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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 170

Date:  Saturday February 20th, 1999  10:36 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

On the 2/19 edition of the Tonight Show, Goldberg issued a challenge to WWF
superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin. Angry that
Austin has called him a rip-off,
he offered $100,000 if
Austin would wrestle him. No forum was mentioned, though
Goldberg offered to meet
Austin in an alley.

Obviously, this bout will not happen. While Goldberg presented himself very
well in the interview, I was disappointed to see the subject raised. While both
the WWF & WCW are shameless when it comes to cheap shots, its always that much
sadder to see the wrestlers jump into the fray.

At the same time, Goldberg was not actually insulting; it will be interesting to
see if the WWF will mention the challenge in their live voice-overs Monday

Shawn Michaels was on hand at the debut of the Texas Wrestling Alliance.
Formerly known as Professional Wrestling International, the Boy Toy now owns the
organization and names Jose Lothario as its commissioner. A tournament will be
held on March 19th to crown their first champion, and fans can expect a healthy
dose of WWF talent to appear on their cards. (Our thanks to
San Antonio's own
Sergio Barrera!)
(Reported by Al Isaccs at: )

There are some serious rumblings going on about the finish for the Hogan v.
Flair match this Sunday at Superbrawl. Apparently there is a dispute over how
the end of the match should be handled. You know, with the drubbing that Flair
took on Monday, it follows that he should win the title on Sunday, but I heard
that Bischoff does not want a title change, and Hogan does not want to do the
job, even though Flair would be willing drop the title to Hogan in Flair country
at the Dean Dome Nitro. But this is WCW, where most of the time, logic has no
place. Anyway, as it stands right now, the proposed finish is for David Flair to
cost his father the title. Reports are that David Flair is actually the camera
that the crazy woman is talking to, and they are both heading to Superbrawl so
David can use the tazer on his father costing Ric the match. (Reported by
Micasa at: )

In what is being considered a very drastic financial move, Seiji Sakaguchi,
President of New Japan, announced that they may no longer work at the
Tokyo Dome
and instead sign a lucrative, long-term deal to run shows at the newly
constructed Sapporo Dome, which will seat 52,300 and be opened in the year 2001.
Sakaguchi told reporters that the company is hurting very badly for finances
and that more measures will occur in the front office. Sakaguchi says that they
don't have a lot of interest to run at the Tokyo Dome anymore and that the
Sapporo Dome is something they want to call, "The Northern New Sacred Place."
Sapporo Nakajima Sports Center, which is a very loved-place by many Japanese
fans, will be demolished this Autumn. (Reported by Zach Arnold at: )

Japan is hoping to have a ceremony for Giant Baba at the 5/2 Tokyo Dome
Show. The plan is to include many of his legendary opponents, including The
Destroyer, Dory & Terry Funk, Bruno Sammartino, The Crusher and Gene Kiniski.
At this point, The Destroyer is the only one who has been contacted thus far.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

To subscribe to The Wrestling Observer, the premier source of wrestling info,
send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell CA 95009-1228

Tomomi " Jumbo " Tsuruta of All Japan Pro-Wrestling had a press conference in
Tokyo at 12:40 pm on Saturday, February 20, and announced that he will retire
from pro wrestling and study abroad in the State University in Portland,
Oregon, USA, starting Wednesday, March 10 for 2 years. He will study
sport-physiology there.
Jumbo Tsuruta beat Jack Brisco to win the United National Heavyweight Title
8/28/76), he beat Bruiser Brody to win the International Heavyweight title
8/31/83), and he beat Nick Bockwinkle to win the AWA World Heavyweight title
2/23/84). Tsuruta will salute the fans at Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo on
Saturday,March 6th Reported by Masanori Horie (masa-h)
VISIT my Home Page:
Last night (Friday, February 19, 1999) Goldberg was a guest on the Jay Leno
Show. He must have been feeling his oats because he issued a $100, 000 challenge
to Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA), offering to meet him anywhere, anytime,
including the back alley at NBC. What's wrong with this picture?

You may recall that last year Good King Eric (GKE) issued a similar challenge to
WWF Owner (and @$$hole) Mr. McMahon. As it turns out, GKE must be saying his
prayers after watching McMahon's performance the St. Valentine's Day Massacre
PPV. Had that ever come to pass, there might well be someone new running WCW.
GKE knew full well that McMahon wouldn't respond, just as Goldberg knows that
SCSA wont.

