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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 194

Date:  Monday March 29th, 1999  11:16 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet 

On Tuesday, 3/30, ESPN's Outside the Lines will have a feature about wrestling.
While details are still scarce, Dave Meltzer thinks that we will see a pretty
informative feature. Scheduled for Tuesday @
7:30-8:30 PM EST on ESPN, be sure
to check your local listings for time and channel number. My thanks to
GBWrestle for the reminder.

On Saturday 3/27, Scott Hall remarried Dana Hall. After speculation pointing
towards Hall retiring, he has nixed these rumors, and does plan on returning to
the ring. He will be taking more time off, and is still recovering from his
ankle injury, but he will return (I don't when yet, but I'll publish a date when
its revealed).
Reported by Bob Ryder on WCW Live

Tammy Sytch is scheduled to appear at The JAPW Night Of The Cage, live Friday
April 9th, at The Shuetzen Park Ballroom in
North Bergen NJ. For more
information (plus a terrific photo), check out:
My thanks to Fat Frank for passing on the info...
WCW Nitro Report for March 29th, 1999
By Steve Appy
Live from the Toronto Air Canada Center
In front of a romantic fire, David Flair & Samantha discussed Ric Flair's
dodging of Hogan. David claimed that
Hollywood is the father he never had...

Konnan's music video played for the umpteenth time; where's Disco Inferno when
you need him? Actually a great video, but overplayed. Konnan had good
instincts when he realized that the overexposure of the video would backfire.

Konnan defeated Vince via submission in
Konnan's (wearing a K-Dogg 187 shirt) live interview was interrupted by Vince,
who claimed that
Hollywood sent him out to eliminate Konnan. Someone decided to
put the sold out crowd to sleep, and Vince was the man to do it. Stevie Ray
distracted Vince from ringside, giving Konnan the opportunity to apply the
Tequila Sunrise.

Samantha & Hollywood Hogan mocked poor David Flair;
Hollywood's attitude
patronized David. They teased a possible Hogan/Nash split, with Samantha
wondering who would win a rematch.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Throwing in a "brother and the
largest arms in the world", Hogan played total babyface to the Canadian crowd.
Hogan challenged Ric Flair to a World Title match later tonight, though Flair
was nowhere to be seen.

Tony Shiavonie announced that Sting was sighted in
Toronto; will he appear
I guess Tony forgot to watch QVC last week...

Mike Tenay interviewed Diamond Dallas Page; he stated that he was partially
paralyzed by the Steiner Recliner, but is 100% recovered. DDP dismissed the 30
day stipulation, and vowed revenge on Steiner. I would say his promo was
designed to turn him heel, but these days having an attitude is a prerequisite
for a babyface.

Wrath pinned Kenny Kaos in
Although a lumbering musclehead himself, Kaos was dwarfed by the gigantic Wrath.
A Meltdown put Kaos away after eight minutes, though most of us nodded off
after three minutes.

Samantha stirred Kevin Nash up against Hogan; she seemed to have motives of her

Gene Okerlund interviewed WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair. He
immediatly baited the Canadian crowd, and followed up by introducing Diamond
Dallas Page. Flair acted reluctant to give DDP his due, playing off tension
from Flair's 1995 booking reign. Page wanted to be granted a shot at Steiner,
and Flair responded by ordering DDP to face Hogan tonight. Hogan accepted the
challenge; Flair decided to be DDP's manager tonight. As Page & Flair bickered,
Sting looked down from the rafters, in full Crow uniform. Flair demanded that
he enter the ring, only to be greeted by Sting's indifferent gaze.

Rick Steiner pinned Scott Norton in 7:07
Steiner pinned Norton after a Bulldog off the Top Rope; Norton decided to kick
out right before the three count, a miscue that the referee wisely ignored. Not
only is Norton awful, but he refuses to sell.

Rey Mysterio Jr. persuaded Kidman to team with him against Benoit & Malenko
tonight; although reluctant, Kidman eventually agreed to compete for the World
Tag Team Championship.

WCW Television Champion Booker T pinned Chris Adams in 7:22
Booker pinned
Adams with a Missile Dropkick; the crowd was dead for everything
but the finish.

