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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 190

Date:  Saturday March 27th, 1999  11:57 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Sting appeared on QVC last night. He was asked about his return to the ring, and
he said he will be back on the 3/29 Nitro from
Toronto, Canada. If I was in
charge of WCW, given the beating that they took in the ratings this week,
combined with the fact that Raw will be following the WWF's biggest PPV of the
year, I would be getting the word out that Sting will be coming back, so that I
could hopefully get a boost in the ratings.
Reported by Dave Scherer of

New Japan's 4/10 Tokyo Dome line-up is complete -- it doesn't look that hot.
Here is the order of matches in terms of the order they will occur -- Atsushi
Onita vs. Masa Chono in a 200-volt amperage death match, Satoshi
Kojima/Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. Manabu Nakanishi/Yuji Nagata, Tatsuhito Takaiwa vs.
Minoru Tanaka, IWGP Jr. Tag Title match with Dr. Wagner Jr./Kendo Ka Shin vs.
Jushin Liger/The Great Sasuke, IWGP Jr. Title match with Koji Kanemoto vs.
Shinjiro Ohtani, Kazuyuki Fujita/Kazuo Yamazaki vs. Yuki Ishikawa/Alexander
Otsuka, IWGP Tag Title match with Kensuke Sasaki/Shiro Koshinaka vs. Tatsumi
Fujinami/Gen'ichiro Tenryu, and the IWGP Title match with ultimate-rules-esque
statutes with Don Frye vs. Keiji Mutoh (The Great Muta)
Reported by Zach Arnold at:

The professional stunt men that were a part of the WWF's Super Bowl commercial
watched a video of Mick Foley's KOTR "Hell In the Cell" match and couldn't
believe that he survived the falls. The joined the rest of us on that one...
Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch

If Randy Savage gets his way he will come back to WCW as a heel in a Steve
Austin-like persona. He is trying to convince management to let him swear and
push the envelope on camera; I have no doubt that Savage would get over huge in
such a role. The problem is that it would be cheap heat, and the role would be
better suited for a wrestler who doesn't have such a strong image (maybe a
Benoit or Bagwell). When you are the only wrestler in the promotion allowed to
push the envelope (Scott Steiner), its hard not to be viewed as something
special. Save this push for a young up and comer, not a superstar who is
already over with own unique style.
Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch

To subscribe to The Pro Wrestling Torch, send $36 for 20 issues to:
The Pro Wrestling Torch
P.O. Box 201844
Minneapolis MN 55420

George Mayfield will be in
Tokyo, Japan from May 1st 1999 through May 6th 1999.
While there he'll be attending the All Japan 5/2 Dome Show, 5/4 ARSION & Super
Delfin Shows, and the 5/5 FMW Pay Per View. He is willing to purchase a limited
amount of Japanese merchandise from these shows, for fans of Japanese Wrestling,
who want original goods. Contact him at gmayfield@xxxxc... with your wish
list, and he'll get back to you with a price quote.
Ever wonder how WCW instructs ticket takers to confiscate signs at TV tapings
and live events? Well, they actually have an established set of rules that they
hand out, and expect to be followed. The Artist Formerly Known as the Immortal
Spam recently grabbed a list of the rules from a ticket taker in
Worcester, MA,
and thought you'd be interested to know that the list of offensive signs

1. If they say "suck"

2. No implied or blatant sexual reference

3. No numbers: "
3:16" or "4:20" or "4:69"

4. Cannot say "white trash" or "Trailer Trash"

5. No reference to "steroids"

6. Cannot use the word gay in any way

7. No WWF reference. We do not want to give them any promotion
A.) Gillberg
B.) Socko
C.) DX or Suck It
D.) WCW Rules, WWF Sucks
Austin can whoop Goldberg

8. Signs may not have the words "ass" or "God" on them

9. Signs cannot make reference to want to have sex w/ the Nitro Girls

10. Nothing referring to breasts
Reported by
Enough is enough: Flair blasts back at Douglas
By Mike Mooneyham
Sunday, March 21, 1999
Dogging 14-time world heavyweight champion Ric Flair has become a popular
pastime for ECW's Shane Douglas. Throughout the '90s
Douglas has been openly
critical of Flair, blaming him for his lack of a push while Flair was booker at
WCW, and chastising Flair for not "passing the torch" to younger talent in the

The controversial Douglas, 36, who left both WCW and the WWF on less than
favorable terms and has threatened to bolt ECW in recent months, has blasted
Flair in a number of interviews and on ECW television. In the past Flair has
chosen not to respond to
Douglas' charges in a public forum. That changed,
however, on a recent edition of the WCW Live Internet show where Flair broke his
silence and fired some stiff verbal shots of his own.

