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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 206

Date:  Friday April 9th, 1999  7:38 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reports are that yesterday Dave Boy Smith received his termination notice from
World Championship Wrestling via special delivery. Smith is still hospitalized
Calgary due to a severe infection in his back, and he will remain there for
at least three more months. Now granted, Smith has been inactive for several
weeks now, and its possible that his wrestling career is over, and I suppose
WCW had a business decision to make. But (if the story is true) this is
certainly questionable timing ... to say the least. Bear in mind that this is
the same company that signed Mikey Whipwreck, Vampiro, Sandman and others to
contracts well before they even had an idea what to do with them.
Reported by

Jeremy Cameron sent the following. ... Hulk Hogan was on Sports Radio 950 KJR
today promoting Spring Stampede Sunday. Dave "Softy" Mahler, the host, hates
wrestling for your information. Here are some of Hogan's interesting quotes. He
stayed in character the whole time.
"I am the Babe Ruth of wrestling."
"Goldberg has to have 15 security guards to go wrestle a jabronie"
"Everytime you call me Hulk I have to cut a check to Marvel. Thats why its
Hollywood now."
"Wrestling is cleaner than football or Jerry Springer."
"WWF has women pulling their breasts out to 6 and 8 year old kids for ratings."
"I've got the shiniest chrome done in wrestling and Sunday I'll have a shiny
belt to match."
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

The 4/7 Thunder did what I believe is its all time low number, scoring just a
2.0 rating (with a 3.4 share). The show did 3.1 ratings the last two weeks, so
it was already in a downward slope, but a 2.0 is just a terrible number for the
show, even if it was not on its regular day.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

The NAWA of the early-mid 1990's is back! They have an upcoming show at the
Westchester County Center in NY featuring WWF stars The Big Show Paul White, Too
Much Scott Taylor, Droz, Public Enemy, Gillberg, and Jim Cornette. In addition
two time WWF Champion Sid will be appearing among many others...The show will
take place on May 20th and they will be running again on a full time basis with
TV as early as July 1999.
Reported by Tony Mura
Visit my Home Page:
Another installment in RTSC's never ending battle for truth, justice and the
SamJerry way, as once again I proudly provide you with all you will ever need to
know about the goings on in wrestling.

Item: The WWF will present a two hour program on UPN: Looking to cash in on
wrestling's soaring popularity and having developed less hit programs than the
number of leftover French Fries on one of Fat Tony's Happy Meals, UPN has
reportedly inked a deal with McMahon And Family (formerly known as The WWF) to
provide a two hour program to air on Thursday, opposite WCW Thursday Night (Nee
Thunder). This program is rumored to be a launching pad for the WWF's expanding
Ladies Division. Just what we needed, another prime time wrestling program.
Having long passed saturation with NITRO Light on Thursday the problem is solved
with yet another program. Don't get me wrong, I will watch it, as I expect most
die hard fans will, but what will it do in the long run. If I were the Golden
Goose, I would look for a real safe place to hide, with no sharp objects
anywhere in the area. Now we be witness to The Thursday Night Ratings War in
addition to the one on Monday.

Item: NITRO gets a new Set: There are strong indications that WCW's decision to
build a new set was prompted by info they had that the WWF was building a new
for RAW. The rumor says that when WCW heard of the WWF's plans, Good King Eric
ordered a new set built, no expense spared, with a directive that it be ready
before McMahon's new toy was. WCW announced the new set in the weeks before it
was unveiled. On Raw this past Monday, Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) and his
new found @$$hole buddy, The Big Show, destroyed the TitanTron, leading one to
believe that indeed we shall see a new set next week on RAW. That the WWF said
nothing and destroyed their set lends credence to the rumor. No matter who was
first, what one does the other must do. Heaven forbid they should fail to keep
up with each other. Sounds like McMahon's Stooges arguing over who goes first
when they play Battleships.

Item: NITRO splits their announcers: Two down, one to go. In what looks like an
attempt to improve NITRO, Larry Loser and The Very Old Perfesssa were banished
to NITRO Light. Getting rid of the dead weight can't help but improve NITRO.
Early indications are that Booby will be allowed to become Bobby once more. With
only Fat Tony to compete with, one can hope that The Brain will be unleashed a
bit and allowed to be the selfish, funny, oaf we all know and love. It will be
nice not to have The Very Old Perfessa dissect a simple headlock like the
@$$hole of a dead horse. Of course we will miss such vital info as what brand of
Tortilla Chips Silver King prefers, and how many holes Larry Loser cheated on
when he played the local front nine. It will be a sacrifice, but I feel
confident we will persevere.

