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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 200

Date:  Saturday April 3rf, 1999  9:04 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

I saw on that Outside the Lines will re-air April 8th
3:30a.m. EST.
Check your local listings for the channel and time for your area.
Reported by NoDoubt297

JOBSquad12 is throwing his own 512 Man Fantasy Wrestling Tournament.
Please contact him directly if you would like more information & brackets.
April 3rd, 1999
Jackal's Winnipeg Sun/Thunder Bay Chronicle Column
by Don Callis
Be sure to check out
WrestleMania, traditionally the culmination of the year's feuds and angles, this
year seemed to create more questions than answers.

In the main event, Steve Austin defeated the Rock, but anyone who thinks that
this spells the end to their feud is sadly mistaken. While the Rock may well
turn babyface in the next few weeks, he and Austin are very much the
cornerstones of the company, both being very marketable commodities and, as they
proved on WrestleMania Sunday, they are capable of excellent, athletically based
matches, so they will be hooking it up for years to come.

The heel turn of Triple H and Chyna are interesting, and probably a good move for
both, as Triple H is more of a heel whose snobby demeanor fits in much better with
the Corporation than with DX, where he seemed less of a good fit than X-Pac,
Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. Triple H wants a program with
Austin, and turning himself
heel makes that a lock.

Another question is, after his shockingly brutal knockout loss to Butterbean,
what becomes of Bart Gunn? After laying his body on the line in the long since
forgotten Brawl for All concept, having knocked out Jim Ross's protégé, Steve
Williams, he now finds himself in a situation where he can no longer use his
knockout rep to cover up for his seeming lack of main event charisma. Perhaps
Bart will return to
Japan, or get a shot with DX, now that they are a threesome,
although that would seem a longshot. Look for Val Venis, who seems to have
stalled a bit, to fill Triple H's spot.

Apparently Paul Wight is now a babyface, but after his recent Raw match with
Austin, I might question that logic. Conventional booking thinking is that you
only turn people one way or the other when they are red hot and Wight wasn't
that hot yet, having just arrived.

So while questions can sometimes be a negative, in the case of the WWF, who can
do no wrong with the fans at this point, the questions arising from WrestleMania
are undoubtedly a positive.

Ringside Insider:
Just returned from a Tony Condello IWA show in
Regina, where I fought my old
bodyguard, Bad News Allen in a Harlem Street Fight. Several foreign objects were
used, and we fought into the crowd and out to the concessions area. And now for
what you've all been waiting for...Yes, I Lost!! Throughout the history of the
wrestling business, you have had bookers who still worked, and put themselves
over in what in most cases can only be perceived as a conflict of interest.
Despite having the political clout within the IWA to make things favorable to
me, I know its not if you lose, its how you lose. Reality check, this is the
wrestling business, and there's a reason why we call it a business. For the
record, I'd rather loss to Bad News than beat most people, and if you can't
figure that one out, then you're just not reading between the lines every
week...Enough about more about me...The first Joe & Jackal: No Holds
Barred radio show took place this past WrestleMania Sunday from the Pony Corral
and from all accounts, it was a hugh success. I'd like to thank everyone who
called in, as it always helps to have good questions. Of course, we'll be back
this Sunday...Saw legendary Stampede mainstay Gerry Morrow at the Regina show,
and to say that Gerry is a physical wonder would be an understatement. Still
technically perfect, and tough as nails. Viva La
Champagne Man!!...Morrow's
former tag partner Gama Singh is currently in
South Africa on tour, where he is
a hugh star. I actually defended my Canadian title against his younger brother
on my last tour there...Just my opinion, but Bret Hart's "retirement" on Nitro
from Toronto is a little hard to swallow. I doubt even Bret would walk away from
the rest of that big money contract...You can email me at jackal

Joe & Jackal...No Holds Barred can be heard on Sundays from
6-7pm on 92 CITI FM,
live from the Pony Corral on
Grant Avenue.
Cyrus (formerly known as the...)
Visit my Home Page:
The program began with Rob "Mr. Monday Night / The Whole F'N Show" Van Dam, Sabu
and their Manager Bill Alfonso in their locker room. Alfonso told Sabu he needs
some "down time" (to allow his fractured jaw to heal). Sabu wasn't real happy at
the inference that he may have lost the ECW Championship Match to Taz at the
last ECW PPV Living Dangerously (LD) due to competing with the injury. Alfonso
told Sabu that if he doesn't take the time, "you might lose me as your manager."
Sabu stormed out. Van Dam told Alfonso he has spent too much time with Sabu and
had been ignoring him. He then addressed Jerry Lynn, telling him he whipped his
@$$ at LD, and now wants to be called "Mr. Pay Per View."

