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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 183

Date:  Sunday March 14th, 1999  11:52 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Howard T. Brody (NWA President)
On Friday, the press conference of the official partnership signing between the
NWA and UFO was disrupted when UFO competitor Naoya Ogawa refused to sign the
contract with Dan Severn because he was unhappy with the rules of the match.
After Inoki and I signed the partnership declaration, it was
Severn and Ogawa's
turn to sign their match contract. After seeing that NWA pro-wrestling rules
would be in effect, Ogawa protested, asking to be allowed to wear gloves and
also be allowed to punch to the face and head. Although
Severn had no problem
with that request, the NWA rules strictly prohibit such actions and so the
request was denied.
Severn said that if we didn't follow the rules, why bother
having any rules at all and promptly
ripped up the rule book which governs UFO matches. Ogawa answered the action by
tearing up the contract with
Severn and at that point the press conference broke

Rather than discussing the problems in a public forum, I asked UFO officials Mr.
Inoki and Mr. Satoru Sayama (The Original Tiger Mask) that we work out the
problems behind the scenes. It was agreed. On Friday evening special NWA envoy
Dory Funk Jr. arrived in Japan and for several hours he negotiated a settlement
of the rule dispute between UFO officials and myself, with an agreement being
reached just minutes prior to the 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon Press Conference.

As Dory announced, the match will be governed by NWA rules, thus the only way to
win is by pinfall or submission, but as a compromise to Mr.Ogawa's request, he
will be allowed to wear gloves and while body blows will be allowed, any
punching to the head or face will not.

The NWA has a new champion for the first time in four years. Congratulations
are in order to the
NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Naoya Ogawa, who
defeated Dan "The Beast" Severn in the Main Event of the March 14th UFO Yokohama
Arena card. Before an estimated crowd of 9,000,
Severn made a mental error and
strategical miscalculation unfortunately cost him the match. As
Severn went for
a leg dive, Ogawa brought his right knee up for protection and it accidentally
Severn square in the eye. The momentary sting spun Severn around which
allowed Ogawa to execute a kick to the back of
Severn's head and then close in
for the
SOS, a combination judo choke hold arm and leg grapevine. Once applied,
Severn couldn't escape Ogawa's grip and at approximately the eight minute mark
"The Beast" tapped out. Special referee Dory Funk Jr. called for the bell.

In a great show of sportsmanship, the two not only shook hands when Ogawa was
announced as the winner and new champion, but the two embraced. There is still
no love loss between the two, as Dan was heard to say under his breath that it
would just be a matter of time before he won the title back, but what was
established was a mutual admiration and respect between the
UFC triple crown
winner and the Olympic Silver Medalist.

I can say for now is that it was a well earned victory for Ogawa and any fan of
the NWA should be proud that we had
Severn representing our organization for as
long as he has. Now the question is, how long can Ogawa keep the strap and who
will be his challengers aside from
Severn? Negotiations are now in the process
of bringing the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion to the
U.S. to defend the
title. Thanks for your continued support. And remember, TRADITION RULES!
Howard T. Brody
President NWA
(Reported by Masanori Horie)

And Gorilla Monsoon will resurface at WRESTLEMANIA!!! Look for the former
Federation President to be one of the judges for the BRAWL FOR
ALL match between
Butterbean and Bart Gunn.
(Reported by Al Isaccs at: )
March 13th, 1999
Jackyl's Winnipeg Sun/Thunder Bay Chronicle Column
by Don Callis
Be sure to check out
The other day I had a call from a friend of mine in Calgary, regarding the news
that legendary Canadian wrestling promotion, Stampede Wrestling is starting up
once again, running two shows in their former strongholds of Calgary and
My co-host on the Joe and Jackal: No Holds Barred Radio show, Joe Aiello
recently informed me that Verne and Greg Gagne are marketing old
AWA tapes for
stations to run in a traditional timeslot such as Saturday mornings.

