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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 179

Date:  Saturday March 6th, 1999  3:11 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Jimmy Hart looks to be making a return to the WWF. The WCW hotline started
talking about it earlier this week, and it appears to be so. Unlike Jerry
Lawler, Jimmy Hart was not allowed to play himself in the Andy Kaufman bio-pic,
due out later this year. Add to this all the usual grievances that cause one to
jump ship, and the Mouth may be returning to the shores of Titan-land very
shortly. I'll be curious to see what kind of role Hart takes in the company
considering the practically manager-less status of all the wrestlers, not
counting female accompanyment.
(Reported by Al Isaccs at: )

On 3/6 in Budokan Hall in
Tokyo, Vader pinned Akira Taue to win the vacant
Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship in
12:51 after a Powerbomb. At this
point, speculation centers on whether Vader will defend the championship against
Mitsuharu Misawa or Kenta Kobashi at the 5/2 Tokyo Egg Dome spectacular. It was
also announced that All Japan is going to bring 2 Cold Scorpio and Jackie Fulton
(George Hines) in for the May series.
(Reported by Masanori Horie)

In a true blast from the past, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ron Garvin,
54, in scheduled to return for Tennessee Mountain Wrestling on 3/13 in Knoxville
teaming with Tim Horner against Dirty White Boy & Jeff Anderson. Just out of
curiosity, I would love checking that one out. Although he had an
undistinguished title reign, Garvin was a solid mid-card wrestler for years
(actually a good heel, though that side was rarely explored).
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

There is still nothing decided about when Sting will return to TV or what role
he will play. He himself wants to do the white face paint gimmick from the
ceiling that he used in 1997, although there are always rumors that he may
return to his original gimmick (minus the bleached hair).
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

It is being strongly discussed that Page will turn heel when he returns due to
the reaction he got in San Francisco (extremely hostile from the fans in
attendence). Page has a small part in a cable TV movie called "First Daughter"
which Jason Hervey is involved with and is being shot in
Australia, which is one
of the reasons he's not around right now.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

To subscribe to The Wrestling Observer, send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell CA 95009-1228

It looks like the Hogan v. Flair match will be for the title, and the plans at
this point is to have Flair win the title. Of course its a first blood match,
so even if Flair wins, he still won't get to pin Hogan. And at some point, Flair
will have to drop the title to Hogan, probably by pinfall. But perhaps I'm being
a bit too cynical.

There's talk that Flair wants to turn heel and Hogan wants to go back to the red
and yellow. Meltzer speculates that there may be a double turn at the PPV. I
don't have a problem with a heel Flair, and it shouldn't be that hard to do,
although he would still get cheers from fans. I don't see how in the world Hogan
can successfully turn babyface, but Ric Flair says he can turn Hogan, so we'll
see ...
(Reported by Micasa at: )
ECW - MARCH 5, 1999
VISIT my Home Page:
Before I get to the TV Report, I would like to pass on a bit of information.
Quite often when you attempt to reach me via Instant Messenger (IM) and I don't
respond, and then immediately sign off, I am not ignoring you. My computer is
running a program known as "Automatic AOL." This program signs onto AOL, Uploads
and Downloads my Outgoing & Incoming Mail, and then signs off. I am not at my
computer when this program is running.

ECW's next PPV, Living Dangerously (LD) will be held on
March 21, 1999.
Tonight's program was used to promote it. We can expect more of the same next

The program began with a series of highlight clips of Sid Choke Slamming and
Power Bombing a bunch of wrestlers, including Skull Von Krush, Chris Chetti,
Amish Road Kill, One Man Gang, Rod Price and John Kronus. It seemed like he
nailed half the population of ECW, or at least the ones living in beautiful
downtown Parts Unknown. Many of the ones shown were previously seen on ECW TV.
The crowds egged Sid on (like he really needed it) and he was only to happy to
destroy people. Included in the set was Steve Prazak talking to Judge Jeff
Jones, the man who brought Sid into ECW. Sid is being portrayed as an
indestructible force and receiving a monstrous push. Joey Styles loves Sid and
hyped him big time.

After the regular ECW opening, we saw a clip of ECW Champion Taz in the Red Hook
section of
South Brooklyn, NYC. He said this is where he is from and it is one
tough mother of a place. "There are no broads running around in bathing suits or
men with fancy bodies, just winos and people that want to kick your @$$." He
said that's what he is about.

