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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 192

Date:  Sunday March 28h, 1999  2:19 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Mark Madden made a startling announcement on the 3/26 edition of WCW Live; the
WWF is considering pursuing an incest angle with Ken Shamrock & his "sister"
Ryan. Madden claims that Shamrock has been approached about doing the angle,
and that he still hadn't decided whether to take part in it. Ryan Shamrock is
actually a
Texas stripper known as Alisha, and of no relation to Shamrock (I
know most of you know this, but this is one subject it pays to be clear on).

In the storyline, Ryan has already had sex with Val Venis, Billy Gunn, &
Goldust. Madden claimed that Shamrock has obvious reservations about the angle,
and didn't want to be known as "the guy who slept with his sister" the rest of
his career. Although most of us generally applaud the WWF's creativity, this is
one issue that really crosses the line, even more so than the infamous bondage
and miscarriage issues.

Madden claimed Dave Meltzer as his source, which does lend him more credibility
than usual. If the angle does happen, its supposed to be teased as early as
tonights Heat, and develop during Wrestlemania. My feelings for Mark Madden put
aside, I hope that somebody, be it the WWF or Shamrock, ends this angle before
it starts. I'd hate to see this business reach yet another low point...
Chris Benoit appeared on
TSN's "Off the Record" show with Michael Lansbury.
Thanks to John C. for doing the report:
Following the trend set by so many wrestlers before him WCW wrestler, and one
half of the tag team champions, the "Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit made an
appearance on Off The Record with Michael Landsberg earlier this evening on
The other guests were Canadian curler Kim Gellard and a Canadian university
wrestler named Colin was on as well. Here are some highlights of the show.

The first 20 minutes were spent talking about sports issues like trading stars
because of high salaries and other issues along those lines but since they have
nothing to do with wrestling I'll just get to the wrestling.

The "Quirky Fact" was that Chris Benoit once wrestled in
Japan under the name of
"Wild Pegasus."

Chris said that there is nothing wrong with the Nitro Girls because there is a
demand for what they do (e.g. dance and look pretty for male fans). Kim argued
but didn't really have a good point so they dropped the issue.

Chris said he is sure that women golfers don't take offense to the way the Nitro
Girls get attention even though Kim says that most women do feel that they are
just used for sex appeal. Chris pointed out that they don't go as far as the WWF
when it comes to exploiting women.

When Kim asked Chris if he considered wrestling a sport he said, "yes I do."

The last two minutes were spent doing a word association with Chris. Landsberg
says the name of a person in wrestling and Chris gives a brief opinion. Here is
what was said.
- Kevin Nash: innovative

- Eric Bischoff: somewhat of a genius

- Vince McMahon (Note: Landsberg mentioned that when Chris was younger he had a
tryout with the WWF and was rejected): respect for him because he is able to
find success for his company

- Chris Jericho: close friend, one of the few guys in wrestling who made it on
their own, respects him

- Bret Hart: a great legend, misused in WCW, wrestling is an artform and Bret is
great at it

Prior to the word association Chris plugged Nitro this Monday March 29th from
Toronto at the brand new Air Canada Centre saying that Jericho, Hart, Hogan,
himself and many others will be there. It airs live in the
US and at 8pm in
Canada on Tuesday March 30th.
Reported by John C. / The Hawk - thehawk24 and David Tyler at:
Jackal's Winnipeg Sun/Thunder Bay Chronicle Column
by Don Callis
Be sure to check out:
A Flair For The Gold
Whoever said "Out with the old, bring in the new", surely had never watched a
Ric Flair match. WCW's Uncensored pay per view on March 14, saw a defiant Ric
Flair defeat his arch-nemesis Hulk Hogan to become World Heavyweight Champion
for what is being billed as the fourteenth time, but, as research would suggest,
could well be his twenty-second.

Just a few short months ago it seemed that Flair was in the political outhouse
with WCW, with threats of lawsuits by WCW boss Eric Bischoff. It seemed then
that we had witnessed Flair's last reign as WCW Champion. But as has been the
case in the past, a downturn in business necessitated putting the belt back on
Flair, who is without a doubt the company's hottest performer, even at age 50.

The first decision to phase the Nature Boy out of the title picture was actually
made nine years ago, when the WCW hierarchy decided that Flair's days as a main
eventer were over.....(dramatic pause) and that Sting was going to be the
company flagship. So, like the professional he was, Flair dropped the title to
Sting in
Baltimore in one of those fantastic non-stop matches that have become
Flair's trademark. Within six months, it became apparent that Sting could not
carry the company, and the belt was returned to Flair for yet another run (his
seventh, tying Harley Race's record for title reigns).

