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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 164

Date:  Sunday February 14th, 1999  2:21 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The bloom is already starting to be off the rose when it comes to morale. The
biggest complaints are, and this one is valid, is that WCW has made it almost
impossible to be a babyface because the role of the heels is to try to be cool
babyfaces and the actual babyfaces are presented as dumb saps to be constantly
outwitted. The other complaint is that its the same guys with political pull
in all the videos, and nobody else, whether they get crowd reactions or not , is
given the opportunity.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Buff Bagwell has been given limited clearance to once again wrestle; at press
time, there is no word as to when WCW will actually return the talented Bagwell
to the ring.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Dok Hendrix, formerly the legendary Michael PS Hayes, will be returning to his
roots when he competes as Michael Hayes 2/12 in
Memphis. For many newer fans
who only know Hayes as the bumbling fourth string WWF commentator, this will not
make an impact. For older fans, who remember his wars against The Von Erichs,
the renowned leader of The Fabulous Freedbirds was a genuine icon. Can he pull
off the act today? Good question. Either way, it would be interesting to find
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

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news anywhere, send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
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Tonight's program was taped
Monday, February 8, 1999. It began with a clip of
Mr. McMahon's Royal Rumble victory, and the events leading up to tomorrow's cage
match between Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) and McMahon (VM).

The regular RAW opening was shown and we saw Michael Cole and Jerry "The King"
Lawler at the announcers desk.

SCSA came to the ring to a major pop. He said that VM arranged his non-title
match tonight v. Mankind hoping they would hurt each other before tomorrow's
PPV, St. Valentine's Day Massacre (SVDM). He expressed a lot of respect for
Mankind, calling him "one tough SOB." He "guaranteed" to destroy VM in their
cage match, go to Wrestlemania (WM) for a shot a the WWF Title, and "blood would
be spilled in the cage match and he wont be mine," and "that the bottom

Mankind came to the ring to a big pop and said "he might come down to the cage
and get some of VM's blood spilled on my new white shirt." He went on to say he
would defeat The Rock in their Last Man Standing Match at SVDM and go on to WM
to face and beat SCSA. He promised that one of them (he and SCSA) would "take
one hell of a beating tonight."

VM and The Corporation, Shane McMahon, The Rock, The Stooges, Test, The Big
Bossman (BM), Ken Shamrock, Kane, and Chyna came out on the ramp. The Rock did
his standard bit and said he would beat Mankind and go to Wrestlemania as the
WWF Champion.

VM took the microphone to a chant of "@$$hole, rehashed his victory at The Royal
Rumble and "guaranteed" that no member of The Corporation would interfere in the
Cage Match or he would fire them. He went on to say "that after the cage match,
the WWF will never be the same for SCSA again." He announced that he would be
the referee for the SCSA / Mankind match later tonight.

We saw Debra massaging her legs as Mark "Sexual Chocolate" Henry watch her via a
monitor drooling.

The first match pitted D'Lo Brown, accompanied by Henry v. Double J, accompanied
by Owen Hart and Debra. Prior to the match we saw a clip from RAW two weeks ago
of Henry putting the moves on Debra and getting blasted by Double J and Owen for
his efforts. D-Lo took the mic and talked about Mark's weakness for women and
said he had found a solution for him. He introduced a woman named Ivory, who was
well put together, but looked like she had some mileage on her. Mark went crazy
and hugged her when she got to the ring. As Debra did she thing, distracting the

referee, Ivory came into the ring and distracted Double J, allowing D-Lo to nail
him with The Low Down and pin him. After the match, Ivory and Debra got into a
short catfight.
Winners - D'Lo Brown, and apparently Mark Henry

We saw a clip shot earlier today of Val Venis (VV) and Ryan Shamrock in one of
the Skydome Hotel rooms. The shades were up and they were getting down.

We next saw a clip of VV and Ryan making their new video. This was followed by a
series of clips showing KS attacking VV on several occasions.

VV came to the ring accompanied by Ryan and got a nice pop. Kevin Kelley started
to interview VV, but was cut short by KS, aka Nutso, who again attacked VV. He
took out four referees when they tried to stop him, including applying his Ankle
Submission Hold to one.

We saw VV in the locker room being tended to by Ryan. He said he had had enough
and was going to end it tonight.

The next match was Goldust v. Gillberg. The movie usher delivered a blue rose
and candy to Goldie and he threw them into the crowd. Gillberg did his usual
intro, surrounded by Security Guard and thru the sparklers/fire extinguishers,
as a chant of "Gillberg" was heard over the PA System. Goldie wiped Gillberg out
and hit The Curtain Call. BlueDust appeared on The TitanTron, covered with blue
paint and wearing a rose only. While Goldie was watching BlueDust, Gillberg came
up from behind and pinned him. It appears we found out "Who's First." Goldie was
not amused and nailed Gillberg with Shattered Dreams. The lights went out and
Goldust was at ringside covered in blue paint.
Winner - Gillberg
Loser - Gillberg's Privates

Kevin Kelley was backstage talking to Head Referee Earl Hebner. He said he
refused to allow any of his referees handle the Venis / Shamrock
Intercontinental Title Match at SVDM, and unless someone volunteers, Shamrock
would forfeit the title.

