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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 186

Date:  Saturday March 20th, 1999  11:49 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

On the 3/11 edition of WCW Live, booker Kevin Nash was asked if he was starting
a new promotion, who his five franchise picks would be. Under the condition
that all five would be healthy, Nash chose Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Scott
Hall, The Rock, & Torrie Wilson (Samantha). While my own picks would slightly
differ, it is enlightening to see an honest answer, with the WWF's top talent

When asked about Benoit & Malenko, Nash had mixed reviews. While acknowledging
Malenko's skill, Nash claimed that Malenko is best suited to be a Cruiserweight
heel. Nash was impressed with Benoits potential, saying that he could work a
series of matches w/Benoit and credibly drop a fall. He denied ever calling
either man a "Vanilla Midget", dismissing the term as not cool enough to come
from his mouth. Although he was complementary of both men, the impression was
given that he didn't see main event potential in either man.
Reported on

Aside from the big ECW PPV on Sunday, there's plenty of wrestling to be found on
cable television this Sunday. A&E will be running the Andre The Giant BIOGRAPHY
and BRET HART:WRESTLING WITH SHADOWS back to back. Check your local listings for
the time and station. (Don't ask me for this info, this will vary depending on
where you live).
Reported by Al Isaccs at:

Ratings for
March 15th, 1999
RAW Nitro
1st Hour n/a 4.8
2nd Hour 5.8 4.3
3rd Hour 5.8 3.8
Composite 5.8 4.3
The head-to-head rating for Nitro was a 4.1. Raw won the first eight quarter
hours, but Nitro won the overrun, where the tag match that saw Nash and Hogan
take on Flair and Goldberg beat the tag match that saw Mankind and Austin take
on Wight and Rock. Other weekend ratings saw the 3/14 Heat do a strong 4.9
rating. The weekend airings of Superstars and Live Wire each did a 1.9. The
Poltergeist show with the Undertaker did a strong 2.6. The show that followed it
lost almost a full point, dropping to a 1.7. The 3/13 WCW Saturday Night did a
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

This weekend marked the return to action of Terry Funk. And what better way to
get back in the swing of things after serious illness and contemplating
retirement than a serious hardcore match with Abdillah The Butcher!!! Geoff
Thompson makes the call:

"Funk came down to ring and Abdullah the Butcher started beating on him. They
went outside the ring and with a mighty headbutt Abdullah sent him sprawling
over the guardrail right beside me and my friend. Funk drew shades of ECW as he
started grabbing some empty chairs and threw them in the ring. My friend got up
and gave his chair to Funk too which he threw in the ring! It was great! Terry
Funk is ALWAYS in his prime!

Abdullah was stabbing him with a fork and the blood was everwhere (though some
could have been fake). Terry went and left ringside and grabbed 2 wine bottles
(one was filled) and smashed them against each other into shards. He took the
neck of one bottle and attacked Abdullah with it! He was cutting his forehead up
BIG TIME with the bottle! We know that Abdullah's blood was real! Funk brought a
Table in the ring and went to throw Abdullah into it, but it was reversed and
Funk was hip-tossed thorough the table!!!

Anyways at some point in the match when the ref tried to regain control of the
match (as if he had any control to begin with), Terry gave him one of the
greatest PileDrivers I have ever seen! I'd say about as good as Paul Orndorff in
his prime. The ref was escorted out.. The carnage continued.. At some point the
ref came out and called for the bell.....our guess was Terry was disqualified
but they never announced the winner, but I would have to say the win went to
Abdullah (as if it really matters). Abdullah took off and Terry grabbed the mic
demanding that he come back and fight. Of course Abdullah didn't because he
probably cannot fight for more than 10 minutes (being in the peak physical
condition that he is in). So anyways, that was the greatest fight I had ever
seen in person, and I am sure the other 500 or so fans would agree with me."
(Reported by Al Isaccs at: )

At New Japan's 3/17 show at
Hiroshima Sun Plaza, which drew a full 5,000, Don
Frye beat Tatsumi Fujinami at the 6'42 mark with a juji-gatame. Main event saw
Koji Kanemoto take the IWGP Jr. Title from Jushin Liger at the 31'38 mark with a
moonsault. While this was Liger's 9th IWGP Jr. Title defense during his reign,
Kanemoto becomes the 33rd IWGP Jr. Champion.
Reported by Zach Arnold at:

I got word that Dave Meltzer said on his hotline today that the guy who did the
Jim Ross impression on Raw was WWF TV writer Ed Ferrara. While the impression
was funny in a real awful way, it was also one of the more tasteless angles in
recent memory (I seem to be saying that alot lately).
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

