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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 171

Date:  Saturday February 20th, 1999  4:38 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Here's a story about the NWA/Antonio Inoki deal... Dennis Coralluzzo,
New Jersey
promoter for the NWA, is hot because Dan Severn was booked for him on 3/14, the
day when he's now scheduled for the UFO show in Kanagawa, Yokohama Arena.
Apparently Coralluzzo, who is an NWA Board member, was not asked to vote on the
UFO deal, and didn't find out about it until the story about the press
conference broke in
Los Angeles broke. Coralluzzo wants compensation for the
booking problem. (Reported by Zach Arnold at: )

Andre The Giant biography will be re-airing on March 21st on A&E....
(Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos of )

Fair or not, Dallas Page has a rep already among other members of WCW's booking
committee of only coming up with ideas for himself and occasionally one of his
friends, but usually in a way that is transparently beneficial to himself.
(Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch)

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February 20th, 1999
Jackyl's Winnipeg Sun/Thunder Bay Chronicle Column
by Don Callis
Be sure to check out
Jackal gets "Extreme" in New York
New York City is always a pretty chaotic place to be, but when in the midst of
the most rabid wrestling fans in the world, in a building dubbed "The Madhouse
on Queens Boulevard", the chaos rises to a new level. As I stood perched on a
balcony overlooking the ring, symbolically positioned above the company banner
awash in an ocean of crazed fanatics I felt like I'd come home...home to a place
that at once I'd never been to before, and been a thousand times...home to ECW.

For much of the past two months I have been inundated with questions regarding
my status in the professional wrestling industry. Speculation has been rampant
on the internet (a great source for misinformation), and contrary statements
about my career plans have been bandied about on a daily basis by supposed

Some funny rumors have included: that I was fired from the WWF, and planned to
open up my own wrestling territory in
Manitoba featuring a wrestling bear as my
champion. Another funny one that I wish was true was that I had retired to
become Chris Jericho's business agent. Recently the internet even suggested that
my release from the WWF was a big ruse, and that I was still under contract and
working behind the scenes in some covert capacity. Then of course there are the
perpetual whisperings of me entering the political arena. All good
entertainment, but, alas they are further proof of why I am your only accurate
source of inside wrestling information. Save for the odd cryptic remark, I have,
through it all, remained quiet, until now.

While the story itself is too long to tell in this forum, (you'll have to access
my website for that... I can give
you the important information: I am no longer with the WWF. I am now back on
television all over the
United States, and on Satellite in Canada for Extreme
Championship Wrestling. And for those of you who waited patiently for me to get
to cut the kind of interviews in WWF that you had heard in Winnipeg when I was
"The Natural", you're patience is about to be rewarded. I've been waiting over a
year to cut a live interview, and when I finally speak live in ECW, it will be
emotional and memorable, and yes, you can bet the farm that it will be EXTREME.

This past weekend in
New York at the ECW television tapings was like a
homecoming for me. It brought me back to the reasons that I fell in love with
the wrestling business in the first place. Further details such as what moniker
I might be using, what role I will play etc, will all play themselves out in
good time, and with my return to pay per view coming March 21, for ECW's "Living
Dangerously", I would remind you of a quote I once used on WWF TV..."Life is an
incurable disease...and so am I!"...I'm back.

Ringside Insider:
WWF news has Triple H signing a contract extension making him one of the company's
highest paid performers...Rumor has it that there is some legit heat between
Sable and the WWF front office, whatever it is, I would remind Sable to not
forget who brought her to the dance...My pal Bret Hart is apparently not the
favorite son of the WCW booking committee, who feel that Bret should be used to
"enhance" others. Although I've been accused of being "intellectually arrogant"
in the past, I have to say that this is not nuclear physics, just let Bret do
his thing, after all, before he went to WCW he was the hottest performer in the
business...ECW TV Champion Rob Van Dam (Mr. Monday Night), begins shooting a
martial arts movie in L.A. soon...New U.S. Champion, Roddy Piper is apparently
having more pain with his oft-injured hip. Best wishes for a speedy recovery
from a fellow Winnipeger...The Chris Jericho watch continues, as pressure is on
the booking committee in WCW to re-sign him to a new deal...A popular new
feature on my website is the "Intellectual Intercourse" Chat Room, where you can
interact with fellow Jackalites...You can interact with me by e-mailing me at
Submitted by reader: Roger Niebuhr (Inverse666)
Back in the late spring, early summer of 1997, I was still living at home with
my parents and my brother John. It was a Monday night, I was heading out for
the evening, and John was watching wrestling. I saw some fat, sweaty guy in
brown wearing a leather mask running around and I started laughing. “What are
you doing watching this crap?” I asked. He said, “Don’t mock it, this stuff is
awesome.” I laughed again and left.

