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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 172

Date:  Sunday February 21st, 1999  8:01 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

From Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch:
"Steve, please post the following----We have not, and will not be fired from
ECW. That is our home and we have a special relationship with Paul, and I assure
you we are not leaving or being fired. A few months ago Paul, Tammy, and myself
tried to use the internet as a forum for an angle. Arguing over whether any
real offers to jump ship came from it is now irrelevant.

To address our current situation, we have some PERSONAL FAMILY problems going on
right now. They did escalate to a serious level, and we perhaps made a mistake
by trying to deny things, but its hard enough dealing with the problems at
home, much less having them embellished on the internet by cruel people looking
to kick someone when they are down. There is no secret that there is drug use
wrestling. And our locker room is no different. Paul asked US to stop use and
did, why it is ok for some and not others to use is irrelevant, he is our boss
and that’s what he wants. He has been very helpful as a friend through our
PERSONAL FAMILY problems and asks only one thing from us.......that we make the
following statement.........

We (Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch) are currently having some PERSONAL FAMILY
problems (not drug related, by the way ). We admit that we need time and
possibly professional help to get us through this. When we, along with Paul,
feel that we are ready we will return to work in ECW!!!!!! There is no
underlying meaning, no angles, so stop speculating on things.

When we return we will be what we always were, the best all around female
performer EVER in the business, and for the first time, screw modesty, as one of
the best workers in the world. Thank you to our fans, and especially Paul
Heyman, friend and boss, and even to the idiots who make up stuff on here or
report truthful but PERSONAL items, because, hey, like Bob Armstrong told me a
long time ago, "as long as they're talking about you its good". So I guess we
are doing great.
Superbrawl Results for 2/21/1999
Live from Oakland CA
Booker T pinned Disco Inferno
Chris Jericho defeated Perry Saturn via countout
Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr.

WCW World Tag Team Tournament Finals
Since Hennig & Windham were undefeated, The Horseman would have score two
consecutive victories to win the championship. If the Horseman win the first
match, they must face Hennig & Windham in an immediate rematch.
Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko defeated Curt Hennig & Barry Windham when Malenko
forced Windham to submit to the Texas Cloverleaf
Hennig & Windham defeated Benoit & Malenko to win the WCW World Tag Team
Championship when Windham pinned Malenko

Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (w/Lex Luger & Elizabeth) defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. &
Konnan when Nash pinned Mysterio
Luger was unable to wrestle due to his torn bicep. The defeat forced Mysterio
to unmask; watch for his true face on Nitro. Very young looking...

WCW TV Champion Scott Steiner defeated Diamond Dallas Page when DDP fell
unconscious while in the Steiner Recliner; Steiner won the rights to Kimbery for
thirty days.

Scott Hall pinned Roddy Piper to win the United States Heavyweight Championship
Bill Goldberg pinned Bam Bam Bigelow

WCW World Champion Hollywood Hogan pinned Ric Flair
After a tazer attack, the masked man (w/Torri Wilson) unmasked. David Flair was
the villain, the newest member of The Wolfpac.
Be sure to check out the website of Playboy Bobby Starr, the new Mid-Eastern
Wrestling Federation Heavyweight champion. All the info can be found at:
Believe it or not: Hogan an object of pity
My Mike Mooneyham
Sunday, February 21, 1999
Something very unusual happened Monday night while I was watching Nitro.
I actually felt sorry for Hulk Hogan.

His match with Roddy Piper was one of the worst ever shown on Nitro, and there
have been many. Watching their sorry excuse for a WCW world title match, and
later viewing the action-packed Mankind-Rock WWF world title bout on Raw, was
like night and day. So were the respective ratings.

Nitro suffered one of its most lopsided poundings in the history of the Monday
night wars for a show that was terrible beyond description. Raw amassed a
phenomenal 5.9 - a better rating than Nitro garnered the week before when Raw
was preempted - and posted hours of 6.1 and 5.7 with a 6.8 for its overrun.
Nitro came in at a full two points lower - 3.9.