After the regular ECW opening, Joey Styles was at the announcers position. He
said the Main Event tonight is a Grudge Match, Tommy Dreamer v. Lance Storm, and
his "Bytch," (Tammy Lynn Bytch [
TLB], that is).

Styles said that Van Dam (RVD) has been the ECW TV Champion for one year, having
won the title from Bam Bam Bigelow (BB) on
April 4, 1998, in Buffalo, NY. We
then saw highlights of that match: RVD hit BB with a Side Kick, following up
with a High Cross-Body, a Leaping Side Kick and a Tumbling Splash. On the floor
we saw RVD nail a Springboard into a Hurricanrana. RVD twice came off the top
turn buckle onto BB, the second time as BB was in the third row of the crowd,
with Somersault Splashes. The second elicited our first "Oh, my G-d" from Joey.
The crowd chanted "ECW." Next RVD hit BB with a Guillotine Leg Drop, coming off
the apron, as BB was draped over the guard rail. Back in the ring, BB blasted
RVD with a BrainBuster and almost got the pin. Sabu came to ringside and threw a
chair at, and hit BB in the head with it. Sabu came into the ring, but BB threw
him into RVD. Sabu jammed BB in the eye. RVD nailed BB with The VanDaminator and
BB started dreaming about a trip to
Atlanta. This match was vintage RVD.
Winner - Rob Van Dam - He won the ECW TV Title at this match

We next saw a Tag Team Match from LD, pitting Chris Chetti and Nova v. Dangerous
Danny Doring and Amish Road Kill. Following is some of the action we saw. We
picked the match up in progress with all four men in the ring. Chetti and Nova
cleaned house. Nova went over the top rope onto Doring and The Angry Amish
Chicken Killer. Back in the ring, Road Kill worked Chetti over. Doring hit
Chetti with a Face Buster. Chetti missed an attempt at a Moonsault Plancha.
Doring hit Chetti with a Double Underhook into a Leaping DDT. He then missed an
attempt at an Amish Jam (I don't have a clue where Doring is from, so its an
Amish Jam, in honor of his chunky partner). Road Kill took a Bulldog from Nova.
Doring came in and promptly got nailed with a Hangman's Neck Breaker. Chetti and
Nova then came off the top turn buckle hand-in-hand like a pair of newlyweds,
onto Road Kill, turning him into a large pile of Road Apples. This was a move
that even Joey didn't have a name for. A quick call to the ECW Hall Of
Statistics revealed this to be the first time that Joey didn't have a name for a
move. It was a type of Double Leg Drop, that was good enough to merit an "Oh, my
G-d" from Joey, who followed up with "What was that?"
Winners - Chris Chetti and Nova
Loser - Joey Baby - He was stumped for the name of the closing move

We saw a bloody Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney in their locker room. Axl said they
are "Hardcore," not the pretenders in the other Feds. They had to stop talking
before they bled to death.

Styles said this Saturday Night is the annual CyberSlam event in

We then went on an around-the-world tour of the dressing rooms. After you
purchase your ticket, please board the bus and have your seat.

First stop was Shane "The 'Old' Franchise"
Douglas, along with Francine, looking
as fine as ever. He said he didn't admire Tommy Dreamer, but believed in him. He
said Dreamer earned his spot over the past five years, just as he had over the
past ten. He told Lance Storm and Justin Credible that their "Mind Games"
wouldn't work because he is the master of that stuff. He blew his horn about
taking on Taz, despite his arm not being 100%, and took on (Ric) Flair and came
out on top (Flair might disagree). He closed by telling them they can't take
away his designation of Dreamer as "The New Franchise."

Next stop was with Super Crazy, who gave us a Spanish lesson????

From there we cruised into Dudleyville North, where Sign Guy and Joel "I ate the
whole thing..twice" Gertner were setting up "Gertner Vision." For those who have
never "enjoyed" Gertner Vision, we get to see his adorable face in all four
corners of our screen while we watch the action. It is not advised for viewing
after eating. We saw Bubba Ray (
BBR) and D-Von lounging around. BBD said they
were the best tag team in ECW (not many arguments about that); that RVD and Sabu
were ducking them and wont give them a title shot; they had wiped Axl and Balls
out several times; and had handled Douglas and Dreamer. He called the Dudley
Boyz the greatest tag team in ECW history and said they have challenged every
tag team in the world to meet them.

