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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 169

Date:  Saturday February 20th, 1999  10:34 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

RATINGS FOR 2-15-1999
1st Hour n/a 4.7
2nd Hour 6.1 3.4
3rd Hour 5.7 3.7
Composite 5.9 3.9
Ratings are in. Another great week for the WWF. It was even worse when you
consider that in the head-to-head, Nitro got smoked 5.9 to 3.6. That beating of
2.3 points is a record. This was one of those weeks where I feel the ratings
were directly proportional to the quality of the shows. WCW has the guns. They
have people that know how to use them. They had better get to work on doing it.
Heat on 2/14 did a 4.1. The 2/13 Saturday Raw did a 4.3 off of hours of 3.8 and
4.8. I won't have quarter hours this week, since my usual guy is on vacation.
Thanks to the Unk and Georgie for the ratings. (Reported by Dave Scherer of )

Bertrand Hebert sent word that Jacues Rougeau worked on Sunday February 14 at
Pierre-Charbonneau Center in Montreal. Rougeau presented the first show of
his new promotion International Wrestling 2000. Crowd estimation of around a
1000. He put himself over too, as he and Raymond Rougeau beat Abdullah the
Butcher & Richard Charland (Charland took Greg Valentine spot as Valentine
cancelled the night before saying he injured his ankle two nights before) in the
semi main. The main was a 12 man battle royal, which Jacques won.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of )

Antonio Inoki arrived in
Narita Air Port in Chiba, Japan yesterday (2/17 in
Japanese time). Inoki's U.F.O (Universal Fighting-arts Organization)

Inoki Plans To Restore NWA Title-"In Memory of Giant Baba". As many of you now
know, UFO has began a partnership with the NWA. One of the purposes of this
relationship is to honor the late Giant Baba by restoring the value and prestige
of the NWA World Champion Title, which Baba held on 3 separate occasions. UFO
Chairman Antonio Inoki commented, “Dan Severn is a great martial artist and an
extremely strong wrestler who deserves to be called world champion, yet, he is
severely underrated by the
U.S. media. By matching Severn against top UFO
fighters such as Naoya Ogawa and Don Frye, we can restore the value of the NWA
title in honor of my friend, Giant Baba.”

Another positive effect of this relation is the possible participation of UFO
fighters in future NWA events here in the U.S. “There are two large promotions
in the U.S. which are very popular and I’m sure it would be more lucrative to
associate with those promotions, however, those promotions do not present
pro-wrestling in the traditional “strong” style which I was taught by legends
such as Rikidozan, Karl Gotch, and Lou Thesz. They have turned our sport into a
circus. The only promotion in the
U.S. that has promoted that style of
pro-wrestling despite the hype of “show style” pro wrestling is the NWA. I know
that there are American pro-wrestling fans who want to see traditional “strong”
style wrestling. I think the NWA and UFO together will provide something
exciting for these fans to see,” claimed Inoki. Finally, with this partnership,
the fans who miss wrestling as a true sport can look forward to an exciting
future ahead.
(Reported by Masanori Horie)

At the end of this issue, we have the results for this coming Monday's RAW,
which was taped on Tuesday. If you would like to be surprised, be sure to skip
this section. Our thanks to Al Isaccs for providing the report...
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)
Live from
Salt Lake City, UT
A clip of the impromptu match between Hollywood Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper
was shown. It is announced that Ric Flair is in the building and that Goldberg
will be on the Jay Leno show Friday night to make a blockbuster challenge that
will "shock" the world. Also announced is that Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko
will face Horace and Bryan Adams to see who would advance to the tag team
tournament finals at SuperBrawl.

--Stevie Ray offers Booker T a spot in the black and white NWO. Booker T says
that all Stevie Ray does for Hogan is carry his luggage. Disco Inferno
interrupts and asked if Harlem Heat was getting back together. When Booker T
told Disco to leave, Disco said "What is this, a brother thing?" Booker T then
proceeded to choke Disco Inferno.

--The blonde was still in the hotel room and was handed the tazer by the mystery
man who received it from Scott Hall on Monday night.

--Throughout the evening, the clips were shown again of Raven and Kanyon's
shopping spree.

