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Issue # 185

Date:  Sunday March 14th, 1999  7:59 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW Uncensored Report for March 14th, 1999
By Steve Appy & Josh Kinney
Live from Freedom Hall, Louisville KY

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman pinned Mikey Whipwreck in 14:58
Whipwreck was introduced to an indifferent reaction; perhaps a couple of Nitro
appearances would have been a more effective introduction. A brief "Mikey"
chant erupted, which angered Whipwreck (since its actually his name, that part
confused me). Mikey worked hard, and even delivered some great high spots of
his own. unfortunately, he's just not in Kidman's league. Kidman scored the
pinfall after The Shooting Star Press.

In a whining session designed to determine the worst pushed wrestler in WCW,
Vince & Stevie Ray complained back and forth about the others behavior. This
bitching session ended in a draw.

Stevie Ray pinned Vince in a Harlem Street Fight in
The two nWo members lamely brawled into the crowd; Vince was blown up at the
four minute mark. Horace threw a slapjack into the middle of the ring, claiming
that he didn't care who won. Maybe Nash sent him in to put an early end to the
fiasco? Stevie Ray reached it first, and knocked Vince unconsious, claiming the
leadership of the nWo Black & White.

Mark Madden interviewed Chris Jericho for WCW.Com;
Jericho repeated his desire
to make Saturn realize how ridiculous he looks in the dress.

Kevin Nash (w/Elizabeth & Lex Luger) pinned Rey Mysterio Jr. in 6:15
Rey's energy finally woke up the crowd; his recent winning streak has really
given him renewed credibility. Rey almost scored the victory after a low blow,
and Nash barely kicked out the pinfall attempt. Luger's interference helped
Nash gain the offensive, which led to a Powerbomb that sent Mysterio halfway
across the ring.

Jerry Flynn defeated Ernest Miller & Sonny Onoo in a handicap match in 7:45
Onoo was reluctant to tag in, preferring to sneak attack Flynn when the offense
shifted. The Cat tried to whip Flynn into the corner, but Flynn reversed it
causing the Cat to propel Onoo into the ring, where he was quickly dispatched
for the pinfall.

Hack defeated Raven (w/Chastity) & Bam Bam Bigelow in
14:26 in a Raven's Rules
Showdown when Hack pinned Raven
We missed Chastity's progression from society debutante to grunge deviant. She
rolled a laundry cart full of weapons to the ring, and all three men brutalized
each other with every weapon imaginable. All three men were ECW Heavyweight
Champions, and they were all intent on earning the title "The King of Hardcore".
Raven used tape to bind Hack's arms, which enabled Raven to nail Hak with
several chair shots. As Bigelow prepared to hit both men with a Moonsault,
Chastity sprayed him with a fire extinguisher, which knocked him off of the top
rope. Chastity then used the extinguisher on Raven, and proceeded to hit her
"brother" with a low blow. Leaving the ring with Hack, her reasons for
betraying her brother remain unclear.

Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko defeated Barry Windham & Curt Hennig to win the WCW
World Tag Team Championship when Benoit pinned Hennig in
All eight Lumberjacks (Norman Smiley, Prince Iakeau, Chris Adams, Kaos, Hugh
Morrus, Meng, Bobby Duncam Jr., & Kendall Windham) carried leather belts,
designed to whip any of the participants who fall out of the ring. Arn Anderson
joined the crowd, and persuaded
Adams to allow him to take his place. After
Hennig slugged
Anderson, Arn knocked Hennig unconscious with a tire iron. As
Malenko destroyed
Windham, Benoit pinned Hennig after a Flying Headbutt. The
three Horseman left the ring together; definitely better than their Superbrawl

Perry Saturn pinned Chris Jericho in
11:50 of a Dog Collar Match
Saturn wore a dress made of chains, which complemented his lipstick and fake
eyelashes. Along with yellow contact lenses, Saturn has become a certifiable
It really must be hard to get attention in WCW these days. After Ralphus
Jericho's order to take his place in the match, Jericho banished Ralphus
from ringside with a slap to the face. The two bruatalized each other with the
chain, using it both directly and its reach as a weapon. After two
Death Valley
Drivers, Saturn scored a victory over his tormenter.

