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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 198

Date:  Thursday April 1st, 1999  1:24 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Thanks to Joe DeLeon for the following:
Bad news to report on Davey Boy Smith. The 4/2 edition of the
Calgary Sun
reported that Smith has been hospitalized with a spinal infection that has him
in intense pain. He was entered into a
Calgary hospital on 3/31. He had on lump
on his back that was diagnosed as a bone infection. He is on intense
antibiotics. Doctors told him his recovery time will be long and painful. He
will be hospitalized for about six months and doctors have told him that the
pain it will get worse before it gets better. He may even need surgery if the
antibiotics don't work. He will be out four months at best. Smith had been on
the sidelines letting his injured back heal and had hoped to return to the ring
next month. Although it almost goes without saying, the Booking Sheet wishes
Davey Boy a quick recovery, and a chance to lead a relatively painless life.
Reported by

Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko, during their brief reign as WCW World Tag Team
Champions, approached Bischoff about allowing them to defend the belts in New
Japan. The Horseman figured that doing so would give the championship
legitimacy as real world belts; Bischoff failed to see the logic.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

Antonio Inoki announced that Naoya Ogawa's first NWA World Title defense would
take place on 4/24 in
Iowa, which, if that's the case, will probably ruffle some
feathers elsewhere in the
United States. There's no word on on potential
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

To subscribe to The Wrestling Observer, THE premier source of wrestling news
anywhere, send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell, CA 95009-1228

The 1999 Brian Pillman Memorial show will be held at the Cincinnati Gardens
(Cincinnati being Brian Pillman’s hometown) on Wednesday, May 19th,1999.
Guests for the show are scheduled to include WWF Champion "Stone Cold" Steve
Austin, WCW World Champion Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko,
Mankind, Chris Jericho, Al Snow, D-Lo Brown, Terry Taylor, Ricky Steamboat, Road
Dogg Jesse James, Woman, WCW referee Mark Curtis (Brian Hildebrand), Dr. Tom
Pritchard, and more!
Ticket prices are as follows: Ringside (6 rows) $50; Floor Seats (7 rows) $30;
Elevated around floor level $25; General Seating $20. There will also be special
sessions with the wrestling stars, a special silent auction, raffles, prizes and
more! All the profits of this show will go to the Brian Pillman Memorial Fund
and the Pillman family. Tickets for this awesome, once-in-a-lifetime event go on
sale on Wednesday, April 7th through all Ticketmaster outlets
( is the official website) or through the Cincinnati Gardens
Box Office, which can be reached at (513)-631-7793
Reported by George Epstein & JPhill9990
By Don Callis
Be sure to check out the official home of The Jackyl (Cyrus), found at:
CYRUS: What's in a Name??
The Jackyl is dead! Long live Cyrus.

Not to be melodramatic, but much has been made of my name change, first
broadcast for public consumption by ECW commentator Joey Styles on this past
weekend's PPV "Living Dangerously".

Several panicked Jackylites have emailed me wondering if the man they
worshipped/ marked out for is no more, and would the many hours spent "Jackyling
off" to my intellectual intercourse be for naught?

Lets deal as I like to, in facts. Fact: the man you worshipped/marked out for
was ME, not "Jackyl". Jackyl was a name thought out at the last second by the
folks in Stamford, and I always found it amusing that while I named people like
Edge, Kurrgan and Golga, I never named myself, perhaps because I put too much
stock in the name, and thus, was never satisfied. I made Jackyl cool by coining
such terms as Jackyl off and Jackylites which quickly caught on and became
catchy right about the time that the little catch phrases became all the rage.
Rest assured, I am still here with you, and fulfilling the prophecy that I made
months ago, spoken in verse: "Life is an incurable disease, and so am I" -Don
Callis, 1998.

So what about Cyrus? Cyrus was a name I had wanted to use in WWF (Cyrus the
Jackyl), but by the time I came up with it, Jackyl was already established, and
the WWF likes one word names anyway. Cyrus, was of course, King of Persia in the
period before the birth of Christ. He was known for being a great politician and
builder of society, so you can see there is a natural connection.

Cyrus is also translated from Hebrew into "the Lamb", with all of its religious
overtones, I thought it was appropriate, because, after all, I have put myself
through this torture for all of you.

