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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 175

Date:  Saturday February 27th, 1999  9:23 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Ratings for February 22nd, 1999
RAW Nitro
1st Hour n/a 5.1
2nd Hour 5.6 4.4
3rd Hour 5.5 4.7
Composite 5.55 4.8

Heat did a tremendous 4.9 Rating
(Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos of )

The AP today reported that Turner Broadcasting System is starting a new network
called "Turner South". It will air Southern based programming, some of the many
movie titles that they own, and games from the sports teams they own: The
Braves, The Hawks, and next year, the NHL's Thrashers. Oh yeah, they will also
show "WCW Classics", which will be blasts from WCW's past. While the format has
not been announced, there is certainly an abundance of material. I would love
to see some classic Flair title defenses...
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

its considered by most a lock that Vader will win The Triple Crown on 3/6. It
is not a lock that he will defend against Misawa at the Tokyo Dome. Since
Misawa is both company president & booker, he feels its not the right thing for
him to also be the top star in the ring and wants to push Kobashi as the top
star. Misawa's attitude is commendable, especially after watching the example
WCW bookers have set (Nash, Page, Hogan). Ironically enough, despite injuries,
Misawa is still one of the top workers in the world.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

To subscribe to The Wrestling Observer, THE premier source of wrestling
information, send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell CA 95009-1228

As some of you may have noticed, the schedule for the newsletter has been
irregular for the past month. A busy schedule has been a problem, and there
will be a new format for the Booking Sheet. We will be publishing three issues
a week, in triple issues on Saturday. While I enjoyed the daily schedule, at
this point, its impossible.
VISIT my Home Page:

My February 22, 1999, Article calling Mic Foley the Icon of wrestling generated
more e-mail than most of my Articles, and that is a bundle. What was most
interesting aside from the volume was the level of detail that several
respondents went into. Most people agreed with my assessment of Foley's status.
However, three names that I didn't include on my list of "Pretenders," were
mentioned most often as candidates:

Ric Flair was the name that came up most. I deliberately left him off since to
my knowledge he has never claimed to be an Icon. He has called himself "The
Man," and made many other claims to fame, but not that one. One reason cited by
several people was that he has been a World Champion thirteen times. While this
is an outstanding accomplishment, it also means he lost the Title that many

He was also called the most popular man in
North Carolina. If that was a
criteria, many wrestlers would qualify, based on their popularity in a given
geographic region. Jerry "The King" Lawler is arguably the most popular man in
Memphis and the state of Tennessee. Ditto for Bob Backlund in Connecticut.
Backlund is running for office, and there are rumors that Flair and Lawler may
do so also.

It should also be remembered that there was a time that while Champion, Flair
feasted on a steady diet of local jobbers. I remember him appearing almost
weekly on Wrestling From Florida, and obliterating and humiliating some poor
no-name to a steady chorus of boos. Hardly what one would expect from an Icon.

Another mentioned often was Andre The Giant. It is hard to argue with his
candidacy, especially since he was considered unbeatable. You may recall Hogan
defeating him at a Wrestlemania to win the WWF Championship. Hogan has said on
many occasions since then that he was afraid Andre would change his mind during
the match, become upset, be too proud to do the job and decide to break him in
half. I didn't consider Andre for reasons I will cover later in this Article.

The other individual cited was Vince McMahon. It is well known that he
revolutionized wrestling in the 80's, with the likes of Hogan, Randy "Macho Man"
Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, and thru use of celebrities like Cyndy Lauper,
Pete Rose and Lawrence Taylor. He rescued the WWF from near demise in the mid
90's after losing all the big name stars to WCW and brought it back to Number
One. I would certainly support him for CEO of the Decade, but not Icon as I will
cover next.

In considering who is an Icon, certain parameters have to be set. Mine may not
be the same as someone else's, but that's one of the great things about
wrestling; each fan can set his/her own standards. Most favor "faces," however,
many root for "heels."