--Disco Inferno introduced Scott Hall, who came out to Roddy Piper's music and
wearing a kilt. Hall told Piper to keep shining the
US title because he was the
one would leave SuperBrawl with it. Disco then said he would beat Booker T and
did not understand why WCW would force him to wrestle such a mediocre wrestler.

Lash LeRoux versus Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Chavo got rough with the referee during this match. Kidman then came out and
attacked Chavo, who returned the favor by pounding on the cruiserweight
champion before delivering the tornado DDT to him on the floor. (During this
match, a clip was shown from earlier in the day of Rey Mysterio Jr.slamming Lex
Luger's arm three times with the limousine door.)
Winner: Lash LeRoux via disqualification (Chavo threw the ref on the ground)

--A clip was shown of the brutal beating Ric Flair received at the hands of the
NWO on Monday Night.

--Scott Steiner pulled up to the arena in a limousine and asked if Diamond
Dallas Page was in the arena. When he was told that Page was not there, he said,
"I knew he wouldn't show up"

--Horace and Bryan Adams said that they had a psychological advantage over
Malenko and Benoit since Flair was beat up so bad, and Mongo could not see
(courtesy of Hogan) and that Arn Anderson was in jail (for attacking Disco).

Chris Jericho versus Juventud Guerrera
Before the match got underway,
Jericho had Ralphus model a dress and a pair of
earrings from the "Jericho Collection". At one point during the match, Ralphus
tried to kiss Juvi (under the direction of
Jericho) but was slapped for his
Jericho won this match with the Lion Tamer.
Winner: Chris Jericho via submission

--Buff Bagwell hit the ring and informed the crowd in
Salt Lake that he finally
got his release and will again start wrestling. He then introduced Scott Steiner
who accepted the match against Diamond Dallas Page at SuperBrawl with the
stipulation that if Steiner wins, he will get to have Kimberly for 30 days.
Steiner then said since DDP was not there...he wanted someone to beat
WCW sent out Bobby Blaze to answer the challenge.

Scott Steiner versus Bobby Blaze
Total annhialation. Steiner recliner. It was over. Steiner would not let go.
EMTs tried to take Blaze away on a stretcher, but Steiner knocked the stretcher
over and attacked once again.
Winner: Scott Steiner via submission

Konnan/Rey Mysterio Jr. versus Hector Garza/Silver King
Konnan used his feet to propel Rey Jr. onto Silver King for the Hurrancanrana
and the victory. Winners: Konnan/Rey Mysterio Jr. via pinfall

--Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit responded to the NWO by saying that they would
bring prestige back to the tag team championship and that tonight, their best
just was not going to be good enough.

Booker T versus Jerry Flynn
Disco Inferno hit the chartbuster on the outside and threw Booker T back in the
ring where Flynn hit T with a roundhouse kick for the win.
Winner: Jerry Flynn via pinfall

--Ric Flair (wearing sunglasses..speaking calmly and wearing bandaids all over
his face) said that he resents anyone who thinks that Hogan and the nWo are
cool. He said that on his worst day he could "beat Hogan's ass". He then modifed
his own saying by telling Hogan that in order to "be the have to beat
Ric Flair"

--The blond in the hotel room became excited when the mystery man handed her
some type of tickets and she found out that she was going to SuperBrawl.

Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko via Horace/Bryan Adams (Steel Cage)
This was a fight from beginning to end. At one point, Vince threw in a chair and
then pummeled Benoit on the outside while the NWO worked on Malenko on the
inside. In the exciting conclusion of this match, the Crippler dove off of the
top of the steel cage, nailing the flying headbutt on Adams. Malenko rolled on
top of Adams for the pin.
Winners: The Four Horseman via pinfall (Advance to finals in tag team

