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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 195

Date:  Tuesday March 30th, 1999  1:49 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

On Tuesday, 3/30, ESPN's Outside the Lines will have a feature about wrestling.
While details are still scarce, Dave Meltzer thinks that we will see a pretty
informative feature. Scheduled for Tuesday @
7:30-8:30 PM EST on ESPN, be sure
to check your local listings for time and channel number. My thanks to
GBWrestle for the reminder.

Ratings for
Monday, March 29th, 1999
RAW Nitro
1st Hour n/a 4.3
2nd Hour 6.6 3.1
3rd Hour 6.4 3.2
Composite 6.5 3.55

The 3/28 edition of Heat got a 4.7 rating. WCW is reaching all time lows,
despite several interesting angles...
(Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos at
Visit my Home Page:
Before I get to the TV Report, I'd like to again mention that I am still
receiving IM attempts while my computer is running Automatic
AOL to
Download/Upload my mail. If you attempt to IM me and I don't respond, it is not
because I am ignoring you, it is because I am not at my computer. If this
happens and you want to contact me, please do so via e-mail. I want to stress
that if I am on-line and receive an IM attempt, I always respond to it.

This was the first program following Wrestlemania and began with clips showing
what went on between Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) over the
past several months, leading up to Wrestlemania (WM).

After the RAW opening, Michael "I Blew It last Night" Cole and The King were at
the announcers position.

SCSA came to the ring to one of the loudest pops ever. He asked for and got a
"Hell Yeah." He said he burned down The Smackdown Hotel last night and won the
WWF Championship. He gave The Rock credit, but said it wasn't worth the
trouble?? He called McMahon to the ring and said he was going to give the Belt
back to him.

McMahon came down to the ring all smiles, but hesitant about it. He asked SCSA
why he was giving the Belt back. His favorite chant, @$$hole" greeted him. SCSA
gave him the belt, assuring him he wasn't going to hurt him. McMahon told SCSA
he knew that he "would crack under the pressure," but "couldn't bring himself to
say thanks."

SCSA said, "its not that easy," as he had a video run on the TitanTron from
last fall of McMahon saying "the only place the Belt was going was on the wall
in his home." He then said that was the Belt he wanted, since he now has the
Title. He wanted the custom made Belt hanging over McMahon's fireplace. He have
McMahon two hours to get it and deliver it to him or get his @$$ kicked.

McMahon said "No, the Belt shows he owns a piece of SCSA." SCSA asked the crowd
for a Hell Yeah if they wanted him to beat McMahon's @$$. Surprise, he got it.
McMahon pointed out that SCSA's contract says that if he lays a hand on him
without provocation, he would be fired. SCSA had a clip run from last night at
WM showing McMahon attacking him after he won the Title, and said that was
provocation enough. He again gave McMahon two hours to produce the Belt, "and
that's the bottom line... If not, in two hours your @$$ is mine." As SCSA
acknowledged the crowd, McMahon nailed him in the face with the Belt and left as
fast as his pudgy legs would allow him to. SCSA reminded him of the two hours he
had to produce the custom Belt.

We saw Tori and Ivory, PMS's Jacqueline and Terri, and Sable backstage.

The Ministry Of Darkness (MOD) arrived.

We saw McMahon, Shane, Stephanie McMahon and The Stooges in McMahon's locker
room. McMahon dispatched Stephanie to arrange to have the custom Belt brought to
the arena.

Sable came to the ring and did her new bit of blowing off the ladies and doing
The Grind for the men.

The first match was a tag team event, pitting Sable and Jacqueline, who was
accompanied by Terri, v. Tori and Ivory. Call this The Estrogen Championship.
Prior to the match we saw clip from WM of Terri burning Ivory with her cigar. As
the match got underway, Terri started to light another El Rancho Rope-o. Ivory
saw it and chased her backstage. Amazing how fast Terri was able to run in
heels. Jacqueline was in the ring with Tori. Sable came in and nailed her with
the Women's Title Belt, allowing Tori to pin her. Nice Sable, nailing your own
partner. Tori and Sable got into a face off.