Although it may have been a work, Shiavonie, Tenay & Heenan sniped back & forth
most of the evening. All three came off as petty, Shiavonie especially

Chris Jericho pinned Jerry Flynn in
Jericho turned the crowd against him, denouncing Canada and embracing the United
. Jericho pinned Flynn after using the ropes for leverage.

Greeted by an overwhelming ovation, Bret Hart was introduced to the cheering
audience. Pulling of a credible "shoot" interview, Hart complained about the
treatment he has received from Bischoff, Hogan & Flair. Mentioning his
dominance of Steve Austin, Hart challenged Goldberg to meet him in the ring.

Accepting the challenge, Goldberg quickly speared an immobile Hart. Surprising
the crowd, both men fell unconscious to the mat. After several moments Hart
rose, and counted his own pinfall on the fallen Goldberg. Removing his shirt
Hart revealed a steel plate, a surface that left the phenom for dead. Grabbing
the mic, Hart announced to Eric Bischoff and the world "I Quit". A brilliant
angle, and step one in reclaiming Hart's reputation. He went over Goldberg in a
way that did him no damage, and he got people talking.

Just to make it clear, this was a work, a part of the show. Hart needs to
undergo groin surgery, and this will give a red hot angle upon his return.
Incredible, and a good feeling to see Hart utilized so well. Bischoff
confronted Hart during the commercial break, only to be rebuffed by The Hitman.

Buff Bagwell pinned Norman Smiley in 7:27
Buff played a 100% babyface; Buff scored the pin after The Buff Blockbuster.

Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman defeated Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko in 12:20 to
win the WCW World Tag Team Championship when Mysterio pinned Malenko
Four of the best wrestlers in the world; with so many hot tags and innovative
moves, an extended feud between these four would revolutionize the tag team
scene in the United States. As Malenko had Rey hooked in the Texas Cloverleaf,
Raven and Saturn made their way to ringside. Raven hit the Evenflow on Malenko,
making him easy prey for Mysterio. Raven & Saturn got their revenge on the
Horseman, and have logical matches upcoming against both teams. This also
provides a transition for Malenko to once again compete in the Cruiserweight
Division, with issues against both Kidman & Mysterio.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan pinned Diamond Dallas Page (w/Ric Flair) in 12:45
Hogan & DDP brawled all over the arena, even tearing through the announcing set
(an excuse to debut a new set next week). In an offhand dig, when Shiavonie
called Tenay "Mark Tenay" and then corrected himself, Heenan claimed that he was
right the first time. As Flair choked Hogan, DDP attacked Flair, enraged at the
interference. Hogan played the babyface monster, DDP a tweener, and Flair the
heel. Shiavonie is now crediting Hogan with creating the babyface comeback, a
slap in the face to many legends. After referee Mickey Jay was knocked out,
Charles Robinson took his place. Flair attempted to hit Hogan with a chair,
only to miss and knock DDP unconscious. Knocking out the biased Robinson,
Mickey Jay recovered enough to make the three count.
Triple H TURN
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
Good job as usual for pointing out something a couple of weeks ago that made me
handle th WMXV card last night- when you pointed out that Triple H had re-signed and
was expected to get a major push for main event status, then I knew that I would
expect something going strong with him at last night's card. I also had the
fortune of rolling by a newstand and seeing him on the cover of WWF Magazine
with the saying to the tune of "Can Triple H Tame the Rattlesnake?"

So as most people out there fully expected Austin to beat Johnson (Duane, not
Ahmed) last night, it did not come to any surprise to me that McMahon would give
TWO big angles to Triple H last night. With shades of Bret Hart's evolution to Mr.
Canada in WMX!!!, McMahon:

1) reunited the already dating Triple H and Chyna in WWF match mode at the aftermath
of Triple H-Kane and then

2) shocked most marks out there by having Triple H give a nice DX supporting
interview before the inevitable X-Pac thrashing of Shane Mac....and then
interfere and "Pedigree" X-Pac and having Shane Mac win a match over one of the
sport's best
workers in the WWF's flagship event. In my opinion, nice going by McMahon.