Styles was at the announcers position and had a few words about LD. He then
talked about WCW's upcoming PPV, Uncensored, this Sunday night,
March 7, 1999.
He mentioned the Hardcore Three Way Dance pitting Raven v. Bam Bam Bigelow v.
Hak (nee The Sandman), and the "Barbed Wire" Cage Match between
Hollywood Hogan
and Ric Flair. He scoffed at WCW's attempt at Hardcore, noting that the Barbed
Wire being used by WCW has a rubber coating over the barbs. This led into
highlights of an ECW World Championship Match between Terry Funk (C) and Sabu,
in a ring surrounded by Barb Wire instead of ropes.

The ring was surrounded by strands of Barbed Wire (the uncoated variety). I
wonder if the Barb Wire was a special order from The Acme Everything Company, or
if there is a stand alone Acme Barbed Wire Company. Some of the match we saw
included Funk nailing Sabu with a Hangman's Neck Breaker, followed by a Pile
Driver. Sabu came back with a Hurricanrana, but was then thrown into the wire,
getting us our first "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. Sabu was again thrown into the wire
and then crotched and stuck on it. Funk delivered a series of Punches, as the
crowd chanted "Sabu." Sabu came back with a series of Punches and Chops. Funk
was whipped into the wire and tied up in it. Both men were bleeding at this
point, with Sabu the worse of the two. Sabu's Manager Bill Alfonso threw Sabu a
chair and he pasted Funk with it. There was blood all over both men and the
ring. Sabu went for a pin, but Funk kicked out. We then saw Funk against the
wire in a corner. Sabu came of the chair and leaped at him, Funk moved, the wire
didn't and Sabu ate some more of it. Alfonso went to the locker room and brought
tape back with him. Sabu wrapped the tape around the biggest cuts on his arms to
try to stop the bleeding. There were two chairs in the ring now, and Funk hit a
Neck Breaker onto one of them. Sabu fought back again. Funk then whipped Sabu
into the wire once more and tied him up with it. We next saw Sabu putting Funk
thru a table at ring side with a Flying Leg Drop.

Funk was then shown all wrapped up in the wire. Sabu put him on another table at
ringside and then went under the ring and pulled out several strands of wire. He
wrapped the strands around his body and leaped onto Funk, putting him thru the
table. This got another "Oh, my G-d" from little Joey. At this point, both men
were completely tangled together by the wire on the floor. Their clothes were
torn to shreds and the place was a bloody mess. They were fighting each other
while wrapped together like a cocoon. It was not a pretty sight. WCW's censors
would have swallowed their bubble gum a long time ago. They struggled back into
the ring, still fighting and trying to move. The more they moved, the worse they
became entangled. Somehow Sabu managed to cover Funk and pin him, winning the
ECW Championship. Alfonso, along with and a bunch of officials and medical
personnel used wire cutters to extract them, as they screamed in pain and bled.

Styles then talked about Eric Bischoff's recent edict that WCW was going to be
"G" Rated from now on, yet were advertising the Three Way Dance as being
Hardcore and the Hogan/Flair match being inside a steel cage topped by barbed
wire. He scoffed at the obvious contradiction. He said that ECW hasn't had a
Barbed Wire Match in several years because they don't see how they can top the
Funk/Sabu Match. He told viewers to watch Uncensored, then watch Living
Dangerously and compare the two. He basically said WCW sucks.

Next up we saw Joel "I never met a buffet that I didn't like..and wipe out"
Gertner, along with The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray, D-Von, Big Dick and Sign Guy,
and Mr. Mustafa. They were in "The Hood" someplace. Gertner put the bad mouth on
New Jack, saying he always had to have someone with him, had never learned his
lesson on the streets, his mother was a cheap whore, and that his daddy left
home when he was three. Bubba Ray then had a few choice words for New Jack. He
called him "the stupidest SOB the Dudley Boyz had ever met." He said New Jack
wasn't as smart as The Public Enemy, who got their @$$es kicked and left ECW. He
called New Jack "dumber than a stump, as twice as ugly." That description fits
100% of the population of Dudleyville. He added that they were going to kick New
Jack's @$$ and told him to "be smart and be afraid." As long as Mr. Mustafa
keeps paying, they'll keep kicking. Mr. Mustafa added his pearl of wisdom. He
told New Jack it was over for him.

Styles said double-crosses were common in wrestling (no S**t Joey, what was you
first three clues?), but everyone was surprised by Mustafa turning his back on
New Jack, his ex-partner. demanding to be called "Mr." Mustafa now and having
turned out to be "The Mysterious Benefactor."

