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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 189

Date:  Saturday March 27th, 1999  11:32 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Ratings for March 22nd, 1999
RAW Nitro
First Hour: n/a 4.8
Second Hour: 6.4 3.6
Third Hour: 6.4 3.5
Composite: 6.4 4.0
Other weekend ratings saw Live Wire do a 1.8. Superstars did a 2.3. Heat did a
4.1. WCW Saturday Night did a 2.3. Thunder on 3/18 did a 3.3.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

Vince McMahon was on the Fabulous Sports Babe show today as the push for
Wrestlemania continues. Vince was in sales mode. He was mostly working early,
playing along with the storylines. He acted like he loved Rock and hated
Babe asked about the hotel they bought in Vegas and asked if that was where they
were going to do all of their shows, and he said no. Vince then said that he
enjoyed playing his character, and patterned it after people like George
Steinbrenner. They talked about how going to a live show is a release, and its
entertaining. A caller said that wrestlers are nice people, and then he said
that Vince is great at his role. A caller asked if they would be in negotiations
with All Japan (no), what he thought about Chris Jericho (he would love to have
him), Eric Bischoff and Bret Hart. Vince would not say anything about the
latter. Babe asked him about signing Randy Savage and Vince said that would be
interesting. When asked if he watched the "other two" Feds, he forgot the
question because he said that he loves having his family involved in the
company. Babe then put him over and he left.
Reported by Dave Scherer at

As many of you have picked up on, David Flair's encounter with "Mrs. Robinson"
on Nitro was a homage to the 1967 Oscar winning film 'The Graduate'. The
classic line "Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson" brought back memories
to many of our older readers. The specualtion centers on whether there is more
to the angle, perhaps a connection between "Mrs. Robinson" and referee Charles
Robinson. This being WCW there is no guarentees, but I would think the name
might symbolize more than a movie Kevin Nash enjoyed as a teenager (though a
great movie).

As many of you figured, the mystery "Luchador" on the 3/22 Nitro was The Disco
Inferno. I didn't notice it myself (these three hour Nitro's are numbing my
brain), but many viewers were a little more observant. I guess the give away
was the little dance and the Chartbusters. This seemingly will be used to
develop the Konnan/Disco storyline...

In a piece of good news, former
AWA World Champion Rick Martel is back in the
ring again! It seems that he and Tony Atlas have been wrestling for the original
"Rock", Don Murraco, at his shows in
Hawaii! I could think of worse places to
have to wrestle. Don owns the H.I.W.F., Hawaii International Wrestling
Federation and featured Atlas and Martel over the weekend. For the record,
Martel won with the Boston Crab against the Metal Maniac. Our man on the scene,
Lane, also mentions that their next show on the 30th will feature Murraco's
greatest opponent, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka.
Reported by Al Isaccs at:

The Wrestlemania PPV Preview Show is now fully recorded. Cueball Carmicheals,
Samu, Donnie B, and Bobby Starr all give great interviews. Cueball tells
everyone about Tori's wrestling past, and why he couldn't care less who win's
the Mankind/ Paul Wight match. Then Samu talks about his cousin The Rock, and
the history the Somoan family has in the WWF! Then Donnie B tells the world
that Jim Ross is not using Novocain to make his appearance seem worse. Bobby
Starr then comes on and gives his prediction of what will be the Main Event for
Wrestlemania 16! You will be shocked! Also by listening you can find out where
you can hear exclusive real audio interviews from Super Nova and Gillberg! To
listen to the show go to
note: The Wrestlemania PPV Preview Show Is Sponsored by,,,, and (Reported by Kevin Ross)
For those fans that may have missed this past weeks/weekends happening in
Titanville, never fear...RTSC is here to bring you up to date.

