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Issue # 202

Date:  Monday April 5th, 1999  11:17 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Scott Hall will be back in the ring in a month or two. The deal he has made with
WCW is that he will only work Nitro and PPV's, so he will be involved in all of
the major storylines, but will not have to go on the road as much. This was
important to him since he has remarried his wife Dana and intends to spend more
time with his family. Good for him, he's making the choice that works for him,
and still maintaining his employment. The best of both worlds...
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

Those "cleavage" skits we keep seeing on Raw are supposed to see Headbanger Mosh
get a new gimmick as a take off of Beaver Cleaver from the old "Leave it Beaver"
show. The word going around is that Mosh, or whatever his name is, will have a
sexy "mother" who may also be a love interest. What can I say? When did incest
become such a hot wrestling idea? And why? As for Thrasher, the word is he will
get a gimmick as a psycho clown, managed by Bruce Pritchard.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:
WCW Nitro Report for
April 5th, 1999
By Steve Appy
To subscribe to The Wrestling Booking Sheet, e-mail Appy@xxxxs...
Live from
Las Vegas, NV
A video aired of Sting, who did nothing but try to exude mystery. Other than a
token airing of a returning favorite, there wasn't much to the short segment.

WCW's new intro debuted, which included a new logo and Nitro Girls galore. In a
new setup, Tony Shiavonie & Bobby Heenan called the action from ringside.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Bill Goldberg. Clutching a raffle box, Goldberg
stated that there would be a "Goldberg Lottery", settling the question "Who's
next"?. Kevin Nash interrupted the segment, challenging Goldberg to a match at
Spring Stampede.
Watching on a monitor, Ric Flair & Arn Anderson felt that Goldberg & Nash were
upsetting their plans.

Hardcore Hack (w/Chastity) pinned Kendall Windham in
Both men weiled Kendo Sticks, and the weapon was legal. Going "hardcore" in
matches without a program diminishes the whole concept. Chastity, wearing a
naughty Catholic school outfit, freely nailed
Windham with a Kendo Stick of her
Hack scored the pinfall after a Russian Legsweep.

A video aired of Meng, trying to get him over as an unstoppable monster. While
not a bad idea, it will be ruined if he jobs to a Stevie Ray or Bryan Adams next

Goldberg barged into Flair & Arn's dressing room, and was stunned to find them
pleasantly chatting with Lex Luger & Elizabeth. Could Luger be the next
Horseman, or is this a sign of an nWo split?

Acting as a lackey, Arn Anderson told Kevin Nash to rush to Flair's dressing
room. It was strange to see Arn portrayed as so desperate...

Konnan defeated Lizmark Jr. via submission in 5:48
Konnan declared "It must be my birthday, since they have me back on TV."
Lizmark tapped out after being trapped in the Tequila Sunrise.

Flair warmly greeted Kevin Nash, as
Hollywood looked on with suspicion. A plan
is being hatched, and its goal is a mystery.

Nash chatted away with referee Charles Robinson, who scurried away when Hogan
appeared. Hogan questioned Nash's loyalty as Big Sexy patronized the Hulkster.

Gene Okerlund interviewed WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair. Flair
announced that he would defend the title against Hogan tonight (cancelling
Spring Stampede's main event), which brought
Hollywood charging to the ring.
The banter was interrupted by Diamond Dallas Page & Bill Goldberg, who both
inserted themselves into the main event. The main event is a Four Way Dance for
the WCW World Championship; at this point, 6 days before Spring Stampede, there
is still not an announced main event. That said, this segment had explosive

Calling DDP "Diamond Dallas Trash", Scott Steiner did his best Rick Rude
Telling Page that if he wants a shot at him, he must give up Kimberly for one
night. I imagine that DDP will show us what a brain surgeon he is and accept
the challenge.

United States Tournament Match
Scott Steiner pinned Meng in 6:08
The winner of this match fights in the finals at Spring Stampede; Meng the
Unstoppable was exposed by Big Papa No Sell. As Meng applied the Tongan Death
Grip, Steiner downed Meng with a low blow. Using the ropes for leverage was all
Steiner needed to advance to the finals.

Teasing a Sting sighting, a crew member in a black jacket was shown in the
Actually a clever idea on WCW's part, a tongue in cheek way of building

Inviting some female company to join him, Flair chatted away in the Executive
After having his wife on Nitro in December, isn't this just a little hokey?

