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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 173

Date:  Monday February 22nd, 1999  10:16 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Jason suffered a fractured neck at the show on 2/18 in
Johnstown, PA. It was due
to a powerbomb from Chris Chetti. Jason broke his neck about eight years ago and
had a few vertebrae fused together. This fracture was an aggravation of that
injury, as it loosened the fused vertebrae and displaced one of them. He was in
a lot of pain but had sensory and motor functions. He was scheduled for an
examination at
Mt. Sinai Hospital on 2/24 for further testing. Initial diagnosis
were that that the injury would not require surgery and that he may be able to
rehab it with therapy. The company hopes that he will be at the 3/21 PPV.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

Thunder on 2/18 did a 3.8 rating off of hours of 3.4 and 4.2.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

Playstation Magazine is reporting that Acclaim will be releasing a follow up to
the wildly successful videogame for the PS platform, "WWF Warzone". The game,
tentatively titled "WWF Attitude" is scheduled for release in June 1999 and is
rumored to feature new characters, including the New Age Outlaws. Realistically,
look for the game to be available by the end of this summer.
(Reported by Dan Moreland, Pro Wrestling's Between the Sheets)

Be sure to check out the web site of NDW Champion Beastmaster Rick Link, found
VISIT my Home Page:
The program began with highlights of last weeks WWF Title Ladder Match between
Mankind (C) and The Rock. It was won by The Rock after Paul Wight came to the
ring and Choke Slammed Mankind off the ladder.

After the RAW opening, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were at the announcers

Mr. McMahon came to the ring to a chant of "@$$hole" and announced that
tonight's Main Event would be an Inferno Match between The Undertaker and Kane.
To win, you must set your opponent on fire. He promised that Kane will "fry The
Taker." He then talked about the Main Event at Wrestlemania XV (WM) between The
Rock (C) and Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA), and he introduced Paul Wight, who
is the Special Guest Referee. Wight came to the ring and McMahon called him the
newest Corporation Member.

Wight said that in two days he changed the WWF forever, referring to his actions
at The St. Valentine's Day Massacre PPV, where he threw SCSA thru the cage, and
last week when he helped The Rock regain the title. He called himself "Big

The Rock came to the ring to a chant of "Rocky Sucks," and took exception to
Wight's saying that he regained the title only because of Wight's help. They got
into each others face, with The Rock doing his regular routine. Wight wasn't
impressed. McMahon was beside himself as it looked like The Corporation was
crumbling before him. The Rock told Wight to shut his mouth or have it shut for
him, calling him "500 pounds of monkey crap." Wight told The Rock where to go.

Mankind came out on the ramp to a big pop and held Mr. Socko aloft. He again
offered to be The Second Special Guest Referee at WM, and referee at a Title
Match tonight between The Rock and Wight, if they wanted to settle their
differences. McMahon said there would be no match. Wight said he wanted the
Title and the match. The Rock said he was on. McMahon wasn't a happy camper.

We saw The Corporation locker room. It was in an uproar about the match between
The Rock and Wight. McMahon was trying to talk both men out of it.

The first match pitted Ministry Of Darkness (MOD) members, The Brood (Gangrel
and Edge) v. The Public Enemy (TPE), "Flyboy" Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge. All
three members of The Brood (Christian being the third) came up thru The Ring Of
Fire and Gangrel did his Red Liquid Spewing routine. The match featured many
good tag team moves by both teams. Christian came into the ring when TPE had the
advantage causing The Brood to be DQ'd. The lights went out and when they came
back on, TPE was at ringside, the latest victims of a Bloodbath.
Winners - The Public Enemy via DQ

We saw a clip shot during the commercial of The Brood being beaten by MOD at the
direction of The Taker. They were being "disciplined."

Val Venis (VV) joined the announcers. The next match was a No. 1 Contenders
Match for the Intercontinental Title, pitting Bad @$$ v. Nutso. Bad @$$ did his
"Suck it" routine to a big pop. VV dissed both men, as well as Ryan Shamrock
throughout this high impact match. He used all kinds of off color jokes. When
Bad @$$ was knocked to the floor, VV went over and threw him back in. Nutso came
out and jumped VV, and was soon joined by Bad @$$. The three of them fought each
other and had to be pulled apart by a host of referees. Ryan came out and Nutso
dragged her back to the locker room.
No Winner - The match was thrown out

We saw McMahon in the locker room trying to persuade The Rock not to go thru
with the match. He wasn't too successful.

