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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 168

Date:  Tuesday February 16th, 1999  8:02 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

McMahon is not a part of Wrestlemania 15's lineup. Apparently he is having some
health problems with his kidney and liver and may have to temper his in-ring
activity after Sunday's PPV.
(Reported by Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch)

There continues to be locker room rumblings over payoffs not going up despite
such a strong increase in business over the last year. Wrestlers received
Survivor Series checks last week and that added fuel to the complaints. The
supposed "worst-case-scenario" downside guarantees, with only a few exceptions,
are turning out to be what wrestlers are on pace to make, despite this being one
of the best years of business ever for the WWF. Rumble payoffs for most
wrestlers were below $15,000, some well below $10,000.
(Reported by Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch)

Road Dogg has encouraged his brother, Brad Armstrong, to consider coming to the
WWF. Armstrong is a super worker who has never received a strong push in WCW;
I would be curious to see if Armstrong can create a credible character in the
(Reported by Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch)

There are rumors that Kevin Nash wants to bring Taz in as a Cruiserweight and
have him demolish all of the Luchadors to prove that high flying moves aren't
important (he would have an interest in establishing this since he is as
grounded as they get). Nash is good friends with Rey Mysterio Jr., who I
imagine who not be thrilled with this arrangement. Of course, this is just an
idea. There is no reason to suspect that Taz would even be open to accepting a
WCW offer.
(Reported by Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch)

To subscribe to The Pro Wrestling Torch, send $36 for 20 issues to:
The Pro Wrestling Torch
P.O. Box 201844
Minneapolis MN 55420

Antonio Inoki, Naoya Ogawa, Dan Severn, and Howard T. Brody (NWA President)
had a press conference at Inoki's U.F.O (Universal Fighting-arts Organization)
office in
Los Angeles, CA on Monday (2/15). Dan Severn will face Naoya Ogawa in
a singles match at Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa on Sunday, March 14 (
Front row seats will be 20,000 yen. U.F.O. is an offshoot promotion of New
Japan Promotional Wrestling; at this point, its still unknown what role the NWA
World Heavyweight Championship will play in the deal.
(Reported by Masanori Horie at: )
WCW Nitro Report for
February 15th, 1999
By Steve Appy
To subscribe to The Wrestling Booking Sheet, e-mail Appy@xxxxs...
Clips of Kimberly being carried into the ambulance aired. Tony Shiavonie
announced that she is in recovery, and DDP has placed her in seclusion; the
Nitro Girls opened, minus their leader.

Disco Inferno laid beaten on the ground, the victim of an Arn Anderson attack.
Security arrested Arn, and led him away in handcuffs.

Eric Bischoff latest role is as Ric Flair's chauffeur for the evening; Flair
warned Bischoff not to leave the area of the limousine; Bischoff responded with
a smug grin, a plan apparently in mind.

The United States Championship match for Superbrawl was announced as Roddy Piper
defending the championship against # 1 contender Scott Hall.

Jerry Flynn pinned Perry Saturn in
After Scott Dickinson & Chris
Jericho distracted Saturn, Flynn surprised Saturn
with a side kick. A huge upset, and its nice to see Flynn getting a huge push.

As Flair lounged in his limousine with two Time Warner executives, Flair
received word of Arn's arrest. Anxious to get to the arena, Flair didn't
realize that Bischoff was taking him on an unscheduled detour...

Blitzkreig, Juventud Guerrera Jr. & Psychosis defeated Hector Garza Jr., El Dandy
& Super Calo in
17:42 when Blitzkreig pinned Super Calo
For some odd reason, the Luchadors spent most of the match on the mat, a waste
of their abilities. Near the climax, Garza & Psychosis picked up the aerial
pace; Blitzkreig scored the pinfall after a twisting moonsault (definitely can't
be described, but a must-see).

Torri Wilson, our mystery blonde from last week, whined to her invisible man
that they were running low on several items, including whipped cream. She's
very attractive...

With a helicoptor illuminating the scene, Bischoff pulled the limousine into a
trap. Hollywood Hogan, w/most of the nWo (all wearing ski masks) pulled Flair
from the limousine and destroyed him. Apparently not fearing legal
complications, several of them, including Hogan, removed the ski masks. As they
relentlessly pounded on Flair, Hogan promised that Flair would never reach
Superbrawl. Flair was left for dead, as Hogan ranted about how he "couldn't
wait for your kid to see you".

Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko defeated Fit Finlay & David
Taylor in 14:28
This was a losers bracket match in the World Tag Team Tournament; the victorious
team will face Scotty Riggs & Mike Enos in a tournament match later tonight.
Malenko forced the submission on
Taylor after applying The Texas Cloverleaf.

Tony Shiavonie interviewed several of the Nitro Girls about Kimberly's
situation; tears flowed, melodrama followed...

Bret Hart defeated Will Sasso (w/Debra
Wilson) via submission in 3:40
Sasso, of MAD TV, was the victim of Hart's anger over his defeat last week. Why
WCW would give Sasso this much airtime is beyond me; there is no celebrity rub
here. Sasso did not have an athletic physique.
Wilson, Sasso's MAD TV
turned on Sasso and hit him with a chair. A Sharpshooter ended the mess;
garbage like this destroys the credibility of the business. At least Rodman,
Malone & Leno are celebrities; showing this kind of garbage w/Will Sasso is hard
to justify.

