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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 191

Date:  Saturday March 27th, 1999  7:34 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

On Tuesday, 3/30, ESPN's Outside the Lines will have a feature about wrestling.
While details are still scarce, Dave Meltzer thinks that we will see a pretty
informative feature. Scheduled for Tuesday @
7:30-8:30 PM EST on ESPN, be sure
to check your local listings for time and channel number. My thanks to
GBWrestle for the reminder.

At some point the Undertaker/McMahon angle is now expected to have it at some
point come out that Linda McMahon (Vince's wife) and The Undertaker were working
together against Vince & Shane.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

Through intermediaries, All Japan has made contact with the WWF about bringing
in three wrestlers for the 5/2 Tokyo Dome show, two of whom would be the New Age
Outlaws. The WWF turned down the proposal since they have major domestic house
shows that weekend, and the proposal didn't make clear who the Outlaws would
face and what the result would be. With the WWF doing as well as it is, they
are far more demanding when it comes to finishes as they don't want their top
guys going over to put over Japanese wrestlers. I'm skeptical about the
Outlaw's ability to get over in All Japan; since outside of the great ring
entrance, they would flounder in a workrate obsessed promotion. Then again,
Bart Gunn got a fair reaction...
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

After a collapsed lung last week, Stevie Richards was back in the ring on indie
shows this past weekend. It turned out his shoulder injury was a bruise and not
a seperation, as was feared last week.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

Consideration is being given to a New Jack vs. Mustafa cage match billed as a
'Gangstas Paradise' match on the 5/16 ECW PPV. While it will give New Jack a
chance to play Superfly, I was hoping this feud had reached its end.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

Spring Stampede on 4/11 has a tentative plan of being DDP, Booker T & Ric Flair
vs. Hogan, Nash, & Dusty Rhodes as the main event. While I love the idea of
Booker T being elevated, the idea of putting Dusty Rhodes in a PPV main event in
1999 scares me...
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

Some background on the former Debra McMichael, aka Debra Marshall. According to
a high school classmate out of
Tuscaloosa, AL, she was class of 1978, which
makes her 38 or 39. She was working as a flight attendant in the early 80's
when the mother of Steve McMichael met herand told her that she had chosen her
to be her son's wife, all before Steve had even met her. I think that's
something of a lesson for any of you who want to pick husbands or wives for your
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

Nitro Girl Whisper has given notice to WCW, which wasn't surprising considering
reports that she is engaged to "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. Nobody
would be surprised to see her turn up in the WWF in some form or another; some
guys have all the luck, not counting a back surgery and involvement in a
cutthroat business...
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

To subscribe to The Wrestling Observer, send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell CA 95009-1228

The 3/25 edition Thunder did a 3.1 rating (with a 4.8 share) this past week,
which is its lowest rating ever.
Reported by

Reader UMWChris called into WCW Live on 3/26, and asked an interesting
question about Kevin Nash's abuse of power. To hear his question, go to: and click on at the

1 Hour and 38 minute mark, listen for Chris from
St. Louis.
This Sunday is a day when people around the world will be glued to their radios
and TV's hanging on the announcers every word, rooting for their favorite to
win. It is March Madness at it highest level. No, its not the NCAA Basketball
Tournament. As everyone in the entire world knows, with the possible exception
of Phil Mushnick, its Wrestlemania XV.

In response to the hundreds* of requests for my picks, RTSC proudly presents its
Annual Wrestlemania Predictions. *OK, so it was three people that asked me.

The WWF Women's Championship (AKA The Marlena Mero Memorial Trophy):
Sable (C) v. Tori - Have you noticed that all the women in the WWF have only
one name? Sable, Tori, Luna, Ivory, Chyna, Debra, Jacqueline, and Terri. Those
that had two have dropped their second name. The real question about this match
is in a word, Why? Tori will accidentally puncture one of Sable's
Twin Peaks.
After deflation, we will find out that Sable is really Kate Moss. The Playboy
Executives at ringside will suffer massive coronaries as they realize the
trillion dollars they expected from Sable's Playboy are history. In the
resulting confusion, Kate, I mean, Sable will be blown down by a gust of air
from one of the respirators, fall on top of Tori, pin her and retain the Title.
Marc Mero will come to the ring, peel his outer skin off, reveal himself to be
R2D2, peel Sable/Kate's outer skin off, revealing her to be Princess Leia's
great grandmother. Mr. McMahon will be hailed as a genius for turning
Wrestlemania will into another promo for Star Wars. Uncle Ted will call Good
King Eric and ask him why he didn't think of this first.

