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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 197

Date:  Thursday April 1st, 1999  1:24 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

At the conclusion of this issue are the Heat & RAW results for 4/4 & 4/5. As
always, if you would like to be surprised, skip that section.

The much talked about 'Outside the Lines' Wrestling special will be replayed on
ESPN Friday (4/2) at 12:30 a.m. ET (Thursday at 9:30 p.m. PT), and April 8 at
3:30 a.m. ET. Check your local listings for time & channel number. Although on
the controversial side, this is one show worth checking out. My thanks to
BLNDME1030, Jffl29, SoulKen, GBWrestle,
THEMANizME, DawgPride, Ovrdraft & Brad Rivers for the
replay time.

TS had a story on the All Japan 3/29 show at
Fukui. Apparently Kenta Kobashi
tore a left muscle (foot?) and had to go to the hospital. The injury was
sustained during a 6-man tag match at the 3/28 Nagoya Aiichi Prefectural Gym
show. On 3/29 in
Fukui, Kobashi went ahead and worked on the injured foot. After
the 3/29 show, Kenta Kobashi's foot was examined and it was determined that he
BROKE his left foot. Kobashi insists that he will attempt to work the rest of
his Carnival matches. The only move Kobashi is able to perform full in the ring
are a flurry of chops. (TS)
Reported by Zach Arnold at:

A number of readers have pondered the thought of Triple H joining the Corp. because
like the Posse, he too, in the storylines, is from
Greenwich, CT. While I have
no reason to assume the WWF will do this, it would make sense...
Reported by Dave Scherer at:
Submitted by reader: Moj8681
I was at RAW this past Monday, and never attending an event like that before,
here are some things that were interesting.

-Other than
Austin, Maivia, Sable, and the Ministry, the loudest cheering was
either for JR/Dr. Death, or Jerry Lawler.

-When the lights went out prior to Shamrock's bloodbath, it was plain to see
Edge get a big white bucket from under the ring, dump it on Shamrock, and throw
it back under the ring.

-The Hardcore match was horrible, and Wight vs. Test was a joke. Test must not
have much skill at all. We rarely see him fight for more than a minute or so.

-There was more action in the stands than in the ring. Fights were breaking out

-On TV, if anyone started to hear booing that just came out of the blue for no
reason, it was because the security guards took all the beach balls that were
being bounced around. At one point, three rows of people were ejected for
brawling. I missed how it happened, but one guy just started rolling down the
stairs. It must have been a sick fight.

-its definitely more fun to see RAW in person, because its just fun, but its
really too hard to follow what's going on, and hard to hear interviews too. We
were in the fifth row, the last row on the floor, so we were about even with the
base of the ring, and with four heads in front of you, its tough to catch
Submitted by reader: DSpicacci
I'd like to add some details to the dark matches from the 3/29 RAW, and also
what happened after RAW went off the air:

Malia Hosaka pinned Brandy Alexander
I guess this was a tryout for the new WWF women's show for the fall. There were
commentators at ringside, but the match was shown on the TitanTron. The fans
weren't into this match at all and many "boring" chants were heard. Eventually,
Hosaka got the pinfall victory.

Tiger Ali Singh pinned Lance Diamond
Diamond came to the ring and stood there as Howard Finkel introduced Super
Astros commentators Hugo Sagvinovich and Carlos Cabrera. Singh did his usual
pre-match mic work and got the typical "
USA" chants. He won with a "Rude
Awakening" neckbreaker.

Triple Threat Match: Jesus Castillo defeated Apollo Dante and Miguel Perez Jr.
I don't get SuperAstros in my area, but judging by this match, the two former
Boricuas are feuding with each other. Also, Castillo now has a gimmick, but I
didn't catch his new name. Castillo and Dante worked together against Perez for
the majority of the match and that enabled Castillo to win. The two attacked
Perez after the match until Jose Estrada, Jr. (another former Boricua) made the

"Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roses played as Howard Finkel introduced
Kevin Kelly, Michael Cole, and James E. Cornette, who got a good hand from the

Al Snow pinned Gillberg
Snow comes out to a huge pop and then we see Tony Garea go to Gillberg's
dressing room and tell him that he's up next. Gillberg does his usual hysterical
entrance complete with the phenominal pyro display. There wasn't much to this
match as Gillberg crotched himself on the top rope as he attempted to leap over
it to get into the ring. Snow shook the ropes some more, clotheslined Gillberg
and got the

El Hijo de Santo and El Negro Casas defeated TAKA Michinoku and Pantera
TAKA and Pantera were accompained by Papi Chulo. Surprisingly, there was no
crowd response for TAKA and company considering they have been on WWF TV
before. After some high-flying action, El Hijo de Santo made Pantera submit for
the victory.

