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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 167

Date:  Tuesday February 16th, 1999  8:00 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Besides being offered a role on "E.R.," TNT has proposed a regular weekly TV
action-adventure series for which he would be the star. He is scheduled to be
on "The Tonight Show" on 2/19. There is the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie
"Universal Soldier 2", which will be released in August. Goldberg has also
become a model representative for WCW. At the Television Critics Association
winter tour in
Pasadena CA last month, Goldberg was part of a panel with Eric
Bischoff. Goldberg told the TV critics: "I'm here to tell you there is nothing
about this sport that is fake.
Predetermined, yes. Fake, no."
(Reported by Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch)

To subscribe to The Pro Wrestling Torch, send $36 for 20 issues to:
The Pro Wrestling Torch
P.O. Box 201844
Minneapolis MN 55420

As many of you know,
Stan Lane is set to make his return to the ring. For any
promoters out there that would be interested in booking Lane, please contact The
Big Cheese (he is handling Lane's bookings). Contact Sal at BGCHRATPAT
or feel free to call him at: (704) 785-8855

Some UK info for your readers.
Finnaly the
UK has a WWF teletext page it is on Sky One channel 262. It has
news (like a report from the latest PPV), wrestler bios and a fanpage.
(Reported by Craig Donaldson (craig.donaldson) & samjerry
VISIT my Home Page:
Tonight's show was the day after the most recent WWF PPV, St. Valentine's Day
Massacre (SVDM). At SVDM, Mankind retained the WWF Championship when The Last
Man Standing Match against The Rock ended in a Draw. In addition, Stone Cold
Steve Austin (SCSA) defeated WWF Owner Mr. McMahon (VM) in their steel cage
match, giving him a Title shot at Wrestlemania (WM). This happened despite the
appearance of Paul Wight (The Giant in his WCW days), who emerged thru the
canvas, and blasted SCSA.

The show began with stills of the two matches mentioned above.

After the regular RAW opening, Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler were at
the announcers desk.

WWF Commissioner Shawn "HBK" Michaels came to the ring to a big pop and said "we
are on the road to Wrestlemania," and introduced the two men who will compete
for the WWF Championship at WM: SCSA, who he said "kicked VM's @$$" and Mankind.
Both came to the ring to major pops.

Mr. McMahon came to the top of the ramp and was greeted by the "@$$hole" chant.
He was wearing a neck brace as a result of his match last night. He called
himself "a broken and humble man" (yeah, and Monica is a nun). He said that SCSA
put twelve stitches in his head last night and threw him off the top of the
cage, and now he wants "to start all over and bury the hatchet." This got his
favorite chant started again. He said he wants SCSA to say "I'm sorry." We stand
a better chance of hearing
Clinton admit he committed perjury. SCSA responded
that he was sorry, "sorry he didn't kick his @$$ even worse." He asked for and
got a "Hell, yeah" for it.

McMahon then told HBK to "do his job and give the people what they want, a
rematch tonight between Mankind and The Rock." Mankind responded that he didn't
win last night, was hurting and said he would give The Rock a rematch next week.

The Rock came out to join VM and told Mankind he "didn't have even seven
minutes," that he wanted a rematch tonight. He dissed HBK and told him to
arrange the match for tonight. Mankind said he had "the testicular fortitude" it
took and agreed to the match, VM told HBK to make it a Ladder Match, and HBK
agreed to it. VM then introduced the Special Guest Referee for the Title match
at WM. It is Paul Wight, who came out and joined VM and The Rock. He had a stare
down with SCSA.

We saw clips of the two matches last night.

The first match was a mixed tag team match pitting Double J and Debra, who was
looking real fine wearing a pink pair of shorts and halter set, v. D'Lo Brown
and Ivory. Prior to the match we saw stills of last nights tag team title match
between Double J and Owen Hart v. D'Lo and Mark Henry. Debra and Ivory got into
a catfight as part of it. While Double J and D'Lo fought, Debra and Ivory got
into another catfight. The crowd loved it. After they were pulled apart, Debra
nailed Ivory with a Guitar in the back. Note: Ivory used to wrestle as a GLOW
There was no winner