So what? You might ask. Well, these developments could well be a harbinger of
the reverse revolution that many traditionalists have been predicting for
months. The logic goes that with all the insider references and serialized
Melrose Place-isms, not to mention the lovely ladies and heels who are really
babyfaces and vice versa, that there will be a shift back to the days when
everyone protected the business, when matches were built slowly like a darn good
novel, and when heels were heels and babyfaces were...well you know.

One need only glance at an old
AWA or even WWF tape and it would seem that we
are not even looking at the same form of entertainment. The old stuff seems
dated and boring, and worse, it "insults the intelligence" of the fan. But why
can't a promotion like Stampede open up and run the old style? After all, in the
fashion industry clothes that were uncool ten years ago become all the rage, how
many of us swore we'd never wear bell bottoms again. Don't be surprised to see
bad eighties haircuts and Miami Vice suits become cutting edge this season.
Retro is cool, so bring on the Harley Race matches, the Verne Gagne interviews
and those big bad Soviet heels! No more Soviet
Union you say...just wait and
see. The patience for capitalism and democracy in
Russia is disappearing faster
than the Sable playboy from 7-Eleven.

Traditional wrestling can work as evidenced by ultra-traditionalist Jim
Cornette's success with Smoky Mountain Wrestling in the early nineties, but the
audience must be educated (or in the case of Smoky Mountain, educated and more
importantly, UN-educated about the current style). Educating the fans takes
time, patience and money, the latter of which is in short supply for most small
promoters. To boot, there are not exactly a lot of Harley Races and Nick
Bockwinkels left in the business, who could entertain you with a simple
headlock. its a lot harder to do that than to do a moonsault, something I could
train my cat to do in an hour. Conditioning the fans can be done as evidenced by
the successful introduction of the tap-out submission over the past two years.

Of course there will be no will to do any of this because both companies listen
to what their audience wants (most of the time) and right now the ratings are
telling them that the fans don't want to go back to the future. Things do have a
way of coming full circle though, so just to be on the safe side, don't throw
out those espadrilles just yet.

Ringside Insider:
Don't be surprised to see more women of wrestling hit the pages of Playboy, as
my spies inform me that the Sable edition is sold out everywhere...Speaking of
women, the latest rumor has the WWF starting up a womens show sometime next
year. They apparently are holding about one of those "fly on a
wall" deals...Former ECW human odditie Nicole Bass who made Chyna look tiny has
just signed with the WWF, presumably to bolster the womens division. Amazing how
just a few short months ago, womens wrestling was considered on par with the
mighty midgets...Apparently my pal Chris Jericho has been offered a five million
dollar deal to stay in WCW. I would be shocked if those numbers were correct,
but if they are, Chris, you know when my birthday is...IWA Senior Referee Kelly
Russell runs the hugely popular Winnipeg Wrestling Hotline. its free if you
call (204) 784-9000 (code 6264)...My website has several new features so check
it out at your personal
power by emailing me at jackal
VISIT my Home Page:
The program began with a Tag Team Three Way Dance Match already in progress. It
involved The Full Blooded Italians (FBI) v. Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten v.
Dangerous Danny Doring and Amish Road Kill. As we joined the match, The FBI had
just been eliminated. Axl and Balls were cleaning house on Doring and Road Kill.
Balls nailed Road Kill with a Super Kick, turning him into Road Trash. Balls and
Axl got their chairs (they were born with them), and blasted Road Trash with
Double Chair Shots, getting us an early "Oh, my G-d" from Joey Styles, and
turning him into a heap of Road Dust. Super Kick, Chair Shots, Pin = Game, Set,
Winners - Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten
Loser - Road Things

Joey was at the announcers desk and said we would see two Main Events tonight:
Jerry Lynn v. Sabu (C) for the Unrecognized FTW World Championship and Lance
Storm, accompanied by "Beulah McGillicutti*" v. Tommy Dreamer. *Tammy Lynn Bytch
TLB) living out her and Storm's fantasy.