Ricks Comments--Undoubtedly, Benoit is THE MAN.
--Hogan....YOU aint see bad...but you will on Sunday.
--A womans freedom is put on the line (DDP versus Steiner)...sounds familiar.
--Lash LeRoux...dont know alot about him....but he shows me alot oftalent.
--Jerry Flynn....winning streak....or lucky streak??????
ONE COUNT--a column by--OSIRIS (RebNan@xxxxc...)
MEANDERINGS. I got to thinking the other day: I am a die-hard WCW fan, and have
been ever since the golden days of the real NWA (under the presidency of the
late Sam Muchnick) and since the days when my area of the country was known as
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, under the leadership of the late, lamented Crockett
promotions; in those days there were individuals, and tag teams, that could
serve up and bury a large proportion of today`s competitors. But now, the more
I see of WCW, the more disenchanted I become. Too many run-ins, nonsensical
storylines, dismemberment of once-great tag teams (like Harlem Heat, for
instance). I do see occasional bright spots of individuals and teams (Benoit
and Malenko, and Sting [when he returns], for instance, and (this might surprise
you) Fit Finley, because he reminds me so much of the old-line, no-holds-barred,
gutsy brawlers who went out to the ring and tried to ``beat`` their opponents
senseless in order to put on a good show. Now in the last few years, I`ve tried
hard not to like the WWF, but I can`t really succeed: slowly but surely it`s
been creeping up on me that the stories and angles in the WWF are starting to
seem more logical and organized. Since the
talent pool is not as deep, the utilization there of, makes the individuals and
teams stand out better and seem more exciting; its hard to pinpoint exactly what
Vinnie Mac is doing but he seems to be doing it right! Finally, two disjointed,
totally unconnected with the rest of the piece observations: I live in a part of
the country that doesn`t get ECW. From all I`ve heard and read, I`m really
missing something. Secondly, I read rumors that Road Dogg might try to get his
brother to join him----interesting possibility, eh?-------------well, that`s it:
till next time, ring the bell
------see ya------osiris-----
Submitted by reader: IrishKrema
*The Raw before WM 15*
Vince McMahon comes out with an open challenge to any WWF Champion to wrestle
Paul Wight at Wrestlemania for their respective belt. The lights go out and
Kane's music hits. Kane says that he will have a title before the end of the
night and he will defeat Wight at WM 15. McMahon isn't pleased, as this seems to
be Kane's separation from the Corporation. Later on RAW, Kane is scheduled to
face X-Pac for the European title. Instead of the match, X-Pac says that its
time he moved on to bigger and better things and donates his strap to Kane so he
can whip the Giant's ass!

Later on Raw, Mick Foley is shown with Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve
Austin. The three have pooled their money to replenish Rock's 100,000$!
Michaels says that if The Rock wants this money, he will have to put the belt
on the line against a mystery opponent of Mick Foley's choice at WM and the
winner will face Stone Cold in the main event. The Rock agrees, saying that
whoever Foley can throw at him, he will easily whip their rudy poo candy ass!

*WM 15*
Kane and Paul Wight fight for the European belt. As Paul Wight chokeslams Kane
off the top rope, The Ministry comes down and pummels Wight and the Corporation.
Kane then pins Wight and retains the belt. Kane becomes a Co-Leader of the
Ministry with the Undertaker and that gives plenty of room for the Ministry/
Corporation angle to take off.

The Rock comes out to defend his belt against the Mysterey opponent. The Rock
waits and then the Heartbreak Kid arrives! The Rock and HBK battle it out in a
grueling 30 minute match when The Rock nails HBK with a Rock Bottom. Just as he
was pinning him Chris Jerhico comes down to ringside and nails The Rock! Then
after he puts him in a Lion Tamer, Michaels gets Maivia with the sweet chin
music and becomes the new WWF Champion. HBK will face Austin later on.

Michaels and Stone Cold are close friends so they shake hands before the battle
ensues. it looks like HBK is poised to win it after he nails Austin with the
Sweet Chin Music. But The Rock and Foley arrive and pummel HBK! Then Austin
teams up with the other two as Austin and Foley make the heel turn! Austin is
DQed and Michaels retains the belt! Fans are booing like crazy when McMahon,
Foley, Maivia, Austin, and the rest of the Corporation gather at the end of the