As an aside, here's something to chew on: WCW ref Charles Robinson appears to
be in Ric Flair's pocket. The woman the Wolfpac has paid to seduce David Flair
was introduced to us as "Mrs. Robinson." Coincidence, or attention to detail
that we'd previously suspected WCW incapable of? You make the call...
Reported by Rick Scalia at:

Eddie GuerreroDOING
Sources close to Eddie Guerreroare saying that he's recovering very well from
the injuries he suffered in a New Year's Eve auto accident. Look for him to
rejoin his nephew Chavo in WCW before this summer.
Reported by Al Isaccs at:
VISIT my Home Page:
Events of the past few days have left fans with many puzzling questions. In an
attempt to clear things up and keeps fans informed, RTSC will try to clarify

Item: Old Baldy v. Slick Ric at Uncensored billed as a "First Blood Match:"
Slick Ric bleeds, Old Baldy bleeds, Red Cross contacted to stand by for possible
transfusions as both men hemorrhage uncontrollably. Match continues and ends in
a pinfall victory by The Slick One?? What the F?? The answer is simple. Fat Tony
never said "First Blood," he was saying "First Blod." A transmission problem
emanating in Turnerville caused it to sound like "Blood." A check of the Dead
Sea Scrolls and review of the neo-modern Transkit (Himalayan Dialect), reveals
that "First Blod" translates to, "Gotcha again, sucka."

Item: On last nights Heat, Paul Wight, nee The Giant, nee (albeit a very short
time) Big Nasty, and now hiding under the alias of "The Big Show," held The Rock
aloft for what seemed an eternity until Mankind arrived to nail him with a chair
shot. Was Mankind on a potty break? having another jelly donut? talking to his
broker? If The Big Show held him up any longer, they would have been required to
get married in several small Third World Countries. The again he could have been
posing for a remake of The Statue Of Liberty. This move has been installed as an
early favorite for "No Sell Of 1999."

Item: Sting "confesses" to Mrs. Sting that boys will be boys on the road and
sells his interest in gyms he owned with Flexy Lexy. What did Mrs. Sting think
they did on the road? Go to local choir practices? play Go Fish in their rooms?
As a result, it is rumored that Sting is not the most welcome person in the
locker room. Seems other wives thought their boys were in bed (alone) by lights
out. Sting will be testing his own "Rafter Rigging" from now on..if he ever
returns to TV.

Item: Chastity turns on "her brother" Raven at Highly Censored, joins forces
with Hardware Hak (the recently departed and lamented Sandman) and leaves with
The Hakster. Why did she turn on her own Flesh and Blod* (*See above). This is
WCW Booking and you are surprised? It was part of her swing from Deb to Dirty.
She'll probably be revealed to be Hak's daughter, by Raven's mommy..Nah, that's
not "G" rated.

Item: Old Baldy makes an apparent "Face" turn during First Blod* Match. The
question arises: Will the impossible happen and he be truly cheered? Will Pigs
fly...backwards and upside down? Will Sleezy Willie go celibate? Will Fat Tony
explain what happened to the First Blading Stipulation tonight on NITRO? Will
Fat Tony reveal he's really the "Before Richard Simmons" Will anyone care?

Item: During The Extreme Hardcase Match at Highly Censored, Fat Tony made
reference to "a buffet table" being involved. This was actually intended to be
an "off camera" comment. He thought he recognized that particular table as
having the potato salad and cole slaw on it. His concern was quite
understandable. After all, he had not had a chance for thirds yet, and his
contract specifically allows him that before dessert. We can expect
clarification tonight on NITRO.

Item: Stevie Boy defeats Vincent in a "You know what I'm saying?" Match, thereby
winning control of the NWO Black and White. Unknown to the general public was
the rest of the Stipulation: The winner gets control for one year and the loser
gets control for two years. Contrary to words you may have read elsewhere,
Horrible Horace came to ringside, not to claim the Position, but to make sure
one of them won so he couldn't get stuck with the job.

Item: Mankind must beat The Big Show at Wrestlemania before he can become
Special Guest Referee for The Main Event. Actually what this means is that if he
defeats The Large One, McMahon will then have him take on the entire
Philadelphia Police Force in a Firearms Legal (by the police only) Gauntlet
Match. If he defeats them, McMahon "guarantees" he can be the Referee.

Item: ECW is in financial trouble and their TV show is being canceled by many
stations. The story behind the story is the Multi-Quadtrillionaire Ted has
secretly been buying up every TV station that ECW is broadcast on. Good King
Eric is behind this master stroke in an attempt to get all of ECW's talent in
one fell swoop. He then plans to create NWO / ECW, which will follow in the
proud tradition of everything else he touches and be known as NWO / Extremely
Crappy Wrestling.