We then saw Taz in a clip taped this past week as he was a guest on a NYC radio
show. In his pleasant way of talking Taz "praised" Sabu, who he will meet and
defend the ECW Championship against, at Living Dangerously (LD), ECW's next PPV,
March 21, 1999. Taz said he is in "for the fight of his life."

Joey gave us the card for LD, which by unofficial count was the 1,259th time he
has done so. Word is that if he reaches 2,500, Paul Heyman will give him a
bonus, and he is trying hard to get it. Note to Joey: There aren't too many ways
to spend a nickel. He hyped it as being "the only Hardcore PPV this month,"
making an obvious reference to WCW's PPV, Uncensored.

We finally got the ECW opening. You just knew they weren't going to forget it.

Since LD is next weekend, the program was used to hype it. We next saw a series
of clips of many of those who are on the card:

Jerry Lynn, who will challenge Rob "Mr. Monday Night / The Whole F'N Show"
Van Dam (RVD), for the ECW TV Title at LD, was in the locker room. He talked
about having been patient for a long time in all the Federations he was wrestled
in, however, he no longer is. He finally has his chance in ECW and plans to make
it count.

Justin Credible (JC) , along with his Manager Jason, and Lance Storm (LS), along
TLB, were seen in the locker room area. Both JC and LS claimed to be the
"New Franchise." LS pointed to
TLB and called her "the new Beulah McGillicutti,"
a move sure to endear him to Tommy Dreamer. These two modest youngsters will be
facing Dreamer and Shane "The (Old) Franchise" Douglas, in a Tag Team Match at

We then saw a clip of "Mr." Mustafa turning on New Jack and being revealed as
"The Mysterious Benefactor," who paid The Dudley Boyz to rid ECW of The Public
Enemy and to destroy New Jack.

Next up was New Jack outside the building, where he talked about how he had
brought Mustafa to "the big time" and then being turned on by him. Note to New
Jack: You aren't the first one this has happened to, and I suspect wont be the
last. He had a few "choice" comments for Mustafa: He called him a "Fake @$$
Muslim N*gg*r." and "A 'White' N*gg*r." He said he doesn't plan to wrestle him
at LD, he "plans to hurt him." As he spoke, we saw the clip of Mustafa turning
on him. He also called him "a sell out" to the Dudley Boyz, who he also spoke
highly of. If nothing else, when New Jack tells you are in for a world of hurt,
I believe him. Note to Mustafa: Be afraid, be very afraid.

We then saw Mr. Mustafa along with The Dudley Boyz. He was laughing about what
he had done to New Jack. Another Note to Mustafa: Methinks you best get you
laughs in now. New Jack sounded serious.

The next clip was of Lance Storm introducing "Beulah" as his new manager.
came out dressed and acting like Beulah. Note to
TLB: I know Beulah, and you
aren't Beulah.

Tommy Dreamer was seen backstage. He refused to talk about the Beulah thing.
Douglas and Francine were there as well. Douglas talked about Storm and Credible
claiming to be "The New Franchise," and was slightly PO'd about it. He said he
tried to retire but they wouldn't let him, and so they were going to pay. He
talked about how tough Francine is, citing many of the big bumps she has taken,
and calling what Storm and Credible did nothing compared to some of the other
stuff she has had happen to her. Francine addressed JC and LS, calling what they
did to her "a big mistake."

We switch to RVD, Sabu and their manager Bill Alfonso. RVD said Sabu will take
care of Lynn tonight, and make it easier for him at LD. He then did his standard
tease of Sabu, saying that Lynn beat Sabu and won the FTW Championship, he could
win it from Lynn at LD and have a third Belt (RVD and Sabu are also ECW Tag Team
Champions). Sabu was held back by Alfonso. These three have this bit down to a
science and it is funny to watch them do it.