It is very easy to throw out challenges that will never be answered. What
Goldberg did was no different from you challenging Michael Jordan to a game of
H-O-R-S-E or Mike Tyson to a 15 Round Boxing Match. The whole thing smells of
GKE. What better way to promote yourself than to challenge whoever is above you.
Remember the old Avis slogan, "We're Number Two, We Try Harder?" Now that WCW is
firmly entrenched in the Number Two position, they are trying harder. Why would
the WWF or SCSA ever consider accepting, when the only ones with something to
gain are WCW and Goldberg?

Back to the drawing board GKE. Goldberg has a great future in wrestling,
providing you don't screw it up. How about having Old Baldy challenge some old
grandmother or grandfather. That is more likely to happen. Heck, he might even
VISIT my Home Page:

The program began with ECW Champion Taz arriving in
Queens, as fans chanted

A match between John Kronus and Steve Corrino was in progress. Corrino had
Kronus up for a Power Bomb as Judge Jeff Jones came to the ring. He told Corrino
that the Power Bomb was not his move, that it belonged to "The Master." With
that Sid came to the ring and Power Bombed Corrino over the top rope to the
floor. This got our first "Oh, my G-d" of the program from Joey Styles. Sid then
Power Bombed Kronus. The fans called for more, and Sid was more then happy to
comply. He went out on got Corrino and threw him back into the ring. Sid asked
the fans which one they wanted to see him dismantle. The fans weren't too
choosy. Sid hit Corrino with his second Power Bomb. The fans were still not
satisfied, as they chanted "One more time." Since he is such an easy going guy,
Sid planted Corrino with a third one. The crowd loved it and began a chant of
"Holy S**t." Still not satisfied, they began the "One more time" chant again.
Once again, Sid was only too happy to give them what they wanted. He hit Kronus
with his second one. The crowd picked up a chant of "Sid." The final score was
Corrino - 3, Kronus - 2. ECW is building Sid up as an unstoppable force.

After the regular ECW opening, Joey was in the ring and welcomed the crowd, who
chanted "ECW." He introduced Taz, who came out to a mixed reception. He said he
would either choke out or make tap out, whoever he faces for the Title, at the
next ECW PPV, Living Dangerously,
March, 21, 1999. He then challenged anyone in
ECW, WCW and the WWF to face him. He said he was
New York City born and bred and
their Champion. He left to a big pop.

We saw a clip of The Dudley Boys and The Public Enemy (TPE) going at it. Styles
said The Dudleys had run TPE out of ECW and tonight their Advisor Joel Gertner
would reveal who The Mysterious Benefactor that paid them to do it and to take
out New Jack is. Styles also said we would hear from Shane "The Franchise"
Douglas about his rumored retirement.

The first match pitted Little Guido (LG) of The Full Blooded Italians (FBI),
accompanied by fellow FBI member Big Sal E. Graziano, v. Chris Chetti. Chetti
began with a series of Kicks to LG's body. This was followed by chain moves on
the mat. Chetti took LG down to the mat and they went into another series of
chain moves. LG hit Chetti with a low kick, following with a series of kicks to
the ribs. When Chetti came off the ropes, Big Sal E. tripped him and Chetti went
out after him. LG followed him out and they exchanged pleasantries out on the
floor. back in the ring, Chetti hit a Spinning Heel Kick and a Cross-Body off
the top turn buckle. He went up again, but this time LG caught him and planted
him. LG threw Chetti out to the waiting arms of Big Sal E., who smashed him into
the ring post and put him back in the ring. Chetti came back with a series of
punches, but missed a Springboard Plancha. LG went for the pin, but Chetti
kicked out. Chetti hit a Clothesline, several Punches, a Side Kick to the head,
a Power Slam and went for a pin, but LG kicked out. Big Sal E. hauled his lard
@$$ up onto the apron with the Italian Flag Pole he was carrying. As LG
discussed the price of Provolone with Sal Sal E., Chetti hit him from behind
with a Drop Kick. This knocked him into Big Sal E., who went to the floor. The
building shook as he hit the ground. Chetti quickly followed up with a Tiger
Bomb, a Springboard Plancha, a pin, and sent LG home for a Pepperoni Pizza and a
new game plan.
Winner - Chris Chetti

We saw a clip of the Dudley Boyz and TPE from Detroit to set up The Dudley Boyz
in the ring to talk about TPE and The Mysterious Benefactor.

