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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 203

Date:  Tuesday April 6th, 1999  1:40 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Best of everything to Shawn Michaels and Whisper who officially (and very
quietly) tied the knot on April 1st. Hopefully they can make something
meaningful come out of a business renowned for destroying personal
relationships. I wouldn't expect any mention of this on WWF television.
Reported by Al Isaccs at:

Bret Hart is scheduled to undergo groin surgery on 4/6 in
Calgary, Alberta. The
surgery, which is expected to be pretty severe, is expected to keep him out of
action for a few months. At that point, expect Hart's WCW "Quitting" angle to
shift into high gear.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

Wrestlemania XV bested the nonboxing PPV-revenue and buy-rate record that the
WWF set this past January with the Royal Rumble, and it easily outdistanced the
700,000 buys generated by last year's Wrestlemania. According to industry
reports, WRESTLEMANIA's 850,000 to 900,000 PPV buys and its more than $30
million in revenue easily set PPV-wrestling records.
Reported by Al Isaccs at:
Visit my Home Page:
The program began with a short clip of the interview that Mr. McMahon and
Daddy's Little Girl (DLG) Stephanie held last night on Heat, interwoven with
clips of what has been happening between McMahon and The Undertaker over the
past few months. Included was the abduction of DLG by The Ministry Of Darkness
(MOD) last week on RAW, and her being found by Nutso.

After the RAW opening, Michael "I'm Still Here" Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler
were at the announcers desk.

Unlike almost every other RAW, tonight's show got underway with a match. It was
for the WWF Tag Team Championship, pitting Double J and Owen "I Am Not A Nugget"
Hart (C), accompanied by Debra, v. X-Pac and Kane. X-Pac and Kane got major
pops. Debra was wearing a red tailored suit, or should I say, she was almost
wearing it. The King had to be restrained. Prior to the match we saw a clip from
last night's Heat of the Tag Team Match pitting Double J and Owen v. Kane, who
fought alone. In the match, Double J nailed Kane with an Acme Guitar, No. 3,561
he has used. X-Pac rushed in to help Kane and almost ate a Chokeslam for his
efforts. This led to tonight's match and demonstrated the brilliant strategy of
Double J and Owen; they couldn't beat Kane when he fought by himself, so they
figured they could if he had X-Pac for a partner. Great goings guys. Note to
Debra: Back to the drawing board.

This match was well worked by Double J, Owen and X-Pac. Owen was cheered
throughout by his favorite chant, "Nugget." Kane didn't get into the match until
Showtime. When X-Pac was finally able to tag Kane in, Kane came in and tagged
Owen and Double J. He destroyed Owen and Chokeslammed JJ. He then picked up
X-Pac and it looked like he was about to do the same to him. However, he threw
X-Pac on top of JJ and X-Pac got the pin. X-Pac bounced around in celebration.
Kane wondered where he was and why. Note to Debra: Things always look better in
the morning. Although there isn't much anyone could do to make your two losers
look good, anytime of the day.
Winners - X-Pac and Kane - New Tag Team Champions

We went to Mr. McMahon's locker room. He was there with DLG and four of
's finest. Shane came in and was given control of RAW by Dear Old Dad
(DOD). Dear Old Dad told him that he couldn't care less about the show. He was
only concerned about DLG. The perfect father. He planned on staying with DLG and
protecting her from the Big Bad 'Taker.

Shane met The Corporation outside McMahon's locker room. He told them he is The
Boss and had big plans for Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Big Show, Paul Wight.
The Corporation was willing to follow their new leader anywhere.

Shane and The Corporation came to the ring. He said last night SCSA felt the
power of the "New" Corporation. The crowd went into a chant of "@$$hole." He
said the Corporate Scorecard reads; Shane 1 - SCSA 0, and had a clip shown on
the TitanTron of The Corporation tearing SCSA a new rectal orifice last week on
RAW. Wight rushed in to save SCSA and cleaned house. See my
March 29, 1999, RAW
Report for complete details. As a reward for this, Shane announced that Wight
would meet The Rock and Triple H in a Handicap Match later tonight. He then
introduced Triple H as "Mr. DX."

Triple H said Wight is going to have to change his name to "No Show," and that by
teaming with The Rock, they are giving fans what they want. I actually wanted a
cool one at this point. He closed by saying they would kick Wight's "big fat
dimpled, hairy @$$." The Rock took the mic and he "would like to check Wight
into the Smackdown Hotel, but he would break the toilet seats." He said he was
going to stick both feet up Wight's @$$. He went into his standard "The Rock is
great" routine, and told the crowd it was not "Sing-A-Long" with the Rock.

Shane told The Rock to put The Smoking Skull WWF Title Belt around his waist and
had a shot of it put on the TitanTron. He said he would have it put up
throughout the show to remind SCSA where his Belt is. This will surely endear
him to The Texas Rattlesnake.

