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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 204

Date:  Tuesday April 6th, 1999  6:43 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Ratings for April 5th, 1999
RAW Nitro
1st Hour n/a 4.2
2nd Hour 5.5 4.2
3rd Hour 6.1 4.5
Composite 5.8 4.3
While RAW convincingly defeated Nitro, Nitro also had a huge rebound from last
week (a .7 gain). Heat pulled off a subpar 3.7.
Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos of

For this week, Thunder will air on Wednesday, due to Atlanta Braves baseball.
Same time, same channel, different day...

Announced matches for May 2nd at the Tokyo Egg Dome
1. Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Naomichi Marufuji vs. Makoto Hashi & Gran Naniwa
2. Satoru Asako & Takeshi Morishima vs. Kentaro Shiga & Yoshinobu Kanemaru
3. Rusher Kimura, Mitsuo Momota, Masao Inoue vs. Giant Kimala, Haruka Eigen,
Jun Izumida
4. Johnny Smith, Masanobu Fuchi, Tamon Honda vs. Yukihiro Kanemura,
Gedo, Koji Nakagawa
5. Yoshinari Ogawa, Maunukea Mossman, Masahito Kakihara vs. Hayabusa,
The Great Sasuke, Tigermask (#4)
6. Giant Baba's " Retirement Ceremony " : Gene Kiniski, Bruno Sammartino,
The Destroyer
7. Stan Hansen, Steve Williams, Akira Taue vs. Gary Albright, Yoshihiro
Takao Omori8. Toshiaki Kawada vs. Hiroshi Hase
9. Kenta Kobashi, Jun Akiyama, Jisnsei Shinzaki vs. The Road Warriors &
Johnny Ace
10.Vader vs. Mitsuharu Misawa (Triple Crown Heavyweight title match)
Reported by Masanori Horie
By Steve Appy
There has been a huge fallout regarding last week's ESPN 'Outside the Lines';
everybody from Jim Ross to Jerry Lawler have chimed in with their own arguments.

Ryan Oaks has written a terrific article below with his own thoughts; my own
opinions go in a different direction.

The special was both disturbing and negative. The Professional Wrestling
business was linked to ugly words like cocaine, steroids, suicide. At the same
time, everything stated was true. This is an ugly business, and fragile psyches
are destroyed on a regular basis. People really are dying, people really are
abusing drugs, and they are doing it at a rate far greater than any other

Does ESPN (and their parent company ABC) have reasons to target the wrestling
business. Sure they do, for reasons Ryan states very well below. That doesn't
make the special wrong, no matter how ugly the facts may be. For better or for
worse, this is not a wholesome hobby that we all follow so closely, and it would
be unwise to bury our heads if the facts don't suit our agenda.

Instead of directing our anger at the critics, perhaps we should address the
problems that have caused so much grief. Don't shoot the messanger, instead try
to cure the patient.
"Welcome to the Jungle"
An Editorial Written by: Ryan Oaks (JO13squad)
Hello again everyone, and Welcome back to The Jungle! That's right, I know you
all haven't heard from me in a while but I have come out of my silence because
once again, the mainstream media is taking its best shot at the world of
wrestling, and trying to ruin it again. Why? All because they are jealous that
Monday Night Football doesn't come close to the ratings of either one of the
Monday night wrestling programs. We'll get back to that later though.

Right now I am going to give you my "Wrestler of the Week!" Well I picked this
weeks Wrestler of the week because he comes out every week and makes me laugh...
so I guess you could say that this week I have hopped on board the "Hooooo
Train!" That's right, The Godfather is my wrestler of the week. Also, I would
like to talk about the Undertaker/Ministry angle... Well, when it first
happened, I heard a lot of "Boo's" in the crowd and all over the net... now I
don't know if any of you remember or not, but I was one of the only ones who
said "its not good now, but it can, and probably will get better." Now,
although the angle is still somewhat slow, and the
Ministry still has some un-needed members such as Mideon... at least it is off
and running. I look at it this way, if they drop some of the dead weight, and
get the Reaper back into the ring a bit more, the angle can work very well, it
all depends on how they work it.

Now its no secret to any of you that have read my previous columns, that I am a
huge Foley/Cactus Jack fan. I don't know about the rest of you, but I really
enjoyed the hell out of having him as champ and I really don't think the Rock
should have been a 3 time World Champ within a matter of a few months. I just
thought I would let you know how I felt about that.

Also, I just want to say that this whole thing about everyone calling everyone
else a "mark" and everyone giving their "professional opinion" on it is stupid,
and I think that everyone should just stop using the damn word, it would
definitely make things a lot easier on everybody.