Entering the arena following Flair's attack, the nWo gloated about their
triumph. Hogan offered Flair an immediate title shot, which he couldn't accept,
due to his earlier beating. US Champion Roddy Piper defended Flair's honor, and
since he is still WCW Commisioner, gave himself an instant World Title Match.

US Champion Roddy Piper defeated WCW World Champion Hollywood Hogan via
disqualification in 5:38
Piper had Hogan locked in the Sleeper, which brought Scott Hall to the ring.
The tazer knocked Hall unconscious; Hall stole Piper's kilt and wore it himself.
A crotch chop (DX style) told the rest of the tale.

A good samaritan (identity unknown) carried the injured Flair to his truck, as
Flair begged to be driven to arena.

A lawyer announced that Scott Steiner is suing DDP for a variety of offenses.
An indictment was announced, with DDP facing 15 years in prison. Although I
think you all realize this, just for the sake of clarity, this is just a part of
the storyline.

A video featuring Elizabeth & Lex Luger aired; they mocked both Rey Mysterio Jr.
& Konnan. They do have good on-air chemistry...

The truck carrying Ric Flair continued its slow trek to the arena...

Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko defeated Mike Enos & Scotty Riggs in 17:23
Riggs replaced Bobby Duncam Jr. in the tournament; all four men worked hard, and
the match had drama. Benoit ended the affair after using The Crippler Crossface
on Riggs for the submission.

Torri Wilson once again showed us the benefits involved in being a professional
wrestler. She assured her invisible friend that they still had a little more
time together...

Hollywood Hogan, w/the entire nWo, claimed that Flair was hiding in the back of
the arena, too frightened to face
Hollywood. As Hogan recited a 20 count, Flair
finally arrived at the arena. Grabbing an ax handle for support, The Nature Boy
slowly staggered to the ring. Barely unable to walk under his own power, he was
easy prey for the nWo. While Benoit & Malenko attempted to make the save, they
were quickly overwhelmed as well. Scott Hall, tazer in hand, proclaimed "Now
you see how its done, don't mess it up" to someone unseen off camera. Perhaps
David Flair?

Note: For some odd reason, the comentators were unaware of Flair's beating in
the first hour. Since it was beamed live to the rest of the country, this came
off as more bizarre than anything.
Submitted by reader: Alberto Rizzi (yalbster@xxxxc...)
Here is a plan to give back credibility to Bret "Hitman" Hart and try to put
him over.
Bret Hart has obtained a rematch for the U.S. Title against Roddy Piper. The
match is on and the referee is unconscious: Hart grabs a chair and tries to hit
Piper, who avoids the shot, grabs the chair and hits Bret. Piper covers Hart,
but when the revived referee is ready to count the 3, Roddy puts the unconscious
Bret over him and lets the referee count his shoulders down.

In the main event, Hogan retains the World Heavyweight title over Flair.

Hart comes out for an interview with Mean Gene, while clips of Piper talking to
Ric Flair are shown. Hart taunts Piper about last night: "I've always known that
you are crazy, but now I realize that you are a real idiot". Piper comes out,
only to tell Hart that Ric Flair has sanctioned the main event for tonight:
Piper & Hart vs. Hogan & Hall (still upset that Piper has stolen his
U.S. title
match at Superbrawl IX). The match is on, and Piper wrestles the entire match by
himself, refusing to tag Hart in: Flair comes to the ring and distracts Hogan;
meanwhile, Piper puts the "Sleeper" on Hall. When Hall's arm is about to fall
for the third time, he tags Hart in and lets him take the victory. Piper is
leaving, but Hart grabs the mic: "Hey Rod, wait a minute.
What's the deal here ?? Since I joined WCW, I've always cheated to win, but at
least I've always won by myself! And now you come here, trying to embarrass me
by doing this ...... Well, you may not believe it, but I still have some
Piper replies:" Right! Dignity ... This is all about dignity".

* W.C.W. MONDAY NITRO 03-01-99
Hogan comes out, making fun of the strange relationship between Hart and Piper.
He then says: "You're becoming old, Piper, and also a bit dotty. So it will be a
pleasure for me to kick your butt tonight in front of your new "friend", ...or
should I say something more intimate than friend ??"

its time for the main event and, before coming out, we see Piper lock Hart's
locker room with the key. The match is on and Steiner, Bagwell, Luger & Hall try
to help Hogan, only to be intercepted by Ric Flair and the Horsemen. While they
brawling, Nash comes to the ring and helps Hogan, giving Piper a very bad
beating with Hogan 's belt, a chair and even brass knuckles. Hart tries to go
out from his door, but to no avail. Meanwhile, paramedics and guys from the
security run to the ring to stop the carnage, and Piper is carried out in a
stretcher. Doug Dillinger runs back to the locker room area, and unlocks Bret
Hart. He immediately tries to reach Piper, but the ambulance has just left for
the hospital. While returning to the arena, we see The Hitman with tears
streaming down his face.

