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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 187

Date:  Saturday March 20th, 1999  11:51 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Bret Hart was at Nitro but wasn't booked on the show. He's supposed to start
doing an angle with Goldberg at the 3/22 Nitro to build to an angle in
Hart needs surgery for a groin and abdominal tear (which should be a 3-4 week
recovery period) as the injury that is supposed to be fake but is actually real
never fully healed. Hart is pretty well limited what he can do in the ring
(please don't ask me to explain that great match with Booker T a few weeks back
Sacramento). I suspect he will get the surgery in early April.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Randy Savage is cleared to return to the ring on April 1st; of course, that is
no guarantee that he will immediately return. Savage will be accompanied by
"Gorgeous George", his real life significant other, upon his return.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)
By Steve Appy
Hot on the heels of Uncensored, the speculation turns to Wrestlemania 15. It
appears unlikely that we will see Stone Cold simply defeat The Rock; today's
climate points to a more exotic ending. The theories being passed around point
to possible turns by any of the four players involved in the main event.

The most unlikely one points to Steve Austin joining The Corporation, albeit
temporarily. Remember, Paul Wight's orders are to keep the belt in The
Corporation, not to protect The Rock. What happens if
Austin briefly joins The
Corporation, figuring that Wight's assistance is needed to escape Wrestlemania
with the title? Wight's attitude towards
Austin has been ambiguous; perhaps
with The Rock on the verge of victory, Wight turns on the Rock, setting
up for the victory. As Vince McMahon is ready to crown
Austin both the new
champion and the leader of The Corporation,
Austin stuns everybody in sight,
proving to be the true Rattlesnake. Wight will demand revenge, and The Rock
will have a grudge against both men.

Many of us feel that The Rock will come out of Wrestlemania a babyface, though
not an ally of
Austin's. His appeal is undeniable, and he seems so well suited
to be an anti-hero. If Wight does turn on Maivia, he will have obvious
opponents in Austin & Wight; maybe a PPV series against Ken Shamrock could be in
the works. The debate is more about WHEN The Rock will turn babyface, not if.
At 27 years old, all indications point to him as the true franchise player.

Of course, both of the referee's have to be taken into consideration. Paul
Wight can do anything at this point, although he does seem better suited in the
role of the killer heel. Working as the unstoppable monster, matches against
Austin, The Undertaker, The Rock & Mankind are naturals. The
US scene hasn't
seen a truly effective monster heel since Vader in 1993, and McMahon has always
had an affection for the big guys. While Wight could turn babyface and help
Austin, the odds are against it.

The dark horse in the plot is Mick Foley. While I can't imagine him being
turned heel, it would be possible if The Rock switched sides. Possible, but
unlikely. His appeal is huge; we have taken to Foley in a personal way that is
different than any other active wrestler. That said, he is one of the best
rulebreakers in the business. He'll sell for his opponents, he cuts terrific
promos, and he can draw on psychological motives for his actions. Even with
that, Foley should emerge from Wrestlemania with his character intact.

The WWF could surprise us all, and present a finish where Foley eliminates
Wight, allowing
Austin to stun The Rock for the victory. Frankly, it wouldn't
even be a bad thing. Still, with the way both promotions tend to parallel each
other, it seems a more complex finish is in the works.
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Inquiring minds want to know, and if they don't they should. Since I last
explained everything you ever wanted to know about wrestling, and were smart
enough not to ask me, additional things have taken place and need to be
expounded upon:

Item: Mr. McMahon's, aka @$$hole, house was invaded by The Undertaker and his
Ministry Of Darkness last night on RAW. Who were they after is the burning
question. Those quick to jump to conclusions have said it was McMahon's daughter
based on The Undertaker's comments about being "a father figure" to his target.
They are wrong. The Undertaker and his band of Assorted Gothic Challenged
Pranksters were actually after McMahon's transsexual cats, Eric and Ted, one of
whom is the higher power The Undertaker answers to.

Item: Tori challenged Sable to a match at Wrestlemania and bared her assets,
stripping down to her panties and bra. This proves that Mr. McMahon is an Equal
Opportunity Exploiter, since Tori is really Mrs. Shane. It also proves that
being rich certainly improves one's chances of landing a fox.

Item: Despite WCW's "G Rated" programming, David Flair was stalked by an older
woman in his hotel. How do we explain to our children: The meaning of "seduce,"
Why he referred to her as "Mrs. Robinson? Why Big Soxy and his fine blonde
friend were spying on them? Why was Big Soxy paying her $15,000? The solution is
obvious: Take them to
DisneyWorld and put them on Hookers Of The World, where
all their questions will be answered.

Item: New WCW Champion Slick Ric arrived in a limo with four young "ladies." The
question is who were they? The answer: They were four of The Godfathers finest
Cincinnati Ho's, and since he won the Title, The Godfather gave them to him for
the whole night. Despite a possible violation of the "G Rating Rule," this was
allowed since Ric is the President of WCW and we all know about President's and

Item: Good King Eric is touring
France on vacation with his daughter. Rumors
have been circulating that he actually job hunting. There is no truth to this
whatsoever. He is actually hiding from Uncle Ted who wants to know why has spent
more than the Gross National Product of the entire Western World and is getting
his @$$ kicked in the ratings, barely edging out a PBS Special, "Mating Habits
of Mole Crickets."