Okay, now I am going to go to my sole reason for writing this article...
ESPN/ABC's attempt to take a shot at wrestling, and piss alot of longtime fan's
off. Sure, I am not denying that wrestling has its problems, but nobody is.
Of course, that goes with the territory though... I challenge any person that
thinks they know what they're talking about to prove to me that a sport exists
without any problems. Give me a break, I am gonna have to agree with JR and a
lot of other people as far as ABC being jealous of the success of the wrestling
business. You can't tell me that they didn't pay that 13 year old kid to get on
Nation Wide Television and claim that he thought wrestling was real because of
the blood baths! Either the kid got paid or he just wanted to be on TV. Now
this week Vince is going to appear on "20/20" and I guarantee you that it will
be pretty much the same point as the ESPN show. Oh, and for all of you anti-WWF
people, like McMahon says, if you don't like it or approve of it just turn it
off, its very simple. If you want more of a G rated program turn on WCW.

I am sick and tired of everyone taking shots at wrestling for the controversy.
has steroids all over the place, but you don't see ESPN running out to any of
the training camps to question and investigate it... but then again wrestling
doesn't make ESPN any money while football is one of their main attractions.

Well, I am done for today, if you liked it great, if not then oh well, but no
matter which way this is how I feel, and I think that if any of you feel the
same way about the ESPN thing then you should let them know and if the ABC thing
turns out the way I think it will, then you should let them know too. So if
anyone has an address to write to please give it to me so I can publish it for
all of you to write to...
Congratulations, you survived the Jungle!
Any and All questions, comments, and letters of hatred are welcome...I love
to hear feedback, so you can e-mail me at JO13squad
To get a newsletter with articles by SamJerry, James Liipfert, Buff, the Monday
Night reports and trivia, e-mail buff for your free subscription.
Submitted by reader: slush8
The new set doesn't help, Flair is flabbier than ever, Hogan is still slow,
Goldberg is improving but still has no personality, Schiavone just sucks, and
Sting isn't making a lasting impression on me. Bottom line, WCW, with all the
changes they're trying to make, Nitro still is awful. To turn Heenan into RVD
for a moment, Bobby Heenan is the whole F'N' show! All I see good going is
Benoit & Malenko wrestling Raven and
Saturn, who I hope, (Raven and Saturn that is) get their dues by winning the tag
belts. Kidman and Mysterio sure are not worthy tag champs. The
U.S. Title
tournament is a joke as well. I think Bret Hart had the right idea, too bad
its just an angle, when he should have been world champ months ago. He should
have really quit.

Bottom line, WCW is sinking like a rock while the WWF is pummeling them. ECW is
on the rise too, except for stations cancelling them. Is Uncle Ted's $$$
involved? Sorry Ted, you can kill the leader, but not the movement. ECW's voice
will live on no matter what you do.

And folks, just to let you know, any of you who read my newsletter Gutbuster,
for now it is done with. If we go back into production, I'll post a note in
this newsletter.
Submitted by reader: Moj8681
Now that Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett have lost the tag straps, its time for them
to go their separate ways. First, Owen and Jeff complain that the loss was a
fluke. They are granted a rematch at Backlash by X-Pac, but Shane McMahon
revokes the match, instead placing his Corporate tag team of Test and Triple H in the
match. He also says that if Jarrett and Hart can beat a mystery team at
Backlash, they can have a title shot the next night on RAW. During the match at
Backlash, Triple H has the match well in hand, but Test double crosses him, and
becomes the new fourth man of DX (assuming Kane is not in DX).

Meanwhile, Jeff and Owen defeat the reunited team of Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown.
The next night on RAW, Jarrett and Owen defeat X-Pac and Kane to regain the tag
team belts. At the same time, the
LOD has been storming through the competition
upon their return. At the May PPV, the two teams meet, and
LOD takes the gold.
The following night on RAW, Owen and Jarrett say that the competition in the tag
ranks is a joke that they let
LOD win. The ex-champs say they want some singles
competition. They go their separate ways on peaceful terms.