I hope this clears up some of the questions that have been eating at you.
ONECOUNT--by--OSIRIS (burkeandhare@xxxxc...)
Recently in a column, I tried to explain about my love of old-style wrestling
and how I was a ``wrestling purist``. In the course of the article some of my
statements about WWF/WCW ruffled some feathers. One response I received was a
hard criticism, but it was presented, basically, the way a critique should be:
on a logical basis of
well-presented opinions, which I didn`t necessarily agree with, but I
appreciated the way they were presented. Now, let me show you another response,
this from BASBALL247: (he wrote) "you`re a wrestling purist???? Sounds
like you`re gay to me!" Basically, it`s this kind of uninformed, unintelligent
spoutings-off that give internet wrestling fans a bad name, sometimes. until
next time--------------see ya---------osiris
Submitted by reader: FKrako2357
ECW PPV Living Dangerously:
Shane Douglas has just beaten Justin Credible and Lance Storm, and is turned on
by Tommy Dreamer, and they claim to be the New Triple Threat. Out walksFlair
(from all the heat between the two) and insults
Douglas, calling him a nobody.
Flair says that Shane has tried to be like Ric, including w/stablessaying that
The Triple Threat is a rip off of the Horseman. Flair says that the Horsemen are
the best, and he looks to the entrance and out walks two of the Horseman, Benoit
and Malenko. Flair tells the two men to beat down Shane but they look at each
other, then Flair, then Shane, then Flair again and they turn on Flair,
generating a monster pop from the fans. They beat him up and then at the end
hold up the sign of Triple Threat, reuniting the Orginal Triple Threat.

The Next Night on Nitro:
From the internet buzz of the Flair/Shane confrontation, they show clips and
give credit to ECW. After the clip, Flair's music warms up the PA system and out
walks Flair. He is cheered natually because of the WCW crowd. He gets to the
ring and taking the mic, he talks about how he is the best and how he got taken
off guard and how Benoit and Malenko were the worst Horseman ever. He has
decided to make a new Horsman team, introducing Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, and
Booker T. The fans are happy that a new and improved Horseman are around, and
Flair says that Shane could never live up to what Flair has done. All of a
sudden, "Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple rocks the house. Out walks Shane
w/Francine, Chris Beniot, and Dean Malenko. Shane takes the mic and him and Ric
throw back insults. Shane says something about Flair's son and Ric slaps him,
getting a huge pop from the pro WCW crowd. A brawl proceeds with the Horseman on
top and Shane and his boys retreating due to the numbers.

Later in the night, Raven comes out and he starts talking about the way that
Shane just walks in from a promotion that he ruled for so many years. He says
that it should be Raven's turn and what about him? He says that he is reforming
a new Flock, a better Flock. He will reveal them at a later date.

A week later on ECW TV:
They announce that they have been bought out by a bigger wrestling organization,
and there will be no show and tune to WCW to see their talent roster.

Nitro a week after Shane showed up:
The show starts off with a new announcing team. Joey Styles, Mike Tenay, and
Bobby Heenan. Now the WCW title situation looks like this. Ric as World
Champion, Booker T as TV, Scott Hall as US, Beniot/Malenko as Tag, & Kidman as
Cruiserweight. Out walks Hall, Nash, and Hogan. They are all faces because Hogan
would never be over without Hall and Nash. They get in the ring and talk about
how they should stick with the old crew and get rid of guys that are just
hangers on. Hogan takes the mic and agrees. Hall takes the mic and tells Hogan
that he just does not get it. Hogan asks, "get what?" Hall says this and beats
him up. Hogan is beaten up for a few minutes, getting hit with both guys
finishers twice. Hall takes the mic and does his whole Hey Yo schtick. But
instead of asking if they are there to see the nWo, he says the Klique and the
fans look at him stunned. All of a sudden PJ Walker makes his way down to the
ring and all three embrace. The show goes to

They come back and Raven's music hits as the new Klique is still in the ring. he
gets in the ring and DDP all of a sudden runs out and gets between all of them
and they all of a sudden do the old nWo sign and a new, but in an old way,
Klique is born. {Raven used to hang with Hall and Nash in WCW and so did DDP
before Hall, Nash and Raven left. PJ Walker is Justin Credible and he is one of
Hall's best friends} Triple Treat music starts up after Nova and Kidman fought
and Kidman won. Out walks Shane and his boys and he challenges Flair at the next
PPV. Benoit and Malenko throw out a challenge to
Jericho and Hart.