Four Corners Match: Too Much defeated Public Enemy, DOA, and The Hardy Boyz
The interesting PE angle continued as all the other participants refused to tag
Flyboy Rocco or Johnny Grunge. At one point in the match, DOA and their buddies
Too Much had to go at it with each other. Eventually, Rocco tagged one of the
Hardy Boyz by slapping him in the back of the head. All the other men attacked
the PE and then piled on as TEddie Long counted the pinfall. Too Much were
declared the winners.

Howard Finkel then introduced Jerry Lawler to a great pop. We were then told
that we would be going live on the USA Network for a commercial. Lots and lots
of noise and lots and lots of signs for that spot.

Droz pinned
Devon Storm
Storm looks different from his last tryout as he has dyed his hairblack. Droz
dominated the match and pinned Storm after a Tigerbomb.

The countdown was on for the live telecast. Most saw what happened, so I won't
recap it here. Let's get to what happened after
USA faded to black. Steve Austin
and Paul Wight cleared the ring of the Corporation with most of them scampering
to the dressing room leaving only the Rock and Shane McMahon.
Austin invited
the Rock into the ring to have a beer with him. The Rock entered the ring, shook
Austin's hand and the two drank. However, The Rock tries a clothesline, but
Austin ducks and gives him a stunner. Rock gets up and is given another stunner.
The Rock goes outside of the ring where he is attended to by Shane McMahon.
Austin goes outside and throws Shane into the ring and into a monster chokeslam
by Paul Wight. Austin and Wight then share a few beers to end the evening.
Dennis Spicacci
The Slammy Award Winning Website:
Submitted by reader: TakerJR911
Hey everybody- when people say the WCW or blah blah blah WWF, you need to have
it the other way around. Just say it
ALL the way out. When people say
"The World Championship Wrestling". Or "I hate WWF". That is the same as I
World Wrestling Federation." So just remember, its WCW and The WWF.
Submitted by reader: Websmkng99
I'm replying to the comment made by SamJerry about Sting using his old
gimmick. This is the gimmick where he says nothing and points using a black bat
and has his face painted white. I think this was his best gimmick ever. He is
so scary and chill when he just makes the wrestlers scared and comes down from
the rafters in a harness or helicopter. I dont see how he can say that this
gimmick sucks. Look at his oldest gimmick, the surfer gimmick. It did put WCW
on the map and he is was the franchise but that gimmick sucks these days. His
other one, where he talked all the time and tried to be funny with the
Wolfpack, that just completly sucked. I didn't even like Sting from then on.
But if he returns with the same entrance music as he did when he was the white
faced Sting that would work. By then he will be an awesome edition to the
ratings war and people should like Sting for his stern and deathlike stare into
your eyes and you never know what he's going to do. Peace
On Friday April 2, the NWF is presenting the "Hall of Fame Tour" in Kingsport,
TN. Scheduled to appear are: Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Iron Sheik, Honky Tonk
Man, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and many other wrestlers. It should be worth
the $10 admission just see all those guys you grew up watching on TV.

Check out Aaron Sides web site, found at:

Subscribe to the WWF Only -Break It Down Newsletter by e-mailing me

If anybody would like to join the fed that Sting41287 has put together,
please e-mail him for more information.
S.S.C.W. Presents:
F-U Tour '99, Sunday Night April 25, 7:30 Bell Time
Seton Hall University, South Orange N.J.
Stars To Appear: King Kong Bundy, Iron Sheik, Marty Jannetty, Devon Storm

Sunday Afternoon, May 16, 4:00 Bell Time
Club Obsessions, Randolph N.J.
Stars To Appear: The WWF's Gillberg, "Dangerous" Devon Storm, Reckless Youth and
a Barb Wire 4 Corners Match
*21 and older, Alcoholic beverages will be served in a private area.
Submitted by reader: ChrisC4205
American Pro Wrestling
Hardcore Hitman Hunter vs Lightning Lee Storm (w/ Jeff G. Bailey)
Not even what you could consider a match. Hitman Hunter dominated Storm and
finished him off with two heart punches.
Winner : Hardcore Hitman Hunter

Interview With Jeff G. Bailey and Hardcore Hitman Hunter - A representative from
the board of directors of
APW banned the use of the Heart Punch.