Won - Loss records are a good starting point, but by no means the deciding
factor. We all know that bookers and promoters make these decisions. You can be
identified early in your career as a jobber, lose most of you matches, and yet
be among the most skilled wrestlers. Others are picked for stardom early on
(Goldberg is a perfect example) and receive the "push" that leads them to the
upper echelons of the sport.

Delivering what the fans want time and time, match after match, is one of the
most important traits it takes to be an Icon. Who can argue against Foley living
only to give the fans what they want every time he goes to the ring, regardless
of the risks involved and his physical condition. He gives 110% whether its
Championship match or meeting some jabronie. Others save their best efforts for
televised matches and PPV's.

Fan support (heat) is another consideration. It can be positive or negative
heat. Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and The Rock can stir the crowd up as either.
No matter how skilled a wrestler is, if the crowd sits back on their hands when
he comes to the ring, he isn't going anywhere.

Another thing needed is good mic skills. This was one of Andre's weaknesses,
partially as a result of French being his native tongue, and another being that
it wasn't as important in his day. I wonder if he could handle today's
environment when good mic skills are a must. As good as Goldberg might look in
the ring, unless he develops in this area, his career will be limited.

Since McMahon didn't wrestle (not counting his recent appearances), I didn't
think it fair to measure him using the same criteria as actual wrestlers. If I
were picking The Icon Of Promoters, he would be an easy selection. However,
since I am talking about performers, he was eliminated.

Many other names pop up, but since I wasn't attempting to pick the top wrestler
of all time, I limited the field to those active in the 80's and '90's.
Certainly people like Gorgeous George, Bruno Sammartino, Lou Thiez, Antonino
Argentina" Rocca, along with a host of others, would qualify.
Below we are proud to present Chris Jericho's latest message to his fans, found
NP:Bring Em Bach Alive-Sebastian Bach and Friends
Keep the Faith Jerichoholics!

Thanks for the support with all of the signs and tumultuous cheers I've been
receiving lately at all of the arenas. I've been enjoying myself and having a
great time.

I just returned from the west coast, so I'm a little tired from the flight.
its always a blast to go out to
Cali and this time was no different!

I just returned from playing hockey and it was a heartbreaker, we lost 8-2. I
didn't get any goals or assists, but I did get a penalty! Two minutes for
boarding? I was robbed.

Before the coastal run, I had about ten days home, so I was

its wild thinking about the Y2K problem. The craziest thing is that nobody
really knows for sure what will happen.

My prayers are still with my boy Brian Hildebrand. Keep on fighting Starship
Trooper. By the way, thanks for the Ozzy shirt!

Remember if you're waiting for an autographed photo, relax. It takes me a while
to get em out. I just sent a huge batch of 300 out about a week ago, so check
your mailboxes.

My spies have alerted me to a possible smear campaign against all things
that was slowly started on Monday Nitro. Remember Jerichoholics, don't believe
propaganda! Only you can decide who you like and dislike. Who you see and who
you want to see. Don't forget my job is to entertain you and being the greatest
showman in WCW, I guarantee I will continue to do that NO MATTER WHAT THE

The book and movie of the week is A Simple Plan. The book, by Scott Smith, is
better, but they're both a great yarn about greed and treachery.

Well God bless you guys and be good to each other!
ONECOUNT--a column by--OSIRIS (burkeandhare@xxxxc...)
Some time ago, I asked readers to submit their top two favorite tag-teams. Here
are the results of that survey, along with my own personal choices at the end:

ONE VOTE EACH-------Mysterio/Kidman; Jericho/El Dandy; Al Snow/Road Dog;
Mysterio/Konnan; Steiner/Bagwell; Sheepherders (Bushwhackers); Lenny Lane/
Johnny Swinger (Absolution); Edge/Gangrel; Sting/Warrior; Sting/Giant; Dudleys;
Fuji/Tanaka; Anderson/Blanchard; HBK/Diesel-----