Flair was later asked to drop the title to the new "chosen one", Lex Luger, but
Flair, in the middle of contract disputes with the front office refused, which
precipitated his leaving to go to the WWF with the NWA (WCW) title belt, billing
himself as "The Real World Champion". Flair of course had two title runs in the
WWF, first winning the title on what is generally regarded as the best Royal
Rumble in WWF history, then later losing the title to Randy Savage, then
regaining it, then finally dropping it to Bret Hart, in what was the WWF's first
attempt to make Bret Hart a serious main eventer.

Flair, after being told by Vince McMahon that he would be phased out of the main
events, was released, despite still being under contract, because Vince had
always told Ric that if he was ever moved out of the main events that he could
leave. Flair returned to WCW, winning yet another world title, from Barry
Windham, before going on to another (and perhaps his most memorable match as a
babyface) title victory against Vader at Starrcade in
Charlotte, Flair's
hometown. Flair subsequently lost and won the title a few more times,
culminating with his most recent win over Hogan, being billed his fourteenth
world title.

There are many arguments against having a 50 year old man as your world
champion, especially when you are competing with the ultra-hip WWF, but the
simple fact is that Ric Flair at 50 can still out-work all but the top three or
four performers in WCW. Perhaps more significantly, Flair is one of the few
legitimate heels, actually concerned with getting his opponent over and having
heat, rather than looking cool. Most important politically, Flair appears to be
the only person who can have a great match with Hogan, who still rules the

At one time Flair was without a doubt, the best in the world. Those days may be
gone, but the man is arguably the best ever, is, at 50, still WCW's best bet to
reverse the momentum in the wrestling war, I just wish he'd program himself with
Benoit and Jericho.

Ringside Insider:
I made my return to pay per view this past weekend in
Asbury Park, NJ, on ECW's
Living Dangerously. Much has been made of my being referred to as Cyrus instead
of Jackal, but all will become clear in the weeks to come. You can follow ECW
goings-ons by hitting the website at't it romantic?
Shawn Michaels is apparently engaged to WCW Nitro-girl Whisper. They were
introduced by everyone's favorite seven foot matchmaker, Kevin Nash...Look for
Randy Savage to return at the
Las Vegas Nitro...Rumor has it that Scott Hall may
retire from wrestling (and his multi-million dollar contract). All the best
Scott!...Rumors of Eric Bischoff leaving WCW are greatly exagerated...WCW
wrestler Kanyon is the technical advisor on the Jesse Ventura movie...Email me
at jackal

Don't forget to listen to the first ever Joe & Jackal: No Holds Barred radio
show, THIS SUNDAY (and every Sunday after that) on 92
CITI FM, LIVE from 6-7pm
from the Pony Corral on
Grant Avenue.
Cyrus (formerly known as the...)
This was the first program since ECW's recent PPV, Living Dangerously (LD) and
was used as a review of the PPV. It began with D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley in the
ring working on Sid. Sid broke free and hit The Dudley Boyz with a Double

After the regular ECW opening, Joey Styles was at the announcers position. He
thanked the fans for their support at LD and announced ECW's next PPV, Hardcore
May 16, 1999. He said tonight's show would review events at LD
including: Rob "Mr. Monday Night" Van Dam (RVD) d. Jerry Lynn to retain the ECW
TV Title; Taz def. Sabu to unify the ECW and FTW Championships; and the cat
fight of the century. He added that Sid "blew the roof off the arena." Relax
Joey, we already got the message that Sid is unbeatable.

We picked up the tag team match between Nova and Chris Chetti v. Skull Von Krush
and Rod Price at LD in progress. All four men were fighting in a corner, with
Chetti seemingly hurt. Judge Jeff Jones wheeled a gurney to the ring and "passed
sentence" on all four men. That could only mean one thing, and it did. Sid came
to the ring and proceeded to destroy everyone. He hit Von Krush and Price with
Chokeslams and then Power Bombed Nova twice and put him on the gurney. He
wheeled the gurney back up the aisle and then turned it around and rammed in
into the ring. Sid turned his attention to the injured Chetti and decided to
show mercy. Believe that and I gave several thousand slightly moist acres in the
Everglades to sell you. He nailed Chetti with The Power Bomb From Hell, and we
got our first "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. The crowd chanted "Sid."

Next up were stills of the RVD v.
Lynn match at LD. Lynn took RVD to the extreme
and pushed him to the limit.
Lynn took the match to him, then RVD came back
Lynn had RVD beaten, but the time limit expired. The referee was in the
process of handing
Lynn the belt, but unaware of it, Lynn agreed to five
additional minutes. The match resumed and RVD won after hitting The VanDaminator
and a Frog Splash. Styles talked about how well
Lynn performed.