"He (Douglas) is a quarterback that thought he was going to go in the first
round, that went in the seventh round, that knew because he went in the seventh
round he had to play harder, but never made it," said Flair. "He threw the ball
10 yards shorter. He ran the 40 a tenth of a second slower."

Flair said Douglas, who spent only several months in the WWF during 1995-96 and
accused the Shawn Michaels-led "Clique" of hastening his exit, has a long track
record of pointing blame for his own failures.

"Everything he's done in life, he's done behind the scenes, and he's cried about
everything and everybody," said Flair. "If its not me, its Nash. If its not
Nash, its Hall. If its not Hall, its McMahon. If its not McMahon, its
Bischoff. At some point in time, you have to look in the mirror. The problem is,
the kid has never grown up."

Flair also questioned the validity of
Douglas' longstanding plan to attend
medical school. "Ten years ago, he told me he was going to be a medical doctor.
Everything in his life is pretty much a dream, or a thought, or an afterthought.
And I'm happy that he's making money where he's at, because he'd never go
anywhere else. He's been given the opportunity and some guys cut it, and some
guys don't.

"Doctor Douglas, who never went to school. Doctor Douglas, who never made it in
WCW, who blamed me for it. I wasn't the booker, however. Doctor Douglas, who
didn't make it in WWF. Doctor Douglas, who's alienated himself. Doctor Douglas,
who is blown up at 220 pounds. You can't beat my 11-year-old son. How 'bout
that? God bless you son."

As expected
Douglas didn't let Flair's comments go unchallenged. The following
remarks were posted after a recent ECW show: "The invitation's been there, be a
man, come do it face to face. It can be in WCW if you want, it can be in the
parking lot. Hell, I'll come to
Charlotte to your gym, and work out if you want.
The invitation's open, Ric, you name the time and the place, I'll be there.

"Why don't you come and maybe get a challenge from somebody who can maybe make
you look better. No matter, Ric, as old and broken down as you are, this little
old 'quarterback' that couldn't make it, can still make you look decent."

Douglas (real name Troy Martin) has been billed as "The Franchise" since his
arrival in ECW, although owner Paul Heyman originally wanted Steve Austin, part
of his Dangerous Alliance in WCW in the early '90s, to portray that role.

A mid-card performer at WCW during the late '80s and early '90s who rose to
championship status at ECW, Douglas has frequently used ECW as a platform to
voice his opinions. Last year the Pittsburgh native challenged Flair to a series
of shoot matches.

"My proposal would be a series of three matches - one in Pittsburgh, one in
Charlotte and one in Philadelphia so it would be fair to everyone," Douglas told
the Washington (Pa.) Observer-Reporter. "I've proposed this through unofficial
channels. Right now, he has a decision to make. If by next June he hasn't
decided, its too late. At this point, if it wasn't a shoot and I'd do a fake
wrestling match, that would kill my legitimacy forever. It would kill me

"Flair has his feelers out right now to see if its still possible to have a
match with Shane Douglas," he added. "Because five years of animosity has built
up, it would be a huge pay-per-view draw. I dislike Flair. He was the measuring
stick for the '80s. When you talk about the best wrestler in the world, he was
and proved it night in and night out. But he also used whatever political
connections he had to keep a guy like Shane Douglas down."

• Ric Flair, who defended his WCW title against Hulk Hogan Friday night March
19 at the United Center in Chicago and Saturday night March 20 in Milwaukee,
will meet Bill Goldberg at the Spring Stampede pay-per-view.

• David Flair (Fleihr) signed a three-month contract with WCW and will be
training at the Power Plant.

• Sabu and Taz meet for the ECW world title in the main event of ECW's Living
Dangerously pay-per-view tonight at the New Jersey Convention Center in Asbury
Park, N.J. Shane Douglas and Tommy Dreamer will battle Lance Storm and Justin
Credible in a co-featured bout. Terry Funk, recovered from a bout with
hepatitis, and Sid (Sid Eudy) are expected to make appearances.