The lights went out and when they came back on, Tori was gone and MOD had Sable
surrounded in the ring. The Undertaker told her not to be scared, "I just came
to see what you got." Sable did The Grind. Obviously not a fan of such earthly
pleasures, The 'Taker grabbed her by the neck. He addressed McMahon, saying "I
have your meal ticket, and can snap her neck like a twig," demanding that
McMahon come out.

We saw McMahon in his locker room and then he headed towards the ring. As he
came out from the curtain, he turned around and went back, apparently concerned
about Stephanie. He ran into Shane who said no one knows where she is. Lawler
said that McMahon must have noticed that The Acolytes were not in the ring and
realized something was wrong.
Winners - Tori and Ivory
Losers - Jacqueline and The McMahon's

After a commercial, we saw McMahon and Shane in their locker room. McMahon told
Shane not to call the police, "we'll find her."

X-Pac came to the ring and said he returned to the WWF a year ago because a
friend (Triple H) said he was needed, but that all changed last night at WM when Triple H
turned on him. He said DX will never die and along with The New Age Outlaws
(NAO), DX would be kept alive. He challenged Triple H to a match later, telling him
"Your @$$ is grass and I'm going to smoke it."

Shane reported back to McMahon that he couldn't find his sister. The 'Taker
called on the phone and said "She's sugar and spice and everything nice."

The next match was Paul "The Big Show Wight" v. Test. Prior to the match we saw
a clip from WM of McMahon berating Wight and being blasted by him for it. Cole
said Wight was arrested because of it, but has been released on his own
recognizance. It wasn't a match, it was a destruction. Wight Chokeslammed Test
and it was Game, Set, Match. Wight took the mic and told McMahon he had made a
big mistake thinking he owned him, no one does, and when he came to the WWF,
McMahon told him everything will change. Wight said it will, and "that's the
last word." McMahon is going to need a scorecard to keep track of his enemies.
Winner - The Big Show

Back to the locker room, where McMahon was talking to The Stooges and Nutso.
Nutso said he would find Stephanie. He'll probably start in
Haddonfield, Ohio.

We saw Nutso scouring the backstage area looking for her.

The next match was for the Hardcore Championship, pitting Hardcore Holly (C)
(Ugh, again!!) v. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams, along with Jim Ross. Prior to the
match, we saw a clip from two weeks ago of the Holly / Bad @$$ Match when Ross's
homemade announcers table was sent to announcers table heaven. Ross joined the
Spanish announcers, who thought he was speaking Chinese. Lawler kept making
jokes about it all though the match. Ross said he only wanted his old job back.
The Spanish announcers wished he had it. Dr. Death worked on Holly's left knee
in the early stages of the match. Holly brought an Acme Table into the ring and
opened it up. Dr. Death put him thru it big time with The Oklahoma Stampede, but
Holly's foot clipped the referee and knocked him out during the move, so he
couldn't count. Al Snow hit the ring. Al Snow hit Dr. Death with a Frying Pan.
Dr. Death hit the mat. Snow placed Holly's arm over Dr. Dead (well, he was out
cold), the referee awoke and that was that. Ross complained to the referee, who
told him to tell it to Judge Judy.
Winner - Hardcore (Hardware?) Holly - Retains the Title

Back to the locker room. Shane said The Rock is on next and wanted to know what
Daddy wanted to do. McMahon said he didn't care about The Rock, only his Little
Girl. He told Shane to do whatever he wants.