The Rules Of Fair Play And Equal Time demand that New Jack be allowed to
respond, and he did. We saw him in "The Hood" also. Must have been a different
"The Hood," or The Dudley Boyz were on a coffee Gertner's favorite
Choke and Puke. He said he wasn't mad at The Dudley Boyz, they were just stupid
and he would deal with them later. If that's what New Jack considers not being
mad, I would not want to be in the same time zone if he was. He said Mustafa
(obviously not impressed by the "Mr." bit) was going to get hurt. He said he
would work for free (Paul Heyman, take note) to get Mustafa. He said he made
Mustafa and was now going to take him apart, and "hurt you at Living
Dangerously." He promised Mustafa that he was "going to perform surgery on your
black @$$," and that "it was not going to be a match, it was going to be a

Back to Taz in a vacant lot in Red Hook, where he said they were filming using a
cheap camera because ECW was afraid to bring a real one there. He began a tirade
against Sabu, saying he beat him before and will do so again at LD. Taz will be
putting the ECW Championship on the line against Sabu.

Next up was a clip seen many times, of Chris Candido turning on his former
Triple Threat teammate Shane "The Franchise" Douglas, with Tammy Lynn Sytch
slapping Douglas, and then getting into a cat fight with Francine.

This was followed by a clip of the ECW Title Rematch between Taz and Douglas,
won by Taz with The TazMissionPlex that put Douglas thru a table. After the
match they gave each other props. This was the match in which that saw the fans
chanting "Please don't go" to Douglas.

Up next was the clip of Douglas attempting to give boots and designation as The
Franchise to Tommy Dreamer. Justin Credible and Lance Storm interrupted Douglas,
with each claiming they were The Franchise. Dreamer came in to help Douglas, was
wiped out and Francine was hit in the face with The Singapore Cane and then
kicked by Justin Credible, while being held by Storm.

Next clip was the one in which Storm announced that Beulah McGillicuddi was his
new Manager, but it was Tammy Lynn Bytch who came out dressed as Beulah. Dreamer
charged in and jumped Storm. Jason and Justin Credible jumped Dreamer. Douglas
came in and jumped those jumping Dreamer. A whole of of jumping going on.
Francine speared Jason (watch out Goldberg, Francine has The Spear perfected and
might take exception to your use of it). After cleaning house, Douglas and
Dreamer embraced. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Complete details on the four previous events can be found in previous ECW TV
Reports on my Home Page.

Styles gave the card (again) for LD. Trust us Joey, we have it committed to

Back to Taz on "The Mean Streets." This time he said he was going to choke Sabu
out (telling us something we didn't know). He said both men would take a
beating, but Sabu's would be worse (Ho Hum). He talked about being PO'd at Sabu
for not giving him a Title Shot, and that Sabu has the heart of a Lion, however,
he plans to tear it out and show it to him. The program closed on that Public
Service Announcement by Taz on behalf of the Heart Association.
VISIT my Home Page:
WCW Dictator Good King Eric announced that WCW will not stoop to the level the
WWF has, and from this day forward there will be no T&A, vulgarity or blood (or
excitement) in WCW. WCW will adhere to a strict family oriented policy. In
making this announcement, he stated "ratings don't count, sponsorship does." He
dismissed all questions related to his oft repeated statement that "ratings mean
everything." In accordance with this new policy, he also announced the card for
the upcoming PPV, "Very Censored," which will replace WCW's yearly "Uncensored"

In a "Winner Gets To Keep The Milk Bone Match," "The Dog Faced Gremlin" Rick
Steiner will face fearsome newcomer Augie Doogie, who is managed by one of
wrestling's real Icons, Doggie Daddy. There has been a last minute added
Stipulation to this match: The loser has to wear the same Flea Collar for the
next six months.

In a "My Sunday Frock Is Brighter Than Yours Match," Saturn will face Bugs
Bunny. Mr. Bunny has taken exception to Saturn adopting his routine of
cross-dressing to fool his opponents. The loser will no longer be allowed to
wear a dress or a wig, nor use lipstick to the ring or in a cartoon. There will
be two Special Guest Referees for the match: Ellen Degeneres and Elmer Fudd.

There will be a Four Corners Match featuring "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner v.
Flexy Lexy v. Popeye v. Bluto, to determine who has the biggest arms and
muscles, and the lowest IQ, on the planet. Spinach will be banned from ringside.