• If you missed them the first time out: A&E will rebroadcast two outstanding
shows on pro wrestling tonight. The network's Biography special on the late
Andre The Giant will air 8-9 p.m., while the documentary "Hitman Hart: Wrestling
with Shadows" will air 9-11 p.m. The programs will be shown again later that
evening from midnight-1 a.m. and 1-3 a.m.

• TV Guide has published a set of wrestling covers for its March 22 issue to
coincide with Wrestlemania. The four separate signature collectors' covers
feature Steve Austin, The Rock, Mankind and Sable. The issue takes a look at how
far Wrestlemania has come since it began in 1985. TV Guide also featured four
wrestlers on separate covers last December, which led to phenomenal sales at the
newsstand, selling more than 500,000 copies more than the previous week's issue.

• The WWF is expected to deliver a strong Raw this week from Albany, N.Y., its
final Monday night show before Wrestlemania, with a scheduled main event of
Steve Austin vs. Paul "The Big Show" Wight. WCW will air its annual Spring Break
Nitro from Club Lavela in Panama City, Fla.

• Bret Hart, whose disappointment over his lack of a push in WCW has been
reaching the breaking point, reportedly has been promised an angle with Bill
Goldberg on this week's Nitro. Hart, who was assured by Eric Bischoff that he
would be involved in a major program with Goldberg, stormed out of a recent show
after booker Kevin Nash nixed a similar plan.

Hart, still recovering from a groin injury, recently suffered a pulled abdominal
muscle and is scheduled for surgery following the March 29 Nitro in Toronto
where he is scheduled to headline against Goldberg.

• "Big Papa Pump" Scott Steiner last week was sentenced to 10 days in Cherokee
(Ga.) County Jail, and ordered to pay $25,000 in fines, fees and restitution and
to stay on probation for seven years after pleading guilty to aggravated assault
and making terroristic threats.

Steiner, 36, whose real name is Scott Carl Rechsteiner, was charged with
threatening a Georgia Department of Transportation worker and hitting him with
his Ford F-250 pickup last April.

Steiner, who faced a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison, was sentenced under
the state's first-offender rules. That means a court will find him not guilty if
he avoids trouble while on probation. Steiner also must perform 200 hours of
community service.

• WWF commentator and potential Memphis mayoral candidate Jerry "The King"
Lawler was arrested Tuesday on charges of endangerment to a police officer and
vehicular assault after an incident March 5 at the Memphis airport.

According to reports, Lawler was illegally parked outside an airport loading
zone, and he was ticketed for the offense. Lawler claims he questioned the
officer, who told him that she would not discuss the ticket and advised him to
call a number, and he tore up the ticket before leaving. The officer contends
that Lawler crumpled the ticket in front of her face, and proceeded to leave the
scene in his car, but not before driving over her foot. A warrant was issued
for his arrest, and Lawler turned himself in to authorities after returning from
the WWF's Raw show Monday night in San Jose, CA.

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at (843) 937-5517 or by e-mail at
mooneyham@xxxxc.... More wrestling news with Mike Mooneyham is
available every Monday on The Wrestling Observer Hotline. The number is
1-900-903-9030. Calls are 99 cents per minute, and children under 18 must get
parental permission before dialing.
1. When Goldberg heard you were next, he retired and became a Librarian.

2. Hells Angels rode 100 miles out of their way to avoid the town you live in.

3. Paul Heyman refuses to give you a tryout because the rest of ECW will quit if
he hires you.

4. When you take your Chihuahua for a walk, the stray Pit Bulls, Dobermans, and
German Shepherds run and hide when they see you.

5. New Jack will only wrestle you if you are handcuffed, bound in chains,
immersed in a barrel on concrete, blindfolded and your mouth and eyes taped

6. Your great grandfather is the chief tester at the Acme Table and Chair
Company, and your seven year old sister is pushing for his job.

7. Your idea of a summer vacation tour is Harlem, Red Hook and East L.A. and
then on to Beirut, Baghdad and Kosovo.

8. Bam Bam Bigelow has your picture tattooed on all his children's heads.

9. You were the only man rejected by Jasmine St. Clair when she made her world
record setting video. She said she would do another 300 if she didn't have to
worry about you.

