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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 180

Date:  Saturday March 13th, 1999  9:56 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Ken Shamrock mixed it up a little at the
UFC show on 3/5. He was at the show,
outside the Octagon, as his Lion's Den fighter Guy Metzger took on Tito Ortiz.
Ortiz beat Metzger up pretty badly and the ref, Big John McCarthy stopped the
fight. This ticked Shamrock off, and Ortiz and Shamrock had words with each
other, with Shamrock being pretty ticked off. After the fight, Ortiz put on a
very derogatory shirt about Metzger and Shamrock went nuts, screaming audibly on
the show for him to take it off. If Shamrock was going back into shootfighting,
this would have been the perfect angle to set it up. Will it happen? I doubt it
but who knows. If Ken chooses to take a major risk for the sake of his pride, it
may happen. The main question revolves around the WWF's willingness to allow
Shamrock to return to a shoot environment, even on a short term basis.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of )

Ratings for
March 8th, 1999
RAW Nitro
1st Hour n/a 4.95
2nd Hour 6.47 4.11
3rd Hour 6.44 4.13
Composite 6.46 4.4
Raw set an all time record this week scoring a 6.46 rating (10 share!). Even
though Nitro got destroyed, the show did a respectable 4.4 rating. The segment
with the NAO did a 6.9 rating. Sable's segment also did a 6.9, almost doubling
the opposing QH featuring Bret Hart v. Van Hammer, which did a 3.5. Heat also
set a record rating with a 5.1. WWF Superstars did a 2.1, LiveWire did a 2.2,
and WCW Saturday Night did a 2.4.
(Reported by )

While I'm on the subject of heel turns and the like, DO NOT expect DDP to make
when when he returns to action. Page, who is down in
Australia making a movie,
will be looking to regain some of the edge to his character, and probably lose
some of the playing to the crowd, but don't look for a bad guy applying the
cutter as some rumors have suggested.
(Reported by Al Isaccs at: )

Scoops recently speculated about Sunday's Uncensored event: "Even better was
what the Nature Boy promised..."this cage match will turn the clock back to
1985". Tim Wyatt gives a little history lesson:

"In 1985, Mid-Atlantic promoter Jim Crockett had begun his takeover of the NWA
by purchasing the
Georgia territory from Vince McMahon. Starrcade that year was
to take place simultaneously in both territories for the first time (previously
it had been in
Greensboro NC only). The problem was, his champion (Flair) was a
face in
North Carolina and a bad guy in all the other NWA territories.

Crockett scheduled a card in the Atlanta Omni filled with Mid-Atlantic talent.
The main event was Flair defending against Nikita Koloff in a cage. After Flair
pinned Koloff, the other Russians (Ivan Koloff and Barry Darsow) entered the
cage and the three started killing Flair. Dusty
Rhodes made the save. But
instead of being grateful, Flair accused Dusty of getting involved in Flair's
business, and suddenly the
Andersons filled the cage and the three broke Dusty's
leg. The (Three) Horsemen were born, Flair was a heel (after they showed this
clip in the
Carolinas), and Starrcade had a main event."

Can you feel a storyline coming together? With some help from Tim, let's piece
together a little scenario:

- Flair beats Hogan for the title. A few nWo goons enter the cage and destroy
Flair, and possibly son David. Now comes time for Hogan's face turn. He screams
that this wasn't part of the plan and to leave the kid alone. They don't, and
Hogan and the Flairs fight off the nWo together. Ric hugs David. Hogan goes to
join them, and gets beaten down by Flair again, with the other Horsemen members
joining in to injure
Hollywood. Hogan legitimately gets the face turn, Flair and
the Horsemen become heels again, and without joining the nWo which is now run by
Nash. How does that sound amigos?
(Reported by Al Isaccs of )

Wrestlemaniacs brought up an interesting topic this past week. In regards to
Vader winning the AJ Triple Crown (and becoming the first man ever to win both
the IWGP and Triple Crown titles).... WM Columnist Mark Coale did some research
and sent in some info.