We saw VM and The Corporation in the locker room welcoming Paul Wight to The

DX (Triple H and X-Pac) came to the ring. Triple H did his "Are you ready" bit to a big
pop and challenged Kane and Chyna to a rematch. Chyna pinned Triple H last night,
when she teamed with Kane and Triple H with X-Pac. Kane, Chyna and Shane McMahon (SM)
came out on the ramp, and SM got the "@$$hole" chant, just like daddy. SM said
no to the rematch and gave Chyna the night off. X-Pac suggested "trading one
bitch for another," with SM replacing Chyna. He shamed SM into the match, with
SM agreeing to it only after X-Pac put up the European Title. The match will be

We saw Val Venis swapping spit with Ryan Shamrock.
We saw Mankind struggling to climb up a ladder from the basement of the arena.

Bad @$$ came to the ring as we saw stills of last night Intercontinental Title
match, during which Venis defeated Ken Shamrock and won the Title. Bad @$$ was
the referee for the match. Ryan slapped her brother during it. Bad @$$ got a big
pop as he did his "Suck It" bit. Venis came to the ring, accompanied by Ryan. he
did his "Hello, Ladies" routine and got a big pop. This set up the next match.
It was for the Intercontinental Title, with Bad @$$ v. Venis. It pitted two of
the WWF's best athletes against each other. The match was fast paced and even.
Ryan came up on the apron for no apparent reason and was accidentally knocked
off when Bad @$$ was whipped into the ropes. Venis won the match right after
this. Ryan came into the ring. She said something to Venis and he took
exception, saying she didn't deserve to share the glory with him. He dumped her
on the spot. Could Val be turning?
Winner - Val Venis - Retains the WWF Intercontinental Championship

We got a shot of The Undertaker and The Ministry Of Darkness (MOD) on their way
to the ring.

We next saw Bad @$$ consoling Ryan. As he was doing so, Nutso jumped him.

The MOD came to ring. Included were The Taker, Paul Bearer, The Brood Edge,
(Gangrel and Christian), The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Farooq), Mideon and Visera.
As they arrived, we saw a clip from last night of The Big Bossman (BM) being
abducted by MOD after his match. Cole said he has since been released. Bearer
addressed VM, telling him to listen to The Lord of Darkness. The Taker said the
"WWF will belong to him." He said BM "received a small example of his power, was
let go, but the next time he wont be so lucky." He claimed he could take anyone,
anytime. He added that he "owns the key to VM's heart and soul," and "has an
army in the name of a power even greater than himself."

The BM came out on the ramp and said there was no way The Taker could take over
The Corporation. He challenged The Taker and MOD to a six man tag team match,
The Corporation v. MOD. The Taker accepted and warned BM to "be careful what you
wish for, you might just get it."

We got a shot of SM and Kane discussing their match, as Chyna looked on.

The next match was the tag team match, pitting SM and Kane, accompanied by
Chyna, v. Triple H and X-Pac, with the European Title on the line. SM was wearing a
shirt that said "X-Punk" on it. as you might, expect Kane battled Triple H and X-Pac
most of the match, with SM coming in when one of his opponents was down. He did
get caught once and X-Pac cleaned his clock. Chyna nailed X-Pac with a major
Clothesline as he chased X-Pac around the outside of the ring. I think it was in
Triple H and X-Pac's favor to have SM in rather than Chyna. She did get nailed once
when she got up on the ring and held X-Pac, who ducked when SM came at him. With
Kane and Triple H fighting outside the ring, and X-Pac stunned, Chyna handed an also
stunned SM the Title Belt and he clocked X-Pac with it. He fell on to of him and
got the victory. He won and had to be carried back to the locker room by Kane
and Chyna.
Winner - Shane McMahon and new European Champion

We saw The Corporation celebrating Shane victory in their locker room.

The next match was for the Hardcore Championship, pitting Bob Holly (C) v. Steve
Blackman. It started on the ramp and quickly went backstage. They used boards, a
cabinet, a TV monitor, a metal sign, among other things. They went outside to
the loading dock and fought against an 18 wheeler and other junk. Blackman threw
Holly into a dumpster and when he was going after him, Droz ran in and nailed
him with a pole. This allowed Holly to pin him. This was no much of a Hardcore

Holly came to the ring and said he has been saddled with lousy gimmicks, poor
names and lousy tag team partners. He said he is "Hardcore" and challenged
anyone to a match. Bart Gunn came out and took exception to being considered a
lousy tag team partner (he once teamed with Holly). He said that Holly was then
only man he didn't knock out in the Brawl For All that he won and accepted
Holly's challenge for a Hardcore match next week.
Winner - Bob Holly - retains Hardcore Championship

We saw Sable backstage, heading to the ring.
We next saw SCSA pacing in his locker room.