Item: Fat Tony is on a diet. ROTF LMAO. And Mumbles shaved his mustache off.
And Uncle Ted and Mr. @$$hole kissed and made up.
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This was the last ECW TV program before the Living Dangerously (LD) PPV,
21, 1999
, from Asbury Park, NJ, so it was used to set up and hype the PPV.

The program opened with Joey Styles in the ring along with Tommy Dreamer. Joey
welcomed the crowd, who went into a chant of "ECW." Shane "The Franchise"
Douglas and Francine came to the ring. The crowd chanted "Show your T*ts," as a
clip of Francine ran.

Dreamer took the mic and talked about what
Douglas has meant to ECW. As he spoke
a highlight clip of
Douglas ran. Dreamer said Douglas will always be "The ECW
Franchise." He held three fingers aloft and said they don't represent The Triple
Threat, that they represent ECW. He then turned his attention to Lance Storm and
put the bad mouth on him. He said Storm sucks as he dropped his pants to reveal
"Lance Sucks" written across the back of his underwear. He then said "Storm, you
may have a great body and I may have a big @$$, but you can kiss it." He next
laid into Tammy Lynn Bytch for her mocking of Beulah McGillicutti.

Dreamer, Douglas and Francine stood side by side in the center of the ring and
raised their arms. As they did so, a clip of Francine being beaten up by Justin
Credible and Lance Storm was run, including being hit in the face by The
Singapore Cane, and then kicked by Incredible as Storm held her. Complete
details can be found in prior ECW TV Reports on my Home Page.

As Dreamer, Douglas and Francine were on their way to the locker room, Credible,
Storm and Jason attacked them and cleaned their clocks. Tammy Lynn Bytch played
cheerleader to the mugging. These four will meet in a Tag Team Match at Living

After the regular ECW opening, Joey was at the announcers position and gave the
card for LD. He emphasized that Sid will be there, although he didn't name an
opponent. My guess is that Sid will Power Bomb the entire male population of
Asbury Park, and then Choke Slam everyone in the surrounding countryside. The
Main Event will be to "Unify" the ECW World Championship and the FTW World
Championship, with Taz, ECW Champion facing Sabu, FTW Champion. By unofficial
count, that was the 3,176th time Joey has given the card. He plans to ask
questions later, so you better have been paying attention all 3,176 times.

The first match pitted Mr. Mustafa against Little Spike Dudley (LSD). Mustafa
was in the ring as LSD charged in carrying a Road Sign. Mustafa nailed LSD with
an Elbow to the nose, followed by a Clothesline to the same place. LSD will be
seeing a plastic surgeon in the morning; he may even have his nose fixed. Those
familiar with LSD know what's coming next: LSD takes a beating then hits The
Acid Drop and wins the match. Almost right this time. LSD avoided a Body slam
and did indeed hit The Acid Drop, however, The Dudley boys raced in and hit him
with everything except a freight train. They would have used one, but were none
available. Bubba Ray Dudley (
BBR) spiked Spike (How's that for calling a move?)
and then Power Bombed him from the top turn buckle after D-Von handed him up.
The got us our first "Oh, my G-d" from Joey, who followed up with "Spike's not

New Jack came to the ring carrying his standard garbage can full of goodies.
Let's think about this: New Jack and Garbage Can v.
BBR, D-Von, Sign Guy, Joel
"I can out eat Fat Tony on his best day" Gertner and Mr. Mustafa. New Jack isn't
going to win many awards for smarts. Gertner took the mic and told New Jack that
he had to go thru The Dudley Boyz to get to Mustafa. New Jack raced in and was
erased out. He took a Head Butt to the groin from
BBR and an Elbow Drop from
D-Von on his way down. The Dudley's threw New Jack into a corner and huddled
across the ring, trying to decide either where to go after the matches or where
to bury New Jacks body. New Jack recovered, picked up a Road Sign and gave
directions to
BBR's head with it and then laced D-Von across the back with it.
New Jack then used
BBR's face for a punching bag. He grabbed a Crutch and
smashed it over D-Von's back. Next up was a Guitar, obviously purloined from
Double J, and as New Jack was set to smash it over Mustafa's head, The Dudley
Boyz earned their money as Mustafa's body guards. They stopped the Guitar shot,
and gave New Jack a dose of pain Dudley style. They finished him over with a 3-D
(Dudley Death Drop).
Match was a No Decision - I guess

We saw Porn Princess Jasmine St. Claire taking a shower. She once set a record
by having up close and personal contact with 300 very close friends, one after
the other. Actually they were 300 strangers who volunteered to make their acting
debut in her record setting video. She hyped LD and dropped her soap.

Back at the announcers position, Joey made mention of the dropped soap and
Jasmine's attributes. You'll never guess what he did next. I knew you wouldn't.
He gave us the card for LD for the (no looking back) 3,177th time (Unofficial
Count). He mentioned that Don King is barred from the arena, in an obvious
reference to the disputed Heavyweight Championship Match last weekend between
Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis.