*Next night on Raw*
DX music hits and Triple H, Road Dogg, X-Pac, BA Billy Gunn, Chris Jericho, and
Shawn Michaels come to ringside. A new DX has been formed to wage war against
the Corporation and Austin. Also, the stacked Corporation also has the Ministry
on their tails!
Submitted by reader: VegVampire.
About the commentators not being aware of Flair's attack, to me it is obvious
that the WCW is now using the camera as the fourth wall. Essentially, this
means basically there are scenes and skits that we will see, but for legistic
sake, are not really supposed to be recognized as on-camera. This is why the
nWo was ignoring the camera as they pummelled Flair. For all intents and
purposes, we are supposed to ignore the fact that the camera is there and watch
it as we would any dramatic television show. It seems they are going to do this
a lot and in varying ways. From Ms. Torrie Wilson using the camera as a live
body and Scott Hall handing the camera a cattle prod to the Flair beating and
Hogan's secret meetings with the nWo black and white. Personally, I see it as
WCW's attempt to rival the dramatic approach to WWF programming, but in a
unique way. It may be hard for the everyday wrestling fan to grasp right away
and it may indeed have its share of bugs to work out, but I look forward to
seeing if this bold new concept can indeed revolutionize the sport.
RAW SPOILER: If you want to be surprised, skip this section
Reported by MikeMa2008 on:
2/17/99 - Chattanooga, TN
Shotgun Tapings (For the 2-20 Show)
-Hardy Boyz d. Jobbers
-Tiger Al Singh d. Jobber
-Triple H d. Buddy Landell

HEAT Tapings (For the 2-21 Show)
-Terry Taylor is doing commentary for HEAT.
-Too Much & DOA d. The Oddities
-Godfather d. Shamrock by count out when he was distracted by his sister Ryan.
-Shane McMahon pinned Gillberg
-Al Snow pinned D'Lo(w/o Ivory) when Debra distracted the ref letting
Jarrett/Owen attack D'Lo and assisting Snow in the victory.
-Mankind interview where he basically says he wants to be a referee at WM XV
and then passes around a petition to the fans for Comissioner Michaels to see.
-Big Bossman and Viscera battled to a no contest

RAW IS WAR (For the 2-22 Show)
-Vince McMahon & Paul Wight interview. Vince says The Undertaker will burn in
hell. Paul Wight speaks and says he has been a big part in the WWF in a two day
span. He says he's responsible for the Rock being the champion, which brings the
Rock out who got in the face of Wight. Mankind then comes out and says that
Comissioner Michaels agreed to have him be a referee and he will referee a match
between Wight and The Rock for the World Title later in the night.

-The Brood(Edge & Gangrel) and Public Enemy battled to a no contest

-Goldust pinned Val Venis in a non-title match

-Sable interview. Tori (her possessed fan has finally gotten a name) came out
again and got a verbal beating from Sable again as Luna came out. They all
exchange words and then Luna and Tori turn their backs to Sable and she knocks
them both out with the Women's Title.

-Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett d. D'Lo Brown in a handicapped match when PMS comes
out and Jacqueline drop kicks D'Lo.

-Ken Shamrock and Billy Gunn battle to a no contest

- Mankind the ref comes out with a ref looking Socko. Vince comes down & says
... " No match... nice try" Rock comes out... says "No way... lets get it on"
Paul Wight comes out...SURPRISE!!! They both attack Mankind & leave him for
dead. (Thanks to Bryan Costello)

-WWF Hardcore champion, Bob Holly pinned Bart Gunn when a masked man(Steve
Williams) comes out and throws Gunn of the stage and threw a table to assist
Holly in the win.

-X-Pac pinned Chyna when Triple H pedigrees Chyna assisting X-Pac in the win.

-The Undertaker d. Kane in an inferno match when his foot catches on fire.
During the match Paul Bearer came out with a stuff animal in a pot and he gave
it to Vince McMahon (who was doing commentary). At the conclusion of the match
The Undertaker takes the stuff animal from McMahon and burns it. The Rock
comes down to aide McMahon and then Austin comes down and takes the World
Title. The Rock wants to make a deal where he'll give Austin a beer for the
belt. The Rock then tries to attack Austin, but gets hit with three stunners
as RAW goes off.
Reported by MikeMa2008 on:
The RP FED FEST 99 is coming soon, e-mail elmurfud69 for more
information. This is one fed that will shock you!

The UCW is currently open to "Elite" RPers Only. No 5, 10, or 15 line BS Rps
allowed. We have been running for about a month and have been trimming down the
roster, keeping the best of the bunch. If you think you can compete then check
out the site and send in an app. Must have a GOOD Sample RP. Here's the link:

If anybody would like to join an E-Fed, e-mail: m.caputo

If you live in the Southern California area and would like to wrestle (yes,
actually wrestle in person, not on the internet) then contact Vince at
You can potray any wrestler, real or fake. In "Vince`s World Wrestling
Federation" we inovate, we don`t imitate.
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