Sable came to the ring to a major pop. Tongues were hanging out all over the
arena. She spoke with Kevin Kelley, saying she was on the cover of the upcoming
Playboy and RAW magazines, and will be on the cover of the WM Issue of TV Guide.
She said "everyone wants Sable." I don't know about everyone, but a lot of men
do. She said she loved everyone there, but wasn't her usual bubbly self. The
fine young thing that has tried to get to her at other shows came into the ring.
They seemed to know each other. Sable called her a "wannabe" and told the
security guard to get rid of her. Sable going evil? Hmmmm

We got a shot of VM and The Rock discussing strategy.

The next match was the Six Man Corporation v. MOD Tag Team Match, with BM, Nutso
and Test v. Bradshaw, Farooq and Mideon. We saw Butterbean sitting in the crowd.
It was strictly a brawl, with all six men involved at the same time almost
throughout. The lights went out and when they came back on, The Taker and Bearer
were at the top of the ramp. The action in the ring stopped as all six watched
The Taker. The rest of MOD dragged SM out and put him on his knees in front of
The Taker. He was ready to wet his pants. He said this showed he could take
anyone, anytime. He gave SM an envelope to give to VM and to tell him it is from
The Lord of Darkness. SM left a brown trail as he departed as fast as his fat,
little legs let him.
There were no winners

The next match was the Main Event. It was for the WWF Championship, with Mankind
v. The Rock in a Ladder Match. The ladder was set up ringside and the Belt hung
over the center of the ring. The Rock came out first and ripped the crowd,
calling them Trailer Trash. That got a chant of "Rock sucks" started. He did his
standard routine and gave us The Corporate Eyebrow. Mankind got a big pop when
he came out. SCSA got a major pop as he came out and joined the announcers.
Mankind took a big bump early as he was thrown into the ring steps, banging his
injured left knee. The Rock concentrated on the knee with chair shots. He
brought the ladder into the ring, but Mankind hit it with the chair as The Rock
charged him. This knocked The Rock down. Mankind followed with Mr. Elbow. The
Rock again went after Mankind's knee with the steel chair, and continued working
on it. He put Mankind's leg inside the ladder and smashed the ladder with a
chair. He went for the Belt, but Mankind threw him off the ladder and blasted
him with the chair. Mankind went for the Belt, but was stopped by another chair
shot to the knee that knocked him off the ladder. he fight went out into the
crowd and back to the equipment area. A steel barricade was knocked down, with
The Rock on top of it. Mankind dropped an Elbow on him, but missed a second one
when The Rock moved. They went back to ringside and onto the ramp, when The Rock
hit Mankind with a Suplex and kept working on the knee. Back at ringside, The
Rock strangled Mankind with an electrical cable. Mankind threw The Rock into the
steel steps, and then threw the steps at him. He put him on the announcers
table, but The Rock nailed him with a Low Blow and followed with Rock Bottom,
putting him thru the table. The Rock went back into the ring and for the Belt.
Mankind stopped him with a Low Blow and nailed him with a Double Arm DDT. Out
came Mr. Socko, but The Rock hit Mankind with the ladder, and followed up with a
DDT. The Rock went for the Belt and Mankind started up the other side of the
ladder. Mankind applied The Mandible Claw on the ladder. Paul Wight came into
the ring and grabbed Mankind. He Choke Slammed him off of the ladder. This
allowed The Rock to get the Belt and win. He will meet SCSA at Wrestlemania.
SCSA said Mankind was screwed once again. SCSA got into the ring with The Rock
as the program ended.
Winner - The Rock - New WWF Champion