10. After your first day in school, the cafeteria was converted into a garage.

11. You use a tire iron for a toothpick.

12. Mic Foley worships at a shrine in his bedroom dedicated to you.

13. When things get tough, the tough get going. When the tough see you, they
convert to Buddhism and become Monks.

14. The French avoid you in the summertime.

15. Your baby sister's Barbi Doll won a Handicap Match v. The NWO..then again,
maybe that doesn't qualify you.

16. You attended a PLO meeting wearing a Star of David and a T-shirt saying
"Yassir Arafat Is A Pussy."

17. Your kids paint hand grenades instead of eggs for Easter...and eat them.

18. Hannibal Lecther was your cellmate... and your bitch.

19. Your garage sale included M-16's, Stingers, an Abrams Tank and a

20. You were kicked out of Mercenaries, Inc. for antisocial behavior.
Below is Chris Jericho's latest commentary to his fans, found at his official
Hello Jerichohoics!
Well its been a easier couple of weeks than usual with mucho beach time!
Cancun was a lot of fun and if you saw the MTV Beachbrawl, you know what I'm
screaming. It was a beautiful day, the band Fear Factory were super cool guys
(especially Burton C Bell on vocals and the man with the coolest rock name ever,
Christian Olde Wolbers, on the bass) and the whole tab was picked up by WCW.
Hugh Morrus really is the laughing man, cos he was absolutely hilarious.

Then yesterday, we were in Panama City, FL and had an awesome beach volleyball
tourney featuring the WCW team of myself, Billy Kidman, Konnan, Dean Malenko,
Johnny Boone, Kaz Hayashi and Rey Mysterio Jr. We won the first game, lost the
second and skinned through to win the third. Some college kids from Ohio will
never be the same!

I had a chance to hang with my friends Dale and Troy Thompson of Bride and hang
with them at their church in Kentucky. It was a great time, as the church was
super small, like a Little House on the Prairie type thing. Very cool!

I'm featured in this month's HM music magazine in an interview conducted by
Dale. I got to talk about God, music, wrestling etc. its real good, so check
it if you can.

How about all of the HUGE trades in the
NHL over the last while? Fleury, Clark,
Recchi, Chelios! This is the biggest year in a while for such trades. Should
make the playoffs very interesting. Go Toronto!!!

Speaking of which, I'm really looking forward to heading to Canada for Nitro
next week. Hope to see all of the Canadian Jerichoholics there!

Good news for all of you Eddie Guerrerofans. He's healing well, training hard
and should return in another two months, or so. Keep your prayers on him!

The movie of the week is Clerks. Very funny indie film by Kevin Smith and
featuring the always entertaining Jay and Silent Bob!

Thanks to Troma Team for the package of cool B movies and thanks to you for
continuing to stand behind me, throughout all of these cloudy and strange days.
God bless you and see ya later!
Submitted by reader: Frostbayne
Jericho is not leaving WCW. Have you ever read his bio? He's a hardcore
Christian. Hes not going to go somewhere that has 81 crotch jokes a show, he
doesn't believe that BS.
Submitted by reader: Ozzy324
Hey I went to see Lex Luger at Gibraltor Trade Center in Michigan today. I
remember a while back people were saying that Luger is always a real prick to
his fans. Well when I went to see him, he not only signed autographs, took
pictures, and shook hands with everyone in line but he also talked to everyone
for a good few minutes and personalized everyone's pictures. He was very
pleasant and I enjoyed talked to him very much. I've gotten autographs from
many hockey players and a few wrestlers and although I've met some very nice
people, Luger was by far the nicest and most generous one of them all.
Submitted by reader: ZzWiLLiEzZ
Wrestlemania 15:
I think that we will be watching a very good match between Austin and The Rock
and then all of a sudden "Natural Born Killas" blasts into the arena. Out
strolls New Jack from the back with his assorted weapons in a trash can. New
Jack dashes into the ring and begins his assult on Austin and The Rock. Everyone
is stunned because they dont know who New Jack is, except for a few ECWites out
there in the crowd. Anyways,... New Jack beats the heck out of them for a little
and eventually drags them to the enterance ramp, where the little tunnel begins
and he puts them both on an Acme Table with ECW spray painted on it, and climbs
to the top of the little circle thingy where the wrestlers come out, flashes a
Gangstas sign, and dives off, sending them both to the ground and through the
table. Anyways,... I wish that would happen. LOL
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