A Wolfac Rulz Tag Team Match pitting Kevin Nash (who will be known as Big Soxy
from now on, in accordance with the new Corporate Policy) and Scott Hall v. The
Big Bad Wolves. The Big Bad Wolves are coming fresh off of blowing down three
houses of various materials and scaring Grandmother and Little Red, and are be
primed for action. In a Press Conference this morning, they are quoted to have
said "We are coming to Take The Pac Back."

In a Whiner Takes All, Biggest Jobber Ever, Heck* In The Cell Match, The
Canadian Crybaby will meet Wile E. Coyote, with Special Guest Referee Road
Runner. This Match is Sponsored by The Acme Table And Chair (And Everything
Else) Company.
Drawing Holes in the Cell are allowable, only if drawn by the Referee.
Deliveries of all merchandise ordered during the match shall performed by
AcmeEx. (*New Corporate Policy forbids use of the word "Hell").

Rey Mysterio Jr. will face Speedy Gonzalez in a match to determine who is really
The King Of The Luchadores. Speedy is reportedly upset that Mysterio gave up his
mask for "The Almighty Peso," and has sworn to avenge the dishonor he brought
upon The House Of The Ancient Perfessa.

An Odd Couple Tag Team Match will pit Vince and Disco Inferno v. Sylvester and
Tweety Bird. A Stipulation to the match is: If any participant is unable to
function with his partner, he will receive Five Minutes of Time Out, be sent to
his room without dinner for a week and not allowed to watch TV for a month.

A Mini Hardcore Battle Royal will feature Raven, Hardcore Hak, Bam Bam Bigelow,
The Tasmanian Devil, Homer Simpson, and Dilbert. The ring will be surrounded by
Barb Wire (rubber covered). The competitors will be allowed to bring anything
they want to the ring, provided it is soft, fuzzy, or filled with helium. The
winner will take home the coveted Chocolate Marshmallow Trophy. The Match is
being boycotted by The Acme Table and Chair Company

Goldberg will face Superman, in a match to determine The Strongest Man In The
Galaxy. The building will be swept for Kryptonite of all kinds prior to the
match, and everyone entering the building will be searched to make sure none is
smuggled into the Arena. If Goldberg wins, he gets Lois Lane for thirty days. If
Superman wins, Goldberg will spend 30 days as Custodian at The Palace Of

A Who Is The Biggest Slob On The Planet Match will pit Dirtbag Doophus Page v.
Pig Pen. The Winner gets Kimberly and The New And Improved G Rated NITRO Mothers
And Daughters for One Month, the Loser gets them for Three Months. In a
pre-match interview, Dirtbag promised to squash Pig "Scum" Pen and Bong* him.
(*New Corporate Policy forbids use of the word "Bang").

The Main Event will be a Mixed Everyone Is Over 50 Tag Team, Winners Go To
DisneyWorld, Losers Just Go Match, Old Baldy and Miss Elizabeth will face M and
M Mouse (or is in M and M Mice??). This match has not been sanctioned by The
AARP, the Social Security Administration or The Shady Acres Home For Very Old
Submitted by reader: MrT6471
What Katahajime is saying is a bunch of crap. Backyard feds are so
much fun you would not believe it. How hard is it to put on a sleeper hold or
give someone a suplex? Not very hard. How hard is it to not run away when
someone is swinging a steel chair at you? Pretty hard. In a backyard fed I am
in, we have matches on this dock in the middle of a lake. You lose when you
fall off like in a Royal Rumble. It is so fun because we don't plan those
matches, we just try to throw each other off the dock.

We have someone tape it from a little rowboat. We put on subbmission moves on
the dock and stuff and then they told me that they wanted me to fall off the
dock and land flat on my back as part of an angle and I did it. And it hurt.
It probably hurt more than getting suplexed in a ring. Then I was supposed to
get back up and jump and land on my back again. It hurt again! I've been hit
with stuff, fell off ladders, and done other stuff, and I tell you, it takes a
lot more guts to do that than to have someone give you a "sharpshooter" or
something. I can also say that people like watching our hardcore matches more
than WCW. Thats not saying much but then again, our budget is $0 but WCW's is
Tired of those annoying "AD CAST" Banners at some of wrestling's most popular
sites?, Coming March 20th!

To subscribe to The Pro Wrestling Torch, send $36 for 20 issues to:
The Pro Wrestling Torch
P.O. Box 201844
Minneapolis MN 55420

If any one know where he can buy a pro-wrestling ring new or used please contact
Tony Jones Jr. at: t.c.jonesjr Also, if anyone knows where he can
find blueprints for one let him know. (Indy wrestling...its a brotherhood)
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