Hacksaw Jim Duggen pinned
Lenny Lane in 4:25
Duggen made his return after triumphing over cancer; I guess Hell just froze
over, because I'm THRILLED to see Duggan in the ring. Never thought I'd say
that one, but after last year its a relief to see Duggan active and well.
Duggen pinned Lane after "The Old Glory Kneedrop".

Stevie Ray defeated Vince, Bryan Adams & Horace in
7:34 to win a battle royal
that determined the leadership of the nWo Black & White
Possibly the four worst featured wrestlers in WCW, battling it out to determine
the King of the Black & White. While I was hoping for some comic relief, we
were instead treated to "action".
Adams eliminated Vince; by the six minute
mark, all three men were blown up. Stevie Ray eliminated both Adams & Horace,
which finally put us out of our misery.

WCW World Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman defeated Perry
Saturn & Raven in
8:48 when Mysterio pinned Saturn.
Although Raven & Saturn initially dominated the Cruiserweights, an incredible
aerial display turned the tables. As an unconscious referee was unable to count
Saturn's pin on Mysterio, the Horseman destroyed Saturn, allowing Rey to pin the
prone Saturn. An eye for an eye is the prevailing mood.

United States Tournament Match
Booker T defeated Chris Jericho via disqualification in 3:41
Scott Steiner tried to hit Booker with a chair, an action that DQ'ed Jericho,
sending Booker T to Spring Stampede to face Scott Steiner in the finals.

Buff Bagwell pinned Bam Bam Bigelow in 6:05
Attempting to injure Bigelow, Hack & Chastity stormed the ring; Chastity sprayed
Bigelow with a fire estinguisher, giving Buff the opening to hit The Buff
Blockbuster for the victory. The action was disappointing, especially since
both men are tremendous workers at their best. Neither seemed inspired tonight.

WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Diamond Dallas Page & Bill
Goldberg fought to a No Contest in 10:52 of a Four Way Dance
Kevin Nash joined Shiavonie & Heenan on commentary; this was Texas Tornado
rules, meaning all four men are in the ring at once. Hogan "hulked up" at the
forty second mark, a possible record. An all out brawl ensued, with every
partcipant head to head with each other. As Nash caused the DQ after attacking
Goldberg, Sting dropped from the rafters straight into the ring.

Pointing with his baseball bat, Sting focused on a monitor, where the voice of
"Macho Man" Randy Savage filled the arena. The main event for Spring Stampede
was announced as another Four Way Dance, with Flair, Hogan, DDP and STING are
the competitors, with Savage as the referee. Proclaiming that "there must be a
winner", Savage & Sting became the focal point of Sunday's PPV.
WWF Sunday Night Heat Report for
April 4th, 1999
By Ruiz
Reported on
An Interview with the Corporation
Shane, Chyna, Triple H, and the Rock conduct seperate interviews. Shane starts
off by saying he is retiring the European title. Triple H gets on the mic and
says DX, the music, crotch chops, etc is all copyright by him. He makes fun of
DX's past gimmicks. Then the Rock talks about how him and Austin are going to
have a rematch at Backlash. Shane ends the interview by saying he has a surprise
for the Big Show on RAW so tune in and see it.

Jackie vs. Tori
Short matches with a couple of clotheslines and kicks from each women. The match
ended with Terri Runnels running in and attacking Tori. They both beat up on
Tori till Ivory came out and made the save so to speak as she got beat down as

Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman
Blackman got complete heel heat as he used the ropes for leverage, poked Venis
in the eye and even attacked Venis after he had defeated Blackman after the
Money shot. Blackman was using the kendo sticks on Venis and then left.

Owen Hart, Jeff Jarrett and Debra Interview
Owen gets on the mic and begs for competition. Jarrett does the same and then
the lights go out and Kane's music comes on. The lights come back on and Kane is
behind them. Kane clears the ring and Jarrett gets the mic and says that Kane
has accepted and they'll see him later tonight.

Big Bossman vs. Droz
Bossman just destroys Droz by beating him senseless. Bossman even rips Droz's
nose ring out of his nose and Droz just begins bleeding horribly. Bossman ends
it by executing the Bossman Slam for the victory over Droz.

An Interview with Vince and Stephanie McMahon
What was rather odd in this is they referred to the Undertaker by his real name
Mark. They said that he had been in the Undertaker gimmick for a while, but now
he's different and he now believes in something and he's got other people
believing in him. Vince said this is now personal and he'll be damned if his
daughter get's hurt. Everytime Stephanie tried to talk Vince cut her off by
saying "You don't have to go there." Rather interesting interview.