Booker T pinned Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) to win the WCW Television
Championship in 13:28
Buff interfered whenever Booker T gained the advantage; after Buff crotched
Booker on the top rope, Steiner delivered a Superplex on Booker. As Buff
prepared to hit Booker with a chair, Booker missed and Steiner received the
chairshot to the head.
Although no dissention was teased, I imagine WCW will make an issue of this on

Ric Flair pinned Hulk Hogan in a First Blood Steel Cage Match to win his 14th
WCW World Heavyweight Championship in
The stipulations: If Hogan wins, Flair is banished from WCW for life. If Flair
wins, Flair gains both the WCW World Championship and the WCW Presidency for
Hogan was immediatly aggressive and Flair played the cowardly heel (the bad part
is that the fans still view Hogan as the rulebreaker). That said, the fans did
react to the action. Hogan used a piece of barb wire to grate into Flair's
forehead, and Flair's forehead gushed blood. GUSHED BLOOD! The first blood
stipulation was somehow forgotten, and referee Robinson refused to end the
match. Samantha & David Flair joined the action at ringside, and we treated to
a brief "Hogan" chant. Will the impossible happen, and will he truly be

Hogan made his Superman comeback, and hit the Legdrop on a fallen Flair.
Robinson refused to make the count, hesitant about counting down his hero. With
both men bleeding like stuck pigs, the stipulations were already moot. The
action was also intense, the best Hogan match in years. Arn Anderson joined the
crowd at ringside and destroyed both David & Samantha, and he quickly handed the
tire iron to Flair. Knocking Hogan unconscious, Flair used the figure four to
gain the three count. As the cage raised, David Flair stood over his new hero,
the fallen Hulk Hogan.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:
The following is an account of a conversation Dave Scherer & Chris Woodward had
with Shane Douglas after the 3/13 ECW Arena show.

Dave: Shane, holding in your hand right now, you are reading the comments Ric
Flair had about you on WCW Live this past Friday night, and this is your turn to

Shane: Dick Flair, I'm honored. I'm honored that after five years of me dogging
your @xxxxcs, that you finally had, well, enough balls, if you'd call it that, to
bring up the challenge and make this response. I'm sitting here reading down,
having a good laugh. First of all, Mr. Flair, taking the "needle out of my @xxxxcs,"
maybe you ought to reinvestigate this and learn your syntax, Mr. Flair. Going to
medical school? Yeah, I was accepted to medical school, maybe that's something
you can't understand in that pea brain of yours. Because I choose to stay in
this business and dog your @xxxxcs, thinking you might be man enough someday to
accept the challenge, maybe I should have gone to medical school. I'd had a
bigger challenge with a cadaver. As far as your syntax goes Mr. Flair, "As a
matter of fact, my son Reid, with a needle out of his @xxxxcs, will beat him in
record time." Well, I suggest that you stop stooging your son off if he's using
the juice. Secondly, maybe you should take the needle out of his @xxxxcs, shove it
in your own @xxxxcs, and maybe those t!ts won't flap around like they do all the
damn time. Maybe if you don't put juice in it, maybe put a little Viagra, maybe
you'd get a little backbone, enough to stick up for yourself and fight like a
goddamn man, for once, instead of being the big pussy that you are. Anyway, Ric
Flair, Dick Flair, after five years, that's the best response that you can
mount, all I can say is, on behalf of Extreme Championship Wrestling, on behalf
of the real world champion Taz, on behalf of the guy that's dogged your @xxxxcs for
five years, the Franchise, on behalf of all the ECW fans. On behalf of Paul
Heyman, remember him, that guy you get along with so well? Hey, the guy you've
been begging the last year, for a job from you jabron? On behalf of everybody
here, thank you Ric Flair, for using WCW's valuable time, Time Warner's valuable
money, Ted Turner's cash, to talk about the little old "quarterback" that
couldn't make it. [Laughs] Kiss my @xxxxcs, Dick. Come on up, the invitation's
there. Hey, you want to bring Reid up? Hell, I won't beat your son up, I'll let
Francine do that. You be man enough to follow behind him, and I'll whip your @xxxxcs
too, pussy.

Dave: I think that pretty much says it all.

Shane: Ric, and if you want to respond, please don't do it through the computers
like this. The invitation's been there, be a man, come do it face to face. It
can be in WCW if you want, it can be in the parking lot, hell, I'll come to
Charlotte to your gym, and workout if you want. The invitation's open Ric, you
name the time and the place, I'll be there.