Item: Sting is here, Sting is here, Sting is here: OK Fat Tony, we heard you the
first 64 times. Now if only Sting had a word, any word, to say. Reverting to his
Crow In The Rafters gimmick, The ex-Franchise swooped down, trusty
Slugger in hand. He thrilled us by deftly pointing his bat around until he
spotted the scoreboard where we would see and hear words from The Once Was A
Macho Man, about his being the Guest Referee at the Four Corners Match this
Sunday for the WCW Championship. One questions comes up: Why does Sting merit a
shot at the Title after being gone for so many months? Heck, as much as I hate
to say it, even Dirtbag is more deserving. Think Sting might have some
embarrassing video on Good King Eric? Nah, not G-Rated Eric.

Item: The Undertaker Strikes Again (Well almost): This past week on RAW,
everyone's favorite Dead Man "terrorized" Dead Old Dad and Daddy's Little Girl,
with a threat of abducting her. Instead he "sacrificed" Nutso's little sister
Ryan. One thing we know for sure based on Ryan's exploits with half the men in
the WWF, it wasn't a Virgin Sacrifice. Inquiring minds want to know: Hey Ryan,
was it good for you.

Item: ECW is about to fold; WCW and the WWF will divvy the spoils: Forget it
folks, we will be hearing "ECW, ECW, ECW.." for a long time to come. The cash
infusion from Buena Vista (or whoever) is still in the works. Funny that Buena
Vista, a Division of the "G-est" Rated Company on this planet would bankroll the
foulest, bloodiest, wildest, and most action filled Fed. This could cause old
Walt turn over in his grave. It appears that the popularity of wrestling trumps
morality. Calling Jerry Falwell.

Item: ESPN badmouths wrestling: Enough people have written about this, so all I
will say is you got rid of Mr. Kathy Lee and it didn't help The Ratings, do you
really thing this cheap shot will? As The Rock would say, they will keep
"kicking your Roody Poo Candy @$$." And that's the bottom line, because the fans
said so. I got two words for you ESPN, "Suck It."
WCW Thunder Report for April 7th, 1999
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)
The end of Monday Nitro where Sting reappeared was shown. Mike Tenay and Larry
Zybysko are the new announce team for Thunder.

Evan Kourageous versus Rey Mysterio Jr.
Rey Jr. retained the cruiserweight title with a frankensteiner from the top
Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr. via pinfall (Retains cruiserweight title)

--Clip of Bret Hart "pinning" Goldberg on the Nitro from Canada and his
subsequent resignation from WCW.

Wrath versus Damian
The big man crushed the luchadore with the Meltdown.Winner: Wrath via pinfall

--Gene interviewed Konnan. K-Dogg was explaining how he and the Disco Inferno
were going to settle their differences at Spring Stampede when Juventud Guerrera
and La Cucaracha (Disco Inferno) hit the ring. Juvi said the cockroach could not
speak English, so he was going to be his translator. Juvi translated that La
Cucaracha thought Konnan was a terrible wrestler and that his video was even
worse. Konnan responded by saying......."Translate this" and preceeded to
deliver a beating to both men who ran from the ring.

--The Kevin Nash/Goldberg confrontation where their match for Spring Stampede
was set up was aired.

Mikey Whipwreck versus Hardcore Hak w/Chastity
After a brutal match which saw the use of the Kendo stick and steel chairs, Hak
came away with the win with the side Russian leg sweep with the Kendo stick
against Whipwrecks throat. After the bell, Bam Bam Bigelow rushed the ring and
delivered his "Greetings from Asbury Park" to Hak. Chastity hit Bigelow with the
Kendo stick, to no effect. Bigelow took the stick and tried to nail Chastity
with it, but missed.Winner: Hardcore Hak via pinfall

Super Calo versus Blitzkrieg
The rookie Blitzkrieg won this fast paced match up with an amazing twisting
moonsault from the top rope. Winner: Blitzkrieg via pinfall

--Clips were shown of the feud that has been building up between the
Horseman/Saturn and Raven.

Raven versus Chris Benoit w/Arn Anderson
Raven won this match via DQ when "AA" hit the ring. The enforcer was preparing
to nail Raven with a DDT when Saturn hit the ring. Raven then attempted to nail
Anderson with the Evenflow DDT, but Malenko ran in and made the save. The
Horseman then beat on Raven and Saturn. To add insult to injury, Benoit
delivered and Evenflow DDT to Raven while Malenko hit Saturn with the Death
Valley Driver. Anderson then picked up the microphone and said "The Horseman Are
Back". Winner: Raven via disqualification

--The last several minutes of the four corners match main event from Nitro was
shown in which Sting let everyone know that he would be in a four corners match
on Sunday with Randy Macho Man Savage as the referee.

