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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 201

Date:  Monday April 5th, 1999  12:42 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

As many of you are aware, "Macho Man" Randy Savage will be returning to Nitro
this Monday night in Las Vegas. While I don't know what his exact role will be,
here are the few things I do know. He will be accompanied by his real-life
girlfriend, billed as Gorgeous George. Savage has hinted that he will have a
hard nosed attitude (meaning he may be Austin Lite). Who will he confront?
Flair, Hogan, Sting? Either way, it should be interesting...

Kevin Kletti is running his own 64 Man Fantasy Wrestling Tournament; to
determine brackets, he wants people to send him their list of their top 64
wrestlers world wide.
Send your picks to him at fansfantasytournament@xxxxs... ; if you send them to
me, they will be deleted. Send him your lists by April 18th.

UNCblue33 is having a 64 Man Fantasy Wrestling Tournement as well;
e-mail for all of the details.
Rock's stock on rise
By Mike Mooneyham
Sunday, April 4, 1999
The Rock may have dropped the WWF gold to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin last weekend
at Wrestlemania, but his stock continues to rise.

So much in fact that TV Guide put him on one of its collectible covers last week
and noted that Wall Street was bullish on The Rock.

"They are rabid fans at Merrill Lynch," says Rock (Dwayne Johnson), 27, who just
happens to be married to Merrill Lynch associate vice president Dany Johnson,
30. The couple, who met when he was a freshman football prospect at the
University of Miami, married in 1996 and are building a 4,200-square-foot-home
Davie, Fla., a
byproduct of The Rock's rapid rise to fame in the wrestling business.

Rock, a third-generation grappler who lettered in football and track in high
school, was recruited by
Miami where the 6-5, 280-pound defensive tackle played
for the Hurricane from 1991-95 and earned a national championship ring in '91.
Rock, who for part of that time played backup to current Tampa Bay Buccaneer
standout Warren Sapp, also played on teams that competed for the national crown
in '92 (losing to Alabama) and '95 (losing to Nebraska). He was a member of
coach Dennis Erickson's first and last class at

"I always knew throughout college that I wanted to take my football career as
far as I possibly could. I got injured in my senior year during my first day of
two-a-days," says Rock, who graduated with a double major in exercise physiology
and criminology.

The injury set Rock back and led to an unproductive senior season. He wasn't
drafted but signed a three-year contract in the CFL where he played
three-quarters of a season in 1995 with the Calgary Stampeders.

"I had two more years left on my contract, went home and did a lot of
soul-searching. I realized that this was as far as I wanted to take football. I
wanted to do what I felt I was almost born to do."

Rock, who had no amateur wrestling experience, began training with his dad,
former mat great Rocky Johnson, in October 1995. "I was always close to the
business and what was going on".

"A lot of kids were sheltered from it, but it was the complete opposite for me.
A lot of times I was in it when I shouldn't have been in it. The transition for
me wasn't as hard because I was familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the

Rock's grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia, passed away in 1982 when Rock was
only 9. His grandmother, Lia Maivia, lives in
Hawaii where she promoted for many
years after his grandfather bought the lucrative promotion from Ed Francis.

"She continued it after my grandfather passed away and did extremely well," says
Rock. "It was a really hot territory, and guys would regularly hot-shot over
there for shows. She had a good relationship with Vince (McMahon) Sr. as well as
Vince Jr., Jim Crockett, Bob Geigel and all those guys who would let the guys
who were flying over
Hawaii just stop by for a shot."

Rock, whose first bouts were tryout matches for the WWF in March 1996, signed
with the company in April and started his pro career on the
Memphis circuit in
May of that year, calling his four-month stint in
Memphis "a great experience."

"It was a very basic contract," says Rock. "The guarantee was like $150, which
was fine with me, I was happy just to get that. I knew I was going to work for
everything I got."

Rock's rise to the top in the wrestling business has been meteoric. It was a
ladder match with Hunter Hearst Helmsley at last year's Summer Slam pay-per-view
that catapulted him to the next level. The match went over half an hour - much
longer than had been planned - and was a defining moment in Rock's career.

"With something like that, the drama has to build," says Rock.

