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Issue # 174 

Date:  Monday February 22nd, 1999  11:09 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW Nitro Report for February 22nd, 1999
By Steve Appy
Live from Sacramento CA
A face to face meeting is scheduled for later tonight between Ric & David Flair;
Tony Shiavonie expressed surprise about the younger Flair's heel turn at

Several Nitro Girls "partied" on the UC Berkeley Campus, in preparation for
Spring Break. Some of the greatest young minds in
America illustrated the
decline of the UC system...

Jerry Flynn defeated Mike Enos via submission in
Two of the more underrated workers in WCW; Flynn forced the submission with a
Cross Armbreaker.

Torri Wilson congratulated David Flair on his betrayal; she encouraged David to
show The Nature Boy who is boss. At this point, David is not showing much
fire, though Torri looks terrific on his arm.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Booker T. Booker vowed to score the victory over Bret
Hart later tonight, earning him the # 1 contenders spot for the US Championship.

Vince informed Scott Norton that he has been appointed the leader of the nWo
Black & White. Norton was initially skeptical, but accepted the statement as

Clips were shown of Wrath on TNT's 'Mortal Combat'. He looked to be a better
actor than he is in the ring.

Tony Shiavonie announced that there were stipulations in effect in the
DDP/Steiner Superbrawl match; in other words, Steiner did not "win" Kimberly for
30 days.

Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Van Hammer in
As good as Bigelow is, it may be impossible to carry Hammer to a passable nine
minute match. A loud "Goldberg" chant echoed on & off throughout the arena;
Bigelow finally put Hammer away with The Greetings From Asbury Park.

Buff Bagwell & Scott Steiner picked up women in a
San Francisco gym, and freaked
out upon entering a Transvestite bar. Barging into a Goldberg photo shoot,
Steiner baited Goldberg before quickly exiting.

Disco Inferno both bullied & bribed an engineer, informing us that the nWo will
be pirating the signal for Nitro later tonight. FCC warnings did nothing to
deter him; I hope we won't be in store for another Hogan lovefest...

Booker T pinned Bret Hart in
A huge upset; Booker T reversed a sunset flip and forced the pinfall. This
victory makes Booker T the # 1 contender for the US Championship. While its
great to see the promising Booker T get a huge victory, its unfortunate to see
how little Nash & Bischoff think of Hart's future in WCW.

Disco Inferno pinned Kaz Hayashi in 6:00
Glacier wore his riduculous Glacier outfit; citing Hayashi's heritage, Disco
demanded the opportunity to sing the National Anthem. When the mic failed him,
he took out his frustration on a helpless Hayashi. Kaz showed flashes of
brilliance, but was dispatched with the Chartbuster.

Bryan Adams informed Scott Norton of his "leadership" of the nWo Black & White;
amused, Norton decided to go with the flow.

Bobby Heenan was awarded Announcer of the Year in WCW Magazine; though there
wasn't alot of competition, Mike Tenay earned it this year. Where's good old JR
when you need him...

Doing a cruder version of Rick Rude's old act, TV Champion Scott Steiner (w/Buff
Bagwell) claimed to have good times ahead for Kimberly. Steiner challenged
Goldberg to a showdown later tonight.

Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) pinned Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) in
Jericho wore a stunning blue evening dress; Jericho referred to Saturn as
"Klinger", of MASH fame.
Jericho hit an impressive Suicide Dive on Morrus &
Hart; Saturn tore the dress off Ralphus, and proceeded to apply the DVD on
Jericho. Knocked unconscious, Morris nailed Jericho with the No Laughing Matter
for the pinfall. A pull apart brawl ensued between Morrus & Saturn, a feud none
of us want to see.

Backstage footage from Superbrawl aired, with Benoit & Malenko destroying
Windham & Hennig. The former Horseman were not given much of an opportunity to
gloat over their title victory.

Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Kevin Nash (w/Elizabeth & Lex Luger) in
One of the bigger upsets in recent memory! Mysterio used momentium to force
Nash's shoulders on the mat; a clean victory. Though the size difference made
it bizarrre, I loved seeing Rey go over like that. For all of the valid
criticism Nash receives, this was a class act, putting over the 5'4 Luchador.

Konnan's latest video aired; while not my style of music, well done for what it

A befuddled Scott Norton was informed by Horace that HE is the new leader of the
nWo Black & White.