Brawl For All:
Bart Gunn v. Butterbean. After letting Gunn look good for two rounds, in the
third round Butterbean will grow weary of Gunn's jabs and taunts and ask for
time out. He will grab the mic and announce to the world "That's all I can
stands, I can't stands no more," open a can of spinach, eat it, and watch his
muscles turn into video screens with Stealth Fighter Bombers in action on them.
While he is admiring his muscles, Gunn will hit him with a right uppercut from
hell. The video screens will go blank, but not as blank as the expression on his
face as his eyes glaze over and he goes down like he was hit by the
5:15 out of
Grand Central.

WWF Tag Team Championship:
Double J and The Nugget (C) w/Debra v. The Two Survivors of a Battle Royal held
during Heat. Notice that the team will be made up of "two survivors," not
necessarily two from the same team. The winners will be two masked wrestlers who
will be identified as Two Masked Wrestler, hailing from the where all Masked
Wrestlers hail from, Parts Unknown. The match will go back and forth until Debra
pulls here usual attempt to distract with her Two Distractions. The Two Masked
Men will immediately stop and check out The Distractions. The King will note
that they are taking a more than casual look, almost as if they haven't seen The
Distractions before. Double J will nail Masked Wrestler No. 1 with his Guitar
and he will go to sleep dreaming of Debra. The Nugget will put Masked Wrestler
No. 2 into The Sharpshooter, but with his attention so riveted on Debra, he will
ignore the pain. Double J will peel the referee's hands off of Debra's behind
and he will raise Masked Wrestler No. 2's limp hand three times and stop the
match. Double J and The Nugget will strip The Masked Wrestler's masks of
revealing them to be The Vanilla Midgets, Chris Benoit and Deeno Macheeno.
Subsequent investigation will reveal that Big Soxy sent them to Wrestlemania
telling them that the only place he would allow them to get any heat would be on

The European Championship:
McMahon's Little Boy (C) v. X-Pac. This match will prove the old axiom that its
good to have friends in high places, and having your daddy there is even better.
X-Pac will kick Little Boys @$$ from one end of the arena to the other. He will
do the Bronco Buster in the ring, in the stands, and the boys and girls rooms.
Little Boy will go into deep prayer hoping his buddies from Greenwich show up to
once again save him. Unfortunately their limo was tied up in traffic on the New
Jersey Turnpike and by the time they arrive, Little Boy is barely conscious. Not
wanting to dirty their hands and soil their clothes, they will have their
butlers charge the ring and beat on X-Pac. Much to X-Pac's chagrin, their
butlers are also their bodyguards and ex-NFL defensive lineman. Little Boy will
be DQ'd; X-Pac will be D-leted. A rematch will be held the next day on RAW, with
Little Boy's buddies barred from the arena.

Four Corners Elimination Match For The Intercontinental Championship:
Road Dogg (C) v. Nutso v. Goldie v. Val Venis. Val Venis will DQ himself early
when he spots Jasmine St. Clair sitting in the third row. He will leave to
discuss her costarring in his next video, or at least an immediate audition.
Goldie will be next out after The Blue Meanie comes down with Ryan and gets his
@$$ kicked taunting Nusto. Goldie will be counted out saving The Meanie from
being neutered by hand. Goldie, The Meanie and Ryan will stroll back to the
locker room to come up with a better game plan. Later at home, Terri will have a
few choice words for Goldie about his career goals. Momentarily forgetting he is
the Intercontinental Champion not the Hardcore Champion, Doggie will attempt to
turn the match into a Hardcore Match. Nutso will snap and tear one of ring posts
out and beat Doggie into Kibbles and Bits. It tough to keep a good mutt down, so
Doggie will fight back and hit Shake, Rattle and Elbow. Nutso will snap even
further, the referee will run for his life and the Orderlies from The State
Asylum will come to the ring with a straight jacket. Assisted by a dozen or so
very large Pennsylvania State Troopers, the Orderlies will restrain Nutso and
put the straight jacket on him. He will be removed from the arena strapped to a
gurney. Doggie will retain his Flea Collar (and Title). It will later be learned
that Nutso broke out of the straight jacket, dismembered every one of the
Orderlies and was last seen heading for his home in Haddonfield.