Jeff Jarrett, along with Debra, in the weeks and months to come, gain much
success, and regains the Intercontinental Championship. Owen takes on upper card
athletes like X-Pac, Kane, and Triple H. Finally, in June, at King of the Ring, Owen
dismantles Shamrock. The night after, he says that Shane McMahon (now the
leading McMahon in the WWF) has misused and held him down. He then mentions
Austin is unstoppable. He defeated the Rock several times, and at KOTR,
beat Paul Wight. Owen reminds everyone of how he was the one to stop
rampage before. Shane enters the scene the agrees with Hart. They bring up past
incidents, where Owen broke
Austin's neck, and also how Owen "injured" Dan
Severn and Shawn Michaels. Owen replaces Shamrock in the Corporation and is
billed as the "
REAL Hitman of Wrestling" He and Austin collide at the July PPV
and Owen wins his first world title.
Submitted by reader: ErhnamMan
I settled into my chair in front of the television at
7:59 p.m. on Monday, as I
have done every week for the past two years. I turned the station to
TNT to get
ready for a boring, predictable hour of Nitro, and then two exciting hours of
RAW. And then BAM! Nitro has a new set! This is the most exciting thing WCW
has done since Sting appeared in black and white for the first time. I guess
the bookers at WCW opened their eyes and realized that fans liked change. As
pumped up about the new look as I was, I knew that at the top of the hour I was
going to flip over to WWF.

Then, The Man of Six Moves (Goldberg) storms out and then Nash gets in his face.
Nitro, in Tony's words, was heating up. I enjoyed the kendo stick match, which
was a surprise because Kendell Windham was in the ring. Later in the hour, when
the 4 corners match was made, my eyes were wider than they have been while
watching WCW since Torri Wilson was introduced. After the Steiner/Meng match, I
looked at the clock and noticed I had forgotten to watch the beginning of RAW.
I flipped it over to
USA and watched RAW until a commercial break, then flipped
it back to Nitro. For the first time in many, many months, I found myself
watching WCW and switching to WWF during the commercials.

The suspicions of Hogan towards Nash was good, the tag team championship was
awesome, and the main event was incredible. The low point of the night though,
with the exception of the black and white battling it out, was the fact that
Hacksaw Jim Duggen had to wrestle
Lenny Lane. If Duggen is going to make such a
big impact, shouldn't he wrestle someone more formidable? Without those two
segments, and that 15 minute commercial break, Nitro was almost flawless.
Finally, WCW looks like it will even up the ratings war in the future.

its nice to see Sting back, and Macho Man's voice was music to my ears. If WCW
keeps up these kinds of shows (which is improbable), then my prediction is that
WCW will rise above WWF once again. I just hope that the endless nWo saga will
end soon. Then I will enjoy WCW fully.
Submitted by reader: Justin Miller (miller.2421@o...)
I must say, that last night was probably the best Nitro® I've seen in a long
time. I like their new set, though it has hints of copying Raw is War® (Ringside
Hosts, but that's where they should of been from the start anyway). It was nice
to not see Larry Loser out in the announcers table this show. Perhaps they can
keep it that way. Fat Tony® and Booby® made a good team, when Fat Tony® wasn't
bothering the hot dog guy. (Ok, cheap shot, sue me!) I was actually impressed by
most of the matches that they had on the show. All in all I was very impressed
with the way they filled their three hours of time on Mondays. What they need to
do now is drop the first hour if/after their ratings go back up and go on a full
scale challenge to Raw is War®. The last few weeks I've been watching more Raw
is War® rather than Nitro®. If this week's Nitro® wasn't a fluke, I just might
have to go back to the opposite and watch more Nitro® than Raw is War®. Oh and
here's what I see happening Wednesday: Jericho finds a loophole from the DQ
yesterday and Booker T has to rematch with him, so he winds up winning. Good
King Eric®: Let's keep this up and you just might have a decent show on your
Submitted by reader: Sable16911
You left this out in the Heat report and I thought some people that didn't see
Heat would like to know what the envelope the Undertaker first handed Shane when
he had him hostage to give to Vince contained. There was a bunch of photos of
Stephanie McMahon, at the mall, in her room, getting in her car and so on. That
bear that was burnt was a gift to Stephanie when she was a baby that she kept,
like her stuffed animal she never went anywhere without, like a security
North Carolina 4/2/99 Attendance: 194
New Dimension Wrestling, Thomasville, at the National Guard Armory, Lieutenant
Tim Sells pinned Mr. Excellent...Manny Fernandez defeated High Octane...Brute
Shooter pinned Steel...Sergeant Max Rhodes & The Southern Stud wrestled to a
double countout...The Natural Jeff Knotts pinned Alex The Great...Rikki Nelson
pinned Cham Pain...The Dirty White Boy defeated Beastmaster Rick Link & The
Gravedigger in a steel cage match for the NDW Hardcore Title.

New Dimension Wrestling announced a return date of Saturday, June 5, 1999.

