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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 205

Date:  Wednesday April 7th, 1999  5:50 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Vince & Linda McMahon and Mankind were interviewed for 20/20 tonight (4/7) on
10 PM (EST)... The show is about BACKYARD WRESTLING. If you want to see
it, this is your
ONE chance.
Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos at

For folks who wrote in wanting to send cards and letters to Davey Boy Smith
after reading about his condition, you can do so at:
David Smith
c/o Stampede Wrestling
435 Patina Place S.W.
Calgary, AB T3P 2H5
(Reported by Al Isaccs at:

Jersey All Pro Wrestling appears at The Shuetzen Park Ballroom, Friday Night,
April 9th. In
North Bergen, NJ, Its Cage Rage 99! Appearing is Tammy Sytch,
Kimona, Missy Hyatt, Big Dick Dudley, Lou Diamond, Glenn Strange, and the
recently added Tommy Dreamer!
Reported by Fat Frank
You can now own your own copy of the marriage certificate for HBK & Whisper.
Clark County sells their certificates for $7, here's how to order
Name of Groom - Michael Hickenbottom
Maiden name of Bride -Rebecca Curci
Date of Marriage -3/31/99
Application/Certificate No. (If known) - D 052231
Your Return mailing address
The fee is $7.00 per certified copy. You can order your copy by mailing your
request and a check or Money Order (in U. S. dollars through a
payable to:
Clark County Recorder
P.O. Box 551510
Las Vegas, NV 89155-1510

Reported by Shujah Agha
Suplex Media
Tomorrow's Headlines, Today's Suplex News!
Submitted by reader: Rebel4War
Perhaps a possible explanation that you might do good to point out for the
dropoff in the HEAT rating was the daylight savings time change. I, for one,
hadn't changed all of my clocks and didn't realize my error until
7:50, thinking
that it was only
6:50 and flipping out of habit to USA. I think its likely
that many made the same error and mistimed, missing HEAT.
Contact Brady1507 to sign up for the NAW; you can be any wrestler, even
fake ones or people who aren't wrestlers. Act now, the wrestlers are going fast!

Contact Matthew King at: Kingy316 to subscribe to his wrestling

Current WCW Star and former ECW Heavyweight Champion MIKEY WHIPWRECK has signed
to make two appearances for NWA-NY! They will be on the May 1, in
Long Island. The Long Island Invasion by the NWA Begins! Tickets are $16
Ringside and $13 for General Admission. Copiague HS,
Long Island, 1100 Dixon
Call 516-842-4000 or call 516-842-8031!

MIKEY will also appear May 8, in
Deer Park, Long Island Deer Park Slaughter!
JFK Intermediate School, 101 Lake Ave, Deer Park [across from theFire Dept.
ARE $25 FIRST ROW, $20 SECOND ROW, $16 Ringside, and $13 General
Admission. Call 516-667-6665 for more information!

Interested in backyard wrestling? The WWA is one of the best feds out there! We
are technical, high flying, and extreme, the best combo of the three!!!!!! Want
more info? Go here, its our website:

Gumpscu is looking for someone who has a chat fed. If you would like to
start one or have one for him to join, please email him.
Submitted by reader: TastyBear
On the ESPN drugs and suicide problem with wrestlers. I am an actor in
Hollywood first, before I am a Wrestling Manager. And the problems in the
acting world and also the sports world are far greater than wrestling could even
think of. Yes, there are bad apples in wrestling who abuse drugs and have other
problems. But it is still a small percentage compared to the acting world where
I make my main living. They are just fishing for a story...
Tastybear aka Big Schwag the Biggest Pro Wrestling manger today...
Submitted by reader: matt
I am tired of the hypocrisy of some wrestling fans. Many pro-WWF people say WCW
has angles that are too long. Also that they are not developed correctly. Now as
I watch RAW and Heat I see this Ministry angle and I believe it is taking too
long. UT fought Boss Man at Wrestlemania, now to take on Shamrock at Backlash.
We still do not know who the higher being is although we have a good idea it
might be Shane or Mrs. McMahon. People don't know whether to cheer or boo the
Ministry, example: the Hell in a Cell match.

There were also reports a month ago or so that this angle will involve all WWF
wrestlers where they take sides being with Ministry and higher being against
McMahon or whoever. So far we have only seen this in a Corporation vs. Ministry
story line. I would much rather watch wrestling then continued speeches by the
UT and beatdowns by the Ministry. That's just my opinion. Even though WCW's
first hour only scored a 4.2, which is down considerably then what they have
done in the past, I think it is an accomplishment that the 2nd hour kept a 4.2
rating. If you remember last week's Nitro got an awesome review with many
critics saying it was the best in months. Last week's Nitro scored these
ratings: 4.3, 3.1, and 3.2, a composite of 3.55.

This week's ratings for the 2nd and 3rd hours were up over a full point to 4.2
and 4.5. Last week's RAW did 6.6 and 6.4. This week they did 5.5 and 6.1. Could
WCW have kept them watching through the 2nd hour of Nitro? I believe so. For
the hour of 9 to 10 last week RAW did 6.6 to Nitro's 3.1, which equals a total
of 9.7. This week the same hour was 5.5 to 4.2, totaling 9.7. I belive that WCW
created an entertaining show with the new set and the confrontation at
8:55 that
kept people watching. The last hour got even more viewers but did not affect RAW
which still climbed to 6.1,
only .3 less than last week's.