Back at the ranch, Joey plugged the video for "Crossing The line '99," a House
Show taped in Queens recently. It is available by calling 1-800-854-5831.

The first match (assuming we don't count the mercy killing of Road Whatever)
pitted Jerry Lynn v. Sabu (C), accompanied by Alfonso, for the Unrecognized FTW
Championship. Sabu was competing despite having a broken jaw, which was heavily
taped. And you wonder why he is known as "The most Homicidal, Genocidal,
Suicidal wrestler." Prior to the match we saw a clip from Living Dangerously
'98, of Sabu' s match v. The Sandman. This was the match where RVD was dressed
as Sabu and started the match. Sabu came to the ring and they double teamed
Sandman and wiped the mat up with him. Sabu hit him with major aerial moves, put
him thru a table, and eventually won the match.

This match began with mat wrestling by both men. Lynn applied an Arm Wringer,
following up with a Cross Arm Breaker. Sabu landed a series of punches, but
missed a Slingshot Kick. Lynn hit a Flying Back Elbow. Sabu caught Lynn on the
top turn buckle and hit a Hurricanrana, but Lynn reversed it when they hit and
almost pinned Sabu. Lynn was thrown to the floor and hit with a Baseball Slide
that would make Ricky Henderson proud, knocking him to the guard rail. Air Sabu
and Lynn chalked up Frequent Flier Miles as he flew into the crowd. Sabu went
out after him, sent him back over the guard rail, but missed a leap off the
guard rail at him and landed jaw first against the apron. The apron won. Sabu
was one hurting Homicidal, etc. Back in the ring and Lynn took advantage of
Sabu's injury with a Gourd Buster and a Flying Leg Drop onto Sabu's jaw. He went
for a pin but Sabu kicked out. Lynn was caught on the top turn buckle and
crotched. Alfonso put Lynn on a table at ringside, Sabu leaped over the top
rope, but Lynn moved and Sabu ate the table and again was hurt. Alfonso tried to
help him. Van Dam rushed out from the locker rook to check on his partner.
Alfonso added tape to Sabu's jaw (to hold it on?). Alfonso and RVD tried to
persuade Sabu to give Lynn the Belt and not continue. Sabu ignored them and got
back into the ring where he was greeted by Lynn, who hit him in the jaw with the
FTW Belt. There was blood all over the tape and Sabu's face. RVD got up on the
apron and tried to persuade Sabu to stop the match. Lynn hit Sabu with a Drop
Kick from behind and knocked him into RVD, who was stunned by the blow. Sabu
kneeled on the floor in pain, RVD leaned against the ropes trying to shake it
off. Lynn did his best to help; he nailed RVD with a Flying Cross Body and put
him thru another table at ringside. It looks like overtime for the boys at Acme
Chair and Table.
Taz' music came on and he uglied his way to the ring. Taz attacked Sabu and
applied a Dragon TazPlex. Sabu broke it with a back kick to Taz' nether region.
You could hear a shriek of horror from Mrs. Taz, all the way from the Red Hook
section of Brooklyn. Sabu hit Taz with a Triple Jump Moonsault. Alfonso brought
yet another table into the ring and leaned it up against one of the corners. Taz
spotted in and tried to run Sabu into it, but Sabu was able to partially block
it and they both hit the table and went thru it, as the cash register at Acme
rang once more. Joey said "they are trying to kill each other," as we headed off
to commercial land.
Winners - The Acme Table and Chair Co. and The Acme Medical Supply Co.
Both Divisions of Acme Enterprises, Inc.
Loser - Sabu's Jaw