All of a sudden, Hulka Blues starts up. Out walks Sabu and Rob Van Dam with
Fonzie. RVD talks about how ECW was made by him and Sabu and how Benoit and
Malenko ran after RVD hit the scene. Benoit interrupts and talks about how he
broke Sabu's neck.They throw back insults, and RVD then asks for them to put up
the belts at the next PPV. So the card at the next PPV looks like Shane and Ric
for the World. RVD/Sabu vs. Benoit and Malenko for tag belts. The main event is
Goldberg against Hall for some strange reason. Goldberg spears Hall and the new
Klique do a run in. Flair runs out with Horseman and stop them from beating up
Goldy and The Triple Threat hits the ring but that spawns RVd and Sabu to hit
the ring, resulting in a wild brawl as the show goes off.

Next week on Nitro:
They bulid up Flair and Shane as a fight of new age against old. Hart comes out
with Jericho and Booker. They talk about how the three members present have one
thing that is not common and that they are Canadian and since Booker is not,
they beat up Booker. Out runs Flair to help and all of a sudden Sting drops down
out of nowhere to stop the beat down and Lance Storm does a run in, him being
the new member of Horsman. Booker and Sting and down and this spawns a PPV match
between Booker and Storm for the TV belt. Hart throws out a challenge to Hall
for the US belt and Hall accepts.

The final Nitro before the PPV ends with Jericho against Hall and Triple Threat
interfere and Ric runs out and gets the beat down by Shane and the Threat. Nash
hold Ric from a chairshot from Shane but Ric moves and Shane hits Nash by
mistake and then the Klique does a turn on the THreat as they all beat down
Flair and Shane.

PPV Card:
WCW Championship belt:Shane Douglas vs. Ric Flair<Champ>
WCW US belt: Scott Hall<Champ> vs. Bret Hart
WCW TV belt:Booker T<Champ> vs. Lance Storm.
WCW Tag Team Belts: RVD/Sabu vs. Malenko/Beniot<champs>
Grudge match: Raven vs. Jericho vs.Taz
Cruiserweight match: PJ Walker vs. Kidman<Champ>
Submitted by reader: N8playslax
I just wanted to voice my opinion on Hogan's apparent face turn. I'll be honest:
I've been a big fan of the nWo, and I hate the Horsemen. I never was a big
Flair fan, but I do like his attitude. I know lots of people really hate
Hollywood right now, but I also know many fans that would be his biggest fan as
soon as he returns to the red and yellow. One thing I don't like, though, is
Fat Tony and his bunch of Jobronis condoning Referee Charles Robinson's attitude
about how the nWo shouldn't cry about his alleged actions. If they want to say
how great Flair is, they should at least acknowledge the underhanded play on
Flair's part.
Submitted by reader: MIDEVILCO
I just got back from the 3/15 Raw is War in San Jose, CA and I thought I would
drop a line and tell you some of the most funny parts of the evening:

1. When Public Enemy fought Double J and Owen Hart one idiot fan stood up and
said " You fat asses should go back to WCW where you came from."

2. Owen Hart flipping off fans at the entrance after being called a nugget.

3. A story about wrestling on the news shot at the arena where one white trash
lady in a Stone Cold shirt claiming wrestling was "real"

4. One of the ref's doing a crotch chop to a fan who was being escorted out
after throwing a cup with ice into the ring. One all around very entertaining
Submitted by reader: FALLBRAWL9
The Hogan Flair heel/face switch didn't work well as well as I thought. I
figured some way that Flair was going to beat Hogan so badly that people were
glad that Hogan was alive. The Hogan hulking up might have worked for some
people but not most. They probably would have turned Flair heel if him and the
other Horsemen attacked Hogan and when Reed came in, kicked his butt.
Submitted by reader: matt
I just got finished watching Thunder from Thursday night, and I have to say it
was a good Thunder. It started with some jobber matches but gradually worked up
to a main event of Hennig vs. Hogan with Hogan being victorious. The crowd never
really cheered at all I thought during the whole night. A good Cruiserweight
match and some interviews. WCW looks to be headed on the right track. Ric Flair
holds the World title, a new US Champion will be crowned at Spring Stampede,
Booker T has a well deserved TV Title reign, and Rey Jr. has won the
Cruiserweight belt, with Malenko/Beniot the new Tag Team champs. All young
talent with the exception of Ric Flair, but this is needed for his new heel
role. WCW seems to be utilizing their talent right now except Bret Hart. WCW
must be desperate to keep Jericho as we see him in matches later in the program
at Uncensored and Nitro. But at Uncensored
he lost to Saturn, but the next night Jericho gets a TV title shot. This does
not make sense. I don't think WCW will be on top any time soon; It will take
them some time to keep this up. But after this week I am beginning to think Rick
Flair is the true President of WCW.
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