Hulk Hogan, 45, is now worse than bad in the ring. Roddy Piper, 47, hardly
resembles the Piper of old and hobbles around the squared circle on an
artificial hip. Watching the two "wrestle" was equally painful.

My sorrow for Hogan, however, was tempered by the fact that he has only himself
to blame for the sorry state of affairs at WCW. It is abundantly clear after
last week's events that, although Kevin Nash is now main booker, Hogan's
self-serving agenda is still being carried out, a fact that does not bode well
for WCW.

Nash, along with assistant booker Diamond Dallas Page, gave the boys a pep talk
prior to a recent Nitro, urging the crew to get to the arenas early for Nitro
and be willing to do jobs when asked. Many took that advice with a grain of
salt, since Nash himself has frequently violated those same orders in the past,
and its now apparent that a new clique has emerged and will be the sole
benefactors of Nash's rise to power.

While some of the company's younger talent (Paul Wight) have already jumped ship
and some (Chris Jericho) are threatening, others (Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko)
reluctantly have opted to sacrifice career advancement for guaranteed cash. Some
(Bret Hart, Sting) are collecting seven-figure salaries without much to show for
it. And then there's Ric Flair.

Flair, who despite consistently providing the company with its top quarter
hours, has been handcuffed by the Nash-Hogan hierarchy. Odds are that Flair will
be denied the opportunity to capture his 14th world heavyweight title tonight at
SuperBrawl. But win or lose, he will always be "The Champ," as many of his
friends and colleagues testified last weekend in
Charlotte where they met for a
special occasion.

The Nature Boy was the victim of a set-up, but the "perpetrator" wasn't Hogan or
Eric Bischoff, rather his wife, Beth, who threw a surprise 50th birthday bash
for the 13-time world champ. Flair doesn't officially turn 50 until Feb. 25, but
the party was planned early in order to avoid a conflict with his wrestling

Beth, with the help of a few accomplices, pulled off the surprise part of it by
convincing Ric that they had been invited to a dinner party with his bankers.
She diverted him to the country club where the real party was being held by
telling him that 10-year-old son Reid and a friend, the son of a neighborhood
golfer and with whom he was going to spend the night, had gotten into some
mischief and needed to be picked up.

The surprise lasted all the way to the country club door, behind which nearly
135 of his closest friends from all over the country had gathered. At that
point, says Beth, jRic sensed something might be up.

• Things to look for on tonight's SuperBrawl pay-per-view:
The plan as of late last week was for David Flair (Fliehr) to be revealed as the
target of mystery blonde Torri Wilson, with David using the taser gun to help
Hogan defeat his dad, resulting in David joining the NWO, a scenario that
obviously was drawing heated opposition behind the scenes ... Roddy Piper will
drop the U.S. strap to Scott Hall ... Rey Mysterio Jr. will lose his mask. The
current plan is for Mysterio, a close friend of Kevin Nash, to join the NWO
Wolfpac and get a renewed push. Mysterio had lobbied WCW to allow him to wrestle
Psychosis in a match in
Tijuana, Mexico, prior to SuperBrawl so he could drop his
hood in that country first.

• American Classic Wrestling, which presented last year's Night of the Legends
show in
Charleston, will hold a seven-match card March 20 at Charleston Southern
Stan Lane, formerly part of one of the top teams in wrestling with
Bobby Eaton as The Midnight Express, is coming out of retirement and will meet
The Superstar (Bill Eadie) in the main event.

Eadie was one of the top masked men in the business during the '70s and early
'80s and later gained notoriety as Demolition Ax in the WWF. He held the WWF
tag-team title with Demolition Smash (Barry Darsow) and later added Demolition
Crush (Brian Adams) as a third member. Also on the show: The Glamour Girls (Judy
Martin and Lelani Kai) vs. Malia Hosaka and Susan Green; Thunderfoot vs. George
South; Johnny Blade vs. Lee Scott; Hoss vs. Johnny Z; The Gambler vs. Big Bubba
Shultz; and Ray Storm vs. Idle X.