Sable came to the ring to talk with Kevin Kelley, as tongues hung out all over
the arena. As she did, we saw a clip of her appearance on Live With Regis and
Mrs. Gifford last Thursday, and a shot of the cover of the March Playboy. She is
on the cover. She had he same nasty bit*h attitude she exhibited last week. She
spotted the young lady that had been following her at many arenas and called her
to the ring. She said her name was Torri and worships Sable. Sable called her
"pathetic" and a "wannabe," and told her to take a hike.

Luna came to the ring and told Sable that not everyone can be as beautiful as
she is, that she uses people and the only reason she is the WWF Women's Champion
is because of her looks. Sable blew her off, saying she "didn't care about the
women, only the men." Luna and Torri turned and started to leave. Sable nailed
both of them with the Title Belt and left. Foxy and Nasty, hmmm...

We next saw McMahon in the locker room trying to talk Wight out of the match.
Wight said he wants the Title and if he wins, it would remain in The
Corporation, so saw no reason to call it off.

The next match was a Handicap Match pitting D'Lo Brown v. Double J and Owen
Hart. D'Lo came to the ring as we saw a clip from last week of Debra hitting
Ivory in the head with a guitar. He talked about JJ and Owen putting Mark Henry
out and Debra putting Ivory out, and wanted revenge. JJ and Owen came out, along
with Debra. D'Lo put up a great match against two opponents and was holding his
own until PMS, Terri Runnels and Jacqueline, came to ringside. Debra got up on
the apron and distracted the referee and D'Lo. Jacqueline climbed to the top
turn buckle and hit D'Lo with a Missile Drop Kick to the back of his head,
allowing him to be pinned. PMS left and D'Lo was taken apart by JJ and Owen.
Winners - Double J and Owen Hart

We saw Mankind in the basement painting stripes on his shirt and practicing
being a referee.

Mankind came to the ring to referee the Title Match between The Rock and Wight.
Mr. Socko was painted as a referee also. McMahon came to the ring and said there
wasn't going to be a match. He got his favorite chant and was booed. He told
Mankind to put Mr. Socko "where the sun don't shine." The Rock came to the ring
and told McMahon to join the announcers, the match was on. He called Wight out
Rock style. Big Nasty came to the ring and was shoved by The Rock. He retuned
the favor and then both attacked Mankind and tore him a new @$$hole. McMahon
laughed his @$$ off at how gullible Mankind was. He went into the ring and had a
group hug with The Rock and Wight. They held Mankind and McMahon clocked him.
Winner - The Corporation
Loser - Mankind - again

We saw The Corporation celebrating in their locker room.

The next match was Steve Blackman v. Droz. This was Droz' first day back after a
two week suspension for beating Kelley up. He should have gotten a medal, not a
suspension. It was a match pitting speed v. brawn, and won by Blackman after a
Kick under the Chin. After the match, Droz beat the crap out of Blackman with
his own numchux (sic).
Winner - Steve Blackman
Loser - Steve Blackman

We saw McMahon giving Kane a pep talk.

We then saw The Undertaker backstage. He said he was unleashing demons on the
WWF in the name of his Master. He called himself McMahon's "Worst Nightmare." He
again said the WWF will be his.

The next match was a non-title match pitting VV v. Goldust. VV did his "Hello,
ladies" bit to a big pop. It was an excellent and even match until The Blue
Meanie came to ringside and hit VV with a DDT after he was thrown to the floor.
He then rolled him into the ring for an easy pin by Goldie. The Meanie helping
Goldie? What is the world coming to?
Winner- Goldust, give an assist to The Blue Meanie

We saw Shane McMahon and Chyna in the locker room, as she warmed up for her
match v. X-Pac.

We then saw Shane and Chyna admiring his European Title Belt.