Unfortunately, our present society, which has forsaken the pleasure of books for
the quick fix electronic sugar rush of television will likely not make these
historical connections. Thankfully, I have no compunction about enlightening all
of you.

This is not a wholesale character change to use the vernacular of the bookers
and television writers. I am, as Cyrus, Jackyl, Natural, or Don Casablancas,
always, myself, and that's why all of it works, and that's why you should not be
afraid of Cyrus, but embrace him as you would a newfound twin brother or sister.

Is Cyrus really a Virus? Watch what happens to ECW in the coming months and
you'll have your answer!

As my friend
Jericho would say, now let me get this right....
"Later, Man."
Cyrus (formerly known as the...)
WCW Thunder Report for
April 1st, 1999
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)
Live from
Richmond, VA
Tony Schiavone announced that Hollywood Hogans victory over Diamond
Page on Monday Nitro earned Hogan a world title shot against Ric Flair at Spring
Stampede. Also announced was that Sting would be on Nitro in
Las Vegas to give a
message to the entire world.

--Mean Gene interveiewed Raven and Saturn. When Gene questioned the two men
on why they were together since they "broke up", Saturn sarcastically said, "I
never knew we were dating". Raven stated that he and Saturn have been fighting
since high school, beginning with fighting over (former ECW manager) Beulah
McGillicutty. Saturn said "No, that was Tommy (Dreamer)". Saturn and Raven then
said that they never liked Benoit and now do not like "Stinko" Malenko, so that
is why they helped Kidman and Mysterio defeat The Horseman for the tag team
titles. They then said that they felt that since they helped the two
cruiserweights win the tag titles, that they deserved a title shot.

Erik Watts versus Norman Smiley
The King of the Big Wiggle forced
Watts to submit to the Norman Conquest.
Winner: Norman Smiley via submission

--Chris Jericho spoke to J.J. Dillon about letting him back in the
U.S. title
tournament, despite his loss to Scott Steiner in the first round. He cited that
since Curt Hennig was hurt, he should be able to slide into Hennig's spot.
Jericho quoted some statute from the WCW rulebook. Dillon said until he saw the
rulebook that the answer would be no.

Mike Enos/Bobby Duncum Jr. versus Raven/Saturn
Duncum mistakingly hit his partner Enos with his cowbell which set up an
Evenflow DDT by Raven. After the match, the Benoit and Malenko viciously
attacked Raven and Saturn with chair shots.
Winners: Raven/Saturn via pinfall

--Chris Jericho confronted "President" Ric Flair, who was discussing matters
with J.J. Dillon. "Lionheart" presented his case to the Nature Boy, who told
Jericho that he liked him and that he had his permission to reenter the
tournament, despite Dillon already saying no.

Chris Adams versus Chris Jericho
Lionheart defeated a tough opponent in the "Gentleman" with the Liontamer.
Winner: Chris Jericho via submission

--In the back, Ric Flair spoke to Ed "The Disciple" Leslie. Flair told Leslie
that his contract was up in thirty days and that if he could beat Hogan tonight,
he would extend his contract for three years at DOUBLE the pay. Leslie agreed to
take the match, since his future rode on this one match.

Meng/Jerry Flynn versus Hugh Morrus/Barbarian w/Jimmy Hart
Meng wrestled this match alone as the First Family had attacked Flynn in the
back. As Morrus was mounting the ropes for his "No Laughing Matter" moonsault,
Flynn (holding his head) kicked Morrus off of the top rope. Meng then put the
Barbarian in the Tongan death grip for the pinfall victory. After the match,
Hart nailed Meng with a chair but was kicked out of the ring for his effort.
Winners: Meng/Jerry Flynn via pinfall

--Mene Gene interviewed Hollywood Hogan.
Hollywood said that he is willing to
jump through every hoop that Flair puts in front of him, because he said that he
knows that "at the end of the tunnel", Flair will be right there, and that he
will regain the championship belt. Flair then came out and introduced the
"Disciple" as his opponent later on the night. Leslie said it was not
professional or personal, but something that he had to do because his future was
on the line. Flair then told several fans to get out of "his" building and
berated the fans in attendance.