Steve Prazak was backstage with The Jackal. He asked him what he was doing in
ECW. The Jackal gave him some strange answer involving Bosnia. Prazak was
confused, not that that's a hard thing to do, so he asked again. He got another
answer that made as much sense.

Justin Credible and Lance Storm were in the ring for the next match. It was an
impromptu match v. Dreamer and Douglas, who have decided not to wait until LD.
Credible and Storm left the ring as Dreamer and Douglas, along with Francine,
who I might add was looking even better than usual approached. The Dudley Boyz
were at ringside and were being paid to take their place. Bubba Ray got into the
ring and said he wanted to face Rob "Mr. Monday Night" Van Dam (RVD) and Sabu in
a Title Match instead, and called them out. Van Dam and Sabu came to the ring,
accompanied by their Manager, Bill Alfonso. Sabu's fractured jaw was heavily

This whole "Who's On First" routine to come up with the match was broken up by
several commercials. When the smoke cleared, it ended up being a Three Way Dance
Tag Team Title Match between Dreamer and Douglas v. RVD and Sabu v. The Dudley
BBR and D-Von, with Sign Guy and Gertner.

The match was right out of the ECW Handbook. With all six men involved, the
action was going on all over the place and virtually impossible to keep up with.
Some of the highlights follow. It began with
BBR, RVD and Douglas. BBR used his
power, RVD his speed and Douglas his cunning.
BBR pounded his opponents, RVD
BBR to his flying feet. For a while RVD and Douglas worked together
BBR. BBR hit a major belly to-back Suplex on RVD. All six men came in and all
hell broke loose. Sabu used his aerial attack and applied a Camel Clutch on
Douglas. RVD hit Douglas with a Drop Kick while in the hold. Bubba Bomb on Sabu.
BBR hit RVD with an Inverted Atomic Drop and DDT. RVD nailed D-Von with a Drop
Kick and almost pinned him. D-Von hit RVD with a Neck Breaker. D-Von Scooped and
Slammed RVD, following with a Leg Drop. Sabu, Dreamer and Douglas were fighting
in the bleachers. D-Von and RVD fought on the floor, joined by
BBR. They mashed
RVD into the guard rail hard enough to get us another "Oh, my G-d" from Joey.
Back in the ring, RVD landed a Frog Splash on
BBR. Sabu hit a Triple Jump
Moonsault onto D-Von, pinned him eliminating The Dudley Boyz.

This left Dreamer and Douglas v. RVD and Sabu. Dreamer planted Sabu with a
Dreamer Driver, went for a pin but RVD made the save. RVD hit Dreamer with a
Tumbling Splash and Sabu followed it up with a Leg Drop. Their timing was great.
Douglas hit RVD with a Clothesline knocking him over the top rope. Dreamer went
out and nailed RVD with a Spiccoli Driver onto a table at ringside, putting him
thru it. Sabu hit Douglas with a Slingshot Side Kick. Francine brought a ladder
to ringside. Dreamer opened the ladder up in the ring. At the same time, a table
was set up from the apron to the guard rail. This was a big night for The Acme
Table and Chair Co.

Feeling left out, Justin Credible and Lance Storm decided to join the
festivities. Credible got into the ring and there was action on the ladder with
Dreamer. Meanwhile back at the table...Douglas was put on it and then thru it by
a Sabu Leg Drop. RVD hit Dreamer with a high Frog Splash, but he kicked out of a
pinning attempt. Another table appeared in the ring. There were major cheers
from the folks in the Acme Private Box. Sabu pulled the legs off the table and
beat Dreamer with them. He then hit him with the table itself. Sabu held the
table up in front of a staggering Dreamer, RVD went to the top turn buckle and
came off with a version of The Van Daminator (actually a Side Kick) into the
table putting Dreamer into Dream Land. Sabu pinned Dreamer to win the match.
Winners - Rob Van Dam and Sabu - Retain the ECW Tag Team Titles

The match may have been over, but the action wasn't. Credible and Storm came
back in and got into a face-to-face with RVD and Sabu. Alfonso kept them apart.
Feeling alone and lonely, Taz came into the ring and immediately jumped Sabu.
The Dudley Boyz came back (or maybe they never left) and it was free-for-all
time again. As fast as they arrived, all departed, leaving Taz and Sabu alone in
the ring. Deciding fighting was preferable to dancing, they did. They did their
best to rearrange each others face until pulled apart by a host of ECW
officials. Taz grabbed a mic and said he wanted to talk to Sabu, stating "I'm
calmed down." Yeah right, as calm as Sylvester with Tweety Bird's cage open and
grandma at the market. The ring emptied except for Taz and Sabu again. There
were no UN or NATO Peacekeepers between them. Taz said he plans to kick Sabu's
@$$ at LD and used his "Beat me if you can, survive if I let you," which broke
the truce and Sabu went after him. Another table miraculously appeared in the
ring. Sabu punched Taz' lights out and put him on the table. A Springboard
Moonsault Plancha off the top ropes and another table went to table heaven. The
program ended with Joey hyping LD as Taz picked splinters out of his @$$.
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