The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray (BBR), D-Von and Big Dick were in the ring, along
with Joel "I'll have six eggs, a double stack and a slab of bacon please, I'm
watching my waistline" Gertner. BBR said TPE had "sold out the fans, that they
weren't Hardcore enough, and too old and too fat for ECW." He accused them of
not having the guts to show up and face them in Queens. He went on to talk about
The Dudley Boyz having been in ECW three years, not backing down to anyone, and
having split up The Eliminators and The Gangstas. He said The Dudley Boyz are
the best wrestlers as well as the best brawlers anywhere in the industry. He
went over their accomplishments, including breaking Beulah's neck. He called
them the best tag team of the past, present and future.

New Jack came out and questioned The Dudley Boyz being the best tag team. He
said he wasn't there alone. BBR mockingly asked him who he brought, Kronus or
Little Spike Dudley (LSD). As this point, New Jack's old partner in The Original
Gangstas, Mustafa, stormed out and both he and New Jack cleaned house, chasing
The Dudley Boyz out of the ring. The crowd cheered Mustafa's return.

As Mustafa and New Jack took the cheers, Mustafa turned on New Jack and clocked
him. The Dudley Boyz came back in and they joined Mustafa in taking New Jack
apart. He was hit by a 3-D (Dudley Death Drop) and busted wide open. Blood
poured down New Jack's face. Kronus hit the ring and found that fooling with The
Dudley Boyz isn't a real smart thing to do. They wiped him out and hit him with
3-D. LSD was in next and quickly hit BBR and Big Dick with a Double Low Blow. He
didn't have much time to celebrate as he was quickly subdued and hit with his
3-D. BBR then hit New Jack with a major DDT and ruled the ring.

Mustafa hauled out a roll of money and gave a bunch to The Dudley Boyz. He gave
them enough to rebuild Dudleyville. Then again, for three bucks you could buy
Dudleyville, and still have enough left over for coffee and a bagel. Gertner
then identified Mustafa as The Mysterious Benefactor. New Jack had always called
Mustafa the only person he trusted. Sorry New Jack, wrong again. As New Jack was
help on his knees, Mustafa threw money in his face and pounded him some more.

After a commercial, Joey talked about what had just taken place with Mustafa.

Douglas came to the ring, accompanied by Francine, who was obviously upset. He
brought a pair of wrestling boots with him. The crowd chanted "Please don't go."
It brought Francine to tears, and Douglas close. Douglas said the rumors about
his physical condition were exaggerated. He said people said pro and con about
him, but he always gave his all. He went on to say that he always wanted his
last match to be his greatest and thought that his recent Title match v. Taz was
that, even though he lost. He talked about other wrestlers hanging on too long,
but he knows when its time "to pass the boots." The crowd again chanted "Please
don't go" as he continued that the person to fill the boots is..., Francine
broke down.

Justin Credible, his Manager Jason and The Still Unnamed Afro African Woman came
to the ring. Credible said he was the man to fill the boots, and was The
Hardcore Icon. He said he beat Tommy Dreamer and was endorsed by Terry Funk as
his new protege. He said "thanks gramps, for having passed the torch to the next

Lance Storm came to the ring and laid claim to the boots and title of
"Franchise." The crowd chanted "Where's your Bytch?" He compared himself to Bret
Hart and said he can do it all.

Douglas said Tommy Dreamer was the next "Franchise" and was immediately jumped
by Credible and Storm. Credible swung his Singapore Cane at Douglas. Francine
shoved Douglas out of the way and took the Cane square in the face, and went
down like a ton of bricks and began to bleed. This got an "Oh, my G-d" from
Joey. Tommy Dreamer hit the ring and was blasted by Credible and Storm, who
continued pounding on Douglas. Francine went over to protect Douglas, however,
was kicked by Credible as Storm held her. The program ended on that note.
Submitted by reader: SlickVenom
Last issue, reader ravin pointed out that Blitzkrieg won the 6-man
trios match with a Star Dust Press (btw, how many blown spots happened in that
match? That is lucha at its worst! ). The Stardust Press was popularized by
another one of my favorites, Hayabusa. You may have seen him at ECW's Heatwave
98 (one
hell of a ppv!). The first time Hayabusa used the move was one of only 7 times
he has landed it (its a dangerous move, and his knee's could hit you in the
face, so many guys just move). l was in awe when i fist saw it. Other popular
moves WCW calls wrong are the following: fire bird splash (450), tornillo
(corkscrew moonsault), quebrada (Backflip), tope con hilo (somersault plancha).
Ok, l just thought I would put my 2 sense in. If you would like some Hayabusa
tapes, please email me.
-zak- Slickvenom
Submitted by reader: SCologne
Did anyone else catch and understand this? It took me about two or three
rewinds to finally 'get it', but I thought it was amusing enough to
mention...and it made Jerry Lawler chuckle a bit, too...