The next match was for the Hardcore Championship, pitting Hardcore Holly (C)
[That just doesn't sound right] v. Bart Gunn. It was a typical Hardcore Match
with all kinds of foreign objects used: a pitcher, the time keepers bell,
chairs, a fire extinguisher, the steel fame of the TitanTron, a steel rod, a
watermelon, a crate of bananas and a sack of flour. It was fought in the ring,
at ringside, in the crowd, and on the ramp. A masked man came out and attacked
Gunn. He threw him 15 feet off the ramp and thru a table. Holly went down and
pinned him on the broken table.
Winner - Hardcore Holly - Retains the Title

The next match was Chyna, accompanied by Shane McMahon v. X-Pac, accompanied by
Triple H. If X-Pac wins, he get to face Shane at WM for the Title. The match was
barely underway when Chyna went for The Bronco Buster on X-Pac. He moved and she
"crotched" (if that's possible) herself on the turnbuckle. X-Pac went out after
Shane and chased him around the ring. While he was doing this and the referee
trying to get them back in, Triple H came in and nailed Chyna with The Pedigree,
knocking her silly. X-Pac came back in and pinned her. As he left, Triple H said "One
bitch down, one to go." Chyna and Shane weren't too pleased.
Winner - X-Pac - He gets a European Title Match v. Shane at WM

We saw a clip of SCSA appearing on this Friday's episode of Nash Bridges.

The next match was the Main Event, an Inferno Match, pitting The Taker v. Kane.
McMahon came to the ring and warned squeamish people to leave. He was carrying
the envelope delivered to him Shane from The Taker. He joined the announcers
after introducing Kane, The Corporate Instrument of Destruction. Both men came
to the ring after their lights out routines. Cole asked McMahon about the
contents of the envelope and all McMahon would say was that it was personal and
"not to go there."
The ring was surrounded by flames and we saw a typical Taker v. Kane high impact
match. Paul Bearer came to the announcers table and delivered "a present" to Mr.
McMahon. At first he refused to open it. When he did, he found a TEddie Bear and
left the desk and wandered around ringside clutching the TEddie Bear. He asked
Bearer what he was doing. The match went to floor as The Taker was thrown out.
Kane leaped off the top turn buckle, but The Taker moved and threw him into an
announcers table and thru it. The Taker caught Kane's right leg and put it into
the fire, setting it ablaze and winning the match. He went over to McMahon, took
the TEddie Bear and set it afire. McMahon was visibly upset. He got down on his
knees in front of The Taker, and muttered "oh, no." The Taker tossed the TEddie
Bear up the ramp. McMahon was crawling after it as the program ended.
Winner - The Undertaker
Losers - McMahon and The TEddie Bear
Submitted by reader: Justin Miller (miller.2421@o...)
4/13/1999 Heat/Raw is War taping
Chris Jericho, still under contract by WCW, comes out with a microphone and
says, "The great Vince McMahon has granted me a contract that even Uncle TEddie
couldn't offer me. In the contract, it states: On my debut I will have the
chance to get the belt of MY choice, so PORN-BOY! Get yourself out here!"

Val Venis comes out and the two wrestle an impromptu matchup and
Jericho winds
up scoring the victory after a liontamer submission to win the Intercontinental
Belt. The corporation comes out and begins to celebrate the new championship
when dX comes out and
Jericho grabs a mike and says "Hey Emporer! You had
nothing to do with this victory! Hell, it was your stupid mistake to mess with
the KING OF ALL LOOPHOLES! I got two words for ya.......SUCK IT!!!"

4/19/1999 Nitro
About 8:45
Jericho comes out in the middle of the Jerry Flynn/Kaz Hayashi match
completely against all orders from GKE and Uncle TEddie , he wasn't supposed to be
at the Nitro show for "no-showing" a house show last Tuesday as punishment. He
grabs a mic walks into the ring, wearing something to hide what he had to show.

He tells Kaz and Jerry that they had better leave if they knew what was good for
them. They both leave. He goes through a speech and finishes the speech by
saying "Oh and two more things," he takes off the shirt hiding his surprise: a
dX shirt and the Intercontinental Belt, "King Eric and Uncle TEddie , I had a
better offer! Also, if ya want to see me win this belt, turn this crappy excuse
for a wrestling show over to the real show! I'd like to close this by saying
just two words to WCW: SUCK IT!!!!! (Complete with crotch chops)"