Why, sons of WCW? Well, let's face facts: as sure as most marks believe that
Undertaker can do no wrong (except when he wrestles the son of Texas, and it
seems to be proven by the cheers over jeers he gets in these matches and the
fact he wins at WM every year), well, young Austin is going to need some
challengers in 1999. HBK is out indefintiely, Kane and Foley were used
excessively last year, and the look seems to be (at least this minute) for Big
Wight to be a face.

Plus I don't see too many people lining up for Austin-Owen across the country,
either. So it makes sense to give Triple H a nice "Corporate" push, for as McMahon
knows, the Austin phenomenon can only go so far as his opponents can work him
and take him. And as he proved in 1998, well, I won't be surprised if I see an
Austin-Wight TITLE match before its over, either.......
Hindsight is 20/20: The Crusade To Eliminate Prejudgment
By Jeff Westfall (Dogg16)
I'm sure you readers have heard the phrase, "Hindsight is 20/20." While looking
back on your life, or things you've seen and experienced throughout your days,
we as people always look back to see the mistakes, or the positives of the past.
You can never go back and change these things, so I give to you another line,
"Live and learn." That's all we can do, right?

Well, take this look into the professional wrestling forum. Where I'd like to
focus my sights on today my little Drugee's is on the lead in hype to the
biggest wrestling event in the wrestling world of the past, present and
definitely the future... Wrestlemania. Since the addition to many home
computers of the internet and worldwide web, kids and adults of all ages have
been able to be in touch, or in this case stay in touch with the inner workings
of many aspects of life. To steal a
line here, "We've fiber optically connected the world to every mans want, wish
and desire." -- Devil's Advocate (1997).

Through this fiber optic connection many of the wrestling fans have taken their
time to visit sites, and talk about the WWF's annual March (sometimes early
April) pay-per-view, Wrestlemania. And while I can't say that the WWF doesn't
encourage them to do so, millions upon millions of wrestling fans turn off the
real world most days in February and March to check in at
to find out the past they didn't know about, or the future they look to out of
this event. Which, I might add, is the WWF's top grossing event most years
since the conception of the show.

What do these kids talk about? Many a topic I've seen come up ranging from,
"What's the best you've ever seen on a Wrestlemania card?" To,"Who's better,
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan?" This is great for the WWF and even a
getaway maybe from the everyday life for the fans. What this does do, though,
is keeps the fans looking to bigger, better and more exciting, sometimes more
extreme things from the WWF on this show. All during the weeks leading up to
the event, many a fan was asking the question of, "Will this Wrestlemania be the
worst Wrestlemania ever?" Well, this is a major opinion question, and it can be
answered in many different ways being that opinions are like as%!&@#$,
everyone's got one!

Many of the points brought up by these, what I like to call, "Smartmarks" is
that for us fans, to go back and look at the past Wrestlemania's and how many
great moments have come out of them, and then compare them to a show that hasn't
even happened yet. Is this fair for the WWF or for the new fans who take this
site, and its comments to heart as to decide if they want to order this
pay-per-view or not? The answer is "no!" A resounding "no" at that! The WWF
hasn't always promised the greatest out of Wrestlemania. Nor do they this year.

Everyone points back to such cards as Wrestlemania X from Madison Square Garden
in 1994 as the main example. Their point is that the Michaels v. Ramon WWF
Intercontinental Title Ladder Match is the greatest match of all time. Throw
in Bret Hart v. Owen Hart, and Bret v. Yokozuna, and there's a good PPV. Well, I
remember back to 1994, and the hype for that PPV. What distinctfully sticks out
in my mind is the same fans who praise the show now, didn't watch it back then
because they didn't care about a midcard, ex-tag team wrestler in Shawn
Michaels, or his overrated co-worker, who carried a little Miami Vice and
Scarface to his character, Razor Ramon. Nor did they care about a style of
match that, until after that match in 1994, was considered strictly a 80's type
match involving fat, non-talented, rednecks who had no ability to wrestle, but
instead had to be placed in "gimmick" matches.

Sure, after the five star performances, and may I add, showstealing, exciting,
breakthrough for both Scott Hall (Ramon) and Michael Hickenbottom (Michaels),
fans came out and marked their way into the lifes of these two for the next four
years. But did they buy the pay-per-view because of this match? Let me get a
"OHH HEELLLL NOOOOO!!!!" Thanks Mr. Austin!

