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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 166

Date:  Sunday February 14th, 1999  9:11 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Sunday Night Heat Report for February 14th, 1999
By Steve Appy
Live from Memphis TN
Shane McMahon introduced his father to a chorus of boos; Vince insisted on
showing a replay of both his Royal Rumble & 2/13 RAW victories over Steve
Austin watched on a monitor, McMahon offered Austin one last opportunity to
back out of their matchup later tonight.

Kevin Kelly revealed that Road Dogg, due to injuries, has been forced to vacate
the Hardcore Championship. A huge limousine entered the arena, occupants

Mankind was greeted by his trainer, Dominic Donucci (sp?), Bob Backlund & The
Iron Sheik. Backlund is back to playing his right wing lunatic role.

Viscera defeated Test via disqualifcation in
With Viscera on the verge of victory, the Big Boss Man interfered and destroyed
the Ministry member.

Michael Cole interviewed Billy Gunn. Although half of what he said was
gibberish, the gist had something to do with the Intercontinental Championship
match that Gunn is officiating later in the evening.

The Rock interviewed a collection of ho's for the spot of his personal masseuse;
the point was to give The Rock a chance to degrade the whole bunch.

With Jerry Lawler as the host, Debra challenged Ivory to a six man match later
tonight; Ivory refused, preferring the title match instead. Ivory threatened to
strip Debra, and a catfight ensued.

Mankind briefly trained with The Iron Sheik's weights; instead of exercise,
Foley pictured them as weapons to be used against The Rock.

Michael Cole attempted to interview Steve Austin about McMahon's ultimatum; a
Austin slammed the door in Cole's face.

Ryan Shamrock got very friendly with Billy Gunn; she seemed to have a soft spot
for The New Age Outlaw.

Billy Gunn "pinned" Tiger Ali Singh in 0:31
Triple H provided color commentary; the referee was knocked unconscious, and Val
Venis, seeking to gain Gunn's favor later in the evening, counted the unofficial
Ken Shamrock attacked Venis, as Gunn looked on in amusement.

As Dominic Denucci attempted to revert Foley back to a technical style, Vince
McMahon informed the Stooges that if there was any Corporate interference in the
cage match, the offending party would be fired.

As Foley sluggishly trained, The Rock surprised Mankind, destroying his knee
with a fire estinguisher.

As Vince McMahon explained the depth of his hatred for Steve Austin, WWF
Commisioner Shawn Michaels made his return. After letting Vinnie Mac know
exactly what he thinks of him, Stone Cold interrupted, murder visible in his
Hoping to taunt
Austin into breaching his contract, McMahon spit on Austin
square on the chest. Refusing to be goaded,
Austin promised to wash the spit
with McMahon's blood later in the evening.
WWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre Report for 2/14/1999
By Steve Appy
Live from Memphis TN
Goldust pinned The Blue Meanie
Bluedust was terrific w/ his imitation of Goldust; the mannerisms were right on
target. Meanie actually performed a Moonsault (which missed), which led to
Goldust performing the Curtain Call for the pinfall. In the course of the
match, Runnells actually spanked Meanie, a sight we all could have done without.
Memphis cheered, Goldust laid Meanie out with the Curtain Call.

Bob Holly pinned Al Snow to win the vacant WWF Hardcore Championship
It was announced that Road Dogg was stripped of the Hardcore Championship due to
being hospitalized; Holly looked okay, but has so little credbility it hurt the
match. The two brawled out of the arena, an destroyed each other with stop
signs, barb wire, and every weapon within reach. Both men ended up in the
Mississippi River; Holly scored the upset after trapping Snow in barb wire,
which gave him the leverage to force the three count.

The Undertaker, surrounded by his Ministry, announced plans to make an impact
tonight. I still think UT is more effective as a lone wolf...

The Big Boss Man pinned Midian
After some lackluster brawling, The Boss Man scored the pinfall after a Side
Slam. The Ministry destroyed The Boss Man, and carried the unconscious
Corporation member to the waiting Undertaker. While The Undertaker is the
babyface here, the Ministry members are so unlikable it leaves the crowd dead.