Gene Okerlund interviewed WCW World Tag Team Champions Curt Hennig & Barry
Windham. Hennig & Windham claimed that The Horseman don't deserve a title shot,
appearing to be in fear of Benoit & Malenko's technical prowness.

Scott Norton cornered Hollywood Hogan, and Hogan appointed Norton to the
leadership of the nWo Black & White.

Scott Norton pinned Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Onoo) in
Disco Inferno baited Norton into accepting Miller's challenge; a repeat of their
previous match, and Norton destroyed Miller. A powerbomb put the final touches
on The Cat.

Bill Goldberg defeated WCW Television Champion Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell)
via disqualfication in of a non-title match in 7:30
Steiner & Buff were surprised that Goldberg was in the arena. After the nWo
destroyed the referee, Buff & Steiner were prepared to double team Goldberg.
Rick Steiner made his triumphant return, enabling Goldberg to hold off several
members of the nWo.

Several of the Nitro Girls were shown modeling swim suits; while there was some
great cleavage shots, the segment fell flat (no pun intended).

The broadcasting engineer refused to help Disco Inferno override the broadcast
signal, though he did show Disco how to do it himself.

A video aired with Torri Wilson all over David Flair, who claimed to be The New
Space Mountain. Kevin Nash spoofed Arn Anderson, and was joined by Scott Hall
(Piper), Vince as Mongo and Hogan imitating Ric Flair. As tasteless as they
were, I laughed in spite of myself a couple of times. Hogan ended the segment
by faking a heart attack; sick & classless, but entertaining.
VISIT my Home Page:
On the
February 21, 1999, edition of Sunday Night Heat, a true Icon of wrestling
spoke his mind. Mankind, aka Mic Foley, addressed the crowd and TV audience
about his future in wrestling. Citing the tremendous amount of punishment he has
absorbed over the years, and the wear and tear it has caused his body, he said
he wants to be a part of Wrestlemania VX this year.

Although it is virtually assured to be part of an angle, he hinted that he might
not be around for Wrestlemania XVI in 2000 and Mic discussed his career options
after wrestling. He said he could become a mailman, but "didn't look good in
shorts," he moved on to saying he could become an airline pilot, but "didn't
like the taste of hard liquor." The third career option he mentioned was the
possibility that he could go to WCW, but rejected that "because I'm not old
enough for WCW." The crowd reaction was deafening.

Mic words will be used in many Newsletters this weeks as their "Quote Of The
Week." I suggest they are the Quote Of The Year, and even the century. You may
recall that several weeks ago Mic won the WWF Championship for the first time on
a taped version of RAW. How did WCW react to this? Fat Tony, obviously at the
direction of a more and more desperate Good King Eric (GKE), announced it early
on NITRO in an attempt to persuade viewers not to switch to RAW at 9 PM. Trying
to steal the well deserved glory away from Foley was like calling the baby ugly
at his/her christening. ..not a real smart thing to do. Typical of many of GKE's
tactics lately it failed miserably. Goldberg's ridiculous challenge to fight
Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) "anytime, anywhere" is another example of this
growing desperation.

I don't know of any more deserving wrestler than Foley. He goes all out, in
every match to give the fans the best possible show he can. His words have to be
his way of letting WCW (and GKE) know just what he thinks of them. You hear the
word "Icon" used a lot:

Old Baldy claims to be one. He may have been at one time, but that seems like
1,000 years ago. When was the last time you saw him in a match that was worth


The Ancient Piper says he is "The Icon Of Wrestling." This is another case of

someone hanging on too long. He won the US Title in a match that saw him
limping around on a hip that has been replaced and another that needs
"The Icon?" I think not.

The Canadian Crybaby claims to be "The best there is, the best there was and
best there will ever be." Does this make him an Icon? A great ring
technician, yes.
Icon, No.

Shane Douglas calls himself The (ECW) Franchise, akin to calling himself an
ECW's "Greatest Champion," maybe, Icon, not in this lifetime.

I could name countless others who have either claimed to be, or suggested they
are "The True Icon," but actions speak louder than words.