Why did WCW do so well? It was in combination of last week's Nitro and the new
set. After critics saying how last week's was a good Nitro, people might have
heard this and decided to tune in next week. The new set and
8:55 main event
angle planned they became interested. Can WCW continue this to next week after
Spring Stampede? They can if they have a good main event. Or a mediocre night
could be presented where all that has been accomplished in the past 2 weeks is
I must leave now as I prepare myself for Thunder ;-)
Submitted by reader: DgenRitX
I am writing this lette to express my opinion on the attitudes of the mainstream
public. Everyone seems to think that WCW is evil and the WWF is great. The
reason WWF wins the ratings is because of one thing and that is SEX. We live in
a day and age when people will watch all the sex they can. The reason so many
kids watch WWF is because they are all very horny people who dream about stuff
that happens on wrestling, for example Debra, Kama Mustafa's Ho's, Sable, and
even back when Sexual Chocolate was with all those women.

WCW is very constant and they pride themselves on being based on actual
wrestling. Everyone thinks that the media is slamming on WWF but they are
rightfully doing so. They know that children shouldn't really watch that stuff
until the reach a mature age, 15 or 16. That is why you see many kids in WWF
audiences flipping the bird or crotch-chopping. They feel that Steve Austin and
DX are okay because they are the babyfaces. Because of this, they copy them
thinking they are cool or that they are witty, when really they are not.

I applaud WCW for not giving in to what the people want, which is simply SEX,
swearing, and "religion" (Undertaker/Ministry). WCW has clean, original angles
and their wrestlers are right to the point. They are not involved in things
outside of the ring such as Undertaker at McMahon's house, or Sable at the
Playboy mansion. As long as WWF sinks so low as to become trailer park trash
sleaze and swearing, I will watch WCW 90% of the time on Monday nights, turning
on RAW only for the Corporation, which is the only clever group in the WWF.

You know where the wrestling business is going when a beer guzzling redneck is
champ. Can't you just imagine Stone Cold drinking beer watching Jerry Springer
and Nascar? One final note, and that is that is to all the people who disagree
with my
letter. Before you go on bashing me think to yourself the real reason you watch
WWF. If you can honestly say it is not for sex and swearing and sin, than good
for you. But HONESTLY think about it.
Submitted by reader: NIMROD19
I'm wondering why no one has mentioned this before. I think the reason Duggan
wrestled Lenny Lane in his return was because Lane is one of the best in WCW in
putting someone over. He carried the match with Duggan, and it was an actual
decent match, very well done. Some people may have not liked it because of
personal feelings towards Duggan or Lane but it was really good considering
Duggan's lack of a kidney. I hope he retires after the match, he meant alot to
the business and the fans support him. It would be sad for him to turn into a
Piper, really sad.
Submitted by reader: ICHIBAN729
While everyone is discussing Nitro's new look and the "big" four man battle
(The Main Event one, not the NWO's...) I want to take a moment and comment on
yes, Jim Duggan's comeback. While I'm glad he is okay it is still very
debatable whether or not he should remain a wrestler. His workrate is probably
as bad as Konnan. But I'm happy also just to see an old 80's favorite come
back. On another note, LENNY LANE made Nitro! While not against the greatest
wrestler in Duggan to show off a talented jobber's skills, at least, damn it,
Lane made "the big time".
So, kudos to Jim, hopefully you'll go somewhere in WCW and make yourself a
useful career again and to Lenny Lane... keep your head up day you'll
make it to star status... *hint hint WCW*.......
Submitted by reader: Zack Van Dyke (Master504P)
WCW's new NITRO set was great! But the big surprise is that NITRO was actually
good this week. Usually, RAW will win my vote week in and week out, but this
week, the winner was in question until the main event picture. RAW's main
event, with the Rock and Triple H against Paul Wight was decent, although I wasn't
watching it fully. I was concerned with the 4-way match for the World Title on
NITRO! I can't actually believe I can say this with a straight face, but I can.
NITRO had a better program than RAW did. I hope NITRO continues to improve by
finally doing away with the nWo, giving Bret Hart a World Title shot, and moving
Booker T to U.S. title or even World Title status. I think Booker T is great
and deserves more than a TV title here and there. So in conclusion, WCW is
looking good and I hope this "good
NITRO" wasn't a one time thing....
-Zack Van Dyke
Just wanted to let everyone know that we only have a few vendor's tables
remaining for "Fanfest 99" . The last fanfest we promoted in 97 was a great
success with fans coming in from as far as way as Texas and PA. This years
fanfest promises to be bigger and better.The event is May the 8th in Kingsport,
TN at The Civic Auditorium. Here is the events for the day.
11am to 4pm - Trade show (already signed to be there The Original Masked
Superstar,"Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers "ECW's FBI",, Renfeild
Merchandise and many others

A meal with Fanfest goers and the Legends of Kingsport 8:00
A huge wrestling card including Int'l Title Match** "Conan" Chris Walker defends
against former NWA champion The Original Masked Superstar, S.S.W. Title** Tracy
Smothers goes after "Handsome' Beau James w/ PJ Sharp plus the Kingsport Hall of
fame inductions. More to be added, for more info email SSWNEWS
Tickets for this huge event go on Sale at intermission Sunday, April 25th at The
Kingsport Armory Card.
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