Hart comes out for an interview. He grabs the mic and starts a long speech:
"Hogan, I've never thought that you can go so low. You believe that you are so
cool, so bad... Well, you know what, Hogan?? These fans are sick of you, and
despise you more than anyone. After all this years, its finally time for you
to retire and relieve the wrestling world of your stinky burden. But ..., before
that, I want you and your fellow ass-kisser Kevin Nash in the ring at
Uncensored, to teach you the same lesson that Piper taught me with his great
efforts from last week." Ric Flair's music plays, and the Nature Boy comes to
the ring: "You have finally see the light Bret, so let me be your partner at
Uncensored, and together we will get rid of Hogan and his silly N.W.O.".

Flair / Hart vs. Hogan / Nash.
The match is at the 15 minutes mark, when Nash and Flair are brawling outside
and Hart and Hogan are the legal men. Hart hits Hogan with a Russian leg sweep
and his elbow from the second rope, but when he is going for the sharpshooter he
stops. He screams "This is for you Roddy", puts Hogan up and applies the
"Sleeper". Hogan's arm falls three times and Hart and Flair are declared the
winners. Hall, Luger. & Steiner hit the ring and start to beat Flair and Hart.
Suddendly, from the aisle, Roddy Piper runs down with a chair and cleans the
ring of the NWO presence.
The P.P.V. closes with Flair and Piper holding up Hart's arm in triumph.
Submitted by reader: Tbrutis1
For those uninformed that are not impacted by the news of Michael Hayes's
return, I truly feel sorry for you. You have my deepest sympathy & condolences.
You would probably say that Michael P.S. Hayes is a wrestling dinosaur. Nothing
could be further from the truth. Any of you who wrongfully discriminate against
a wrestler's ability because of their age, are truly wrestling fan wanabes. You
forget those who
helped make the wrestling business what it is today. The battles that Michael
Hayes & The Fabulous Freebirds had against the Von Erichs were among the true
classics of all time. It makes me sick when a wrestler is judged on how many 4
lettered words they can say within a 5 minute period of time. Where is the rule
that says if you're past a certain age, you have to be put out of the business
all together?
I would pay my money to see someone like Michael Hayes, Ric Flair, or Piper.
With them you know you will always get your money's worth. How many of today's
so called wrestling stars can go 30 minutes or longer in a match? The number of
them, you could count on one hand, & still have some fingers & a thumb left
over. This may come as a shock to you, but there actually WAS wrestling before
Eric Bischoff & Vince McMahon. Believe it or not, they actually wrestled too.
Real radical concept, isn't it? Just remember, don't discriminate against a
wrestler because of their age. Base it on their ability in the ring, & where it
counts the most today, AT THE BOX OFFICE!
Submitted by reader: Ryan Herrin (ryan.herrin)
I was a fan in attendence at the 2/15 RAW, and this is what happened after the
cameras shut off. SCSA said that he and the Rock should have beers to celebrate
their big match at WM 15. Surprisingly, The Rock took a beer from him. Next,
Foley made his way into the ring and said that he would like to have a beer with
the other two because they were 'damn fine wrestlers'. Next thing you know all
three were chugging beers like frat boys and then SCSA lays the smack down on
the Corporate Champion with Mankind joinin' in some too. The Rock took his
beating like the heel that he is and the crowd gave a huge pop. Awesome show
with a fabulous main event (but hopefully the last Rock/Foley main event for a
little while)-Ryan Herrin
Submitted by reader: NoDoubt297
WWF broadcasts its PPV's online for $5.95. But this time there was a mistake and
it allowed people to watch St. Valentines Day Massacare for free online. Some
heads are gonna roll on the wwf website creators team.
Submitted by reader: KKJLP
SVDM was one of the best pay-per-views in a long time, better than the Royal
Rumble. I did not like the draw in the Last Man Standing Match but it was still
good. Though Bluedust vs. Goldust was short it was still enertaining. The low
point was either Bossman vs. Midean or Snow jobbing to Holly, though that was a
good match. As I expected, Jerry Lawler got a huge pop. I must say that I was
impresed with Vince McMahon's performance. Do you think Good King Eric would
take that fall? And at least when Vince wrestles he's in good shape. I was glad
to see Paul Wright, I had been telling my friends all night he would help
McMahon. I would like to see a 4 way match for the WWF Title at WM15 with
Mankind vs. Austin vs. The Rock vs. Wright. Another great pay-per-view for the
WWF. I don't think WCW's Superbrawl will come even close to being that good. I
look forward to seeing Jericho in WWF, WCW doesn't know what they have. Please
e-mail me your thoughts on SVDM at KKJLP
Submitted by reader: LewDawgX
I know that I and many other were disgusted with the Royal Rumble's ending.
Vince winning it was just terrible. But last night on the PPV, having Paul
Wight there was great. And the way it ended was incredible. No one ever
thought that they would make the cage break, and making it look like Paul Wight
is enormously strong. It was great! If you agree and want to talk, e-mail
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