We can always look back at suprising performances from Wrestlemania's past where
guys came with their "A-games" and made sure to show the world they
deserved to be on the card. Past Wrestlemania shows have launched careers of
many a wrestler: Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Diesel, Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels,
The New Age Outlaws, Demolition, Honky Tonk Man, Randy Savage, British
Bulldogs and a wide variety of others. The great thing about all of this is the
luxury of videotape to go back and re-live the times of those classics. To
remember what you were doing when this match was going on. I was 16 when I saw
Michaels v. Ramon, and let me tell you that everytime I go back and watch that
match, I realize why the WWF continues to succeed. They always seem to take the
nobody's and make them somebody's by giving them oppurtunity. The Outlaws did
that, as did Demoltion, as did Austin, Savage, and Honky Tonk Man.

The World Wrestling Federation looks at Wrestlemania as a showcase to the world
of its great talent pool seemingly missed, or untapped by other companies.
This is what makes it great. The suprise of the midcarders in a five star
match. But all these internet tapped geeks want the match of the century every
year, and five or six great lead in matches to that! Let it go! The WWF will put
on a great show regardless of what you may think of the lineup. So instead of
ripping into the WWF for its lack of a one through ten blockbuster card of
matches for Wrestlemania XV, I watched the pay-per-view and did enjoy the show.
Sure it wasn't the best Wrestlemania in my mind, but that's my opinion.

I believe any Wrestlemania could top Wrestlemania VIII. I'm sure many of you
have other favorites, and still will look down on this pay-per-view regardless
of what happened. Which, I'm glad to see many people I've talked to did enjoy
it. The WWF will continue to roll on with its classic Wrestlemania show.
Bringing you its best in performances, laughs and entertainment even though the
"Smartmark" still lurks out there like a bad a case of herpes. So quit being so
quick to put something down before you see it, and just watch it with a clear
mind, then make judgments. In so many words, turn off the computer, go pick up
that thing that rings, order the show, and turn on the television and just

See what you like and don't like, but leave the opinions at the keyboard. What
we don't need from wrestling fans are over bearing judgment freaks who ruin the
fun and entertainment of the show before it ever happens. That's what will kill
wrestling...just sit back and enjoy the ride. Meanwhile, I'll be the guy on the
crusade to hunt and kill off the rapidly growing species of the "Smartmark". I
don't know if I'll make it with
ya' to that promise land of Wrestlemania XVI after my one man crusade, but I
hope I've maybe opened a different way of thought for many of the"Smartmark"
species to convert. I think it was Hillel who said, "Follow the golden
ru...errr...I mean Austin 3:16, everything else is commentary!" Take care.
Subnitted by reader: ZzWiLLiEzZ
Im assuming that you watched Wrestlemania on PPV? Well, if so, was the Philly
crowd loud at all? I attended the show in person, and the crowd was weak! Maybe
they increased mic level on the broadcast or something?

I was down at the airport on Saturday meeting one of my friends who was coming
back from a trip, and I "bumped" into Marc Mero and Sable! My friend and I
introduced ourselves, and we talked mostly to Mero for about 10 minutes. Sable
was pretty shy during the whole conversation. Mero talked about his injury, the
WWF, and Philadelphia. He did introduce us to Sable at one point, and we said hi
and spoke for a couple of minutes. To my surprise Sable has short hair (shoulder
lenth) and wears a wig or an add-on during WWF shows.
Submitted by reader: matt
At the conclusion of this Nitro all the questions of Why? from last weeks Nitro
are answered. Why would they have Rey Mysterio Jr. face Flair in a main event?
To create a new 4 Horsemen better and badder. How? Very easy, it all falls into
place if WCW doesn't drop the ball somewhere. With the interference by
Raven/Saturn in the tag match, Rey and Kidman captured the tag team belts. This
could be the break up of Malenko and Benoit from the Horsemen. Malenko could
return as a Cruiserweight heel against Kidman and Rey, and Beniot could have an
angle with Raven/Saturn. Removing them and Mongo opens the door for 3 new
members. The reports of Barry Windham, DDP, and Booker T being in the 4 Horsemen
with Flair have all been put
into reality. But again, WCW could majorly ruin this. I think it would be a
great angle and another step towards recovery as the WCW Express chugs along...
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