This was another top notch show.
Submitted by reader: ravin
Blitzkrieg Didn't win with a Twisting moonsault it was a StarDustPress (In
Japan) or a Phoenix Splash (in Mexico) it will most likely be calledthe
Twisting 450 in America since America never seems to stay with thecool
names(A Super Dragon Bomb is a High Angle Powerbomb in America...HowBad
does THAT suck?)
VISIT my Home Page:
Virtually very comment I have read about the WWF's most recent PPV, St.
Valentine's Day Massacre, agrees with my opinion of it..that it was one hell of
a show. With few exceptions, it was solid from top to bottom. While the WWF Last
Man Standing Title match between Mankind and The Rock ended in a draw, it set up
the Ladder Match the next night on RAW. The Cage Match between WWF Owner and
resident @$$hole, Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) was

The SCSA / McMahon Match was better than you could ever expect considering
McMahon is not a wrestler. He put on a show as good as any that 90% of the
wrestlers active today could do. He was great at selling moves and taking bumps.
Thinking back to last year and Good King Eric's challenge to fight McMahon makes
me laugh. Do you really think that little worm would stand a chance if they ever
really met in a shoot? We would still be looking for pieces of him with a

Paul Wight made his debut and had an instant impact. He came up thru the ring
and destroyed SCSA, yet didn't cause a screwjob ending. It shows how he was used
was well planned and executed. The follow up the next night on RAW, Wight's
Choke Slamming Mankind, and being named Special Guest Referee for the WWF Title
match between SCSA and The Rock at Wrestlemania, sets up a myriad of angles
after Wrestlemania. Rather than languish like The Sandman did when he arrived in
WCW, Wight was utilized immediately, establishing himself as a force to be dealt

Wight's involvement does as much to show the difference between WCW and the WWF
as anything. Just about everyone on the WWF's roster is involved in an angle
that fans can identify. Some good, some not so good, but all of them are known
to the fans. Look at some of the other "recent" arrivals: Val Venis became an
instant face and is now the Intercontinental Champion; Brood Members Gangrel,
Edge and Christian are "over" as faces or heels, with Christian having already
been the WWF Lightweight Champion; The Big Bossman may be a complete jabronie,
but has a definite role as compared to being a total waste in WCW.

Bart Gunn showed up on RAW and immediately became involved by accepting Bob
Holly's challenge to meet anyone for his Hardcore Title. Although I can't
picture Holly as Hardcore Champion, he was the only one that Gunn didn't knock
out in last years Brawl For All (BFA). Holly survived where others, like the
pre-tournament favorite Steve "Dr. Death" Williams didn't. Add this to Gunn and
Holly having been tag team partners and this match has instant credibility. It
may serve to finally put Holly over.
Of course there are some like Dan Severn, who will never be "over." To his
credit, McMahon recognized this and has offered him his release.

Even the women are involved and generate heat. Love her or hate her, Debra gets
your attention. In WCW she was Queen Debra and nothing more than a pimple on the
@$$hole of progress. In the WWF, she has the crowd involved every time she comes
out. That Double J has finally attracted some heat and is now part of the WWF
Tag Team Champions, can be directly attributed to her. Ivory made her debut and
within a week was involved with Debra in catfights that have fans screaming for
more. Ivory was a wrestler with the old GLOW promotion in Las Vegas and has
wrestling talent, perhaps signaling that the WWF is serious about a women's

To sum up, it was an outstanding PPV. Angles were advanced and new ones were
born. I suspect every company would love to have an @$$hole like McMahon leading
Submitted by reader: siedzikj
I decided to go back to my usual Monday night ritual: watch Nitro until 9, then
flip between RAW and Nitro until 11. So, around 8:45, I put on Nitro to watch a
6-man luchador match. If I remember correctly, it was Hector Garza/El
Dandy/Super Calo against Blitzkrieg/JuventudGuerrera/Psychosis. I figure that
I'll watch the match; the luchadores are usually good for an interesting 20
minute match. Now, we all know
about how WCW pipes in cheering crowd noises to mask any chants they don't want
people to hear. They missed a spot - halfway through the match, we could easily
hear a "Boring!" chant. Now, when the Luchadors get a "Boring!" chant...well,
there's some definite proof that WCW just doesn't get it. We don't want to see
Blitzkrieg put Super Calo in a rest hold while Juvi wants to tag in. We want to
see twisting
moonsaults. We want to see double Asai moonsaults. We want to see aerial moves
from aerial specialists.
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Be sure to check out Joann'a terrific homage to Tammy Sytch, found at:
Appropriatly enough, titled TAMMY SYTCH FOREVER!
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