As it turns out, if you count the WWF, NWA/WCW, AJ Triple Crown, and IWGP belts
as the wrestling world's four biggest titles, then Vader (AJTT, IWGP, NWA/WCW)
and Hogan (WWF, WCW, IWGP) are the only two guys to win three of those four
belts. Even more impressive for Vader, however, is that in addition to holding
BOTH of the Orient's most prestigious titles and one of the two big ones in
America, he's also held Mexico's top title (the UWA Title) and Europe's top
title (the CWA title). Impressive.

If you count the various constituent parts of the Triple Crown (the PWF, NWA
International, and NWA United belts) and consider the NWA a different "world
title" than the WCW belt, then any more three-timers can join the group. But
the fact remains that Vader's feat makes him one of the most decorated wrestlers
of all time!
(Reported by )

Early in the week, reports surfaced claiming that Luna had been fired by the
The WWF has issued an official clarification on Luna's status with the company,
stating the she has NOT been fired, but rather is suspended indefinitely
following unprofessional conduct. With this latest change in Luna's status, the
possibility remains that the situation may be patched up sufficiently that the
originally scheduled Luna/Sable match at WrestleMania could still take place.
(Reported by )

More on the Severn-Ogawa deal:
Severn is not under contract to IWA Japan for
three more tours. The story going around was that
Severn had signed a contract
with them to do four tours, and he has three left. IWA intended to sign
to such a deal but never sent him a contract. Also, Hiro Matsuda was not the
intermediary. No bond on the belt has been obtained yet, which is one of the
reasons some NWA members fear Inoki and this whole deal. Nothing is preventing
him from walking off with the title belt after Ogawa beats
Severn. After all, he
did it once before (in 1979 when he beat Bob Backlund for the WWF title and then
decided he didn’t want to do the return job).
(Reported by Jess McGrath at: )

Disco Inferno mentioned on WCW Live that Kevin Nash and head security official
Doug Dillenger had know idea who Mikey Whipwreck was when he was backstage at
Nitro this past Monday. Not a good sign for his future, not that Whipwreck is
one of WCW's more talented Cruiserweights. Whipwreck will debut Sunday at WCW
Uncensored, receiving a Cruiserweight Title shot against Billy Kidman.
(Reported by Dave Scherer at )

Nicole Bass, who has been on Stern's show many times, has signed a developmental
deal with the WWF. Bass may come in to feud with Chyna, or she may end up being
Sable's bodyguard. Each time I see Bass's name mentioned anywhere, I remember
Joey Styles' line that Bass should be called Russia because she's so much bigger
than Chyna. I thought that one was brilliant.
(Reported by Micasa at: )

Meltzer says that Mark Coleman is becoming a big time pro wrestling prospect.
Apparently WCW offered him big money to face Bill Goldberg at Uncensored, but
that deal fell through because Kevin Nash nixed it. God knows why, but I'm
guessing its because its a match that we may want to see. A bigger money offer
is in the works for Coleman to face Nobuhiko Takada in Japan. That may happen,
and Jim Ross will be meeting with Coleman and Mark Kerr when Ross is out in CA.
Ross is going to try and get them to the WWF training camp. I've always thought
that Coleman and Kerr had the pro wrestling look..
(Reported by MIcasa at: )
VISIT my Home Page:
Last night on World's Cleanest Wrestling, the Main Event pitted Slick Ric
against SuperDuperMan (SD Man). If there was ever a question why Good King
Eric's (GKE)
Squeaky Clean Kids are getting hammered in The Ratings, we saw it last night.
Slick Ric is a shell of his former self. He is fifty years old and looks like
he's 75 in the ring. In a match of epic proportions, eagerly looked forward to
by the wrestling world and almost three full hours in the making, the best
offensive moves he could come up with were kicks and arms shots to SD Man's
reproductive region.*

*In keeping with GKE's new Corporate Edict making everything "G" Rated, only
approved terminology is permitted.