The next match pitted Lance Storm, accompanied by "Beulah" (
TLB) v. Tommy
Dreamer. Storm and
TLB came to the ring first. She was greeted by a chant of
"Show you T*ts." The crowd only wanted to check on how well her plastic
enhancement looked, nothing more. Storm took the mic and said "You're not seeing
jack." The crowd expressed their appreciation at his generosity. He then said he
would do his own intro because the ring announcer sucked. He did his Calgary is
great routine and further endeared himself to the locals. Joey said he was sick
of hearing about Calgary and all the wonderful Canadian wrestler from there. He
then introduced "Beulah." Tommy Dreamer came down the aisle towards the ring.
Jason, who was wearing a neck brace, followed him and told him he was
responsible for his neck being reinjured. I smell a rat, a two legged one. As
they argued, the rat, I mean Justin Credible came up from behind and introduced
Tommy to his Singapore Cane. He then crotched Tommy on the guard rail. Jason and
Credible mauled poor Tommy until Douglas pulled a 7th Cavalry and made the save.
If Douglas is here, can Francine be far behind? Storm taunted Douglas,
challenging him to a match since Tommy was unable to.
TLB took the mic and
challenged Francine, saying that after Storm kicks Douglas' @$$, she would kick
hers. I guess the combination of surgery and the "name change" has caused her
brain decay.
TLB v. Francine = New Manager for Storm. Douglas and Francine into
ring, Storm and
TLB out of ring. Joey said a match between Storm and Douglas
would follow..what else, another commercial.

The match began with a Clothesline by Shane sending Storm to the floor, where
they fought. Douglas threw a series of punches and crotched Storm on the guard
rail, in what appears to have been the move of choice for the night. "Beulah"
raked Shane's back and he turned towards her. This was distraction enough to
allow Storm to kit him with a Super Kick. He then threw Shane into the guard
rail and rammed his face into the apron. Back in the ring and Storm kicked him
in the ribs and head. Douglas fought back with several big right hands. After an
Irish Whip into the corner and the requisite boot to the face as he was racing
in, we saw a Drop Kick by Storm and a series of Knee Lifts to Shane's face.
Storm was crotched on the top rope. Douglas lands a flurry of Chops, a well
placed Low Blow (Is there any other kind?), a Gourd Buster and a Belly-To-Belly
Suplex. Enter Justin Credible and his trusty Singapore Cane. Enter Francine with
a Roundhouse Kick to Credible. Exit Credible. The regular everyone in followed.
In the confusion, Shane rolled Storm up in a Small Package, applied some nice
wrapping and a pretty bow, and viola, the Fat lady went to work. This didn't sit
well with Credible, so he introduced Shane to Mr. Cane. Jason and The Mystery
Lady (I wish they would give her a name!!) came in to add to the festivities.
Tommy Dreamer woke up from his nap and made the save. This sets up their Tag
Team Match at Living Dangerously. The program ended with all of them exchanging
addresses for their Christmas Mailing List.
Winner - Shane Douglas
Submitted by reader: JJesmo
I've enjoyed your work but admit to being a little disturbed by the anti-Flair
remarks made recently. Yes, he's old. So is half of WCW's roster. Yes, he's
not roided up anymore and looks like an actual human being. Until he can't
outwork 80% of WCW's roster, why not have him continue? Nash and Hall should be
the ones leading WCW into the next millennium, but since they seem to enjoy
being in Hogan's shadow, the best mic man going today is still Ric Flair. Who
else is going to do it? Luger? Give me a break. Until WCW decides to push
their younger talent and weed out the On Golden Pond guys, Flair is still the
best of the old farts in terms of selling, performance, charisma, and
willingness to put others over. Hey, I love Chris Benoit and wish he would get
his due, but until he learns how to interview, it isn't going to happen.

You hint that is pains you to watch Flair roll up to the ring in his walker and
feebly reach for the geritol. Hey, Cal Ripken and Charles Barkley are just half
of what they once were, but people still want to enjoy them for as long as they
can. Because they know they are watching one of the special guys that blip the
screen of a particular era. Flair has earned this last ride to the top. He's
still the man at age fifty. Do you think Triple H or Buff are going to be revered or
remembered like that 20 years down the road? Flair is a diamond. And you know
the saying......
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