The next match was The Rock, with Shane, v. Bad @$$. Shane joined the
announcers. Bad @$$ did his "Suck It" bit to a major pop. The crowd chanted
"Rocky Sucks." Bad @$$ carried the early part of the match. The Rock took over
and did a little announcing as he went about his business. Bad @$$ fought back
but fell victim to Rock Bottom and The Corporate Elbow. End of story.
Winner - The Rock

Back to Depression City, AKA McMahon's locker room. Nutso was getting ready for
his match v. Gangrel. He told Daddy that he would make Gangrel tell him where
Stephanie was, if he had to tear his leg off and beat it out of him with it.
Note to Gangrel: I think you're going to need an extra dose of blood tonight.

We saw SCSA checking the time in his locker room.

The next match (or should I say execution) was Nutso v. Gangrel. Gangrel came up
thru his ring of fire and did his red liquid routine. It was a high impact
match, dominated by Nutso who kept asking Gangrel where Stephanie was. The
referee tried to control him, and could have used a squad of Green Berets to
help him. Nutso applied his Ankle Submission Hold, but Gangrel still refused to
divulge Stephanie's whereabouts as the bell rang. The lights went out and Nutso
took a Bloodbath. Christian was unfortunate (or stupid) enough to be there when
the lights came back on. Nutso applied his Ankle Submission Hold and Christian
gave it up. He said she was in the basement. Methinks The 'Taker wont be
Winner - Nutso
Loser - Christian, The 'Taker will not be happy

We saw Nutso searching the basement for Stephanie.

The next match was for the Intercontinental Championship (IC), pitting Goldust,
with The Blue Meanie, v. Road Dogg (C). Doggie did his intro bit to a big pop.
Prior to the match we saw stills of the Four Corner IC Title Match at WM, won by
Doggie after Ryan Shamrock accidentally (?) tripped Goldie. As the match got
underway, Ryan came to ringside, but The Meanie ran her off. Goldie had Doggie
set up for Shattered Dreams, but the referee protected Doggie's family jewels by
stopping Goldie. The Meanie came into the ring and Doggie threw him into Goldie
in a corner, and then dropped him onto Goldie. The Meanie left the ring and got
the IC belt, came back in, and nailed Doggie with it. It was back to the pound
for Doggie after that. Goldie took the mic and chastised the crowd for not
believing in him, and said he now knows who he is and we would soon know.
Winner - Goldust - New Intercontinental Champion

Nutso found McMahon's Little Girl in a subbasement. Little Girl was cowering in
a corner in fear and had a symbol painted on her forehead. She was afraid as
Nutso approached, but he reassured her and led her out of the subbasement.

Daddy and Little Girl united. Daddy and Little Girl hugging. All is well in the
world. Stooges and Nutso watched touching reunion.

The next match was for the Tag Team Championship, pitting Double J and Owen Hart
(C), with Debra, v.
LOD, Animal and Hawk, with Paul Ellering. Owen was greeted
by the "Nugget" chant.
LOD looked a bit flabby, but tough. They hit Owen with
The Doomsday Device, but Debra gave the referee an up close and personal look at
her Twin Peaks. JJ nailed Animal with an Acme Guitar, and Owen pinned him.
Ellering tried to stop Debra, but alas, he failed.
Winners - Double J and Owen Hart - Retain the Tag Team Titles
Winner - The Referee, for two obvious reasons

Another shot of SCSA marking time.

A limo pulled up and the driver rushed into the arena with the custom Belt.

Back to Daddy and Little Girl. Daddy thanked Nutso and said he has a friend for
live. Note to Nutso: Beware of WWF Fed Owners offering anything. The Belt
arrived. Daddy said he didn't care about anything, just his Little Girl. "This
night is over, the family has been through enough." He told Shane to give the
Belt to SCSA and left. After Daddy left, Shane began feeling his oats and told
Nutso to go get The Rock, "The night isn't over." Looks like Little Boy is
taking over again. Note to Shane: Remember the last time you did that? The
Stooges sure do.