West Virginia 4/3/99 Attendance: 286
New Dimension Wrestling, Charleston, at the Univ. of Charleston, The Natural
Jeff Knotts & Joey Bravo defeated Outcast & Punchy McGee...Sergeant Max Rhodes &
The Southern Stud wrestled to a double countout...Beastmaster Rick Link pinned
Brute Shooter...Bambi pinned Peggy Lee Leather...Manny Fernandez & David Jericho
wrestled to a double disqualification...Manny Fernandez & Beastmaster Rick Link
defeated Sergeant Max Rhodes & Joey Bravo in a shootfight challenge...Tully
Blanchard defeated Rikki Nelson by disqualification.

New Dimension Wrestling announced a return date of Friday, July 16, 1999

New Dimension Wrestling Rankings: (as of April 6, 1999)
Champion: Rikki Nelson
1. Tully Blanchard 6. Ricky Morton
2. Venom 7. Mr. Excellent
3. Rick Link 8. David Jericho
4. Manny Fernandez 9. Surge
5. Dirty White Boy 10. Gravedigger

New Dimension Wrestling Schedule (thru May)
Sat., April 10, 1999 Cana, VA St. Paul School, 8:00p.m.
Fri. April 16, 1999 Bluefield, WV Bluefield Auditorium,
Sat., April 17, 1999 Oak Hill, WV National Guard Armory,
Fri., April 23, 1999 Columbia, SC Capital City Stadium
Sat., April 24, 1999 Columbia, NC Columbia High School,
Sat., May 1, 1999 Binghamton, NY Municipal Stadium
Sat., May 15, 1999 Philadelphia, PA ECW Arena, 8:00p.m.
Fri. May 21, 1999 Lynchburg, VA City Armory, 8:00p.m.
Sat., May 29, 1999 Lynchburg, VA City Stadium, Time TBA

New Dimension Wrestling News/Gossip
Tuesday, April 6, 1999
-NDW Security Guard John Robinson was hit by Manny Fernandez & David Jericho
during their match on Saturday night in Charleston, WV. outside of the ring.
Once Robinson was down he swung back at Fernandez and hit him which was an
obvious mistake, Manny then began to "shoot" on him with the help of Jericho and
left the security guard laid out for several minutes.

-NDW Wrestler "The Natural" Jeff Knotts lined up the steel cage for New
Dimension Wrestling this past Friday night in Thomasville, NC. Upon NDW
Wrestling having to go get the cage 60 miles from the wrestling facility, it was
discovered that the trailer the cage was on was 13 months out of expriation on
the license tag, the brake lights on the trailer did not work, and there was
suddenly a flat tire on the trailer. Because of the cage not being returned
that night, Knotts was fired from his full-time job as a manager of a Greensboro
nightclub the next day.

-New Dimension Wrestling has hired Big Tony as head of security this past
weekend. Big Tony will be responsible for overseeing the set-up and breakdown
of the wrestling equipment and work as head of security on the wrestling shows.
On both shows this past weekend fans began chanting Tony at ringside during the
shows. Tony kind of reminds everyone of Steve the security guard on the Jerry
Springer talk show.

-The problems continue for NDW Wrestler Beastmaster Rick Link as he has had
battles both in and out of the wrestling ring this past Friday night. An
unidentified redhead emerged at the show again stalking Link while he had his
regular girlfriend their as well. It looks like female redheads are nothing but

Visit the NDW wrestling website to get all of the current happenings on the
hottest independent wrestling promotion in the United States today, New
Dimension Wrestling.

New Dimension Wrestling hotline: 336-882-4921 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

New Dimension Wrestling worldwide website:
For all of the latest news, results, rankings, upcoming shows, merchandise, and
wrestling school visit the hottest independent wrestling website on the web

Or write to:
New Dimension Wrestling, P.O. Box 10211, Greensboro, NC 27404-0211.

New Dimension Wrestling merchandise: Mail payment to NDW P.O. Box address,
e-mail at CPlano or call 336-882-4921. T-shirts, hats, and videos,
calenders, pens, are for sale at reasonable prices!!!

NDW/T-N-T Hardcore School of Wrestling, Rick Link, Instructor, call
336-218-7677, 336-882-4921 or e-mail at CPlano. Serious applicants only
need apply. Training to be wrestlers, managers, valets, and referees.

Andy Durham Sports Show, every Tuesday night on 950AM WPET, Greensboro, with you
hosts Andy Durham & Bruce Mitchell, 7:00p.m.

Ripley Von Slam's Slamfest, every Tuesday night on 89.3FM WSOE, Burlington, NC,

That's all for today!!!!
Chris Plano
New Dimension Wrestling, LLC
New Dimension Wrestling and NDW are registered servicemarks licensed exclusively
to New Dimension Wrestling, any reproduction or retransmission of the name or
acronym without the express written consent of New Dimension Wrestling is
strictly prohibited.
New Dimension Wrestling, a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)
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