Booker T versus Chris Jericho
Towards the end of this match, the referee was knocked out. Booker climbed to
the top rope, but was hit with a steel chair by Scott Steiner. Jericho then
applied the lion tamer, but was hit from behind with the slapjack by Stevie Ray.
The referee came to and counted the pinfall as Booker T rolled over on Jericho
for the win.Winner: Booker T via pinfall

Ricks Comments:
--Mike Tenay did a great job...In my opinion.......heading Thunder for the first
time without Tony Schiavone.

--It was announced that Juventud Guerrera would meet Blitzkrieg at Spring
Stampede. Talk about a high flying matchup!
Anyone that has Jeff Jarret's current wav theme and is complete and clear with
no commentary, no crowd noise, no loops, and is longer than 1 minute, please
send it to KDF41857

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out twice a week and has 10 web pages and has 1 message board and a 1 chat room
so you can speak to other subscribers. If you do want to join e-mail
kingy316 and subject the e-mail subscribe. Thank you. From Matthew
King (editor)

To check out an extreme backyard fed, go to

To check out two feds dealing with backyard feds, check out either or

On April 24th 1999, 3 Count Promotions, in East Brunswick New Jersey, will be
holding a day of meeting different Wrestling Superstars from both major
federations. From the WWF we will have the Headbangers (12:00-2:00 pm) and a
Mystery WWF Star (2:00-4:00 PM) and then we will be having WCW's Buff Bagwell
(4:30-6:30 pm). If anyone has any questions please e-mail: LSLUGD

I know you all like wrestling but if you like pokemon come here:
Submitted by reader: PoetsSoul
This goes out to King Eric and all his mininons. You complain and moan about
the WWF's non wrestling match related topics, but you never do anything about
it. Maybe if you put a quality match on your program every once in a while
people wouldn't be so drawn to The Son of Texas and the Brama Bull. You misuse
what talent you have. Why doesn't Bret Hart have a title while some 50 year old
man who I will admit is a legend but long past his day, holds one of the two
most prestigous belts in the wrestling world.

Since last Wrestlemania WCW has not been able to capult above WWFeven with
the signing of Bam Bam Bigalow, Mikey Whipwreck, The Sandman,. The misuse of
this characters is blantant. Bam Bam deserves more than midcard status after
all these years, the fact that a organization would ever name anyone HAK and
turn a beer swilling smoking peoples champ into the midcarder with a cane, and
Whipwreck has been with you since November, and yet I don't see this former ECW
Heavyweight champion even wrestling. This goes without saying of your misuse of
Beniot, Malenko, Raven, Saturn, The Public Enemy (during the tenure).

I beg of you upon everything holy if you can't do anything with ECW stars when
you sign them please leave them in ECW, they would be better off and so would
the fans. But i have gotten way off topic here. I wrote this piece in defense
of the creativity of the WWF.

WCW has no creativity what so ever and will not as long as Good King Eric,
Hogan, Nash and Page run the back. Has anyone else noticed that Bischoff's only
defense to the WWF's assault on the ratings is to either:

a) tell the community how much dirtier there product is and how his morals are
much higher than Vince's... please note here that in the America of the past
decades morals has become less important to people especially when searching for
their entertainment.... or

First of all find a group of men besides Jericho with mic skills that don't make
me woozy... second of all if I see Goldberg wrestle at Starcade's main event
again this
year I am officially blowing up my TV.... how many true wrestling fans would
rather see the Hitman and Sting fight for the belt...

I say stop blaming WWF for winning and try to compete. By the way... Kudos to
Vince and Paul E. because if Bischoff was the only game in town I would be
watching Monday Night Football again.
Submitted by reader: SAdams9020
I am really sick & tired of people whining about how the WWF is selling sex and
how bad it is for kids. While I agree that young kids should not be watching
the sex that the WWF has to offer, I believe that it is the PARENTS
responsibility to be aware of what their child is watching on TV. I have two
young kids that can only watch the WWF on the weekends when they edit out the
bad language, etc. If there is something on there that I believe is
inappropriate for them to see I change the channel. its always so easy for
people to put the blame on others when they should look at themselves for the
cause of the problem. There is no way my four year old would be doing crotch
chops or flipping the finger without being properly punished, and also with me
explaining as best you can to a four year old how the behavior is

If some parents didn't use the TV as babysitters and spent more quality time
with their children, maybe we wouldn't have kids out there imitating wrestler's
on TV. These kids would know that what these guys do on TV is exactly that, on
TV. I'm sure that these young men and women who work to entertain the public do
not go around crotch chopping and saying suck it to the people they encounter in
their daily lives.