TWO VOTES EACH--------Eliminators (Saturn/Kronus); Jarrett/Hart; Malenko/Benoit;

THREE VOTES EACH--------Harlem Heat; Rockers; Steiners; Hart Foundation

FOUR VOTES EACH--------LOD 2000 (the once-mighty Road Warriors, before the WWF
denatured them)

FIVE VOTES----Demolition

SIX VOTES----------- Rob Van Dam/Sabu

SEVEN VOTES---Outsiders; New Age Outlaws

So, you see, the opinions are all fairly well scattered, with all major
federations represented. I guess it`s all a matter of who you like at the
moment. Anyway, here are the choices of yours truly, any one of which I
personally guarantee could tear open a new alimentary canal in the majority of
today`s teams (you`ll note that they`re all past teams): a) The
Sheik/Abdullah the Butcher; b) any combo of the legendary Anderson Brothers; c)
Brute Bernard/Skull Murphy; d) Tarzan Tyler/Crazy Luke Graham; e) Terry & Dory
Funk; f) The Brisco Brothers) g) the Texas Outlaws
(Rhodes/Murdock) and more I`m forgetting. Don`t forget, though, that wrestling,
the presentation of it, has changed greatly in 40 years. What we have today
fits the needs of today`s audiences. Well, there it is, make of it what you
will. If you want to comment, remember: burkeandhare@xxxxc...
--------see ya------ring the bell osiris
Submitted by reader: sandrabaum
My son is a UC Berkeley student. We live close to the school so he doesn't
live in the dorms, but spends a great deal of time on campus and he was amazed
to learn that they were having a Nitro party there! He saw NO publicity for it
at all, unless only certain frats were invited. He would not have attended--we
are a WWF family--but he was VERY surprised to hear about it.

WCW support at Berkeley is definitely evidence of a decline in the UC system.
Today my son wears a WWF shirt to class!!!
Submitted by reader: Brian Van Over (mmpproductions)
There is only one person who can ever claim to be an ICON and not be lying.....
Ric Flair. How much has he ame back from? Broken backs, 13 titles, 20 some odd
years, he has never been the most popular champion in wrestling, but day in and
day out he has given the best matches that will ever be seen.

Foley is tremendous, I respect him immensely, BUT he doesn't have what Flair
had, and to some degree still has. Foley's popularity right now is for what he
has done lately. He has been taking those bumps for ages, but only recently
have they been for an audience. His popularity is simply a bi-product of
McMahons planning. Don't
take that the wrong way, I am saying I have seen him take much worse over his
pre-wwf careeer. He wasn't this popular when he fueded with anyone other than
Austin and Rock (which is a testiment to how they can sell another wrestler).
But Flair..... Flair vs Steamboat...Flair vs Rhodes....Flair
vsRace.........Flair vs Sting.......Flair in the many cage matches, Flair in the
60 minute matches.......Flair in the many War
Games......Flair invented the gang mentality that is so rampant in ALL the
federations right now.....

Hogan ICON? Hell no. Superstar? Yes, and maybe the biggest of all
time.....Piper an ICON? Laughable. He is barely a champion in any aspect. Fun
to watch at times? He ICON? Maybe for technical wrestling.
But not overall.
Foley an ICON? Maybe one I see it there is only one ICON, and he
still has some gas left in the tank. If anyone doubted it, last nights match
would prove different. I am not saying that Foley doesnt deserve his push or his
popularity. He is
extremely entertaining right now. I remember him when he was younger wrestling
on Saturday nights on WTBS for NWA. I honestly thought he was a weird and
shitty wrestler, but he has really honed his skills the past years. He is
amazing to watch, and I wonder how he can survive....but he does. But at what

I do hope he does become the next true ICON, he would deserve it, but lets see
him when the title in a different fed first, then win some other belts to go
along with that...and to stick to one personality (the three faces shit was a
waste of time and pretty useless I thought, and did little for him, though it
seemed like Dude Love was popular, but it has only been with the resurgance of
Mankind that he has gained his greatest popularity). I welcome any feedback,
contact me at:
Submitted by reader: Mike Lano (WReaLano)
You forgot to mention in your Superbrawl report, that was ol' Dr. Mike Lano with
the blond on his lap, shooting from first row.