4/19/1999 RAW
The people see what happened earlier in the week on the Raw taping and since the
only people left watching WCW were Jerichoholics, Raw received the highest
ratings ever, destroying Nitro 8.0/0.03 overall.
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
Mike Mooneyham had a lot of good points with his letter in #172. And this will
shock some of you who read this newsletter- I did drop the $29.95 to see
SuperBrawl, and to see why your friend and mine-Good King Eric-would do
everything AGAINST what Mike reported on #172. Yes, WCW fans, I ordered
SuperBrawl. And I got to see first hand what we have been talking about for
several weeks now: whether we the fans like it or not, Good King Eric is going
to give us a healthy dose of Hogan,Hogan and more Hogan, no matter what the

But Bischoff's ego is going to be pretty damn inflated after his booking of
SuperBrawl. Not Nash's booking, BISCHOFF's booking. Bischoff is a fortunate man
for the fans of Oakland, California. Now if you were there, you can go ahead
and write me and say I am wrong, but the bottom line is that Hogan got one hell
of a noise making pop when he rolled out there. If you looked at the signs and
the crowd, they went nuts for anyone in the latter part of the card that was
Wolfpac related- which, like it or not, included Hogan. And if Nash had decided
to drop his pants and do his business in the ring...well, you get the picture,
Bischoff had a Wolfpac house behind him.

Which meant his 1996 flashback NWO reincarnation booking could go well, which
meant something that again showed Steve right on track (but something still hard
to believe)- the "turning" of David Flair against father Ric in the main event.
Like I said after Starrcade- it amazes me that Flair would go with this type of
booking, unless the plan is to have Flair win the title at that Dean Dome Nitro
down the road. But nonetheless the top point has to be made again and again:
WCW fans, you have a lot of talent in your company. Your Goldberg does get
better week in and week out. You have one hell of a Cruiserweight division.
You have people in Hall, Nash, Page, Scott Steiner, Booker T, Benoit, to name a
few, that are in their wrestling prime- ie they are in great shape and have the
right amount of experience to give the people great shows night in and night
out. But if you are a WCW diehard in 1999, you are going to have to see Hogan
in your main event picture. And if you don't like Hogan,
that means you may have some problems when you watch the work of Good King
Submitted by reader: USSR4ever
I think its high time I reply to all of these Drozdov supporters. Does he have
a decent look? Perhaps. Could he get really far? Of course, but then again,
couldn't a bag of potatoes get far if pushed the right way. No offense to all
you WCW fans, but I think that Goldberg proved that all you need is a decent
look and two signature moves. As for Droz, I see the same thing with him, that
I've seen in so many other sport athletes turned wrestler. Look, for example, at
Mongo. I loved the guy on the Bears, but just as Richard Dent was the better
lineman, there are always wrestlers who are better than he is. Now, I'll concede
that Droz has a little more charisma than Mr.McMichael (who doesn't?), but
perhaps he could use some more time in the Dojo before we give
him any credit.
Submitted by reader: Rjmaisfine
I have a lot to say but I am sure we all hate reading these long letters, so I
will make three valid points. First is a letter written by TripleH99
Where he feels that we should see 2 lightheavywieght title matches a night, well
I say NO. The
Gillberg angle is very ENTERTAINING, this is sports entertainment. Unless the
WWF has a great wrestler like Brian Christopher (a great character, because he
is Entertaining), or Rey Mysterio Jr. ( Pure talent ). Then there should be only
one a week if lucky. I do not forgot about those who work their asses off, but
that is what the undercard is for until a great angle comes along or they are
developed into the American Sports Entertainment public eye.

Second point: The Hogan and Flair match, I thought this would be one of the
worst but I give it a huge thumbs up. Both showed they still can do it, but the
ending was bad. Very bad, nobody cares about David Flair. and with the way the
match is going
you do not have it end by a Smosh (someone comes in and helps you win by
interferring). They should of have let them finish it, because both men cut
themselves for us, the viewers and ran to each other. I felt Hogan donimated
that matchup and
Hulk Hogan would never give up. P.S. I hate WCW PPV'S because most of them do
suck and this one was looking that way, but I still have to give Hogan and
Flair, screw it THREE THUMBS UP.

Third point, BRET HART... Quit making him cheat to win, that is not looking good
or even giving him some heat (people start to hate you), because everybody knows
he can kick some royal ass. Make Bret Hart be Bret Hart, just like Stone Cold is
Stone Cold.
P.S: The Black Blue Blazer Was Koko. B Ware
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