"Looking back on it, I really don't regret it that much. That was a plateau for
my career. We were talking a couple of months before the ladder match, and it
was brought up that this would be the match that turns me. In a lot of ways it

• Former NWA world heavyweight champion "Hands of Stone" Ron Garvin will meet
ex-Midnight Express star "Sweet" Stan Lane in the main event of an American
Classic Wrestling show Saturday night bc April 10th at the Charleston Southern
University Fieldhouse. Chief Wahoo McDaniel, one of the most popular performers
to ever wrestle in the
Carolinas, will make a special appearance at the program.
Action gets under way at
7:30 p.m.

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at (843) 937-5517 or by e-mail at
mooneyham@xxxxc.... More wrestling news with Mike Mooneyham is
available every Monday on The Wrestling Observer Hotline. The number is
1-900-903-9030. Calls are 99 cents per minute, and children under 18 must get
parental permission before dialing.
Visit my Home Page:
A quick note: I'd like to again mention that I am still receiving IM attempts
while my computer is running Automatic
AOL to Download/Upload my mail. If you
attempt to IM me and I don't respond, it is not because I am ignoring you, it is
because I am not at my computer. Sometimes the volume of mail is heavy and it
takes a while to Download. Likewise if pictures are included. If this happens
and you want to contact me, please do so via e-mail. I want to stress that if I
am on-line and receive an IM attempt, I always respond to it.

With all the happenings and goings on (AKA B.S.) in wrestling, RTSC once again
is proud to provide you with all you need to know to keep up-to-date;

Item: Dirtbag Doophus Page "apologizes" to Canada: This past Monday on NITRO,
Good Old ex-People Champion (and forever People's Chump) Dirtbag, blasted Canada
and all its citizens. He did this as part of his semi-heel turn. As expected it
went over like Jenna Jamison at a Salvation Army Rally. Later that evening, Good
King Eric, being the perceptive young Baby Boomer that he is, told Dirtbag that
what he did what was not real smart (neither was expecting any better from
Dirtbag), being this was NITRO's virgin trip into Canada. What he did was like
calling a baby ugly at its christening. Not something to endear you to the
locals. How did Good Old Dirtbag handle his "apology" you ask? He issued a
Bulletin on his Home Page to the Union Of Dirtbag Worshipers, an ever
diminishing group of those yet to see him for all his sliminess. He blamed his
faux pax at what he perceived to be the crowd's cheering for Big Poppa Steroid.
Talk about a crock of crap!! Good Old Dirtbag has been around long enough to
expect cheers and jeers for him and his "enemies." His "apology" just wont fly.
Not that he really seems to care. He closed it by basically telling
Canada (and
anyone else that didn't believe his sincerity) to stick it where it will never
see the light of day again. Way to go Dirtbag. Maybe its you that is trying to
sink WCW, not Big Soxy or Old Baldy.

Item: Monday Night Ratings are rigged: Talk about grasping at straws! A rumor
has circulated that NITRO should have received a rating higher than the 6+ that
RAW received. The rumor says there is a "Conspiracy" afoot to lower NITRO's
rating by "hacking" the data. Anyone with an IQ equal to Good King Eric's shoe
size knows what B.S. this is. The story supposedly originated with someone in
WCW (Surprise!) who got it from, who got it from... You get the picture. Based
on the pure crap that NITRO has been dishing out, if anything it would appear
that their 3+ rating was jacked up. I keep hearing that people on the Net are
biased towards the WWF, but those who are not, are WCW people. Yet all the mail
I get and Articles I read say otherwise. I regularly get mail telling me that
the only thing people talk about in school on Tuesday morning is RAW, and few of
them ever read stuff on the Net. I suggest Good King Eric and his band of merry
bookers go back to the drawing board and change more than NITRO's set and logo.

Item: The Very Old Perfessa has been banished to WCW Thursday Night. In a move
apparently aimed at improving the announcing on NITRO, The Very Old Perfessa got
the boot. By my count, that's one down and two to go. Fat Tony and Larry Loser
might be feeling secure because they were spared. They better keep a watch over
their shoulders, the ax is still close. Team Booby up with anyone with a slight
clue and NITRO will automatically improve. Maybe Good King Eric can peel of a
few thou and buy Joey Baby from ECW. The team of Bobby and Joey would be
something worth listening to. Heck, they would probably make NITRO bearable

Item: The Canadian Crybaby took his Hockey Stick and Puck and went home. In a
"shoot" this past Monday, The Crybaby said he has had it with WCW and was
quitting. Relax. its only an angle. He is taking a few months off the have
surgery and this set up his absence. In a few months he will "unretire" and make
a triumphant return, maybe even being allowed to win a match for a change. In an
effort to sell his "quitting," Good King Eric met him on his way back from the
ring and had a major argument with him over his remarks. Eric is an early
favorite for next years Emmy. Emperor McMahon might even hold a Special Slammies
Award Banquet and give him one.