Fireball v. Flame Thrower Match:
Kane v. Triple H. The Philadelphia Fire and Police Departments will surround the
ring for this match. The Firemen will each have a Fire Extinguisher, and the
Police will be armed will Riot Guns. The referee and the first three rows of the
crowd will be asked to don asbestos suits. The match will be brutal and hot.
Having supernatural powers will allow Kane to gain the advantage when Triple H runs
out of fuel. He will Chokeslam Triple H several times and be ready to
Tombstone him
into oblivion, when Chyna will come to the ring and ask Kane to spare Triple H.
Wrong! She will encourage him to totally destroy him. While Kane is trying to
figure out what Chyna wants him to do, Triple H will take the advantage and hit him
win The Pedigree and win the match. Triple H will then hit Chyna with a low blow and
Pedigree her. Several of the Fireman will rush into the ring and we will find
out that they are really Ministry Of Darkness members. Chyna will be carried
away to be their next sacrifice at the Feast Of The Temple's Vestal Virgins. She
will not be scarified.

Main Event Special Referee Match:
Paul "The Big Show" Wight v. Mankind: Mic will put on the show of his life. With
the Cage for The Hell In The Cell Match hanging high above the ring, Mankind
will have himself hoisted up onto the cage. When he gets to the top, he will
dare The Show to follow him up. There will be a slight delay until the Fire
Department brings a Rescue Bucket Truck into the arena. The Show will be hoisted
onto the cage and the match will resume. The Show will help Mankind take the
biggest bump in the history of the sport as he will Chokeslam him 75 feet to the
ring and thru it. The arena will go into hushed silence waiting to see if
Mankind survived. After a minute or two, he will emerge from the hole in the
ring with his knees coming out of nose. Despite pleas by medical personnel,
Mankind will refuse to quit. The Show will return to the ring and the match will
resume. Mankind will eventually win when The Show slips and falls mouth first
onto Mr. Socko.

Hell In A Cell Match:
The Undertaker v. The Big Bossman. This will not be for the faint of heart. The
Bossman will put up a much better match than even he expected. It will later be
learned that The Godfather offered him free use of as many Ho's as he wants for
a year if he defeated The 'Taker. It will end up being Night Stick v. Night
Stalker, with Stalker coming out on top. The Bossman will be taken away by The
Ministry to be a sacrifice at the Feast Of The Temple's Vestal Virgins. He will
be sacrificed. The Boson's Last Will And Testament will be found several weeks
later and it be revealed that if it was ever found out that he qualified for the
sacrifice, it was his wish it had been done.

Triple Threat Hardcore Championship Match
Bad @$$ (C) v. Al Snow with Head v. Hardcore (?) Holly. The WWF will set a new
standard for Hardcore Matches. In additional to the usual garbage cans, brooms,
food, etc., being used, a whole new group of weapons will be brought in.
Included in this arsenal will be Lances, Broad Swords, Ball and Chains, Axes,
and Daggers. An Iron Maiden, a Fire Pit, a Rack and a Guillotine will be set up
around the ring. The first victim will be Phil Mushnick, who will be put on the
rack by all three competitors and left there screaming. A Guillotine Leg Drop
will take on a whole new meaning in this match. Head will spot the Guillotine
and recognize it as an old friend. Holly will be the first one eliminated and
all three pieces will be removed for later forensic examination. Snow will pull
out some of the tricks he learned in his everyday matches in ECW and stun Bad
@$$ with how Hardcore he can get. Snow will win the match and Title, which he
will immediately present to Paul Heymann as a souvenir. Heymann will throw the
Belt into the Fire Pit and announce that Tommy Dreamer is challenging anyone in
the WWF to a Scaffold Match at ECW's next PPV. The Scaffold will be set up
between the Twin Towers (not, not Debra's) of The World Trade Center in New
York. Short Mankind will stumble down and accept the challenge.