Shane: Ric, things just keep popping in my head here, as I keep trying to wrap
this up, instead of continuing on this Sunday night, and wasting all this
valuable time as you're building up this Pay Per View with Mr. Hogan, and
wasting all of Ted Turner's money, instead of being his suck boy, why don't you
come and maybe get a challenge from somebody who can maybe make you look better.
No matter, Ric, as old and broken down as you are, this little old "quarterback"
that couldn't make it, can still make you look decent.

Shane: Ric, from day one, I've never, ever attacked your family, that's way
below me. But I'll tell you this, if you want to bring your family into it, the
next time you put their names on the table, I'll consider them fair game, and
I'll bring up things you do not want brought up. So my friend, keep it to Shane
Douglas, and we've got no problem between each other, except a pussy talking to
a man, and we know which one is which.

[This statement was made after Chris asked his opinion about Kevin Nash saying,
basically that Benoit and Malenko are not main eventers]

Shane: What a fool statement. Anybody, anybody, ANYBODY, with a brain in their
head that has looked at Benoit and Malenko, knows that they are pure,
unmitigated talent. Tell you what, if you can't draw with them, if you can't,
then release them from their contracts, please send them back. Please, Mr. Nash,
release them from their contracts, and send those untalented Benoit- Malenkos
back to ECW. We might be able to find a position for them, we might be able to
draw money, I don't know, it will be a tough task, but we can try with
Benoit-Malenko. What an idiot! Why not try? Obviously things are not working Mr.
Nash. You big dumb f***s on top sure as hell ain't drawing sh**. The ratings are
baring that out. Why don't you try pushing talent for once, and let's see if
those ratings close up? Goddamn it, f***ing, the proof is in the pudding, big
RAW Preview for 3/15/1999
Reported on
This Monday night, RAW comes to you from the "Shark Tank" in San Jose,
California! With less than two weeks remaining until WrestleMania XV, Stone Cold
Steve Austin, Team Corporate, the Ministry of Darkness and so many more are
preparing for what could be the greatest World Wrestling Federation Pay-Per-View

Thus far, we know of two matches that will take place on RAW on the USA Network:

The Big Boss Man will get some valuable training for his upcoming Hell in a Cell
bout at WrestleMania XV when he battles Midian in a "Hard Time Match" this
Monday night! A steel cage will be constructed inside the Shark Tank, with both
superstars battling inside until one man makes it to the outside!

Also this Monday, rumors are circulating that Sable, who is on the cover of the
current April edition of Playboy, will show the entire world her revealing photo
spread on RAW! If Playboy Magazine isn’t available in your area, the Femme
Fatale might just grant your wishes this Monday!
Submitted by reader: Dxrulz05
ECW Living Dangerously:
Taz has just beaten Sabu and grabs the mic. He claims to be the greatest
wrestler of all time and that nobody, anywhere could beat him. Glass breaks.
Out comes Austin. Austin says he could open up a can of whoop ass on Taz any
time he damn well pleases. Taz dares him to come in the ring, and Austin
obliges. Taz goes for a punch, but Stone Cold ducks and reverses it into an
stunner. Stone Cold has a couple beers and claims he's the best and then

Taz comes out and says that Stone Cold could never beat him and the only reason
he got a stunner was because Taz was tired from his match with Sabu. Taz claims
that he could beat him anytime, anywhere.

WCW Nitro:
Goldberg comes out on the mic (this is a first for him, because he has no mic
skills) and claims that Taz is a ripoff by challenging Austin after Goldberg
already did on Leno. Goldberg says he could beat both of them.

WWF Wrestlemania:
Stone Cold beats the Rock by Stunning him and Paul Wight & Mankind comes in and
makes the 3 count. Stone Cold says that since he is champ he has proved to
everyone that he is the best. He says that he has heard all the bs from Taz and
Goldberg, and has figured out a way to settle it. He calls for a three way
dance in a ladder match with Austin's Belt above the ring. Mankind says that
since he did such a great job today he could referee it. Austin agrees, but
then stuns Mankind anyway.

Taz accepts and claims that it he will kill both of them,

WCW Nitro:
Goldberg shys away at first, but Flair comes out and makes him accept. Goldberg
claims he is too good for them, and will spear them both out of their shoes.

