADN v. Guido and Smothers. Rich made sure he stood
out of the way. There was action in and out of the ring. ADN nailed Guido with a
Face First Slam and pinned him for the victory.
Winner (s) - Antifaz Del Norte (and Nova [?])
Loser (s) - Little Guido (and Tracey Smothers [?])

The next match was taped in
Concord, NC. It was Tajiri v. Super Crazy (SC), in
what seems like their 1,500th match in the past month. It was picked up in
progress. We saw a Leg Take Down by Tajiri, followed by an Arm Bar by
SC. SC hit
a Snap Mare. Tajiri came back with a Hurricanrana and a pair of Arm Drags. The
fans were really into the match. They exchanged a series of moves and counter
moves. SC applied an Inverted Surf Board and rolled Tajiri around the ring with
it. He released the hold and Tajiri hit a Hand Spring Elbow and followed up with
Chops to the chest. Tajiri hit a Hurricanrana. SC went to the floor for a
breather, but got hit with a Asahi Moonsault. Tajiri hit a Kick to SC's head as
he climbed onto the apron. He then applied The Tarantula on the ropes. He does
this every match. Tajiri continued his assault with a Kick to the ribs that was
good enough for Joey to give us another "Oh, my G-d." SC fought back with a
Tilt-A-Whirl Back Breaker on the floor, followed by a Somersault Plancha. They
went back to the ring, where SC hit a Moonsault. He came up with a Fireman's
Carry into a Slam. He hit a Moonsault off the top turn buckle, but was caught as
he tried for another. Tajiri hit a Drop Kick as SC was on his knees, following
up with a Kick to the head. Tajiri hit a DDT and went for an aerial move. He was
caught in mid air by SC and planted into the mat. SC covered him and the score
is now
Mexico 755, Japan 748. Another great match between these two.
Winner - Super Crazy

Joey closed the program with words about next weeks show, which will be from the
House Of Hardcore,
Queens, NYC. We will see another Tajiri / Super Crazy match
(these two apparently will meet in every city, town, village, hamlet, shopping
mall and parking lot in the country), and the first ever sanctioned match
between The Dudley Boys and Public Enemy. It will be a homecoming for Taz (One
has to wonder if the citizens of NYC will present Taz with The 1999 Humanitarian
Submitted by reader: SlickVenom
While reading the last issue, l noticed several people giving props to
Blitzkreig. Well, granted, the guy is better then most in the air, but Venom
Black and Mr. Aguila are the two most psychedelic high flying wrestlers in the
world. Venom can do every single high flying move invented, including top rope
spring board sky twisters, springboard shooting star press (imagine that!) the
450 reverse leg drop, and hell, the guy does a misty 720 just to enter the ring!
Blitzkreig did a misty 180 btw). Mr. Aguila you guys may remember from his few
WWF matches. However, he is a much better worker then what he showed us. He
also executes the sky twisters, misty 540's, 450 splashes, shooting star press,
and the coolest and most dangerous move ever, the double springboard tornado
plancha (makes Garza's corkscrew look like child's play!) Needless to say, these
are my two favorite wrestlers. So basically, what I'm saying is, if you guys
marked out for Blitzkreig, then you would go ape s**t for my guys...l recommend
looking in to getting some tapes with these guys. If you don't know where to
look, email me...
thanks for your time-Zak-SlickVenom
Submitted by reader: Yosei10
Hey everyone, about the Lex Luger and Kevin Nash vs. K-dogg and little Rey
match. I for one was looking forward to a great match, but Lex actually got
injured before time. But, before this even happened, I noticed something not
else going on. The stipulations are both neccesities to WCW. Basically. what I
am saying, knowing what little Rey looks like, WCW will not let him lose his
mask. But then you consider Liz's hair being on the line.WCW has big plans for
her in the future, and the fact they would let her lose her hair is pretty far
fetched. So the only logical answer for me was, I smell a heel turn. In my
thoughts, I can see little Rey converting to the colors of the Wolfpac. Now, I
am not saying that this will definitely happen, but the possibility is there.
Not counting the Lex luger vs. Rey match, the Wolfpac has done
virtually nothing to harm Rey Mysterio Jr. So, if WCW is indeed planning on
this to happen, it will be a real disappointment. But in WCW nowadays, you can
pretty much expect anything.
Submitted by reader: Matt Jacobs (Scerdina)
Austin's bad, 'Taker's dark, You'll believe it, if you're a mark!
Hell yeah's, Bottom line's, Caught with hos'll bring ya' fines!
Crazy Shamrock, Hardcore James, Watch out Vinnie, Austin's takin' names!
its the best action in the nation, its the World Wrestling Federation!
nWo-fed, it didnt start yet, but it will, why arent you in it yet, join it now,
e-mail M.Caputo right now, hurry the spots are going fast, this fed
will start next week, Monday, Feb 15, please choose 5 or 6 wrestlers, but you
only get 2, so time is a wasting, join now, M.Caputo !!!!

AD, do not send responses to me!

The Extreme Wrestling Association is looking for some new members; those who
will give their all for every match, people who can consistantly rp OVER 35
lines. The EWA is taking applications for anyone who thinks they meet the above.
Real and fake wrestlers are available! If interested, email
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

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