During one point in last Monday's Raw match between Val Venis and Billy Gunn,
Val connected with two right hands on Billy, and then did this kinda outrageous,
totally unexpected gesture that fit in perfectly with his porn-star persona. He
reached down the front of his tights (?!?!?) with his right hand, and then took
a crouching stance, holding his right forearm limply in front of his
groin...presumably, a visual reference to pulling out his, er, 'Big Valbowski',
in a flaccid state. He then swatted his make-believe 'Valbowski' two or three
times with his free left hand, each time flexing his right arm upwards and
clenching the fist tightly...I assume you can all figure out what that action
was alluding to.:) Finally, he leaped upwards and connected with a right-armed
European uppercut to Badd Ass' chin. Yipes! I could make numerous rude and
tasteless puns on the words "European uppercut" right now, but I'll save you the
:)- Sean
Submitted by reader: Adam Schlosser (slush8)
Tonight, as I watched Thunder and saw Chris Benoit hit a flying headbutt off the
top of a cage I wondered, what would wrestling be like without The Crippler
Chris Benoit, Bret 'Hitman' Hart, Chris Jericho, Lance Storm, and Owen Hart.
Bret was strong enough to carry the WWF for a few years, Benoit is just plain
amazing each time he steps between the ropes, Jericho is the up and coming star
of tomorrow everyone talks about, Owen has always been a sound wrestler, and
Storm is very impressive as well. What do these men all have in common besides
the fact they're dripping with talent? They were all trained by Stu Hart. I
was thinking, what happens when Stu is gone and people trained by him aren't
around? Sure, wrestling will still have good athletes, but will they be as good
as those trained by Stu? What happens when Sharpshooters, Liontamers,and
Crippler Crossfaces are gone?
Submitted by reader: Humphrey, Adam J. (HumphrAJ)
I have noticed that many people get the crotch chops mixed up. Scott Hall was
doing the original NWO crotch chop that was started by Syxx (X-Pac) while in WCW
and Scott Hall. This is done without the arms crossing in the form of an "X."
Therefore, Scott Hall was doing a NWO crotch chop and not a "DX Style" crotch
chop. Sorry for being so technical.
Submitted by reader: Andy Laudano (Hitman-Andy@xxxxc...)
In my opinion the Will Sasso angle was handled rather well. First of all, Mad Tv
is a decent show and way funnier than Saturday Night Live has been in recent
years. A lot of SNL's old audience watches this instead so I'm sure it attracted
at least some new viewers. I also think Sasso made the sport look good as he got
his ass kicked! He got in NO offense! He was a non-athlete who didnt deserve to
be in the ring with someone like a Bret Hart and unlike Jay Leno he was treated
that way! Unlike
other non-wrestlers like Rodman, Malone, White, Taylor ect who even though they
are athletes STILL should have been embarrassed and destroyed by "legitimate"
wrestlers in wrestling matches, Sasso showed exactly what SHOULD happen when
someone who doesn't belong in the ring gets in there. All other recent celebrity
involvements have made the sport look bad, Sasso finally made the sport look
As for the announcers being unaware of the Flair beating by the nWo, it was
WCW's attempt at a WWF style angle where they show the veiwers whats "really"
happening "off-camera" like with the girl talking to "camera" vignettes.
Submitted by reader: Blofish782
I usually try to pick a "Wrestler of the Week" from either Nitro or Raw. The
reason I'm voicing my opinion this week is that the man mentioned here deserves
a Nobel Prize for his actions on Monday. First of all I have to give it up to
the WCW
luchadores who came in 2nd-6th place (No, El Dandy doesn't count). This weeks
winner is Darren Drozdov. Thanks to The Great Regurgitator, we didn't have to
sit through (choke) Steve Blackman versus (and I can't believe I'm saying this)
WWF Hardcore Champion Bob Holly in an Almost Hardcore match. The three people
in the wrestling world this week who get my lowest approval ratings are Bart
Gunn for coming back from Japan, Bob Holly for getting on the mic and just from
generally being the only person to make Gillberg look like a REAL champion, and
whoever decided to give good ol' Bobby a push.
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