While he may not have the greatest "body" nor possess the greatest "technical
skills," there is no other like him. Thrown off the top of a cage; thrown thru
the cage to the ring 15 feet below; suffering a tooth knocked out and thru his
nose; repeated chair shots to his head and body; match after grueling match, he
is our Timex, he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Icon? its spelled: M-I-C
SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT Report for February 21, 1999
By: Mark George (attkdonkey)
~~HEAT opens up with Vince McMahon, accompanied by Kane, coming ringside. Vince
holds the envelope that Undertaker gave Shane last week on RAW. McMahon builds
up Wrestlemania's main event between The Rock & Steve Austin and announces Paul
Wight will be the special referee. Vince addresses the Undertaker about the
contents of the envelope and tells all he won't be threatened. Vince then
announces Undertaker will meet Kane in an Inferno Match on RAW tomorrow night.

~~Backstage, Chyna is shown training Shane for his upcoming match tonight.

Too Much & D.O.A defeat The Oddities via Pinfall.
Prior to the match, Droz joins the announcing team of Kevin Kelly and Terry
Taylor ringside. Droz talks about his suspension and his pleasure in destroy
the Oddities. Brian Christopher ends this useless match and gets the 3 count
after delivering the Tennesse Drop.

~~Billy Gunn and Ryan are shown backstage making-out. Ryan seems to be turning
into a tramp. First Val, now Bad Ass???

Godfather defeats Ken Shamrock via Countout.
This match gets as far as a couple of seconds before Billy Gunn & Ryan come out.
Shamrock is set off and charges after Billy and pummels him before carrying
Ryan off backstage. Godfather is left standing with his Ho's and a win.

~~Stone Cold Steve Austin is to appear for a radio interview on "The Howard
Stern Show" Monday morning. Now that should be a good interview. A Must

Shane McMahon (w/Chyna) defeats Gillberg via Pinfall.
Prior to the match, Shane is given a push by last week's tainted win over X-Pac.
Nice try. Gillberg delivers a spear early and the crowd reacts well, but his
success is short lived. Shane hits Gillberg with the belt and gets the pinfall.
He and Chyna then smack him around. The highlight of this match comes when
X-Pac comes out accepts a match tomorrow night on RAW against Chyna.

~~Sable's upcoming Playboy cover shoot is given some airtime. Issue is
expected out in 2 weeks.

Al Snow defeats D' Lo Brown via Pinfall.
D'Lo Brown comes out without Ivory and it costs him. During the match, Debra
appears, distracting the referee and Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart jump in and beat
D'Lo ringside. Al Snow finishes him off by delivering "Head" over D'Lo to get
the win.

~~Mankind comes out for an interview. A true great. He talks of how he feels
naked w/o the belt in hand. Mankind voices his request to be a 2nd referee for
the Rock/Austin title match @ Wrestlemania. In the process of his interview,
Mankind takes a shot at WCW by saying "He isn't old enough to join". Seems to
be part of the weekly agenda for the two promotions to take shots at each other.

Big Bossman and Viscera fight to a No Contest.
Bossman delivered a sidewalk slam early and the Corporation join in to beat on
Viscera. As they do, Undertaker and his Ministry appear. A ring of fire
circles the ring and Undertaker vows he will take Kane down tomorrow in their
Inferno Match on RAW as HEAT goes off the air.
Submitted by reader: Archemides
Heres my opinion on the Chris Candido/Tammy Sytch thing. Chris Candido isn't my
favorite wrestler. I never liked him, and honestly, I don't think I ever will.
But I stand with him and Tammy on the topic of internet rumors. I have gone
through tough times before, and I know close friends who have, and they never
had to deal with some people making up rumors and humiliating them. A while
ago, on this very booking sheet, a guy wrote a pretty offensive letter
criticizing every person who followed wrestling over the internet. I think that
that was BS, but there are those few people who start rumors about CC and TLS
and other wrestlers. I feel horrible about this because, knowing what its like
to go through personal issues, I can only imagine how much more pressure there
is on you when your being watched and analyzed by thousands of fans over the
internet. Chris, I don't like you as a wrestler, but I respect any personal
problem that you might have. Tammy, your the best valet in wrestling! I can't
wait to see both of you back in the ring, because every single wrestler in ECW,
no matter how much I like or dislike them, is so much more fun to watch, and you
add a lot! I hope that you get over your problems quickly and everything turns
out well. Do I ever wonder about whats going on with Chris and Tammy, yeah of
course. But it doesn't satisfy my curiousity to make up a bogus story that hurts
them and
make just complicates EVERYTHING. To all you people who want to spread rumors
that make their lives harder than they have to be can go to hell...
Check out Welcome to DkEnterprises/StrongMusicInc., found at:
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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