Even when he used his patented finishing move, the Figure Four, Rick was
unimpressive. SD Man easily reversed it and lucky for old Ric, the ropes were
within his reach. His other patented move. Even The Flair Flop was not up to his
usual standards. It would be easy to dismiss his performance as an aberration,
but age is definitely showing, and its not a pretty sight. Having Old Baldy as
WCW Champion is a joke, but Ric getting it one more time would be a sitcom. I
respect Ric as much as anyone and it pains me to see him perform like this.

SD Man didn't exactly look like Hall Of Fame material either, perhaps because he
was ashamed to be in this match. He spent half the time doubled over in pain
from those heroic shots, and much of the rest shaking off eye gouges and rakes.
Hardly moves designed to give SD Man a headline this morning.

Big Soxy** and Old Baldy flanked Fat Tony at the announcers desk for the match,
and for once Fat Tony was part of a sandwich, rather than eating one. As the
moment Fat Tony so likes to call the "We are quickly running out of time" spot
rapidly approached, we were surprised with a new and exciting ending to the
match. The members of The Wolpac, either by design or divine inspiration,
converged on the ring and did severe bodily damage to both combatants. Not
wanting to be left out of the fun and games, Big Soxy and Old Baldy abandoned
Fat Tony and joined their fellow Wolfpacers. The beating administered was kept
to an acceptable "G Rated" level. The program ended with new and exciting
wrinkle still in progress.

**The new "G Rating Is G-D" Policy forbids use of the word "Sexy," necessitating
that his name be changed.

Compare this to the bland and boring Main Event on RAW that pitted Mankind
against Stone Cold Steve Austin, with Big Nasty as Guest Referee and The Rock
doing color for the match. Why would anyone in their right mind want to watch
these two tear the place up as compared to watching what NITRO had on?

If GKE thinks this kind of match making is going to help WCW reclaim the
audience and The Ratings, he has taken one too many chair (padded ones, of
course) to the head. Despite the line he is selling this week, it ain't gonna
happen. The erosion will continue. As for Ric, I only hope he gets the message
and calls it a career. He belongs in the Hall of Fame, not in the ring. There
are all kinds of jobs he could do, so why hurt the image we all have of him.
Below is Chris Jericho's latest message to his fans, found at:
NP:Bruce Dickinson-Chemical Wedding
Hello Jerichoholics!
I hope everyone is of sound mind and body and is digging the heck outta this

I just finished an eleven day road trip and I had the grand total of
ONE day off
before going on another nine day trip! Whoever said the WCW schedule was easier
then any other company was full of it!

As far as the Inside Edition fiasco goes, let me just speak on this. If the
worst they could find was the shocking footage of me pulling a college prank on
my close friend Dave Penzer, I think that they should've just given up the goat
on that story!!!

I just did Off The Record in Toronto yesterday and it was alot of fun.
OTR is a
show on the
TSN network in Canada. I'm also going to Cancun tomorrow to do some
stuff for MTV. Can't beat Mexico at Spring Break!!

Up the Irons!!! Here's a cheer to true metalheads who are just as excited as I
at the Iron Maiden reunion! The greatest metal band ever will kick some major
rear when the new album is released and the tour begins!!

The movie of the week is the disturbing and shocking 8MM starring Nicolas Cage.
See it, but beware!! Thanks to the Troma Team boys for the package of goodies,
as well to Jon Dette (ex Slayer and Testament) for the swag!!! Keep the cards
and letters coming and the signs at full mast at all of the arenas.