Item: Princess Stephanie "kidnapped" by The Ministry Of Darkness (MOD): its
getting harder and harder to be a McMahon these days. Mr. McMahon's Little Girl
was abducted by The 'Taker and MOD on RAW. When found cowering in a corner of
the Arena's subbasement by Nutso, she was "terrified" by her ordeal and had her
forehead marked by MOD. So shaken was Mr. McMahon that he turned control of the
WWF over to Prince Shane. Now that is shaken! What does The 'Taker have in store
next for Mr. McMahon? Rumor has it that the "she" he mentioned a few weeks ago,
and the higher authority he answers to, is Queen McMahon. Will we see yet
another McMahon on RAW (and rerun 1,000 times on Shotgun and Live Wire)? At this
rate, Mr. McMahon will be able to release half the wrestlers in the WWF and use
his family. One thing the world doesn't need is McMahonVision, the only thing
worse than GertnerVision.
ECW Arena, Philadelphia, PA, April 3rd, 1998
By Chris Woodward of
Tammy Sytch & Chris Candido are at the building; both of them were in Edison
last night as well.

Sid missed his flight, and will not be appearing tonight.

Jerry Lynn pinned Yoshihiro Tajiri

Lance Storm came out (wearing a Jerichoholics) shirt, and said that Tommy
Dreamer's allegations of steroid abuse from the last show were false. "Beulah"
proceeded to pull out a cup of Storm's urine, and Storm said he was ready to
take the test. Then they produced a second, empty, cup and challenged Dreamer to
do the same. Tommy came out, and as the two were about to lock up, Cyrus came
out and tried to hook Tommy's leg. Dreamer broke free however, and hit a DDT on
Storm as Cyrus left the area. Dreamer then took the cup of urine and, despite
the protests of "Beulah", poured it on Storm's face. Gross angle, but funny as

Super Nova & Chris Chetti defeated Skull Von Krush & Rod Price. Post-match,
Skull and Price started arguing, and when Skull turned to leave, Price attacked
him. Skull came back and hit a swinging DDT to a big pop from the pro-Skull

Super Crazy pinned El Mosco, making his ECW Arena debut.

Taka Michinoku pinned Papi Chulo

TV Champion Rob Van Dam pinned Too Cold Scorpio
Scorpio, who appears to have dropped quite a bit of weight and looked great,
started out trading holds with RVD. Great back and forth match. Scorpio scored
with a second rope moonsault and a superkick. RVD came back and did one of his
patented suicidal dives from the top rope, this time landing on Scorpio five
rows deep in the crowd. RVD brought it back in the ring, but Scorpio hit a
vicious German Suplex followed it with a top rope somersault legdrop. He hit a
jumping Samoan drop, and a top rope splash for a two. They took it to the
outside and teased a table spot. Scorpio brought in a chair and used it to hit a
top rope legdrop. Sabu ran in, and started brawling with Scorp, putting him on
the table outside and hitting a triple jump legdrop to put him through it. RVD
rolled Scorp back in the ring and hit a slng shot legdrop for two. Sabu was
escorted to the back by security, as Scorpio came back with a powerbomb. Scorpio
went to the top, but Fonzie crotched him, setting up the Van Daminator, which
was followed by the "five star" frog splash for the pin. After the match,
Scorpio shook hands with RVD and Fonzie.