Gertner brought Steve Corrino in and said he had a proposition for The Dudley
BBR dissed him as being a "125 pound weakling," but changed his tune when
he offered them $5,000 to take out Axl and Balls, because he is more "Hardcore"
then they are.
BBR and D-Von welcomed him (and his money) and said whatever he
wants done, they can handle. Note to Corrino: Fooling around with The Dudley
Boyz won't lead to a long and happy life.

Next stop was in Amish Country, where we saw Doring tell Road Stuff to show us
his scary face. Actually he may have been telling him something else, but in
their case, who cares. Doring then paid a "run thru" visit to Super Crazy, who
was still giving lessons. His words for Doring were universal.

The tour moved on to Jerry Lynn, who addressed his comments to RVD. He said he
PO'd about what happened at LD and promised RVD that he would "cancel
your show." He then proclaimed himself "The New F'N Show." It is expected that
he will get RVD's attention.

The tour returned to Dudleyville North. Bubba Ray and D-Von assured Corrino that
they will get the job done. They did, and in Gernter Vision (damn!). They paid a
friendly visit to Balls and Axl and left them for dead.
BBR had a parting word
for his hosts: "Nothing personal, its just business." I don't think they cared,
or heard.

Final stop on the tour was with Storm and Credible, who were joined by Jason,
TLB and The Mystery Woman. Storm and Credible demanded their money back from The
Dudley Boyz, claiming they didn't get the job done against Dreamer and Douglas.
They have three chances of that happening, with the best one being, "
No F'N
Both laid claim to being "The New Franchise." Storm introduced
TLB as Beulah
McGillicutti, and she played the role to the hilt, or was it the bra? She ranted
about Dreamer abandoning her after her neck was broken by a 3-D
Dudley Death
Drop (Relax folks, Beulah's alive and well attending college). She wanted to
know how Tommy could "allow The Dudley Boyz to break my neck." She said she
forgives Tommy and has moved on to bigger and better things.

Please check the overhead bins for any personal item you may have brought on

Back to Joey who said the Main Event at CyberSlam is a Gangsta's
Paradise Cage
Match, pitting The Dudley Boys and Mr. Mustafa v. Balls, Axl and New Jack.

The next match was the Main Event, pitting Lance Storm, with
TLB, v. Tommy
Dreamer. Storm came to the ring first and said he was "humbled last week at LD
(a first), and then went into his "Calgary Is Great" routine. The crowd chanted
"Show your T*ts." He said even he "couldn't carry Douglas and Dreamer in a
match." Dreamer came to the ring obviously impressed by Storm and called
Francine out to join him. Can you spell "Catfight?" Dreamer said he and Douglas
won the match, and told him to go back to
Calgary. Storm went out after him and
the match was underway. The fought on the floor briefly and then got back into
the ring. Tommy must have skipped dinner because he began munching on Storm's
face. He followed with a Power Slam. Francine handed him an Acme chair (the only
kind), but Storm poked him in the eye and he dropped it. Storm jammed the chair
between the 2nd and 3rd turn buckles and attempted to whip Dreamer into it.
Dreamer avoided it and Storm avoided Dreamers attempt at a reversal, but went to
the floor and smashed into the guard rail. Tommy went out after him and they
fought at ringside and in the crowd. A chant of "ECW" went up. Back at ringside,
Storm pounded Tommy as we went to a commercial.

When we return, they were back in the ring.
TLB tripped Dreamer allowing Storm
to get the chair and repeatedly jam it into him. Francine returned the favor by
grabbing Storm's leg and then nailing him with a Roundhouse Right. Francine came
into the ring to prove I was right as she and
TLB went at it. The crowd loved
it. Credible came in as both Storm and Dreamer were out on the mat. He laid
Storm's arm over Dreamer, the referee turned his attention back from the
Catfight and counted the pin.
Winner - Lance Storm
The Fans - They loved the Catfight

Credible blasted Dreamer with his Singapore Cane.
Douglas raced in and fought
both Storm and Credible. Credible nailed
Douglas in the face with the Cane and
stopped him in his tracks. He followed with another Cane shot to the same place
Douglas went down like he was hit by a runaway freight train. Storm and
Credible ruled the ring. They again said they want their money back from The
Dudley Boyz. Note to Storm and Credible: Can you spell "Stupid."

Back to the desk and Joey again talked about the Gangsta's Paradise Cage Match
at CyberSlam. He said we would also see "new faces and old faces returning to
ECW." He said pictures from CyberSlam will be available Monday on ECW's Web
Page. He then showed off ECW's new magazine, calling it "the best wrestling
magazine." Could he do less?