Hope to see you on the Bruise Cruise as well. I'm going to enjoy my stay at
WCW, whether it lasts for four more months or four more years!!! Be good to
each other and God bless you!
-Chris Jericho
ONECOUNT--column by--OSIRIS (burkeandhare@xxxxc...)
A couple of things I want to chew on today, which you may or may not like. If
you don`t, well, that`s the way the referee counts! I want to look at what Eric
Bischoff and VINMAN are doing to their respective groups. In a nutshell, the WWF
seems on its way to becoming a pornagraphic primer of pulchritude and punches.
On each broadcast (WWF) we see wet-leather pants on men, and outfits on the
females with necklines that would be arrested on a homicde warrant for causing
massive heart attacks and strokes in unsuspecting male fans. I don`t
particularly like alot of Vinnie`s glitzy glamour, but it seems as though a lot
of folks do. I, for one, can`t stand it. I am, I guess, a wrestling purist.

I want to see a good, tough-as-nails contest, not a flower show, and that`s what
seems to come up each week on Raw. Now, in WCW, Eric doesn`t seem to always
know his A from his B. The man has a talent pool deep as the Pacific, but it
seems as co-ordinated sometimes as a man trying to walk a high wire in an
earthquake! Men from all over come in, many with great reputations and get lost
in the shuffe (witness what happened to Bret Hart). Great tag teams broken up
or ruined in some other way, although I may be sensing a slow swing back to good
tag-teaming. I hope I`m right. To me. WCW is a lot of run-and-gun: have a good
match going, then have an enemy run in and gun it down. Who cares about that?
We want to see a good contest through to its conclusion, and sometimes we do,
but not often. If you want a good match, a lot of the time you have to go to
the WWF (though I hate to admit it); WCW seems to have too many ``experts`` in
the booking office, all working at cross-purposes. Well, like the old saying
goes, you pay your money and you take your choices!
Submitted by reader: Dan Moreland (PASpoiler)
Be sure to check out Pro Wrestling Between the Sheets, found at:
Playstation Magazine reports that THQs "WCW/NWO Thunder" was inexplicably the
top selling Playstation videogame in the country for the month of January,
according to Electronics Boutique. THQ is working on a WWF title "Wrestler's
Heart". I''ve heard anything from as bizarre as this will be some sort of dating
game using wrestling characters (huh?) to what seems more realistic and
interesting, a role playing videogame with wrestling matches worked in. Either
way the title, which has no release date set, will use storylines more than
other wrestling sims of the past.
Speaking of the WWF, Acclaims PSM sequel to "WarZone", "Attitude" amazingly
has been pushed up from June to a May release date.
(Dan Moreland, Pro Wrestling's Between the Sheets)
Submitted by reader: RWEST316
My name is Robert and I attend a private middle school in TN of about 200
people. It is a strict school with hardly any fighting or violence. But one
day, these 2 guys were playing around, and one guy gives the other a pedigree
onto the hardwood floor, thinking it was a funny joke. But it wasn't funny when
he the other guy lying unconscious on the floor with a huge knot on his head.
Wrestling can effect even the most disciplined children no matter what the
If you're in the area. be sure to check out WXW Wrestling, live April 17th
8:00pm Lincoln High School Yonkers, NY. Stars appearing include Bruno
Sammartino, Terri Runnels, The Bushwhackers, The Headshrinkers, Doink, George
"The Animal" Steele, The Love Connection & The Big Cheese (Hometown Boy). The
show is a benefit for The Yonkers
Fitzpatrick's Saw Mill Lodge, 1275 Saw Mill River Rd, Yonkers, NY 914 376-5995
Katie's Cottage Bar, 521 Central Park Ave, Yonkers NY 914 965-0422
Piazza Italia Deli, 644 Yonkers Ave,Yonkers NY 914 966 3354
Finn McColls Sports Bar, 106 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY 914 428-0109
A&M Bakery, 4559 White Plains Rd, Bronx NY, 718 324 2370
The Appliance Doctor, 24 Warburton Ave, Yonkers, NY 10701 (914) 968-1510
Guilio's Restaurant, 53 Park Hill Ave,Yonkers, NY 10701(914) 375-1043
PAL, 21 Alexander St.Yonkers, NY 10701(914) 377-7381

For all the latest news on the Boston area's athletic teams, and a kickin'
wrestling page, including guest columnists, check out SeanMC's Sports Page at:

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