2nd Match - Texas Johnny Dollar w/ Jim McHolmes vs Doug Matthews
Johnny Dollar and McHolmes demolish Storm and Dollar ends the match with a
bulldog and by putting his feet on the ropes for the pin.
Winner - Texas Johnny Dollar

Interview segment called "EAGLE'S NEST" conducted by Chief Jay Eagle; he
interviewed Hardcore Hitman Hunter & Jeff G. Bailey. The main point of the
interview was to build some heat against TV Champ Backstreet Sonny Stone. It
ended with Hitman Hunter beating up Chief Jay Eagle.

US Champ Rough Rusty Riddle vs Country Boy Bubba Clyde
The match starts off slow, but Bubba Clyde starts to get an advantage when Rusty
Riddle gets in a low blow behind the ref's back. Riddle finishes
Clyde off with
a pedigree and then a Gulliotine Legdrop.
Winner - Rough Rusty Riddle

Interview with TV Champ Backstreet Sonny Stone (huge face) - Stone didn't say
much, just building up to a match with George South for later in the program.

Beach Blondes (truly Beach & not Bleach) vs Tag Champs Bad Company
The Beach Blondes jump Bad Company before the bell, but Bad Company rebounds.
Beach Blondes regain control and cut the ring off for about 4 minutes and hit a
low blow behind the ref's back. Bad Company regains control and uses the
devastation device but Beach Blondes kick out. The Beach Blondes use a pair of
knucks to win the match but the ref sees the knucks, orders the match to restart
and Bad Company rolls them up to retain their titles.
Winners : Bad Company

Final Match - George South vs TV Champ Backstreet Sonny Stone
George South pulls out a classic heel role using cheap moves, but Stone recovers
and hits South with a full arm-dragged twist. South hits Stone with a knee lift
and then jaw-jacks to the crowd. At this point Stone is starting to fight back
when Hardcore Hitman Hunter and Jeff G. Bailey hit the ring causing a DQ and
pounding along with George South on Backstreet Sonny Stone.
Winner by DQ - Backstreet Sonny Stone
RAW & HEAT SPOILERS (If you would like to be surprised, SKIP THIS SECTION)
By Bdle
Taped April 30th in the Nassau Coliseum in
Uniondale NY

Sunday Night Heat for
April 4th, 1999
The Corporation had an interview. Same old stuff, and Rock said he has
belt is better than Stone Cold. Triple H showed his new heal attitude by telling the
crowd to "S*ck It" (but in a different way than usual).

Tori defeated Jacqueline by DQ. Tori had a sleeper on Jacqueline and Terri
Runnells interrupted with a low blow, disqualifying Jackie.

Val Venis d. Steve Blackman via the Money Shot. After the match Blackman gave
Venis a stepping-stool kick (jumping kick) to the back and beat Venis with his
Kendo Sticks. It seems Blackman will be a heel.

Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett came out and challenged any tag team who thought they
could beat them to do so... Kane's music played and he showed up behind them
when the lights came on. Owen and Jarrett ran away and said they would have a
handicapped match later in the show against Kane.

The Big Boss Man d. Droz via. his sidewalk slam finisher. During the match Big
Boss Man ripped out a nose-ring of his and Droz was bleeding.

Kane d. Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett by DQ via a guitar shot to the head. Kane
hit a double suplex on both Hart and Jarrett after reversing their double
suplex. Owen hit an enzugiri on Kane leaving him hardly affected and then
Jarrett hit him with the guitar. X-Pac then came to Kane's rescue and when Hart
and Jarrett were cleared from the ring Kane put his hand around X-Pac's neck for
a Chokeslam. He let go after about five seconds and Kane left. I guess the
match was signed for Raw, X-Pac and Kane vs. Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett for the
tag-team titles.