ECW World Champion Taz defeated Chris Candido (w/Tammy Sytch) via submission
Steve Corino came out and proclaimed he would bring 'wrestling' back into ECW.
He then proclaimed himself the next ECW World Champion, which brought out Taz.
Corino tried to apologize and suck up to Taz, then said he would choke out Taz,
but said he "broke his appendix" while lifting weights that morning. The crowd
chanted what appeared to be inevitable, that Taz was going to kill him. Corino
said he had a replacement that would take on Taz, and "Back in Black" blared out
as Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch made their return to the ECW Arena.
Candido took the mic and said he didn't "tap out" to any of his previous
gimmicks, that he didn't "tap out" to alcohol or drugs or steroids, and that he
wouldn't tap out to Taz tonight. They quickly brawled outside of the ring, and
took the fight to the floor. After brawling around the building, they went back
in and Candido hit a long vertical suplex, followed by a top rope headbutt. Taz
came back, and hit a wheelbarrel Tazplex, but Candido quickly regained control
with a back suplex. Candido went for a rana, but Taz turned it into a powerbomb.
Taz connected with a head and arm Tazplex. Candido planted the champ with a
powerbomb, but was too tired to make a cover. They battled on the top rope, with
Taz coming out on top with a head and arm Tazplex from the top. Tammy slipped
Candido some brass knuckles (and slipped on the floor handing them to him) which
he used for a two. Candido brought a table in, but ended up getting thrown
through it with a Tazmissionplex. As Candido was laid out in the table wreckage,
he tapped out on his chest, and the match was stopped. Candido was fitted with a
neck brace and taken out on a stretcher. Taz went after him, threw him off, and
brought him back in the ring, where he choked him out with the Tazmission. After
Taz left, they wheeled Candido off.

Shane Douglas pinned Justin Credible

The Dudley Boys and Mr. Mustafa defeated New Jack, Balls Mahoney, and Axl Rotten
in a Gangstas Paradise steel cage match. Balls was grabbed in the 3D and was
pinned to win the match. The Dudleys bailed out, but Balls then locked the door
with Mustafa still inside. Axl set up Mustafa on a table and you can guess
what's coming next. New Jack did a totally insane dive from the top of the cage,
three quarters across the ring, to put Mustafa through the table. The crowd
chanted "ECW" for a long stretch following the match, then turned to the stage
and chanted "Paul E." at the man that put it together. Bloody, violent finish to
a great show.
By Chris Woodward of
Submitted by reader: Robb0879
The show kicked of with Patterson and Brisco comming to the ring, and they
anounced that Mr. McMahon couldn't be there and they had been sent them with the

sole task of making sure Austin didnt leave with the title. They then announced
the new corporate enforcer for the night The Brooklyn Brawler

X-Pac d The Brooklyn Brawler (w/Patterson and Brisco)
After 5 minutes of headlocks X-Pac hit the spinning heel kick, bronco buster and

X-Factor for the win.

D-Lo Brown & Ivory d Val Venis and Jaqueline
Little or no offence shown from Val allowed D-Lo to hit some very high impact
moves. Still, it was Ivory that got the win pinning Jackie.

Hardcore title match
Hardcore Holly d Al Snow w/Head
The best match of the night by far with lots of action outside the ring using
everything from metal bars to a table that just wouldn't break. Holly got the
win after 3 attempts to put Snow through the table. After the match Al argued
with Head and then put himself through the table, before going one on one with
Head, picking up the win after a piledriver. He left the ring but returned and
apologized to Head.

Triple H w/Chyna d Kane
Triple H came to the ring to a huge pop but soon turned that into boos when he began
to insult the crowd and play a small game of the mic not working. Kane got a
huge ovation from the 12,000 crowd but lost to the Pedigree after Ken Shamrock

IC Title Match
Goldust (w/Blue Meanie) d Road Dogg
Road Dogg did his bit and got a great response from the crowd. James then got
leveled with the Curtain Call after the Meanie nailed him from behind.

Bad Ass Billy Gunn d Gangrel
B.A got the win after the rocker dropper

Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) d Ken Shamrock
Next to Austin, The Taker got the best crowd reaction all night. Shamrock
dominatoed most of the match but fell to the Chockslam and Tombstone.

Owen Hart& Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) d Edge & Christian
Standard Owen and Jarrett match they got pummeled by opponents until Debra took
of her clothes and they got the win.

The Big Show d The Big Boss Man
The Boss Man insulted the crowd before being destroyed in under a minute with

WWF Title Match
Stone Cold d The Rock. The Rock got just as good an ovation as the champ but
sadly this match was a carbon copy of the one at Wrestlemania so nothing new to
report here. Austin drank beers with Earl Hebner after the match.

A good show but no surprises, or Mankind.
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