Kane vs. Owen and Jarrett
Well Kane had this match won. He was dominating this match until Jarrett came in
with a guitar and nailed Kane with it but it didn't phase him. Kane was then
being double teamed by Owen and Jarrett and X-Pac ran in and made the save. Kane
was about to chokeslam X-Pac then he let him go and Heat ended.
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
One thing that I have finally learned (besides the facts that using the word
"mark" in place of the word "fan" gives the impression that my ego is the size
of Good King Eric's) is that no matter what I think, what I feel or what I do to
ignore it, I am going to see the Undertaker on WWF television every Monday, and
9 out of 10 times it will not involve wrestling in the ring.

Yes, WCW fans, I am giving you ammunition: I personally have a lot of troubles
dealing with the Dead Gothic Druid when he rolls out these days. I also thought
that the Hell in the Cell match at Wrestlemania XV was a pretty bad spectacle
in itself, too. But here's the deal: as I have said before, for some reason most
fans (not marks, not Eric's, not Horsemen) in the arenas still go bonkers when
the Dead One rolls out. Unless you put him in the ring with the Son of Texas
(Austin), then he is going to be cheered. And I have learned this, too; at
least in my opinion, the Undertaker vs. Family McMahon is a way to involve a lot
of different wrestlers in a nice in-depth program.

For example, Shamrock is taking Undertaker on during the European tour. Also,
folks, let's face facts: how else can mid-carders such as Simmons, Bradshaw,
Mabel (or Visera or whatever his name is this week) and Dennis Knight be
involved in Federation angles without having to wrestle each other or do the
Shotgun Saturday Night thing day in and day out? I also figure this- McMahon
seems to be getting enough ammunition (aka ratings) and hears enough cheers for
that Dead One to keep the angle up. And if the internet reports are true-
which is a Vince vs. Shane feud in later 1999- thenbringing in sibling Stephanie
as part of the abduction tour de force may be the thing to link everything
together for McMahon as he continues this
WCW April 3rd, at the Boston Fleet Center
Submitted by reader: JJCRULZ13
Juventud Guerrera Vs. Lizmark Jr. Semi-decent match, with Juvi winning with a
Juvi Driver. After the match, Juvi did a DX chop.
1-10 Rating: 5

Norman Smiley vs. Horace. Norman, one of the coolest jobbers around, looked
like he was going to actually win a match, while he was doing the Smiley Spank,
Horace picked him up for the H-Bomb for a three count.
1-10 Rating: 4

Scotty Riggs (face) vs. Fit Finlay (heel). BORING! Finlay talked about the
U.S. because chants of 'asshole'' were abundantly clear. Riggs stuck up for the
US. blah blah blah! Riggs wins with a flying cross block.
1-10 Rating: 3

Konnan vs. Disco. Disco is hilarious! He came out and started to sing his new
rap song when Konnan's music hit. They brawled and in the end Konnan stunned,
yes he stunned, Disco and put him in the Tequila Sunrise for the win.
1-10 Rating: 8 1/2

Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. They fought for two seconds and The Vanilla Midgets
came out and challenged them to a tag match. Rey Jr. and Kidman win when Rey
rolls up Benoit for the win.
1-10 Rating: 7 1/2

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. STING! Sting, in black and white face paint, came out to
the biggest pop of the night, and Bam Bam got booed, which is a shame. Bam Bam
dominates match but in the end he goes for The Greetings from
Asbury Park and
Sting reverses it into the S.D.D and pins him.
1-10 Rating: 9

Goldberg vs. Meng. Goldberg kills Meng.
1-10 Rating: 7 1/2

Hogan vs. Flair. Hogan showed shades of Hulkamania and beat the living hell out
Flair. In the end Hogan wins and gets the belt but Charles Robinson dq's him but
Hogan steals the belt and celebrates! GREAT MATCH!
1-10 Rating: 10+