DX, (Triple H, X-Pac, Road Dogg and Bad @$$) came to the ring to a big pop. Triple H said
"Chyna wants to play ball like the guys but doesn't carry a bat and don't have
the balls." X-Pac said he slammed the cage door on Kane last week, causing him
to have his head stitched up, and wasn't afraid of him. (No one ever accused
X-Pac of being a Rocket Scientist.) Tonight he would take him on and beat him.
He then talked about his situation with Shane McMahon, using Scott Hall's line
"Don't sing it... Bring it." Road Dog did his intro bit, mentioned his 2 of 3
fall match with Al Snow. promising there won't be a 3rd fall. (Editors Note:
Road Dogg has entered a rehab program and wont be appearing at the PPV.) Bad @$$
wasn't happy that he
didn't have a match at SVDM, so decided do things himself. He removed his shirt
and was wearing a referee's shirt. Road Dogg asked "if he was about to get a job
Foot Locker." Bad @$$ replied, "No," and called Doggie "a dumbass" and said he
would be the referee for the VV / KS match at SVDM. He closed with his "Suck It"

We saw Shane and VM talking as VM head to the ring.

The first Main Event was next, pitting SCSA v. Mankind, in a non-title match. VM
came to the ring first and was greeted with the "@$$hole" chant. SCSA and
Mankind got good pops when they came in. SCSA got into VM's face. VM said "that
tables, chairs, kicks to the groin and just about anything else was legal." SCSA
said that he and Mankind weren't going to get their @$$es kicked but someone
would. He then said the two of them wouldn't do it, but HE would. VM turned
around and ate Mr. Socko. The Corporation raced in. The Rock and Shamrock took
Stunners, as SCSA and Mankind kicked @$$ and took names. Shane and Chyna help VM
back to the locker room. "Curses, foiled again."

VM came out with The Corporation and said SCSA would "rue the day," and
announced a Gauntlet Match for tonight, SCSA v. every member of The Corporation
except The Rock.

The next match was The Godfather, accompanied by three fine Ho's, v. Viscera,
accompanied by Mideon, Members of The Ministry Of Darkness. The Godfather got a
good pop. He did his "Pimpin' ain't easy" bit and the crowd loved it. Mideon
joined the announcers. He was carrying an eye in a jar, said it was a present
from The Undertaker and called it his "friend." The Godfather was in control
until Mideon got into the ring causing a DQ. Viscera and Mideon assaulted The
Godfather and left.
Winner - The Godfather by DQ

We saw a brawl backstage between VV and Nutso. Bad @$$ tried to stop it and it
turned into a three way brawl. It was broken up by DX and The Corporation.

The next match was X-Pac v Kane, accompanied by Chyna. It was speed v. strength,
with Kane controlling most of the match. X-Pac fought back, but Chyna came in
and attacked X-Pac from behind. She hit him with a Body Slam and was about to
hit The Pedigree, when Triple H came in and shoved Kane into her. Chyna was going to
take both of them on. She ran at them and they ducked. Kane pulled her out of
the ring and carried her kicking and screaming to the locker room, with Shane
Winner - X-Pac by DQ

We saw Road Dogg down in the locker room. He was bleeding near one ear. EMT's
came to render aid. Now we know how the WWF will account for his absence the
next few weeks.

Al Snow came to the ring, along with Head. He said he was "The Crown Prince Of
Hardcore," and would prove it at SVDM. He the challenged anyone in the locker
room to a Hardcore Match. When no one came, he had one against himself. He hit
himself with a mic, opened a fire extinguisher on him, used a chair, hit himself
with a serving tray. He did a Moonsault on the table, putting himself thru it.
Bob Holly came to try to stop him, but Snow attacked him and a Hardcore Match
got underway. They fought in the ring, at ringside and in the crowd. They
exchanged chair shots and were finally separated by several referees.

Kevin Kelly interviewed Droz backstage. He asked Kelly why he called him a punk
and then punched Kelly. Steve Blackman made the save.

The next match was The Rock v. Steve Blackman. The Rock got a pop coming to the
ring and did The Corporate Eyebrow. He dominated much of the match and won with
Rock Bottom and The Corporate Elbow. It was a typical Rock match, including a
bit at the announcers table. He displayed a Karate stance, that was humorous.
Winner - The Rock