The next thing we saw was a match held recently in
Philadelphia between Full
Blooded Italian (FBI) member Little Guido (LG), accompanied by Tracey Smothers
and Big Sal E. Graziano, and Yosihiro Tajiri. Some of the action we saw included
the following: LG took Tajiri to the mat and rode him. Tajiri reversed it and
came up with a Hammerlock, but LG rolled to the floor to break it. LG applied a
Wristlock take down that Tajiri reversed into an Armbar, but LG went to the
ropes to break it. LG slapped Tajiri, who managed a Full Nelson. Coming off the
ropes, LG hit a German Suplex. Tajiri kicked LG in the head. LG went for a Power
Bomb but Tajiri blocked it. Tajiri went to the floor, LG went for a Piscado, but
Tajiri got out of the way and LG hit the floor. Back in the ring, and Smothers
reached in and tripped Tajiri. LG again went to the floor and was hit by a
Somersault Plancha. Tajiri then Superplexed LG off the top turn buckle, as we
went to a commercial. When we got back, LG was hammering on Tajiri, who was on
his knees. Smothers taunted Tajiri and Tajiri flipped him off. It appears that
the one finger salute is universal. LG continued his assault on Tajiri. Smothers
got a cheap shot in from outside. LG missed a move and was almost pinned as a
result. Smothers got up on the apron (on cue) just as Tajiri hit LG with a Drop
Kick. LG was knocked into Smothers, who in turn was sent flying off the apron.
Tajiri nailed LG with a series of kicks to the head and face, and a Drop Kick
while LG was on his knees. Tajiri pinned LG, who was seeing pizzas spinning all
around his head. Smothers came into the ring none too happy about his trip off
the apron. He belted LG (can you spell split among the FBI)? LG and Smothers
continued their disagreement over whether to order the pizza with anchovies or
Winner - Yoshihero Tajiri

We then saw stills of the Tajiri v. Super Crazy match at LD. They had fought a
series of matches (I think the unofficial count was 3,676) and this was the
final one. Super Crazy won it and the series.

Next item on the agenda was another match held recently in
Philadelphia. It
pitted Antifaz Del Norte (DN) v. Super Crazy (SC). It was a fast paced match,
with both men going to their aerial arsenal. Some of the action included: SC
hitting a Spinning Heel Kick and a Springboard Side Kick. DN countered with a
Spinning Armdrag, sending SC to the floor. DN hit a Somersault Plancha onto SC.
Back in the ring, DN hit several fast moves, among which was a Flying Head
Scissors. The fans loved the action and showed it. DN missed a Senton, SC hit a
Frog Splash and almost got a pin. He followed with a Moonsault off the first
turn buckle and almost got a pin again. SC pounded DN in the head with a series
of punches. DN went to the floor and was hit with a Baseball Slide that sent him
over the guard rail and into the crowd. SC flew out onto DN, who was still
making friends with the fans. Back in the ring and DN hit a Power Bomb and a
version of a Brainbuster, went for a pin but SC kicked out. DN landed a Missile
Dropkick that sent SC to the floor once more, and came out onto him with a
Moonsault Plancha. Back in the ring and DN landed a series of Chops and then
planted SC face first on the mat, but again was unable to score a pinfall. DN
went back to the Chops. SC then ran DN into the corner and followed him in
twice. He then rolled DN up in a scissors move and pinned him.
Winner - Super Crazy

We saw Porn Princess Jasmine St. Clair in bed covered by an ECW banner. She
looked right at home. Joey had a few choice words for her.

In a clip from LD, Jasmine came to the ring and was introduced by Lance, who
said not to worry, he wasn't coming back. He was just there to introduce
Jasmine. The crowd went into a chant of "Show your T*ts." She responded with a
series of questions asking how many in the crowd wanted to see her stark naked
and be "butt @$$ hardcore and get extreme." The crowd roared their approval and
kept their fingers crossed. As she faked removing her shirt, Lance took the mic
and said it wasn't going to happen. He dissed the crowd about their not
deserving it. Jasmine took the mic back and bad mouthed several ringsiders,
saying they couldn't handle it if she got naked. She announced that she is "The
New Queen Of Extreme" and "Queen Of Wrestling." This didn't sit well with
Francine who came to the ring. She started to question Jasmine's claim, but
Jasmine shoved her away. Francine wasn't impressed and nailed Jasmine with a
Stunner of sorts. As Jasmine rose to her knees, Joey commented "That's the first
time she's been on her knees involuntarily." Nice one Joey. That excludes you
from her next video. Francine then nailed Lance with a low blow, possibly
excluding him from Jasmine's next video as well.

We then saw stills of the tag team match pitting Tommy Dreamer and Shane
Douglas, with Francine, v. Justin Credible and Lance Storm, with Tammy Lynn
Bytch. During the match, Francine brought a ladder to the ring. She also kicked
Credible in the face while up on the apron. The match was won by Dreamer and
Douglas, when
Douglas pinned Credible. As Dreamer, Douglas and Francine were
headed back from the ring, Cyrus The Virus, formerly The Jackal, stopped them.
He got in their face and all of them ended up back in the ring. They were joined
by Jason and the still unnamed Mystery Woman. A free-for-all erupted.