Item: The big announcement on Shotgun Saturday Night and Sunday Night Heat was
that we are going to see "The Greatest Main Event In RAW's History" tonight on
RAW. Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) will be facing The Big Show, Paul Wight in
the last RAW before Wrestlemania. Rest easy fans, Emperor McMahon hasn't hired
Fat Tony, they just borrowed his dictionary. This begs the question, "Today his
dictionary, tomorrow his lard @$$?" What in hell is the WWF thinking? They are
kicking WCW's @$$ worse than we kicked Saddam's, so why the hype game? What's
next.. having Mideon and Viscera fight over who's in charge of The Ministry Of
Darkness next time The Undertaker goes in for his 3,000 year service?

Item: The Rock bad mouthed members of The Corporation and challenged The Big
Bossman to a match on Heat. Who tried to keep the peace? Nutso! Nutso being a
calming influence is about as likely as Saddam winning The Nobel Peace Prize.
Next thing you know, Jerry Falwell will start wearing a purple suit and a
triangle on his head, Slick Willie will join Celibate's Anonymous and Val Venis
will announce he's gay.

Item: Triple H put the moves on The Godfather's Ho's. Yo Hunter, Pimping Ain't Easy,
and the Ho's Aint Free...unless The Godfather gives them to you. While its
understandable you may be in a slump since Chyna kicked you to the curb, the
Ho's aren't looking for a meaningful relationship, just a few crisp $100 bills.

Item: Road Dogg wins the Intercontinental Championship and Bad @$$ the Hardcore
Championship (so what if it happened on RAW). In a swerve that nobody saw coming
(at least I didn't), WWF's Bookers pulled a neat switch. This is Booking at its
best. Both are well deserving of a Title and this makes things that much more
interesting. It almost makes up for The Hype Job, almost ..not quite. Maybe at
the next PPV, we'll see Chyna challenge for the WWF Championship...The Men's
that is. Would you bet against her? Then Goldberg can challenge her..if he has
the testicular fortitude.
WCW Thunder Report for
March 25th, 1999
By Rick Phelps (WrestleRic)
Tony Schiavone announced that the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair would defend his title
against former Horseman Barry Windham in the main event.

Jerry Flynn versus Scotty Riggs
Lightning Foot forced Riggs to submit to his cross armbreaker.
Winner: Jerry Flynn via submission

--A clip was shown of Scott Steiner attacking Buff Bagwell.

Mike Enos versus Wrath
The big man pounded Enos into the mat with the Meltdown.
Winner: Wrath via pinfall

Chris Adams versus Fit Finlay
This international battle ended when Finlay put
Adams away with the Tombstone
Winner: Fit Finlay via pinfall

Blitzkrieg versus Kidman
Kidman ended this 90 M.P.H. match after nailing his opponent with the Shooting
star press.
Winner: Kidman via pinfall

Horace versus Kaz Hayashi
Horace made Uncle Hollywood proud by defeating Hayashi with the H-Bomb.
Winner: Horace via pinfall

--A recap was shown of Scott Steiner and Meng advancing in the U.S.title

Saturn versus Booker T
The reigning television champion advanced in the U.S. Title Tournament by
pinning WCW's current dominatrix, Saturn, with a rollup.
Winner: Booker T (Advanced in U.S. Title Tournament)

Barry Windham versus Ric Flair
Assigned referee Charles Robinson was clearly not impartial in this Heavyweight
title match. At one point,
Windham hit his patented Superplex from the top rope,
but Robinson was slow to make the three count. While arguing with Robinson, (who
was on his knees) Flair pulled the old school boytrick by pushing
Windham over
the referee and then applying the Figure Four. Amazingly, ARN ANDERSON, who had
made his way to the ring, pulled
Windham to the ropes to break the hold. "AA"
then said something to
Windham, who walked away from the match as the show left
the air.
Winner: Ric Flair via countout

Ricks Comments:
--I found it odd how Mike Tenay referred to the attitude of Ric Flair as being
"new" ......not new......just resurfacing.

--This is what a wrestling show should be.......good solid wrestling matches and
not 1 hour of clips.