The Main Event - For The WWF Championship:
The Rock (C) v. Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) with Short Mankind as Special
Referee. Having already driven a Zamboni and a beer truck to the ring, SCSA will
arrive in an Abrams Tank. He will drink a beer sitting atop the gun turret as he
remotely controls the gun turning, keeping The Rock in its sights. The Rock will
go into his Smack Down Hotel, Money Crap routine and SCSA will cut him off
saying a 100 Millimeter 3:16 beats Monkey Crap any day. We will hear the gun
being loaded and The Rock will head for Washington. He will return to the ring
and a match to end all matches will take place. Mankind will put Mr. Socko over
the Tank's cannon, taking it out of play. We will witness chair shots galore and
action all over the arena, with The Rock calling it all from a mic hanging
around his neck. Mankind will interfere, The Big Show will interfere, The
Corporation will interfere, The Ministry will interfere, Shane's Dudes From
Greenwich will interfere, The Serbs will interfere, The NWO will interfere (its
in their charter, they must interfere in every Main Event), and upset that the
WWF is staging Wrestlemania in their hometown, ECW will interfere. The match
will be decided by a 3-D Dudley Death Drop on SCSA. We will find out on RAW the
next day that The Smack Down Hotel is in Dudleyville and The Dudley Boyz were
upset that SCSA was bad mouthing Dudleyville's biggest tourist attraction, other
than the Dudleyville Dump. Not to fear, SCSA will win the Title on RAW the next
night and all will be right with the world.
Submitted by reader: Jagr6826
-It took him a long time to shed the Aldo Montoya image, but he believes that he
has finally achieved that.

-Much easier for Justin to be a heel persona than a babyface.

-Justin started wrestling in 1992 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He was trained
by Keith Hart and trained with Lance Storm

-Feels very comfortable wrestling a mixture of technical wrestling and the
hardcore style as opposed to just one or the other.

-Idolized Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, and Curt Hennig when growing up

-He actually liked his WWF experience because it gave him a tremendous amount
of experience in the sport. Says it was overall a great experience. He was with
the WWF from August of 1994 to August of 1997.

-The "WWF creative team" came up with his Aldo Montoya gimmick. Justin fluently
speaks Portuguese and was therefore called "The Portuguese Man-O-War". The WWF
was at a low point during his run.

-Says that there are no hard feelings at all between him and Shane Douglas for
bringing Scott Hall to an ECW event in Tampa,
FLA last year. Says the grudge
was only between Hall and Douglas and had nothing to do with him.

-When asked whether Terry Funk will be at Living Dangerously, Justin said he
certainly would not be surprised.

-Doesn't see himself forming a new Triple Threat with Shane Douglas and Lance
Storm. -Keeps in touch with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Shawn Michaels. He says
he is a close friend with Hall.

-When asked about the current financial problems in ECW, Justin responded by
admitting that there are still great problems. He is very concerned about ECW's
financial situation. Justin hopes everything gets cleared up soon

-Says everyone is currently happy in ECW.

-Justin says that he has recently spoke to Kevin Nash, but is not looking to
jump to WCW. People misinterpreted the conversation and blew everything out of
proportion. He says as long as ECW exists strongly, he wants to be a part of

-Before the year is over, he expects a Justin Credible/RVD feud

-Says Nicole Bass never really fit into ECW very well

-Jason will be back without a neckbrace soon.

-Justin would like a title match at the next PPV in May.
(Material courtesy of 450 Sports Radio AM in Orlando,
Submitted by reader: Charmayne7
I don't have a chance to watch all of the WCW shows, so I usually miss WCW SN
and Worldwide, and I missed Erik Watt's inauspicious (and apparently brief)
return to WCW. According to some who did see him, it looked like he had
improved his style and looked quite promising, but I still haven't seen him. I
expected him to show up on Thunder one of these days, but it didn't happen
(unless I missed him). I know most people didn't think too much of Erik's
abilities, but I was a fan of his. Could you tell me whatever you might know of
him, such as is he still in WCW? What was he doing since his last WWF stint as
part of Tekno Team 2000? Anything at all would be helpful. Thanks.
Charmayne Seven (Charmayne7)
(If any of you know, please contact Charmayne directly)
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