The next match was DX v. Ex-DX, X-Pac v. Triple H, with Chyna and Shane. Shane joined
the announcers. They were just pleased about it. It was a brutal, revenge
motivated match. X-Pac had Triple H set up for The Bronco Buster, but Shane grabbed
his leg and stopped him. X-Pac chased Shane around the ring and then back in.
Chyna nailed X-Pac and it was 3-On-1 against him. Triple H had X-Pac set up for The
Pedigree, the lights went out and Kane cane to the ring when they came back on.
Triple H and Kane were set to go at it, when Shane came in and caused a distraction,
and allowing Triple H to nail him. Kane went after Triple H, but Chyna distracted him
allowing Triple H to blast him with a major chair (Acme, of course) shot from behind.
Poor Kane, he's just looking for all the wrong places. Triple H left the
ring. Kane got right up and took off after him with the chair in hand.
Winner - X-Pac by DQ

Shane got into the ring and the crowd must have mistaken him for Daddy as they
went into the "@$$hole" chant. Shane has arrived! He said "I'm Shane McMahon,
not Vince McMahon, and we're doing things my way." He said the Belt was around
The Rock's waist. The Rock came to the ring with the Belt over his shoulder. The
crowd greeted him with a chant of "Rocky Sucks." He said "Last night he laid the
smack down on SCSA's candy @$$." As has been happening of late, the crowd began
repeating The Rock's lines with him. He stopped and told then not to do. He had
a better chance of getting them all to loan him $50. He continued on, saying it
took two Stunners last night. Surprise, SCSA stormed in and jumped The Rock. The
fought out onto the announcers table and then back in the ring. Shane came back
in and took a Stunner for his efforts. The Rock stomped SCSA and clubbed him
with the Belt. Triple H came in and stomped SCSA. Nutso and Test joined the fun,
making it 4-On-1. Chyna helped Shane back to the locker room, his heroism over
for this night. The Big Show showed up and cleared the ring. Nutso came back and
took a Stunner. Test took a Face Buster from Wight. Triple H took a major Chokeslam
as the program ended.

A good follow-up to Wrestlemania
The following letter touches on a subject I feel pretty strong about, and was
well stated below. Sometimes we all take wrestling just a little too
Submitted by reader: Scrabblekg
I was reading my newsletter when I came accross this article "Triple H Turn". And
the author said "to the suprise of the marks". Now, maybe you don't know what a
mark is. I hate to tell you, you're a mark. I'm a mark. Everybody reading this
newsletter is a mark!!!!!

Now, why don't you do yourself a favor and run out to the newsstand and buy the
premiere issue of "WOW". They have an article that clears up what a mark is,
what a mark is, and everything else in wrestling lingo is. A mark is someone who
watches wrestling. So if you tune into USA at 9pm on Monday or
TNT at 8pm on
Monday, or any other time, you're a mark!!!!!! I'm pretty sick of how everybody
gets called marks by the "smarts" out there!!! Most of you who think you've
smarts, are nothing but HUGE marks!!!! Anyway, may we all go on our mark way in
Submitted by reader: Pimpil
Now, I am a big WCW fan, and ever since watching Wrestling With Shadows, I have
become a big Bret Hart fan. With rumors all around the internet about a possible
Goldberg/Hart match 3/29 on Nitro, I have come up with a booking plan for Nitro,
which will make Hart a face, have him defeat Goldberg, and have an angle for him
to get the surgery that he needs......

8:00---- To start off Nitro, they show a clip of the interview with Bret Hart
from last week, and wonder if he will make an impact on tonight's show, with it
being in Canada.

8:05---- Brian Adams d. Vince and Horace in a 3-way dance. During this match,
Stevie Ray comes out, and rips off his nWo shirt, apparently leaving them.

8:15---- Raven's music plays, and he comes out, and badmouth's Canadians. This
leads to Chris Benoit coming out, and saying that if Raven has something against
Canadians, then Benoit will solve it later tonight, and a match is signed.

8:25---- Blitzcrieg d. Psychosis. This match lasts about 15 minutes,and involves
lot's of high flying manuevers.

8:43--- Billy Kidman d. El Vampiro. This match is almost like the one before it,
but it lasts about 10 minutes.