I had been a die-hard WWF fan when I was younger. I was a Hulkamaniac. I was
at Uncle Elmer’s wedding. I had a poster of Billy Jack Haynes hanging up in my
room. But that was a long time ago. Kid stuff. I had long since outgrown
wrestling and I couldn’t figure out why my eighteen year old brother was
watching it again.

The next time I caught him watching wrestling, he got pretty pissed when I
started making fun of it. “This is better than it ever was,” he said. “Right,”
I said. “Don’t mock it until you watch it,” he said.

A few weeks earlier, John had been working on a science project at a friend’s
house. They were making a bed of nails so they could break a slab of concrete
with a sledgehammer over their teacher’s chest.
Eight o’clock rolled around,
and my brother’s friend said they had to take a break because RAW was on. My
brother’s reaction was the same as mine was when I caught him alone... he
laughed. That night John saw Steve Austin beat up Bret Hart in a wheelchair,
and he was hooked.

The next several weeks passed and I found out that my brother had tickets to
Summerslam. I still didn’t understand what he saw in wrestling just yet, but I
soon would. He got a copy of the Summerslam tape shortly afterward, and he sat
my butt down and made me watch.

I saw the fat, sweaty guy beat the hell out of some guy named Hunter Hearst
Helmsley in the opening bout inside a steel cage, taking hits like I had never
seen before. “See?” my brother said. I saw Steve Austin take a nasty dump onto
his head and still get up. I saw the Undertaker looking better than ever, take
a wicked chair shot and lose the championship. These guys were tougher than I
had ever imagined. I was also beginning to see the light.

Like my brother, I also was beginning to watch wrestling on Monday nights. I
loved the Undertaker. I didn’t get Shawn Michaels (the last I saw of him he was
in some cheesy tag-team named the Rockers, and I didn’t get him then, either).
I still thought Mick Foley was just some fat, sweaty guy, but I was slowly
beginning to appreciate him. I wasn’t watching religiously just yet. If I had
something else going on, I would still go out on a Monday night and skip
wrestling entirely. This all changed when my brother got me to go with him to
see RAW is WAR at
Madison Square Garden. Hell in a Cell was approaching. Brian
Pillman and Owen Hart were
wrestling each other in the Intercontinental Championship tournament. The fat,
sweaty guy was wrestling that Hunter person again, but this time as somebody
named Cactus Jack... and Steve Austin gave broadcast announcer Vince McMahon
something called a “stunner” for the first time.

Everything suddenly clicked. This was theatre. This was a show. This was no
longer “bad guys” vs. “good guys”. This was not trying to pass off as real
life. Wrestling was actually cool again...
Submitted by reader: Thomas Stangowitz (tommymania)
A reader recently sent in the statement that Scott Hall was doing an nWO crotch
chop and not a DX one. What he may be forgetting is that before DX was
officially formed and even after they were formed, Shawn Michaels did the crotch
chop without crossing his arms, before it was changed into the cross-armed chop.
Syxx and any other person that did it in the nWo, did it because they were
buddies with DX, and probably to piss Bischoff off.
Thomas Stangowitz
 You want to join an RP fed? Ask yourself this "Do I wanna join a fed that will
end in 2 weeks or be going for years"? Well, the EWWA will do exactly what I
guarantee...I guarantee that this fed will not close in the next 2 years! So if
you can RP 75 lines w/ a fake or real wrestler e-mail me at ILUVFIRE03

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