Shane was real proud of what he had done and rushed right in to tell DOD. His
joy was short lived as DOD told him it may not have been real bright "to provoke
those guys." Let's see, its OK for DOD to do it, but not Shane. Doesn't hardly
seem fair. DOD said he only wants to get thru the evening. Why the hell didn't
he stay home with DLG or take off for Parts Unknown? He told a now dejected
Shane to "cool it." You try to make your dad feel proud of you and this is the
kind of thanks you get, sheeesh.

Ivory, who was looking mighty fine, came to the ring. As she went over Terri
Runnels burning her with a cigar last week, we saw a clip of it happening. Terri
tried to do the same thing last night to Tori, but was thwarted. Ivory called
Terri "a little pris, with a big attitude" and called her out. PMS, Terri and
Jacqueline, came out. Jacqueline went back and Terri got into the ring. She was
wearing pants and a WWF T-shirt, rather than her usual evening gown. Terri
realized that taking on Ivory wasn't the smartest thing she could do, so she
tried to leave the ring. Ivory tore her T-shirt off and revealed her to be
topless. Terri quickly did the hands-over-breasts thing and her hands barely
covered her plastics enhancements. The crowd was screaming in anticipation that
she would slip and they would be treated to a bird's eye view. The lights went
out. Damn!!

The 'Taker and MOD came to the ring. The 'Taker brought the lights up, but Terri
was gone. Double Damn!!. The 'Taker addressed McMahon, telling him to "hold DLG
tightly and to give her his regards." He then said he has "a little secret to
let out," "that there would be a sacrifice tonight." He told McMahon that DLG
would be "one with him and accept him as her Lord and Savior." He closed by
telling McMahon there "wasn't a damn thing he could do about it."

We went to McMahon's locker room. The four police persons were still there, as
were The Stooges, Pat Patterson and Jerry Briscoe. McMahon sent The Stooges to
get "more protection." Based on their track record, they will probably bring
back a box of condoms. He told Shane and DLG that "he might have to give that
SOB what he wants." Shane wasn't thrilled; DLG begged him not to.

After a commercial we returned to McMahon's locker room and saw that The Stooges
had brought back several more police persons. Could these two useless wastes
have finally done something right? The jury is still out. McMahon thanked them
for it and reassured DLG that nothing would happen to her tonight. The early
line in
Las Vegas was 5-2 that The 'Taker would get DLG.

The next match was a "traditional match" pitting Al Snow, with Head, v. the
Hardcore Champion, Hardware Holly (C). Prior to the match we saw a clip from
last weeks Hardcore Title Match between Holly and Steve "Dr. Death" Williams.
Snow came in and nailed Dr. Death, preventing him from possibly winning the
Title he claims is his. Does this portend things to come in tonight's match?
Both men had to restrained from using a chair and reminded this was not a
Hardcore match. Snow won a fairly even match with The Snowplow. Dr. Death came
to the ring, accompanied by Good Old JR. He wiped the mat up with both men, as
JR directed traffic and both then left.
Winner - Al Snow
Winner - Dr. Death
Losers - Al Snow and Hardware Holly

We saw Shane in the Control Room. He directed the technicians to put the picture
of the WWF Championship Belt on the TitanTron.

Next we saw The 'Taker flogging Christian as he hung suspended from some
ironwork (a staircase)? His legs were held by fellow Brood members Edge and
Gangrel. The rest of MOD watched the action. This had to be because Christian
told Nutso where DLG was last week. Not to say I told you so, but I told you so.
Last week I wrote that The 'Taker wouldn't be real happy with Christian for
giving it up.

The next match was The New Age Outlaws (NAO), Road Dogg and Bad @$$, v. The
Brood, Gangrel and Edge. The NAO got major pops when they came out and when they
did their usual pre-match bits. Doggie called them the soon-to-be Tag Team
Champions. Wonder if he checked with X-Pac? Gangrel and Edge came up thru the
Ring Of Fire, got good pops, and Gangrel did his Goblet/Blood routine. It was an
excellent match pitting some of the best athletes. The Brood showed some great
tag team moves. Christian came staggering to the ring. Doggie spotted him and
threw him into the ring. Bad @$$ nailed him with The Fame@$$er and pinned him.
As usual the referee was clueless and didn't realize that it was Christian.
Gangrel and Edge "helped" Christian backstage.
Winners - NAO
Loser - Christian; The "Taker wont be happy

JR talked with SCSA backstage. He wasn't a happy camper about Shane having the
Belt shown on the TitanTron. My guess is that Shane was at the movies the day
they handed brains out. SCSA said if they show it one more time, "it is going to
cost the McMahon's a lot of money." Let's take a moment and see where we are.
The 'Taker is after DLG and SCSA may be after DOD's money. All in all, not a
good night for Team McMahon.