--Bobby Heenan is the "Man".....he says so many humorous things that you can
help but laugh.......the man is my idol.
ONECOUNT----by OSIRIS (burkeandhare@xxxxc...)
Someone asked me once who my all-time favorite wrestler was and I had to reply
Lou Thesz. Then I was asked about today`s crop of grapplers and I had to stop
and think. Upon reflection, I came up with 6 names: 2 in WCW, and 4 in the WWF.
These men all intrigued me for many reasons: their brawling style (so
reminiscent of days gone by), their ability to adapt quickly, and for the most
part, their mic skills.

In WCW, my 2 candidates are Fit Finley and Rick Steiner. Finley, whether you
agree or not, is very reminiscent of the old school. Now, the WWF has several
who embody the characteristics listed above: X-Pac, Road Dogg, Bad Ass Billy
Gunn, and the one man I think is the greatest showman in either major
federation: Mankind!
Now, argue with that, those are my choices.

Just a very short bit about announcers. As I`ve said before, the greatest
wrestling announcer of all time is Gordon Solie, but unfortunately he is
retired. I have to consider today`s crop: in WCW, there are 4 individuals (and
here I part company with my good friend, writer SamJerry, since he doesn`t like
either too much). In WCW, I truly enjoy the color commentary of Larry Zybsko
and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. I like the expertise of Mike Tenay and Tony
Schiavone. Shiavonie has to play the hand he is dealt by his bosses; now in the
WWF, I`d consider 2 men: Jerry Lawler for color commentary and Jim Ross for his
overall expertise. Relative to Ross, the WWF has committed a crime: they have
stuck him with this godawful on-air gimmick. Are they trying to humiliate him
off the air, or is this one of Vinnie Mac`s long, serpentine plans?
Well, that`s it!-------see ya around---------osiris--------
Submitted by reader: Dan Moreland (PASpoiler)
Vince McMahon appeared on Fox News Channel this morning to answer questions
concerning WWF content. While McMahon did a good job answering many of the
questions he also came across as arrogant, paranoid and uncomfortable, probably
in line with his television character. Among the highlights:

-Expressed displeasure that WWF bashing columnist Phil Mushnickwasn't in the
studio, that he was promised he would be, and said that this proves Mushnick
is a "liar" and a "coward" . . .

-Stated that the WWF can't be criticized in the context of being sport, but
should be considered a "2 hour movie" to be compared to TV dramas and movies
that also contain a lot of violence and sexual imagery.

-In response to the "is the show bad for kids" question, stated that he
considers a child anyone 12 or under, and that this consists of 15% of his
audience (which may or may not be argued over the next few days) and that he
writes Raws content towards his main audience which is teenagers and young
adults. He said that if any children watch Raw it should be with parental
discretion. His point was that Raw is written based on what the audience wants
and if that's sex and violence, then that's what they get. He referred to WWF
violence as "cartoon" violence as opposed to the shootings and stabbings seen on
many TV shows.

-McMahon admitted that if he had a child under the age of 12, he would not allow
them to watch Raw, but in the interview implied that he can't be held
accountable for society's ills, including single parent homes where there may be
less parental supervision.

Credibility and spin doctoring aside, McMahon answered the questions
intelligently with logical arguments. However, considering that wrestling is
ripe for yet another crippling scandal, McMahon may want to consider hiring a
consultant to sharpen his on air interview persona. It may be a work, and I
don't know McMahon personally and dont know if in private he's a pleasant person
to talk to or really is a prick. Wrestling is hot right now and if he wants to
portray himself as "Mr. MikeMann" on TV interviews at the present moment thats
OK because its good for business and gets his heel character over. But this
persona will not fly when he's under the gun a few years from now when wrestling
isn't as hot and he's potentially being questioned about scandals. You catch
more bees with honey than with vinegar, Vinman.
Dan "Wrestlers Heart"Moreland, Pro Wrestling Between the Sheets:
Submitted by reader: Marq Piocos (flair_dog)
Something for you frustrated fans, like myself...
Why the Foxes Should Never Guard the Hen House Or
Why Active Wrestlers Should never be a matchmaker
First, a brief history: In the beginnings of the sport, promoters (non-active
wrestlers mainly) did most of the matchmaking. If they had a really great
talent, which was rare, they would have some say, simply because they could beat
anyone whenever.
Fast forward to the early ‘90’s. The WWF’s matchmakers are the Kliq, a group of
wrestlers who are talented enough to influence storylines and who the champions
are. The ratings slide as a new show, WCW Monday Nitro, shows us new talent and
a more interesting storyline, the nWo. They take storylines in new directions
under matchmakers who were former wrestlers, Terry Taylor and Kevin Sullivan.