Kevin Kelly interviewed D-Lo Brown, Mark Henry & Ivory. D-Lo promised that if
Debra got out of line, Ivory would rip every piece of clothing of her body. We
can only be so lucky...

WWF World Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) defeated D-Lo
Brown & Mark Henry (w/Ivory) when Jarrett forced Henry to submit.
Henry wore his heavy duty brace on his right knee, but still managed to get
involved in the action. Brown was on the defensive most of the match; as Brown
was ready to hit The Frog Splash, Debra distracted him with a shot of her
cleavage. As the ladies argued, Owen Hart hit Henry with the guitar, setting
him up for Jarrett's figure four. Ivory tried to make good on her promise, and
managed to rip off half of Debra's blouse before cooler heads prevailed. Of
course, Ivory would really get over as a babyface if she actually managed to
strip Debra...

Val Venis (w/Ryan Shamrock) pinned Ken Shamrock to win the WWF Intercontinetal
Billy Gunn was the special referee; Ryan Shamrock wore a very revealing outfit,
much to the delight of both Venis & Gunn. Of course, Ken Shamrock was enraged.
After a DDT, Shamrock had Venis pinned, and Gunn refused to make the three
count. Putting storyline aside, Gunn had no sense of timing with his counts.
Shamrock had Venis locked in the Ankle Lock, and Ryan helped Venis reach the
ropes. Shamrock was angry, and Ryan ended up slapping her older "brother". A
crazed Shamrock shoved Billy Gunn, and after retaliating, he counted Shamrock
down for the quickest three count in recent memory. Gunn proceeded to attack
Venis as well, setting up a Triangle Match for Wrestlemania.

Chyna & Kane defeated Triple H & X-Pac when Chyna pinned Triple H
Chyna held her own against X-Pac; of course, she is actually bigger than he is!
Chyna was very effective against Triple H; she was truly not out of place in this
match. Shane McMahon, providing color commentary, ended up receiving a forearm
in the face from a flying X-Pac. As X-Pac applied the Bronco Buster to Chyna,
Shane McMahon clotheslined X-Pac from behind. Although it caused no damage, it
angered X-Pac enough to force him to chase McMahon back to the locker room.
Left at a disadvantage, Triple H fell victim to Kane's chokeslam, leaving Chyna on
top of Triple H for the victory.

An ambulance was shown, presumably in wait for either The Rock or Mankind.

WWF World Champion Mick Foley fought The Rock to a Draw
To no surprise, Foley & The Rock brawled all over the arena. In the funniest
moment of the night, Foley tried to connect with the Corporate Elbow (or "Mr.
Elbow"), but The Rock was alert enough to avoid his own maneuver. Since this
was a "Last Man Standing Match", the winner is decided when one man is on the
canvas for a ten count. Basically the same rules as a Texas Death Match. The
Rock worked over Foley's injured knee with a chair, and ended up taking a
chairshot himself off a rebounding ring rope. As you can imagine, there was far
too much brawling action to properly call. Both men hit the other with a chair
at the same instant, rendering them both unconscious. Since neither man
answered the ten count, Earl Hebner ruled the contest a draw. The crowd
appreciated the screwjob ending so much that a loud "bullsh*t" chant filled the
arena. Both men were removed on stretchers; The Rock, with a neck immobilizer,
seemed to be in worse shape this time. Both men were carted away by ambulance;
although the punishment wasn't quick as sick as The Royal Rumble, its still
uncomfortable watching all the sick bumps Foley always takes in these big