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at (803) 937-5517 or by e-mail at
mooneyham@xxxxc.... More wrestling news with Mike Mooneyham is
available every Monday on The Wrestling Observer Hotline. The number is
1-900-903-9030. Calls are 99 cents per minute, and children under 18 must get
parental permission before dialing.
Submitted by reader: Timothy Wan (TWAN@xxxxc...)
What can I say, but "Wow." In case you haven't heard, Bob Holly has won, and
defended the Hardcore Title vacated by the injured Jesse James. When I first
wrote this column after "St. Valentine's Day Massacre", it was originally
titled, "How To Kill The Hardcore Division."

I never thought I'd say this, but the WWF has shown that they can make a star
out of even Bob Holly. After shedding the moniker of Thurman "Sparky" Plugg, Bob
Holly has finally gotten some respect. (Good manipulation by the WWF for having
him win in his home state of
Alabama.) I thought Holly's win would be yet
another transition title holder, as he was for Owen Hart and in his tag teams
with Marty Jannetty and the (then) 1-2-3 Kid. But I guess the WWF has decided
that this good athlete deserves a push.

Well, he has been giving his all for some time. Since 1993, he's been jobbing in
the WWF. And the fact of the matter is, he's a country hick, who has no mic
skills, and, up until recently, had a sub-par physique. But he's impressing me
now. A feud with Bart Gunn isn't going to be competing for Main-Event status,
but its definitely better than losing to TL Hopper or tagging with Aldo

What the WWF needs to do now is make sure they keep Holly going. Give him a
better nickname, something he himself likes. Let him lose the JOB Squad. After
all, with Scorpio's release, the only ones left are Al Snow and the Blue Meanie,
who both don't need any followers. (Gillberg doesn't count... see "The People's
Newsletter" Issue #11) The WWF can make Bob Holly the next Bad Ass Billy Gunn,
or even the next Steve Austin. (Re: Rockabilly and the Ringmaster,
respectively.) I hope they do.

Note: This is a column from an upcoming issue of "The People's Newsletter." If
you'd like to subscribe to this multimedia newsletter, chock-full of editorials,
and open forum for ideas, please email DaKey1
Submitted by reader: DXDGNR8CHK
I completely agree with Mr. Blofish782. I think Droz really picked up the ball
for that "Hardcore" match. Droz has always been one of my faves since I first
saw him when I was a wee 13, a whole year ago. He has tons of talent, has a
great look, and could get really far if the powers that be keep using him like
this. He was good in the green plaid shorts, better in the LOD, and even better
yet in the purplish plaid shorts. Sure, he may seem a little out there, even
for the WWF, but some of you have to agree with me, he could go far. If you
don't agree with me, too bad, cuz then that means you don't see the potential in
Darren Drozdov that so many others do.
Submitted by reader: TripleH99
I just got done just about an hour ago watching WWF Super Astros on Univision.
Super Astros is a fine WWF Mexican wrestling program that runs on Univision
every Sunday afternoon at 12 for one half hour. The main event for the show was
Papi Chulo and Apollo Dantes vs Felino and Armano Fernandez. This match saw Papi
Chulo dive onto Fernandez with a somersault from inside the ring and many other
high flying moves. Every week that this show comes on I wonder why Vince Mcmahon
doesn't give these guys enough exposure. They're obviously talented
but what the hell are they even wrestling for if they're just going to be used
for one half hour show?

While Duane Gill is busy acting like a jackass with his Gillberg angle these
mexican superstars are working there asses off for nothing. What I'm saying is
that these guys deserve a lot more exposure or they're just being wasted because
myself and probably of other fans would love to see at least one Light
Heavyweight match each and every week either on Heat or RAW and at least 2 title
defenses a month by the champion. I've already emailed a few "executives" in the
WWF about pushing this division and maybe if a few more of us wrote to McMahon
and company he would start to push the dying division.
Thank You
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