We saw clips from last week of Nutso's promise to find DLG, making Christian
tell where she was, his rescue of her, and McMahon's promise of eternal
gratitude. This led into the next match, Nutso v. MOD Member Visera. Nutso used
kicks to Visera's legs to try to overcome the size difference. Visera used his
size to his advantage. Nutso hit a Belly-To-Belly Suplex, and appeared to have
the match in hand. The lights went out and MOD charged the ring. With only dim
lighting in the ring, MOD gave Nutso a lesson in pain. Bradshaw Power Bombed him
and Visera Splashed him. An unconscious Nutso was carried out thru the crowd.
The 'Taker and Fatso Paul watched from the top of the ramp. This proves the old
axiom: "No good deed goes unpunished."
No Winner Announced
Loser - Nutso. its not nice to fool with The 'Taker

We saw Shane holding The Corporation back. They wanted to go find Nutso and help
him. Shane said its a trick and stopped them.

Nutso was stuffed into the trunk of a car. Bradshaw drove off with him as Fatso
stood by laughing.

The Big Show was seen warming up backstage.

The next match was Mankind v. Val Venis. Val got a big pop when he did his
"Hello, Ladies" bit. Mankind was wearing his homemade referee shirt and got a
major pop when he was announced, as he is from Long Island. He took the mic and
mocked Val with "Hello, Long Island," said he is on the cover of Newsweek (a
Long Island newspaper) and had two words for us, "No, not Suck it," "Umm Beefy,"
an obvious reference to his commercial for Chef-Boy-AR-Dee (sic). The crowd
chanted "Foley" for much of this high impact match. It was fought on the floor
almost as much as in the ring. Mankind hit a Double Arm DDT, followed by A
Mandible Claw with Mr. Socko. The Referee stopped the match.
Winner - Mankind

Back to McMahon's locker room, where DLG was being protected by eight police
persons. The lights began to flicker; DOD's heart began to flutter; DLG began to
tremble. The odds in Vegas were now being quoted as even money.

We saw MOD backstage, where The 'Taker was apparently giving them some
directions, or maybe asking where they were going to eat after the show. I
wanted another cool one.

The next match was for the Intercontinental Championship, and pitted The
Godfather, accompanied by three primo Ho's, v. Goldust (C), accompanied by The
Blue Meanie. One of the Ho's, who was wearing a painted on leather outfit and 12
"heels, playfully spanked The Godfather. He admonished her that she had things
backwards. He did his "Ho Train" bit and every man (unless they were gay),
wanted to swap places with The Godfather. Pimping may not be easy, but is sure
looks like fun hard work. Note to Goldie: You bring The Meanie, The Godfather
brings the Ho's; you do the math. The Godfather was in the midst of offering
Goldie a Ho(s), but annoyed that Goldie was crawling towards them, decided to
"kick his @$$." During the match, Goldie went to the floor to check out the
Ho's. They didn't like it. The Godfather didn't like it. The Meanie was trying
to figure out if the $2.58 he had with him would do the trick. The Meanie
reached into the ring to trip The Godfather, who took exception to it. The
Godfather went out after him. Goldie went out after The Godfather. The Ho's
chased The Meanie around the ring. or was it the other way around? The referee
had the bell rung. The Ho's went back to work.
The match was a Double Count-out

Back to DOD in his locker room. He was on the phone with someone, probably Queen
McMahon, reassuring the person that DLG would be just fine. The lights
flickered, the phone went dead, the lights went out, we went to a commercial
with DOD in a state of panic. Tune in next week, when we...oops, wrong script.

The 'Taker and MOD brought a short individual, dressed in black and face covered
by a hood out onto the ramp and tied him/her to The Undertaker's Symbol. The
'Taker addressed McMahon, saying he had promised that there would be a sacrifice
tonight. The camera switched to McMahon's locker room and he was sitting there
with DLG, safe and sound, surrounded by the police persons. The mask came off
and it was Ryan Shamrock. The 'Taker said "its not you Stephanie, but she'll
have to do." Comparing the look in Ryan's eyes and the feel of her skin to
Stephanie. DLG was suitably upset at what was going on. He told DLG it was "time
to come home." The 'Taker had the symbol raised, chanted in tongues with an
eerie purple glow around his head, and Ryan screamed in terror. McMahon screamed
"You Evil SOB, leave Stephanie alone."