Monday Night RAW for
April 5th, 1999
X-Pac and Kane d. Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett to win the Tag Team Titles in
Hart and Jarrett performed good technical double-teaming moves throughout the
match, which didn't let X-Pac tag Kane until
5:45 into the match. Kane just
destroyed and Chokeslammed Jarrett while Owen was busy with a bronco-buster from
X-Pac. When X-Pac was through with the bronco-buster it again seemed that Kane
was going to Chokeslam him but instead, this time he just threw X-Pac onto
Jarrett for the pin. I don't think X-Pac was the legal man but the ref didn't
know so he gave them the titles. Kane just took his title and walked away.

Interview w/ Corporation- Shane says Triple H and The Rock will fight "The Big Show"
Paul White in a handicap match later on RAW. Triple H and The Rock then gave their
views on Paul Wight. Shane showed a view of Rock with title on the Titan Tron
for a while.

Ivory calls out Terri Runnells. Runnells was reluctant to enter the ring but
when she did was jumped on by Ivory. Ivory ripped Runnells shirt off :), She
did a pretty good coverage job though... I didn't see anything. After a few
seconds the lights went out. The Ministry came out and when the lights come on
no one is in the ring. Undertaker then mentions he will sacrifice a woman later

Al Snow d. Bob Holly via The Snow Plow in
This wasn't for the title and wasn't Hardcore. Holly tried to get a chairshot
but the ref stoped him. It was a pretty good match though.

The Undertaker was shown whipping Christian with a belt on the Titan Tron,
because he told Shamrock where Stephanie McMahon was.3

During the break Earl Hebner was "flipping the birdie" to fans, I don't know
why. Maybe he is trying to come out as a heal.

The New Age Outlaws d. The Brood (Gangrel and Edge) via the Rocker Dropper to
Christian in
5:30. Billy Gunn tried to show his Mr. @xxxxcs but Earl Hebner stopped
him. Gangrel and Edge hit a double superplex. Eventually Christian came out
holding his back because of the whipping he got. He runs into the ring to help
the Brood and gets a Rocker Dropper and gets pinned for a three count.
*Note: Christian wasn't even an OFFICIAL participant in this match.

Shamrock d. Visera via DQ. after the Ministry interfered. Shamrock was wearing
his old red tights. Shamrock couldn't get Viseria up until the end when he hit
a huge belly to belly. Immediately after that the Ministry laid out Shamrock
with a lot of big moves including a splash from Visera. They carried Shamrock
out through the crowd.

Mankind d. Val Venis via Socko Mandible Claw in
4:37. Mankind got very good
crowd support throughout the match. He told every one he had two words...
"Mmmm Beefy!". Mankind got a double-arm DDT on Val and then came the Socko

Goldust fought The Godfather to a double count-out in
5:00 The Godfather began
to offer Goldust his Ho's in order to win the match via forfeit. Goldust just
didn't reply and continued to crawl around the Ho's. Godfather decided "to just
kick his *ss." It was an all right match but it ended in a double count-out.

The Ministry came out and sacrificed a woman. She was wearing a black robe and
they removed the mask and it was... Ryan Shamrock (I think, it was hard to see
but most people thought it was Ryan Shamrock.)

"The Big Show" Paul Wight d. Triple H and The Rock via DQ by Chyna low blowing White.
It was a good match. Paul Wight had the advantage throughout the match. He
got some big moves and he slapped Triple H on the chest and the whole arena heard it.
Eventually Wight got Triple H up in a chokeslam but Chyna gave him a low blow. Then
The Rock and Triple H began beating on White. Eventually after Wight received a
People's Elbow, out came "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. He punched and kicked up a
storm. Eventually Triple H and Rock returned to the ring. Shane McMahon put the
picture of The Rock having
Austin's title around his waist back on The
Titantron. Then
Austin told White to pull down the Titan Tron (pretty fake, and
probably not televised). He did so and
Austin rolled under at the last second.
Austin came back out shredding through the Titan Tron with a knife on a stick.
He came out and continued shredding The Titan Tron with the picture of the Rock
with the title.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Darren Kramer

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