Kaz Hayashi/Chavo Guerrero Jr. versus Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko w/ArnAnderson
Malenko won this match for his team by forcing Hayashi to tap out to the
Cloverleaf. Malenko kept the hold on until Raven and Saturn rushed the ring.
After knocking Anderson out of their way, they returned the earlier favor by
attacking the Horseman, including jumping off the top rope from the inside out
onto Benoit who was laying prone on a table.
Winner: The Horseman via submission

--In the back, Hogan told Scott Steiner that it was his responsibility to take
Booker T out. This did not settle well with Stevie Ray, who said that part of
his agreement upon joining the nWo was that Booker T would be left alone. Hogan
told Ray that the nWo were now his brothers and that plans have changed. Hogan
then said he dropped the ball by telling each member of the nWo black and white
that they were the leader. He said he felt they were all qualified and said that
the only way to settle this would be to get the members of the black and white
in a match on Monday night with battle royal rules. He said that the last man
standing would assume control of the black and white express.

Horace versus Diamond Dallas Page
DDP put Hollywoods nephew down with the "Diamond Cutter".
Winner: Diamond Dallas Page via pinfall

Disciple versus Hollywood Hogan
As soon as Hogan hit the Disciple with his patented leg drop, Flair jumped in
the ring, forcing the disqualification. Flair even knocked referee Mickey Jay
out. Hogan fought back only to be attacked by the rest of the Horseman. After
taking quite a beating, Hogan fought back to clear all of the Horseman
(including Anderson) out of the ring.
Winner: Hollywood Hogan via disqualification

--The program ended with Tony Schiavone reannouncing that Sting will be on
Monday Nitro with a message for the world.

Ricks Comments:
--It is getting ridiculous. I thought Schiavone and Tenay were going to come to
blows at one point tonight. They have been arguing like school girls over a
hairbrush. It is redundant and it is not funny anymore.

--Chris Adams looked pretty damn good tonight.

--Finally, the chapter of who the leader of the black and white will be answered
on Monday.

--Erik Watts looked pretty good tonight.......alot better than he did some years
ago when he got arrested in a gas station parking lot for putting Arn Anderson
in the STF.....anyone else remember that?
Submitted by reader: Sting833
I think what everyone forgets about Sting's crow gimmich is that by the time
Sting left to take care of his personal problems, it was getting boring as hell.
Sting is terrific on the mic, but the Crow gimmick doesn't work well if he's,
well, speaking. Really, there's only so long you can have one of your top guys
go on in a gimmick where he doesn't say a word. Even Goldberg speaks now. I want
to respond to what someone said about how his old gimmick, with the spiked
hair, "sucks these days". How would you know? By calling him a "surfer", you
obviously weren't watching at the time, and didn't see the gimmick.

I remember talking with someone recently about whether or not they would mark
out if they heard "Real American" again. Well, I'd mark out if I heard "Man
Called Sting", and I think a lot of other people would. That gimmick does not
"suck", and never has. No matter what Nash decides to do with him (and from what
I've heard, Nash is
amazingly confused on this one), he should end up going after Flair. Anyone who
knows the history of these two men knows that this was one of WCW's all-time
greatest rivalries. The 45 minute draw at the first Clash of Champions, the
match at Starrcade '89, Sting joining, and then getting turned on by the
Horsemen, then getting redemption at Bash '90 by winning the World Title for the
first time. It was always a captivating feud, and produced top quality
wrestling. Now, Sting can return to fight for the good of WCW against Flair, who
has returned to his old ways. If WCW does it right (and I only give them a 50/50
shot these days), Flair-Sting is one PPV I'd buy.
Submitted by reader: Sable16911
As Triple H turns Corperate, he and Chyna are a couple again, and she escorts him to
the ring, everything she always did, but they are more affectionate.

Next week on Raw a very mad Sable comes to the ring and calls out Nicole Bass.
Sable yells at her saying "I brought you to the WWF to protect me, where were
you when I was being attacked by the Undertaker?" Furious that Nicole Bass was
to scared to protect her from the Undertaker, she fires Nicole saying "I can
handle Jackie and Tori myself, that's why I'm the Womens champion, but I can't
handle the Undertaker. Since you are only protecting me from people I can deal
with myself I don't need you."

Nicole Bass seems upset about being fired, but for the next 2 weeks Triple H is
having an affair with Nicole Bass behind Chyna's back. One week on Raw Triple H
challenges Stone Cold to a title match as Raw's main event. With some help form
Chyna and other Corperate members Triple H wins, becoming the WWF Champ.