The next match was the Main Event, a Handicap match, pitting The Big Show v. The
Rock and Triple H. Shane came out first and did all the intros. Triple H came down first,
accompanied by Chyna, and told everyone to "Suck It." The Rock was next down. He
tried to do his routine, but the crowd wouldn't let him finish a line. Three
times he got as far as "Wight, you bring your Roody Poo.." and the crowd
finished for him. He told the this wasn't a Sing-A-Long. It was funny!!! The
Rock looked like he was about to crack up. He tried the "If you smell.."and had
the same results. Talk about being over. Shane then introduced Wight. Wight
dominated early with Head Butts to Triple H and The Rock, a Chokeslam and a Big Drop
on Triple H; and big boots to the face of The Rock. They fought back with that old
scientific standby, a rake of the eyes. Triple H caught The Show coming in at him in
a corner with a foot to the face. He tried pounding The Show from the second
turnbuckle, from the outside, but got Slammed. Triple H took a boot to the face, as
The Show tried to shake off the pain in his eyes. Shane got up on the apron, but
dropped off before his young career was ended, as The Show leaped at him. As he
was draped over the ropes after missing Shane, Chyna grabbed one of The Show's
legs. Triple H hit him in the knee from behind. The Rock came in and pounded the
Show, but was stopped by another Head Butt, which appears to be The Show's
favorite move (next to the Chokeslam, of course). The Show nailed Triple H and
knocked him off the apron. He had The Rock up for a Chokeslam, but Chyna came
and hit her favorite move, a low blow from behind. The referee DQ'd The Rock and
Triple H. Chyna joined them in an assault on The Show, making it 3-On-1. Shane came
in to make it..still 3-On-1. The Rock nailed The Show in the head with the belt.
The crowd chanted "Austin." All four stomped The Show and The Rock delivered The
Corporate Elbow.

What's that noise? A glass breaking! SCSA charged down and was met at ringside
by The Rock. SCSA dispatched The Rock and got into the ring. He punched the crap
out of Triple H. The Rock came back in and his head met Triple H's, Noggin Knocker Style.
Triple H took a Stunner. The Rock ate a half dozen or more boots. Triple H took a
Chokeslam from The Show. This wasn't his night. The Corporation made a strategic
withdrawal. At the top of the ramp, Shane took the mic as the Belt was shown on
the TitanTron. He goaded SCSA that this was the closest he will ever get to it.
SCSA headed up the ramp and The Corporation took off. He called Wight and had
him pull the TitanTron down!! SCSA went behind it as The Show pulled on it and
brought it the ground level. SCSA cut a hole thru the screen and came back thru
it with a cooler. He tossed The Show one and they drank it together. SCSA then
totally destroyed the screen. Mr. McMahon will not be happy. He warned Shane not
to provoke them.

This was Sports Entertainment at its best, with the operative word being
Entertainment. I smell another big rating for tonight's show.
Submitted by reader: JBanks1372
re: Cleavage Skits. "When did incest become such a hot wrestling gimmick?" Come
on, are you telling me that you're really surprised about this? This is the
WWF, remember? Whose chief motto has become "Sex Sells!". Personally, I
wouldn't be at all surprised if the Chief Booker for the promotion was found out
to be Ron Jeremy.
Submitted by reader: JlBt911
Commenting on what Jerry Lawler said on Monday Night Ray 4/6; ingenious
observation. ESPN is owned by ABC, which has lost ratings to the WWF (and a
few to WCW) for Monday Night Football. That point brings alot into perspective.
Can you see Phil Mushnick getting a job with ESPN? Hmmm...and do you remember
when males would tune into MNF for the cheerleaders? Sable, Ivory, Terri
Runnels, Jackie, and the valuptuous it any surprise why the ratings
are fleeting for ABC?
Do you want the inside scoop on all the wrestling news on the net? Do you want
opinionated columns from some of the best writers on the net? Do you want
challenging trivia and excellent reports? Well, then e-mail
liipfert to subscribe The Sharpshooter Press.

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CRoedel876 has created two 32 Man Fantasy Wrestling Tournaments, one for
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Upcoming Events, SSW.
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Fri. Apr. 16th, Big Stone Gap, VA Carnes Gym 8pm K.C. Thunder vs. Tracy
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G Dog. Danny Christian vs. "Ruthless" Roger Anderson plus Big Stone's own
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Sun. Apr. 25th, Kingsport, TN National Guard Armory, 3:00pm
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• Tickets go on sale April 12th at Cats in Kingsport

Sat. May 1st Mountain City, TN , Johnson County High School 8PM
Tracy Smothers vs. K.C. Thunder
S.S.W. Title*** "Handsome" Beau James w/ P.J Sharp vs. Ricky Harrison
3 other matches

Sat. May 8th, Kingsport, TN Civic Auditorium• Fan Fest 99
• Trade Show: 11am - 4pm • Dinner with Fans/Legends: 4:30pm
• Wrestling Card: 8pm • Kingsport Hall of Fame induction
• Masked Superstar vs. "Conan" Chris Walker
• Tracy Smothers vs. SSW Heavyweight champion Beau James • and much more

Friday May 21 Newport Tn, Nat'l Guard Armory 8PM
"Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant
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