Biggest Pops: Sting, Hogan, Rey Jr., Kidman
Best Heel Heat: Bam Bam, Flair, Horsemen, Finlay
WWF House Show Results from
Birmingham, England - April 4, 1999
Reported by Joe De Leon at:
[Results courtesy of]
- Christian defeated The Brooklyn Brawler.
- Gangrel defeated The Blue Meanie.
- Goldust defeated Edge and Kane in a three-way, to retain the Intercontinental
- Triple H defeated X-Pac.
- The New Age Outlaws defeated Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart.
- Al Snow, D-Lo Brown, and Ivory defeated Hardcore Holly, Val Venis, and
Jacqueline. D-Lo and Ivory were attacked earlier in the show by PMS.
- The Undertaker defeated The Big Bossman.
- Stone Cold Steve Austin and Paul Wight defeated The Rock and Ken Shamrock.
American Pro Wrestling
Friday Night Slam Results for
April 2nd, 1999
Submitted by reader: ChrisC4205
*Special Forces VS K-Krush & Ice Pick (Private Spike Izler (sp?) & Private
- Special Forces jumps K-Krush & Ice Pick from behind before the bell. K-Krush
reverses and hits a double clothesline. Pvt. Spike Izler takes advantage of Ice
Pick. Ice Pick hits a shoulder smash and makes the tag to K-Krush who pounds
away on Pvt. Sledge. K-Krush & Ice Pick put Pvt.Sledge in a double suplex, but
Pvt. Sledge comes back nailing K-Krush with a DDT. K-Krush somehow gets back up
and nails Pvt. Sledge with a neckbreaker. K-Krush finishes Sledge off with a
powerslam off the ropes. Winners - K-Krush & Ice Pick

*Interview with Tag Champs Bad Company (Johnny Z and Billy Bad with Blackjack
Dalton). Short interview basically stating that they would take on all comers
and they weren't afraid to defend their titles.

*Title Match Big Hammer VS TV Champ Backstreet Sonny Stone (With Jeff G. Bailey
and Hardcore Hitman Hunter). Big Hammer nails Backstreet from behind with a knee
after the bell. Hammer is taken down in a crucifix. Hammer recovers and blasts
Sonny Stone with a hard clothesline. Hammer works Stone over in the corner.
Hammer holds Stone for Jeff Bailey to hit him but it backfires when Stone moves
out of the way causing Bailey to cream Hammer. Backstreet takes advantage of the
situation and pins Hammer.
Winner and still
APW TV Champ - Backstreet Sonny Stone

*Interview segment "The Eagle's Nest" conducted by Chief Jay Eagle with
Backstreet Sonny Stone. Eagle introduces his "friend" Backstreet Sonny Stone.
Stone starts
talking about Hardcore Hitman Hunter jumping Eagle last week. The main point of
this interview was to build up heat for both Chief Jay Eagle and Backstreet
Sonny Stone against Hardcore Hitman Hunter.

*Terry Austin VS Magnum Jessie Taylor. Austin begins by hitting Magnum with a
knee but Magnum recovers and starts to dominate Austin with such moves as 2
clotheslines, backbody drop, body slam, leg drop, arm dragged twist, and an
armdrag takeover into an armbar.
Austin recovers by raking the eyes and hitting
a shoulders mash on
Taylor. He also gets in a low blow. Austin progresses to
work on the rib cage of
Taylor. Magnum comes back and hits a belly-to-belly
suplex to get the pin. Winner - Magnum Jesse Taylor

*Interview with "Gentleman" Jim McHolmes and Armageddon. Jim McHolmes is
building up heat for Armageddon. He says they will soon be tag champs. They
debut next week.

*Beach Blondes VS Jason Davis & Lightning Lee Storm (Nature Boy 2000 Shane
Austin and Mickey Richards). Shane Austin & Storm start the match. Storm hits
a clothesline and backbody drop. Mickey Richards gets the tag as does Jason
Davis. Richards nails
Davis with a string of punches and then a suplex. Davis
takes alot of
punishment until Richards applies the Figure Four to
Davis as does Austin to
Winners - The Beach Blondes

*Interview with
APW US Champ Rough Rusty Riddle and his manager Sensational
Summer. Rough Rusty Riddle promises a long title reign. Tanya Terrific comes
out wanting to be Riddle's manager. Summer objects, but Riddle says he'll take
all the women he can get.

MAIN EVENT Hardcore Hitman Hunter VS Twisted Sister (With Jeff G. Bailey &
Big Hammer). Hunter gets the twisted one in a side headlock but lets go when
Sister starts feeling on him. Hunter nailed Sister with a hip toss. Sister went
for a hipp toss but Hitman Hunter blocked it so Twisted Sister kisses him and
then hip tosses the Hitman. Hunter regained balance and creamed Sister with a
clothesline & follows up with an elbow smash off the ropes. Sister got a low
blow in to reverse the tide of the match momentarily. When Hunter recovers and
uses two heart punches to knock Twisted Sister to the mat. He covers him with
his feet on the rope for the victory....until Chief Jay Eagle came out to tell
the ref that Hunter's feet were on the ropes. The ref restarts the match,
Twisted Sister goes for a sunset flip, but Hitman
Hunter grabs the rope so Eagle hits him with his crutch allowing Twisted Sister
to roll up Hunter for the 1, 2, 3. Winner - Twisted Sister
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