Konnan was getting fitted backstage for various outfits, as POV magazine did a
layout on him. Perry Saturn got dibs on the Marilyn Manson gimmick, screwing
up what Vampiro had planned. No secret Konnan and Vamp still at odds after all
these years. Rick Bassman and Barry Bloom, Konnan's agents, convinced him to
lose the mask for marketability to Hispanics for movies, music, tv, etc.
Submitted by reader: DudeLuvOWW
In an exclusive interview, the real Mick Foley, not Mankind, Dude Love
or Cactus Jack, broke down in tears because of his lost Main Event Match at
WrestleMania. It was genuinely Mick Foley, I've met him before, and either he's
the best actor ever or he is majorly depressed about his lost shot. Here is a
letter I mailed to WWFMankind, Kevin Kelly, and Bill Banks.

This year was one of the best in my life, because I witnessed a man's years of
work paying off. I witnessed gallons of blood shed, dozens of concussions, a
dismembered ear, broken bones, stitches, and just plain hard work
payoff...TWICE. Mankind, ever since I came into the wrestling scene, has always
been my favorite. Even without seeing his hard work and unparalleled ability to
make every match exciting, I would look at the man, and somehow, know that he is
a good man. This was confirmed when I met him at an autograph signing, and he
struck me as one of the most caring people to ever smile a toothless smile.

However, as much as I've grown to respect him and as much as I've always loved
him, I never in a million years expected that he'd one day become Federation
Champion. I knew he had the ability, but I didn't know think he'd ever get the
opportnity. But, he's won the World Title twice now... as many times as Steve
Austin!! its made me incredibly proud and happy. However, Mick Foley expected
to compete in the WrestleMania Main Event for the first, and according to him,
possibly the only time of his life. I was absolutely heart broken to see his
tears... damnit, that was the real Mick Foley, the one I met at the autograph
session. His disappointment must be incredible... he's never quit, but how long
can he go before his body quits on him? He didn't cry after being thrown off
the Hell in a Cell twice, but he couldn't hold it back when WrestleMania was
torn from his heart. In conclusion, I come from New York, and I believe as many
other New Yorkers do, that the Main Event should be a Triple Threat Match
between Austin, The Rock, and Mankind... if nothing else, as due justice for
Mick. And if that's not possible, the LAST RESORT should be him being a second
referee, though it'd make for one of the most interesting WrestleMania title
matches of all time. I've heard rumors that Vince McMahon may put Mankind up
against the debuting Paul Wight and the winner would get to be guest referee in
the Main Event Match later in the night... that's just plain bull, as Kevin
Kelly's father would put it. MANKIND HAS PROVEN HIMSELF... and if Vince thinks
two World Championships do him justice? Well Vince, then that means that you
should go through everything Mick Foley's gone through. Vince has jumped off
one cage, Mick Foley off of dozens. Foley may seem indestructable, he may seem
like God, but he admits and knows he is human. And for a human to do what he's

WrestleMania Main Event status is hardly enough to satisfy that, and we only
have several weeks to get Michael Foley his due justice. I'm going to work hard
to get Vince to ensure that Mick Foley gets some glory at WrestleMania in the
Main Event.
Here is a link to vote for Mick Foley to be a second referee, though it would be
nice if you also suggest it be a triple threat match instead with Paul Wight as
the referee. PLEASE, everyone, take time to send an e-mail and show your

You can go here to see the interview in which Mick Foley embraces his family in
disappointment following Monday Night RAW. Obviously, Mick didn't protest to
dropping the belt, but it tore his heart out.
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