The next match was FBI Member Tracy Smothers, accompanied by Tommy "The Big Don"
Rich," v. Jerry Lynn. Rich distracted
Lynn allowing Smothers to get the early
jump. He used Kicks and Chops on
Lynn. Lynn came back and Chopped Smothers,
following with a Kick behind the ear. A Clothesline by Smothers stopped
Lynn replied with a Cross-Body and a Leg Drop. Van Dam and Alfonso
came to ringside as the crowd chanted "RVD." RVD and Alfonso got into the ring,
bringing a chair with them. Smothers, Lynn and RVD stared each other down, until
RVD got tired of it and nailed Smothers with a VanDaminator. Upset at this, Rich
got into the ring and into RVD's face. Sabu came down and joined the party. He
blasted Rich and sent him to the floor. Little Guido was next down and jumped
Smothers. Big Sal E. Graziano followed Guido to watch his back. Rich was put on
a table at ringside. Sabu came over the top rope and put him thru it. The
program ended with RVD and Lynn facing off.

its amazing how much action ECW squeezes into a one hour show.
Submitted by reader: SKiTTLZ678
Sable comes out and calls out Tori, Ivory, Jackie, Luna and Teri. They all are
seen walking out together and they all walk out in a group. Sable challenges
them to a Battle Royal to see who will reign as the Women's Champion, she has
had enough with being hit with every challenge that they can bring.

Raw- Battle Royal
Sable is waiting in the wings. Everyone is trying to go after her, but kept
being pulled back. Jackie gets hit with a DDT by Luna and Sable Sablebombs her
and dumps her out. Teri bounces Luna off the ropes and Luna gets low bridged by
Jackie and they fight on the outside: Tori, Sable, Teri,and Ivory are left. Tori
is battering Teri in the corner with kicks. Sable grinds at Ivory and she tries
to attck her but misses and runs into the corner. As she comes off Sable
Sablebombs her. After that she whips her into Tori, and she falls over with
Ivory. Sable chucks Teri out, and Sable wins.

Heat before Backlash- Sable makes an open challenge to any woman to come and
fight her for her title. No chance starts playing and Chyna comes out and says
she'll accept. After Chyna leaves, Sable says she'll have a new man tonight.

Backlash- Sable and Chyna lock it up in a tight match. Chyna bounces off almost
every attack. Sable is starting to get worried and begins to run away. Triple H comes
out to stop Sable, he touches her and she turns around. They start to argue and
then Triple H kisses her. Sable turns around and gets clocked by Chyna with a chair.
Triple H Pedigrees the ref. They start to torture Sable when "Are you Ready" pumps
off the speakers. Triple H comes out to head off whomever is coming out when out of
the crowd comes HBK and gives the sweet chin music to Chyna and Sable covers
Chyna. HBK counts, 1, 2, 3 Sable wins!!!! Sable and HBK begin to grind and Triple H
comes back but then comes DX and they 5 team Triple H. Sablebomb, then shake
rattlin' kneedrop, fameasser, bronco buster, sweet chin music, Triple H is bleeding
everywhere. After that, Sable grinds over Triple H then does S*CK IT to him!!
Submitted by reader: Zach2Sweet
This is in response to the X-Pac issue: The Bret Hart like persona would be an
excellent direction for X-Pac to take, but the later angle would have to change.
We have all seen X-Pac as a "heel" and I think we can all agree (especially in
the WWF), Sean Waltman was very unsuccessul once he headed down that roll. The
"Degenerate" angle X-Pac has found himself in now suits him. I feel that with
the leather jacket and sunglasses, X-Pac would do best as a leader with a
neutral type of persona. X-Pac could lead his men into battle against the
"heels" and the
"babyfaces." His gang wouldn't discriminate against anyone or any group. This
type of angle could lead X-Pac to gold in the WWF.
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Thunder Bay, ONT - Suplex Media) Suplex Media 'Talk Wrestling, Digitally
In-Correct' returns after almost a year hiatus. The program that brings the
readers exclusive interviews with people throughout the wrestling business.
After a week of hyping the re-debut episode is finally online and ready to
listen to. ECW wrestler Steve Corino is our first guest for 1999 and gives us
an in-depth 'shoot' on the
wrestling business, internet websites, his arrest, working for the WWF, training
at the WWF Dojo, working independents and his new found work in Extreme
Championship Wrestling. This is not just for ECW fans or Steve Corino fans, this
is for all wrestling fans who want to hear a very candid and interesting
interview with one of wrestling's top lightweight competitors. To listen
please go to or for more information
Shujah Agha, Suplex Media
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