Steve Austin defeated Vince McMahon in a Steel Cage Match
Before the match,
Austin played possum and faked a knee injury. Vince tried to
take advantage, and an alert Stone Cold responded with a clothesline. The two
men brawled into the crowd, and
Austin destroyed McMahon on the outside of the
cage for a good ten minutes. As the two men brawled to the top of the cage
(still on the outside), Vince was pitched off the top of the cage, straight
through the Spanish announcers table. A great bump on Vince's part; though the
table did look gimmicked, it was still an awesome visual. As the EMT's prepared
to wheel McMahon away,
Austin refused the victory and demanded Vince's presence
in the ring. Taking control of the gurney,
Austin wheeled McMahon straight into
the outside of the cage! After deposting the fallen owner of the WWF into the
Austin devastated Vince from one end of the ring to the other. As Austin
was prepared to leave the cage, McMahon goaded
Austin back into the cage with a
well placed middle finger. I think its a given that McMahon may have the best
facials in the business. Vince bladed, and had blood streaming down his face.
Austin prepared to exit the cage for the second time, Vince once again
Austin into returning to the cage. Big mistake. Paul Wight (formerly
known as The Giant) broke through the bottom of the ring, and proceeded to bully
the much smaller
After Wight threw
Austin into the cage, the momentum broke the cage wide open,
Austin to tumble to the floor, broken but victorious. Wight assisted
the fallen McMahon from the ring; the blood streaming down McMahon's face told a
gruesome tale.
Brian Blair, formerly of WWF's Killer Bees, is looking for future bookings.
its great to see this talented veteran back on the scene; if interested, please
BGCHRATPAT or call (704) 785-8855 for further information

The role of Ryan Shamrock is being played by a
Houston, Texas stripper named
Alesha. She is currently recieving $1,000 per television appearance and is
hoping to be able to sign a short term contract that will keep her on television
for the next few months.
Thanks to lonestar32 for sending in.
Reported by Michael Patrick of The Big 3 Newsboard,
found at:
Reported by the official home of The Jackyl:
Reported by the Jackyl Webmaster, Bill A. (jackylwebsite)
For the past several weeks and months, speculation and rumors have been floating
around about the where-a-bouts of the Jackyl, and what future would be
"prophesied" for him. Well that Prophesy was fulfilled (better yet, confirmed)
last night when The Jackyl made his first appearance in Extreme Championship
Wrestling. During the ECW television tapings in Queens, NY, the Jackyl finally
made his return upon the wrestling scene, as he always does best, in mysterious

The Official Jackyl Website as well as Don himself, would like to confirm that
Don has indeed signed a contract with ECW, and very much looks forward to
working with ECW and company, as Extreme Championship Wrestling continues to be
a revolutionary force in the industry, as we approach the new millennium. The
following is a statement from the Jackyl himself on his new future in ECW:
(Jackyl's message)
"Greetings once again to my loyal followers. Today, this thirteenth day of
February is indeed a glorious one....

For today is the day that thousands of Jackalites can cast themselves back into
the sunlight of my smile, rejoice, for I am back on television!!!

Let me say that I am ecstatic about being a part of ECW. The experience at the
Madhouse on Queens Blvd was like nothing else I've been involved with in my ten
years in the wrestling business. The fans were rabid, they way they should be,
and when I ventured out amongst the little darlings last night, marking my first
live appearance for ECW, it was a major thrill.

I had more fun at that show yesterday than I have in over a year and it was a
welcome release from the various career stresses that I have endured in the past
two months.

What a rush to meet one of my idols, The Franchise Shane Douglas! Very cool to
see Justin Credible again (I wrestled my WWF tryout match with him in the summer
of 1996). Of course, it is always fantastic to hook up with Lance Storm, one of
my best friends in the business.

What struck me about the whole experience was the great atmosphere in the
dressing room, that starts with Paul Heyman and carries over to every guy in the
back, everyone was very cool.

You will no doubt have many questions about my role in ECW, my name and God
knows what else. I can only tell you that I will be allowed to do what I can do,
and that's all I have ever asked for. Whatever happens, Paul Heyman gave me a
chance, and for that I'll be eternally grateful. Its an opportunity I intend to
make the most of...

Just when you think you're rid of me, I'm back...Remember what I said... "Life
is an incurable disease...and so am I".)

As to the Jackyl's role in ECW. All we can say at this point is to keep a close
watch on ECW from all its television to house shows, and sooner, rather than
later, the mystery of the Jackyl will be revealed. If you don't have ECW in your
area, keep checking back for news and exclusive information at the "Official
Jackyl Website" at (By the way, it
never hurts to inform you local tv stations and cable companies that you would
love to see ECW on in your area.)
This message can be found at:
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