The present: The WCW has been losing in the ratings war. After firing Taylor and
demoting Sullivan, Eric Bischoff enlists the aide of Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash
in booking duties. The WWF’s booking team consists of Jerry Brisco and Pat
Patterson. And the WWF's ratings are better then ever. The WWF has learned from
its mistakes, and the WCW is just learning—don’t let active wrestlers book.

Why? First, the ego of the wrestler increases ten-fold. They feel they are the
best in the federation and simply put, the power goes to their heads. Second,
the people who kiss the most a$$ gets the bigger pushes (See Disco Inferno—-he
must be kissing a lot of it to be getting this big of push.) Personal
relationships with other wrestlers are important factors to consider. If the
wrestler doesn’t like you for any reason, he simply pushes you down to lower in
the card—wasting their talents, or
else forces you to job every single week.

Retired wrestlers and non-wrestlers as matchmakers are different from active
wrestlers. They aren’t always in the locker room listening to the guys talk
about each other. They do what’s best for the company or else they don’t get
paid. (McMahon has this against him—-Bischoff can screw up forever—-but that’s
another story.) They see talent and push the ones that have earned it. Being in
a match with another wrestler and watching two wrestlers work with each other
are two different things. Epic matches are created with two great workers, and
you can't judge while you work--simple fact.

To sum up, the WCW needs to get better bookers. Nash’s and Hogan’s egos have
created terrible storylines, as well as degraded the talent they have. Bischoff
is rumored to be leaving WCW, reminds me of a rat leaving a sinking ship. I
don’t blame him.
Submitted by reader: FabDoggRec
Hmmm I finally got my hands on
UFC newsgroup. Being a big pro wrestling fan, I
know a few people in the "biz." Mark Coleman is indeed going to the WWF. WCW
had no interest for him at the current time. Mark Kerr is also headed to the WWF
or WCW, but probably WWF. Does anyone know anything else on Kerr?
---Marc Middleton WoW/ECW Magazine (
Submitted by reader: matt
If anyone have watched Thunder in the last weeks they would see that WCW is
trying to make it more, if you will, "high profile". Last week on Thunder, we
saw Hogan defeat Hennig, and this week we saw Flair and Windham go to a no
contest. Thunder last Thursday had more undercard matches to lead up to the main
event. The only support Flair/Windham got was Saturn/Booker T which wasn't that
great of a match. Thunder was not meant for World Title matches. Keep those for
Nitros. However, this match might be needed for story development for those
rumors saying Windham will be a new member of the Horsemen. But if WCW wants a
better show on Thunder the only thing that can be done is to make it shorter. By
doing this they can take the best matches and matches needed for story lines and
put it in one hour. The card would be much better if it were done like this:
Jerry Flynn vs. Scotty Riggs, Wrath vs. Mike Enos, Horace vs Kaz Hayashi, Kidman
vs Blitzkrieg, Flair vs Windham

The first 3 matches are to put those people over. I see Jerry Flynn becoming a
low midcarder and Horace and Wrath both becoming heels to put midcarders over.
The WCW train has made some ground on the right track in that they are giving
the undercard storylines. We saw Jerry Flynn start a feud with The Cat which
should have ended on a Nitro not a PPV. And recently, we saw Rick Steiner and
Fit Finlay get into and argument which was settled in a match on the 3/22
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