Styles talked about the tag team match we just saw the still of and wondered
when the Mystery Woman would get a name.

Styles then showed the new ECW magazine. He flipped thru the pages and said it
would on newsstands in April.

We then saw a clip of the ring entrances of Taz and Sabu for the Main Event at
LD. Sabu had his fractured jaw heavily taped. A video was run showing how Sabu's
jaw was fractured. It happened in a match recently in
North Carolina when he was
hit by a Clothesline by Taz. The Title match was shown in stills. Taz worked on
Sabu's jaw immediately and throughout the match. The match spilled out into the
crowd and around the arena. Count-out is a foreign tern in ECW. It was described
as "a brutal war." Trying to prevent further injury to his jaw, Sabu's manager
Bill Alfonso tried to stop the match and throw the towel in, but Sabu wouldn't
let him. Sabu came back and took the fight to Taz as blood poured out of his
mouth and his jaw was further damaged. Taz eventually won the match with a
TazMissionPlex thru a table, followed by another attempt by Alfonso to stop the
match that Sabu again prevented, and application of the TazMission. Taz choked
Sabu out for the victory. They shook hands after the match. The program ended on
that note.
Submitted by reader: DavidS1861
Recently I have purchased WM's
III and XIV from my local Wal-Mart. Nothing
strange, but on these two occasions, when they were scanned, a message beeped on
the register. Is the customer over 17? Y or N. This has never happened to me
when I brought previous WWF tapes. Has this happened to anybody else?
Thank you,
David Smith (Not the wrestler)
(If you have a response, please send it to DavidS1861 directly)
Submitted by reader: DXDGNR8CHK
I saw LD many, many, many times over the past week, and it got better and better
every time. For those of you wondering, my official "Oh My God" count from Joey
Styles was 11. Not bad. He said many amusing things over the course of the
program, my faves are as follows: from the Little Guido vs Antifaz DelNorte--
"Ah, that's gotta suck!". From the New Jack vs Mustafa match, when New Jack
used the comp. keyboard-- "Now that's interactive!", and finally, from the Lance
Storm/Justin Credible vs Shane Douglas/Tommy Dreamer match-- "I knew Shane
Douglas would double cross... never mind". Just some useless words for yallz
out there.
New Dimension Wrestling returns to
Thomasville, NC
New Dimension Wrestling will be returning to the Thomasville National Guard
Armory in
Thomasville, NC, this Friday night, April 2nd, with an 8:00p.m.

A 15 foot high steel cage match will highlight the main event, as the NDW
Hardcore Title will be on the line between The Beastmaster Rick Link, The Dirty
White Boy, and The Gravedigger.

In other matches, Rikki "Sweetness" Nelson will collide against Venom for the
NDW Heavyweight Title. Brute Shooter will do battle against "Loose Cannon"
Gunner in a lumberjack match. Plus, Lieutenant Tim Sells, Sergeant Rhodes, "The
Natural" Jeff Knotts, Dream Warrior #2, Mr. Excellent, and an over the top rope
battle royal.

Tickets are available now at Southwest Expressions (Archdale) 336-434-5659.
Adults $8.00 adv./$10.00 at door, children under 12 $5.00. Call the New
Dimension Wrestling hotline at 336-882-4921 or on the worldwide web at NDW
wrestling for more information. Be there!!!!
New Dimension Wrestling to invade
Charleston, WV
New Dimension Wrestling will be returning to
Charleston, WV with a huge
championship wrestling show on the campus of the
University of Charleston (Eddie
King Gymnasium), this Saturday night, April the 3rd,
8:00p.m. belltime.

In the main event, one of the original 4 horsemen Tully Blanchard will go one on
one against Rikki Nelson for the NDW Heavyweight Title.

In other matches, WCW Star Lodi will meet Zep Toad, The New Rock -n- Roll
Express (Ricky Morton & David Jericho) will tangle with The Dirty White Boys in
tag team action. The ladies will strut their stuff as Bambi takes on Peggy Lee
Leather for the ladies world title. The World's Brass Knuckles Title will be on
the line as the champion The Beastmaster Rick Link faces off against "The Ragin
Bull" Manny Fernandez.

Plus you will see Sergeant Max Rhodes, Brute Shooter, "The Natural" Jeff Knotts,
seven all-star matches in all and more.

Tickets are available now at the
University of Charleston Athletic Dept. Call
the New Dimension Wrestling hotline at 336-882-4921 or 304-357-4831. You can
also visit the New Dimension Wrestling worldwide website at or at NDW wrestling for more information. Be There!!!!
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