As for WCW, I don't think their storylines are too long, they just create an
overkill. I mean 3 hours Monday night, 2 hours Thursday night, then you have it
in someplaces twice on Saturdays. That's just too much. They have very
talented wrestlers, but way too many. I can't even keep track of all the guys
that come out. The one and only show that I attended of WCW's, Starrcade, was
something that probably would have been better suited for Nitro. I would hate to
have been someone who ordered it on Pay Per View because it was not worth the
money. Actually I'm kind of ticked I bought a ticket to the thing.

It appears that WCW is trying to improve. Of course, after 9 pm my TV is turned
to USA.

P.S. By that time my kids are in the bed. I'm sure many people may disagree
with me and that's fine, that's what's so great about this country: Freedom of
Speech and Freedom to believe in whatever you want. Don't blame WWF for
provided a show that many people enjoy seeing. The parents who have a problem
with the WWF should first take a look at the role that they are taking in their
kids lives. TV's are not
Submitted by reader: TheRock127
This is in response to the pro WCW letter. Yes, I admit that the WWF has alot
of sexual angles, but they are still keeping me on the edge of my seat. I never
can tell what will happen next when a certain faction comes to the ring. You
have to admit that you were shocked when Austin drove that Beer Truck right down
to the ring. Or when he ripped apart the TitanTron. Yes, it is fake, but still
something to be surprised and shocked about. Triple H joining the Corporation
was priceless.

Now, about the Ministry angle being long and drawn out. I think this is done
intentionally. The Undertaker is obviously a man that looks like he would take
a long time to hatch a plan, especially one like this. I admit it is slow, but
this is simply done so you say, "Geez! Get on with it!" and every time he comes
to the ring you say, "Ok, what's next Taker?" It is going somewhere, and I
think it'll climax around KOTR, so sit tight.

Now, my opinion towards WCW. Yes, it has our favorite wrestlers from when we
were kids, but it is, One: too predictable, and Two: is all money. Uncle TEddie
is the one who started all of our battles against each other, for all we know,
if he wasn't here, we may all still be watching one WWF. Then again, Vince
wouldn't have had to use sex to run competetion against his rival WCW, which
would be non existent. This would probably have us still watching Hulkamania
and Macho Man running out to All-American music, which I have to say I'd get
tired of. As for too predictable, don't tell me you didn't know Sting was going
to drop down from the ceiling during that four way match on Monday. And the nWo
has went too far. Before you know it, we could be watching nWo 10th Anniversary
specials showing the highlights of the
nWo's last years in the future!

So I guess I will still watch both, but always have open eyes on the WWF, since
I have watched it from age 3. At age 10 I was a Hulkamaniac, and at age 12 one
of Razor's chicos; Now at age 15 I am a Degenerate and one of Stone Cold's
SOB's???? Well, its gotten a lot different since then and if its still like
this in 10 years when I have kids they're watching WCW!!! Now everyone brush
your teeth and go to bed!!!!!
Submitted by reader: SHough1
I'm a huge WWF fan, I always have been. When I was three I cheered for Hulk
Hogan against the "evil" bad guy heels. When I was nine, I came back to watching
wrestling, only this was much different. This was right before Wrestlemania and
being a stupid little kid I thought that neither Shawn nor Bret should have the
title because I thought it was a title for a"big" man like Vader. At this time
we (my family) were plugging into the information super highway and I decided to
call up wrestling on the database. I read for hours just listening to new words
like "face" and "heel" and a brand new wrestling fed called ECW. This fed
blurred the lines of "good" and"evil" and they had a guy named Raven. I soon
learned stuff I'd never known. Nitro had usually reved me up, but with the nWo
I started to like the WWF. Every week I'd tune into the WWF at 8:57 on Mondays
(had to have that three more minutes!). I started to try to get tickets to an
ECW show, I'd been back when I was home and had not noticed how great it was. I
watched Raven brawl all over the place.

But for now and for the subject of this letter let's forget ECW. I watched RAW
transform under unbearable pressure of Nitro, more T&A, more Austin versus Hart,
more crap over all basically. I loved RAW and my new favorite Bret Hart but
sadly he left and my two favorites Mick Foley (his ECW days) and SCSA. I always
watched RAW but on Monday it wasn't on my TV all that much, I cared too much
about Nitro, it was great from start to finish (now honestly, when was the last
time you could say that.). And Raw was mediocre. I thought I'd just tell the
story of a little kids view of wrestling.
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