Night of Match:
The match starts with Austin taking an early advantage on Goldberg, but Taz and
Goldberg team up on Austin. Goldberg spears Austin, but when Goldberg gets up
Taz hits him with a TazMissionPlex. Taz goes up the ladder for the belt.
Austin gets up and picks up the ladder with Taz on it. He launches him out of
the ring. Goldberg is just now getting up and Austin nails him with a Thesz
press. Taz comes back to the ring with a chair. He nails Austin with it.
Goldberg spears Taz, but the chair hits Goldberg's head on the way down. All
three men are down.

Do you Smell What the Rock is Cooking blasts all over the stadium. Out comes
the Rock. He looks pretty mad about Wrestlemania. The Rock piles Austin, Taz,
and Goldberg on top of each other & plants a Corporate Elbow on them. He grabs
the Corporate Ladder & climbs from rung to damn rung until he reaches up and
grabs the belt. As he comes down Mankind plants a sock in his face. Mankind
grabs the belt & hangs it up above the ladder.

Stone Cold gets up and sees Mankind standing and everyone else on the ground.
Goldberg is up next, but gets greeted by a ladder to the face. Taz is now up
and he low blows Austin. Mankind starts explaining the rules to Taz, but Taz
seems quite upset. Taz goes for a TazMission, but Foley gives him a taste of
Socko instead. Austin and the Rock start climbing the Ladder on opposite sides.
Sabu comes runnning down the entrance way to the ring. At the last rung the
Rock reaches up, but Austin stuns him right off the ladder. As Austin has one
hand on the belt Sabu knocks the ladder over. Sabu hits an Arabian face buster
on Goldberg & Taz. Sabu starts to climb the rungs, but Sting's crow music starts
playing. Sabu
looks around, and can't find Sting.

Here comes Sting from the rafters with a bat. He nails Sabu, but instead of
going to get the belt he just leaves. Mankind is looking around at all 5 men
lying on the ground. The Rock gets up and goes after Foley for costing him the
championship. They brawl outside the ring where Foley hits a duble arm DDT on a
chair, then Mr. Elbow. Sabu and Taz gets up and Taz clotheslines Sabu out of the
ring. He grabs a chair and beats Sabu with it. Sabu is busted open & can
barely move. Out comes Rob Van Dam his tag team partner and when Taz turns
around he is nailed with a VanDaminator. Austin and Goldberg get up and
Goldberg misses a spear as Austin gets out of the way. Austin calls Goldberg a
wannabe & nails him with a stunner. Austin climbs the ladder and grabs onto the
belt, but the Rock comes in and shoves the ladder out from under him. Austin is
still hanging onto the belt. All he has to do is unlatch it and he wins. He
can't get it, because The Rock has jumped up and is hanging on his leg.

HBK comes out and plants some Sweet Chin Music on the Rock. Austin unlatches
the belt and wins. All of DX comes out and they offer DX shirts to Mankind &
Austin. Now DX is the most dominant force in history, and Austin is the best
Simon Dratler (sydrat21) has two tickets for ECW Living
Dangerously PPV in Asbury Park, NJ for next Sunday, floor seats row J which cost
him $60.00 each, with all service charges included. Unfortunately he will not be
able to attend. If anybody would like to buy them, contact Simon at:

If you're in the area. be sure to check out WXW Wrestling, live April 17th
8:00pm Lincoln High School Yonkers, NY. Stars appearing include Bruno
Sammartino, Terri Runnels, The Bushwhackers, The Headshrinkers, Doink, George
"The Animal" Steele, The Love Connection & The Big Cheese (Hometown Boy). The
show is a benefit for The Yonkers
Fitzpatrick's Saw Mill Lodge, 1275 Saw Mill River Rd, Yonkers, NY 914 376-5995
Katie's Cottage Bar, 521 Central Park Ave, Yonkers NY 914 965-0422
Piazza Italia Deli, 644 Yonkers Ave,Yonkers NY 914 966 3354
Finn McColls Sports Bar, 106 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY 914 428-0109
A&M Bakery, 4559 White Plains Rd, Bronx NY, 718 324 2370
The Appliance Doctor, 24 Warburton Ave, Yonkers, NY 10701 (914) 968-1510
Guilio's Restaurant, 53 Park Hill Ave,Yonkers, NY 10701(914) 375-1043
PAL, 21 Alexander St.Yonkers, NY 10701(914) 377-7381

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