Chyna and Hunter are celebrating in the ring with hugs and kisses. As The
Corporation comes down to celebrate, Vince takes a mic and says "Hunter, I would
like to congratulate and personally thank you for bringing the Championship back
to the Corporation where it belongs."

Hunter responds by saying "The only place I am bringing this belt is back to DX,
where it belongs." The rest of DX hits the ring and there is a rather big brawl
Raw goes off the air.

Next week the new champ (Triple H) and the rest of the newly formed DX, including
Chyna, come down to the ring. Hunter grabs a mic and starts making a speech.
"Hey Vince, you thought you were the only one who could fool all of the people
of the time (making reference to the Shane/Stone Cold/Vince SS angle). Well,
you were wrong, did you really thing I would abandon Dx? blah blahblah.... Now
I'm the champ and there is nothing you can do about it."

Vince comes down the ramp, insults fly and Vince wants Hunter to defend the belt
against the Rock. Hunter pulls out a contract signed by Commissioner Michaels,
who is very happy that the championship is back in DX, saying that Triple H has
the night off for more celebration and that the Rock is not automatically the
number one contender for the championship. The only way to be the first in line
for a title shot is to win tonight's main event- an over the top rope battle

Later on that night we see Chyna going to talk to Triple H, and she walks into
his locker room without knocking, and inside is Triple H and Nicole Bass making
out. Chyna lets out a shrill scream, and now no one questions her gender (Nicole
is still questionable). As Chyna runs away, Triple H is shocked, sort of
realizing what a mistake he made, and calls after her.

After the break Chyna comes down to the ring steaming mad and calls out Nicole
Bass, and they start fighting. Hunter comes down to the ringside trying to
apologize and talk to Chyna, and taking advantage of Chyna's distraction Nicole
Bass begins to dismantle Chyna. Sable comes to the ring and splatters Nicole
with the Women's belt. A stunned Chyna is helped out of the ring by Triple H,
and when Chyna comes
to and realizes what happens she punches Triple H and walks away.

Next week Triple H comes to the ring and apologizes to Chyna and asks for
forgiveness. Chyna says she doesn't accept and is becoming Sable's bodyguard.
Chyna is walking away when Hunter gets on his knees and proposes. Chyna breaks
down and accepts since she never stopped loving Triple H. Sable is mad that Chyna is
going back to DX so Chyna extends her an invite to join DX and she accepts. A
big wedding follows and picture and videos are shown on Raw the next week.

They live happily ever after; Nicole Bass marries Kane and they have mutant mask
wearing, fire making, generally challenged children.
Submitted by reader: HRDNOKD
This is concerning the way WCW shows suck ass live. I was a security guard
recently at Thunder in Richmond, VA, and the show was the most horrid thing I
had ever witnessed in my entire life. The sound system made all mic work sound
distorted, they showed entirely too many "backstage now" clips, and the main
event was one of the worst I have ever had to witness. While WCW has based
itself on live television for NITRO and THUNDER in the past few years, maybe
they need to take a lesson from the WWF and do some pretaped shows. It will
most certainly improve on the shows crowd energy if they don't have to take a
commercial break every 10 minutes.
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New Dimension Wrestling will be returning to the Thomasville National Guard
Armory in Thomasville, NC, this Friday night, April 2nd, with an 8:00 p.m. bell

A 15 foot high steel cage match will highlight the main event, as the NDW
Hardcore Title will be on the line between The Beastmaster Rick Link, The Dirty
White Boy, and The Gravedigger. In other matches, Rikki "Sweetness" Nelson will
collide against Venom for the NDW Heavyweight Title. Brute Shooter will do
battle against "Loose Cannon" Gunner in a lumberjack match. Plus, Lieutenant
Tim Sells, Sergeant Rhodes, "The Natural" Jeff Knotts, Dream Warrior #2, Mr.
Excellent, and an over the top rope battle royal. Tickets are available now at
Southwest Expressions (Archdale) 336-434-5659. Adults $8.00 adv./$10.00 at
door, children under 12 $5.00. Call the New Dimension Wrestling hotline at
336-882-4921 or on the worldwide web at for more
information. Be there!!!!
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