We saw a split screen of SCSA and The Corporation preparing for The Gauntlet

The next match was the Main Event. It was a Gauntlet Match, pitting SCSA v. The

1st in was Nutso, who controlled early. SCSA hit him with a Stunner. Test came
in and Nutso was DQ'd.
2nd in was Test, who was quickly nailed with a Stunner, bringing Kane in and
getting Test DQ'd.
3rd in was Kane, who hammered SCSA. including a Choke Slam that SCSA survived.
SCSA reversed an attempt by Kane at a Tombstone and turned it into a Stunner,
bringing Chyna in and getting Kane DQ'd.
4th in was Chyna, who hit a Low Blow. SCSA recovered and hit her with a Stunner.
5th in was BM, who mauled SCSA. VM threw him the Night Stick and he jabbed SCSA
with in several times, leaving him on the mat defenseless.
6th in was VM, who called the BM off and got down on the mat and taunted SCSA,
then pinned him for the victory.
The Corporation attacked and held SCSA down while VM poured a beer on him and
screamed in his face. The program ended on that note.
Winner - Mr. McMahon
Shotgun Saturday Night Results, by VBbys8
February 13, 1999
Edge\Christian vs The Hardy Boys
When you have four of the youngest, most athletic wrestlers in WWF you're bound
to have a four-star match. Edge and Christian threw themselves all over the
place in this match and they won when Edge used a diamond cutter. Christian held
Jeff Hardy up in the air. A move similar to the DudleyDrop in ECW.

Midian defeated Tiger Ali Singh with a Scorpion Death Drop.
Triple H defeated Droz with the Pedigree.

Billy Gunn vs Owen Hart w\ Debra & Jeff Jarrett
Billy Gunn did his "Suck It" routine to an unbelievable response from the 40,000
plus people in attendance. Owen controlled most of the match until Billy hit the
rocker dropper. As he was going for the pin, Debra came up on the apron and did
her usual thing. Billy planted a kiss on her and was then pulled out of the ring
by Jarrett. Jarrett nailed him with the guitar as Owen distracted the ref. A
dazed Billy Gunn was easy prey for a spinning heel kick and was pinned.
Submitted by reader: LrdVadr316
Now usually I don't like to take the time to attempt to get an article printed
on this newsletter, but I had to when I saw that I was not the only one. The
only one what, you might ask? The only who watched Nitro very bored as usual,
and wound up seeing one hell of a cruiserweight match. I watched as another
luchadore in bright red and a weird looking mask came out. Ooh, Blitzcrieg (I
know the original spelling is with a K, was this a typo on WCW's part?), this
ought to be good. I had Nitro on tape as usual, because I can only stand so
much of the Atlanta product these days. But I didn't fast forward through the
match very long, in fact I had to back track practically up to the beginning. As
I sat and watched this unknown talent in Blitzkrieg go up with one of the best
guys in WCW right now in my opinion and one hell of a worker, Rey Mysterio Jr.
These guys worked very well together, and I think that this new luchardocre
could very well be a Cruiserweight champ. Let's just hope its not a flash in
the pan, as Wheel Chair Wrestling often likes to do. While we're on the subject
of surprise matches, how about that Billy Kidman/LeReoux(sp?) match? Again,
another nameless guy who really surprised the hell out of me at least and pulled
of some great moves. If nothing else, I'm really looking forward to even
greater heights in the Cruiser division; basically the only division worth
watching in WCW nowadays!
My thanks to BladeWKO for the following information:
IWA KOTDM2 Travel Packages~~~~~~~~~~~~
OH YEAH! All you guys out there that haven't had the opportunity to come to an
IWA show, these travel packages make it real easy and nice for ya to attend
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10th, send your check, and get psyched... here's the skinny...
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2-person Holiday Inn room in Louisville for Friday AND Saturday nights, bus
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For Ringside Tickets : $115 before March 5th, $125 after
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And if you want an extra night in the hotel, it'll be an extra $32.50.
To get your tickets, make out a check or money order to BLOODSPORTS, INC. and
MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE your name, address, whether you're requesting ringside or
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WHAT'S THE IWA FANCON?!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Well I thought you'd never ask! During the KOTDM2 weekend, probably on
Saturday afternoon at the Holiday Inn, IWA will host a special CONVENTION FOR
ALL ITS FANS! Included will be a Question & Answer session with all the
wrestlers, pictures and autographs, nearly if not every IWA TAPE available for
sale at only $12 a pop, several different t-shirts at $15, and the special KOTDM
t-shirt at $20! its GONNA BE HUGE! Everything IWA, fans all over the place,
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admission to the IWA FanCon, and those not getting the packages will only have
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Here's the current roster for the KOTDM2...
Representing IWA1) Ian Rotten (in perhaps his last ever pro wrestling match)
2) Harry "The Babe Magnet" Palmer
3) Madman Pondo (paired with Pete Madden first round?)
4) Corporal Robinson
5) "Brutal" Bill Lewis
6) Rollin' Hard
7) Cash Flo
8) The Suicide Kid
9) Bull Pain Representing Big Japan
10) Mitsuhiro Matsunaga (more than likely) Representing IWA Japan
11) The Original Leatherface (near definite) Representing Midwest Renegade
12) "The Human Wrecking Ball" Pete Madden (paired w/ Pondo first round?)
Representing Real Deal Professional Wrestling
13) "Psycho" Sam Cody
There is 3 more spots to be filled.
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