8:55---- Bret Hart is shown arriving at the Arena, and as soon as he steps out
of his limo, Goldberg comes out of nowhere's to attack him. Ric Flair then comes
in to make the save (this happens because of the fued between Goldberg/Flair).
Hart quickly makes a getaway to the ring, as the crowd goes wild. Hart
challenges Goldberg to a match in the Main Event, and then Flair comes out.
Flair says that he likes the approach Hart has taken lately, and would like him
to join the Horseman, since it seems like Mongo has dropped from the face of the
Earth. Hart says he's undecided, so Flair says that in a way to persuade him,
he'll give him the match against Goldberg later on in the night.

Hart then says that all he really wants, is a shot at the Title, and Flair says
that the winner of the Goldberg/Hart match, will fight for the Title at Spring
Stampede. Hart accepts, but doesn't join the Horseman.... yet. During this
interview, Hart also apologizes to Sting for what he did to him at Havoc.

9:10---- Booker T d. Chavo Gurrero Jr. to retain TV Title. After the match,
Stevie Ray comes out, and wants to reunite with Booker, but Booker just shrugs
him off.

9:20----Kevin Nash comes out, and badmouths Canadians. He then says, that to
humiliate them he'll defeat Chris Jericho later on in the night.

9:30---- Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn wrestle to a No Contest, as they both get
counted out for brawling all over the Arena.

9:39---- Hollywood Hogan comes out, and says that Bret Hart or Goldberg
shouldn't be the #1 contenders because, he and Nash were the last two Champions.
Ric Flair comes out and makes yet another appearance and says that if either of
them want to fight for the No.1 contender, that next week, they'll have to fight
each other, and the winner gets to fight the #1 contender to see who wins. Hogan
accepts, and then Nash comes out looking mad, and says that if Hogan is
expecting him to lay down for him again, he's got another thing coming to him.
Dissention looks among the nWo, with Big Poppa Pump kicking Buff out a few weeks
earlier, and this happening.

10:00---- Chris Benoit d. Raven. After the match, Kanyon and Saturn came flying
out, and started to beat down on Benoit. Malenko then comes out and tried for
the save, but was denied. Raven said that if they wanted to stop getting beat
on, that at Spring Stampede, they should give him and Saturn a No DQ Tag Titles

10:15---- Rey Mysterio Jr. d. Prince Nakamaki to retain Cruiserweight Title.
This is a solid High Flying Match.

10:25---- Chris Jericho d. Kevin Nash with LionTamer. During this match, Bret
Hart walked out, and as Nash turned his attention, Jericho capatilized and found
a way to hook the LionTamer for the victory.

10:35---- Bret Hart vs. Goldberg
During this match, it is very even, and Bret Hart fights cleanly. At about
11:00, Goldberg Spears Hart, and Flair and Benoit come out. Flair is about to
interfere, but Benoit takes him out, screaming that Hart wants to win this one
fair!!!! Jericho quickly follows, and they cheer on Hart as Goldberg gets him
up and down with the Jackhammer. With the crowd and Benoit and Jericho behind
him, Hart becomes the first man to kick out of the Jackhammer, and finds a way
to hook Goldberg in the Sharpshooter, as Goldberg taps out!!!!! Hart then falls
to the mat, in obvious pain, and the nWo come out, and Flair and Malenko storm
the ring to attack both wrestlers. Benoit and Jericho help out Hart, but to no
avail. Suddenly, the lights go out, and when they come back on,Sting is in the
ring, with Benoit and Jericho standing up. Sting, Benoit, Jericho, and Hart all
raise four fingers as the show goes off the air.....

This could lead to many different situations. Hart has the face Horseman, and
Flair can recruit the heel Horseman. I think that if this would be done, and
done correctly, the WCW would be on top in no time.
If you want the most information on the WWF, WCW, and ECW Visit The Unibomb
Newsboard by going here:
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